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Moore, Hartline, Starks for Jake Long money

Money matters in the NFL.

Players want as much of it as possible -- and rightfully so. Teams want to horde as much of it as possible-- and rightfully so.

Interestingly, fans often side with players they like or follow and root for more than the teams and are upset when teams let good players walk. Last year, Texans fans were upset Mario Williams was allowed to leave via free agency and right tackle Eric Winston was cut.

In the coming days, many Pittsburgh Steelers fans will be unhappy if Mike Wallace leaves the team, as expected.

And I'm hearing many Dolphins fans, some on this very site, bemoaning the possibility Jake Long will be allowed to walk via free agency because he's been a good player.

Well, the reason let players you like walk is because they make priorities of other players. And sometimes quantity is just as important as quality.

Consider that Long initially considered himself "highest-paid NFL left tackle material" and wanted to maintain his $11 million per year salary he's enjoyed recently if not get a raise. That would have put Long in the $11-$12 million per year salary range.

Then consider what the Dolphins have done the past week on the contract front. They tied up Randy Starks with a one-year $8.45 million franchise tag. They tied up backup QB Matt Moore for a reported $8 million over two years. They re-signed No. 2 wide receiver Brian Hartline for $30.8 million over five years.

That's a total of $47.25 million.

If the Dolphins had met Long's intial contract desires, they would have paid him between $44-$48 million for four years or $55-$60 million for five years.

So the Dolphins got Hartline, Moore, and Starks tied up this year and in Hartline's and Moore's case, for multiple years, for the same money they might have gotten for Long alone.

Obviously, some fans will believe that would have been alright for the right to keep a starting albeit declining left tackle. Some fans will be upset if Long walks.

The Dolphins are happy with what they've done.

“I am excited that we have been able to reach an agreement with both Brian and Matt to keep them as members of the Miami Dolphins,” said Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland. “Brian is an ascending player that has steadily improved over his first four years with the organization. He has represented himself positively both on the field and throughout the South Florida community. Matt has been a valuable contributor to the Dolphins ever since he arrived two seasons ago. We are happy we were able to resign him, and we think he combines with Ryan Tannehill and Pat Devlin to give us an outstanding group of quarterbacks."

I believe it wise the Dolphins are likely to let Long test the market. I definitely don't think the guy is worth even $11 million per season. Not when you can get multiple good players for that price."


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"Mike Wallace is the gem of this class"

That is the headline on John Claytons story about free agency.

While he looks like he should hang out under a bridge I've always respected his NFL knowledge. As far as sports reporters go anyways.

Wallace isn't the best reciever in the league but he's a great fit in huge area of need for us.

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Fins should go Jennings. Please don't over pay for Wallace. Starks has time to agree to a longer deal. Ireland should be gathering numbers for CB's and O-Line before midnight

Good move locking up Hartline. Now Phins won't need to look for both a #1 AND #2 since he is still in the fold.
As far as the $6M/yr, we have Bowe getting $11M/yr from KC to thank for that.

I dont care who they get, the offense will be worse without Reggie Bush AND Jake Long.

Hope we go Jennings and another player be it Ed reed, Woodson, adr.Wilson, Freeney, osi, etc rather than signing Wallace. His speed is enticing but west coast off WR's need to run precise routes and he does not do that. Draft Keenan Allen and pick another one with one of our 2's (woods or Hunter r my preferance). In 2 or 3 years when Jennings is thru those boys should be men in this offense with Tanny.

I listen to you guys talk about the college wideouts available in the draft and I appreciate your insight as I never watch college ball so I have no idea who's good or who isn't. From what I've learnt so far in regards to what might make a decent player coming out of college is what kind of competition did they play against and how did they do. Next would be did they play multiple positions or sets and were they an every down player. Do they have experience on special teams (lots of rooks need to make an impact there if they don't start in the NFL). What kind if offense did they work in (some gimmickLastly and most importantly how consistent were they and did they improve as their college career went on.
Does that sound like a decent assessment criteria? Based on what I said who would be the best wideout?








Interesting, regarding the FA contact allowed between agents and teams beginning later tonight -

The NFL memo published by CBSSports.com includes this passage: “Any announcement of an agreement or an agreement in principle by a club or another party, including, but not limited to, a certified agent, player, or media organization may subject the club to a tampering investigation.”

I see two scenarios playing out in FA with the Dolphins:

1) We sign a true #1 WR in FA, get another WR (or 2) in the first 3 rds. to develop for the future. Focus on upgrading our secondary and O-line in the first 3rds of the draft.

2) We sign a solid RT in FA. We would then focus on WR. I don't think 1st rd though. It doesn't seem to gel with what Ireland or Philbin do. Most likely 2 WR's taken in Rds 2-3. I think our 1st Rd pick would still likely be a CB.

At the end of the day, I don't think we throw too much money at Wallace or Jennings. In all likelihood we have some WR's we are targeting to fall to us in the 2nd rd or we trade back into the backend of the 1st rd to get a WR.

Dont mind trading back this year (again? States the peanut gallery) into the 18-25 range. Pick up another 2nd at least n still possibly land a WR (allen or austin) or the TE from ND.

This FO is so stupid. smh.

You got money! Go Get Ed Reed, Pacman Jones, Abraham, Barwin, Rolando Mcclain, Casey Hampton, Woodson. You can load up the D with superstars man!
Then, get Cook or Keller at TE. Get Winston and Bushrod at T. Draft this dude Warmack at G. then load up on redzone WRs.

But what do they do? SMH. Unbelievable. Iswear to god they are so inept in Davie it's tragicomical.

Gotta let it play out. U dont have money for ALL those guys, but i agree a few should be signed. I personally would start with Ed Reed and Grimes (or the corner they think is best). If Dumerville gets cut, quickly sign him, if not, kick the tires on Freeney or Abraham. With those 3 moves and a pick or 2 on the defensive side of the ball in the draft and our defense would definetely be top 5 imo.

If the plan is to let Long go, then Winston should be signed and u either need to draft a tackle who can replace Martin (if he flops) or at least push him to make hime better. If he can also fill in at RT for Winston if something happens to him, would b nice, and in 2-3 years replace him would be even better. I dont mind Warmack, kid will be a beast for 8-10 years.

Ross is more concerned with the money, the logo, the stadium, hard knocks, and the celebrities, then he is concerned about winning.

Guys you need to remember there are 31 other teams to out there who will also be after some of these free agents, we cant get them all 😄

"They tied up backup QB Matt Moore for a reported $8 million over two years."

That is a lot of $$ for a back up that could be spent else where. If this FO really thinks Tanne is the answer then they should have gone with a cheaper solution at back up.

If Tanne does go down Moore better live up to that contract or his arse is out of here next year

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