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Polian on Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings

Former four-time NFL Executive of the Year Bill Polian got on a conference with the media this week and the ESPN analyst gave his opinion about varying issues regarding free agency and the draft.

One point he made is that when he was with the Colts, the team studied the success rate of free agency and came away with the idea that 50 percent of free agents are successes and, obviously, 50 percent do not succeed with their new teams.

Polian has no idea which player will fall into what specific category but he judging by what he said about receiver Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings, one gets the feeling he likes the Pittsburgh player over the Green Bay veteran.

"The question of Wallace is that he is the guy who meets all of the parameters that you'd like," Polian said. "He is productive. He has great speed, which is always something that is desirable in a receiver.  He falls within the reasonable age parameters and he hasn't had a high history of injury.

"When you look at all of the things that you use to try to decide whether or not you want to pursue a player, he checks every box with few question marks. There was some issue as to how effective his hands were this year. I don't think it was a major issue, so there you have it. We'll see where the market goes. He's not 6'2" and 220 pounds, so that may be a consideration for some teams.

"But, in terms of the red flags that would cause you to turn away, he doesn't have many.  He's a guy that most people will feel is pretty desirable but, again only the market will tell. This is in many ways like an IPO. There is a lot of discussion, there is a lot of analysis, but only the market will tell you whether it's going to go or not."

And Jennings? Is he worth the $10 million per season he is reportedly shooting for in free agency? And is he even a No. 1 receiver anymore?

"Well, worth is in the eye of the beholder," Polian said. "He's got two things that sort of mitigate against a huge contract:  One is an injury history and the other is that he's 30 years of age and relief receivers, and I would categorize him as one, tend to begin to turn down at about 33 or 34.

"So, how long a contract do you give him, and what is his potential to continue to play at a high level, given the injury and age history?  Each individual club has its own individual metrics that would tell them that, and so I think that that's where it's going to go. I'm as anxious as you are to see who may step up for him.

"But there are two concerns.  There are clubs, we were one of them, that said if a guy's 27 years of age or above, we're probably not going to go for a long-term deal at big money. But if you feel you're one quality receiver away and the physical exam turns out to be okay, you might do it.  Again, that is what makes free agency interesting."


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Bill polian was a smart man. His son is the idiot.

Ireland has 1 Ten Million Dollar Contract. Who is getting it?

fair enough gm sod. we differ, id much rather spend on some corners, which we have zero of right now

who gives 2 shits if we get any espn time kris, come on man.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 06, 2013 at 10:00 AM


Thats WHAT you took from my post Dust....

your the ULTIMATE "STRAW MAN" dude....

It's surprising that very few posters on this blog recognize the need for a true Red-Zone Threat. The O moved the ball well enough between the 20's, only to stall in the red-zone. Wallace is a good deep-threat but won't solve the touchdown problems this offense has. Not to mention his price tag. Draft someone to win the jump-ball on the outside and a real receiving TE.

and BTW.....

since pre-game is like 3 hrs long....yes ...I would enjoy some FINS time during that 3 hrs....whats so wrong with that.....

Its to the point now that I haven't watched a pre-game in yearsS...with an S....

no kris but everything else i already have known for years. 30 years a long time, nothing to do with playmakers though. we had them for all of marinos career and didnt win a sb

so true jj, none of our wrs and def not bush were good in redzone. need a big wr and power running and 100 percent agree go get a good te

kris just drink more during pregame. i never watch that garbage either way

Just looked at the stats for greene and bush.....stats that stand out 20+ runs (bush 6) (green 2)/ both players had 8 total touch downs but bush had 50 less carries. Bush was better and played less games ( not by alot but we all can agree bush was under used)

fair enough gm sod. we differ, id much rather spend on some corners, which we have zero of right now

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 06, 2013 at 10:02 AM

Now that would be money well spent!

was bush under used? he gets hurt and bang up all the time. sure they know that. he will have a solid year for detroit, best place for him to go since they are so dumb and never run ball anyways

Is Ernest Wilford available? should get him for the bargain $10 mil.
Wilford and Hartron, plus Starks at DT. Beasting!

wilford,lol wow amazed that actually happened

Drink More during pre-game....

that sounds like a recipe for success.....I won't argue that Dusty.....

Looking it up Miami finish 2nd in the AFC east ....felt more like last how we speak about this team.....there is hope


Jennings is often hurt, and I question his desire to get past the regular season. He seems, like he's content to play about 12 gms per year and miss the playoffs so that he doesnt shorten his career with extra post season games.

Also, I flat out dropped jennings from my fantasy team in 2012 and picked up hartline, who is young and produced.

was bush under used? he gets hurt and bang up all the time. sure they know that. he will have a solid year for detroit, best place for him to go since they are so dumb and never run ball anyways

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 06, 2013 at 10:10 AM

LOL, worst place for any running back. You almost never carry the ball. Bush would be a WR there, think he would do well there.

yeah i dont have much interest in jennings, def not at 8 mill per thats hilarious

Different day, same posts.....wow!!


I get your point on Starks. Is it fair to say that whatever Ireland did with the tag he's be criticized? If he let everyone walk he'd be criticized. If he'd tagged Smith or Bush he'd be criticized. You're just not going to keep all of the people happy all of the time. I get your point, but I also think you have to understand why he did it also. There are NO guarantees that FAs are going to come here. None. So now what? $48 mil to spend and no FAs to buy. That COULD be our reality (although I doubt it). Just saying (and we've talked about this before), sometimes you have to cover your bases. You can bet a LOT of thought went into this. They waited until the very last minute to decide. No easy decision. I can't fault them for doing what they did. I might not totally agree with it but it's the best under the circumstances.


I get the Bush love. I do. I'm a fan too. But I don't think this makes or breaks our season. I think we can analyize and microanalize all this stuff but I think all of this stuff has been well thought out by Ireland and his team. Doesn't mean we have to agree with it or like it, just means I think they've debated long and hard on this stuff. Bottom line, I don't believe Philbin truly believes in Bush and what he wants to do. So we can talk about 'a guy who can take it to the house every time' etc....but he doesn't. Very often he gets negative yards and runs for 65 yards a game. That's not what Philbin wants. If he wanted Bush back it would have been done by now. It's clear Bush isn't his guy. I think we need to accept that.

Wallace is going to play for the phatusis, that was the Brady Gate


Actually that's not true. Tell me what his YAC was. What I'm interested in is YPC and he was up there in the league.

I don't get the Hartline hate. If Ireland let him walk and was unable to get any other FA WRs here every one of you guys would CRUCIFY him for letting Hartline walk. Again, this makes the most sense to me (the resigning).

Tom Brady Gate reduce his salary to make room for Wallace


It's time to accept Ireland for what he is. We talked at length yesterday about putting all his eggs in 1 basket. With Parcells & him it was with the Oline. With Ireland by himself, it's the dline.

Other areas of the roster, of much greater need, will inevetiably suffer. HE HASN'T LEARNED!

Ireland may make 1 splash move such as a Wallace or Jennings but, I'm starting to think he won't do much more than that. Maybe a CB. Eveything else will be budget & trying to bring Long & Hartline back.

The same players who have helped us to have 4 straight losing seasons.

All the cap space we had was simply a result of 7 starters contracts being up, not great cap management. He will try to use the draft to fill majority of the holes & we all know how he's faired in that regard over the years.

I decent draft out of the 5 he's been a part of is not reason to have high hopes. I hoped Jeffy would fill the biggest needs in FA & use the draft for filling depth holes but, I'm of belief now it won't happen.

As of right now we have no starting CB's, no starting WR's, no starting TE, no LT, no FS.

Posted by: Craig M | March 06, 2013 at 10:17 AM

GM SOD is offering Criag a position with the FIN as public relation super...

wow craig and i agreeing a lot today


brady reduced his salary for welker or amendola. brady all over amendola

Bush can go elsewhere if the coaches refuse to use him properly. Too many negative runs leading to 2nd & long, 3rd & long, etc. That being said, trade Bess (reliable,yes, also falls down as soon as he gets the ball) and use Bush in the slot instead. He's a playmaker, but not meant to pound the middle. Thomas is almost useless. Miller can hit the hole, and will only get better. Hartline is good for moving the chains, but no YAC. 6M is too much. I also have high hopes for Rishard Matthews; lots of potential there IMO. I sure hope Ireland doesn't F this up.

jj u cant trade bess, hes our only wr on the roster right now

Solid starters

1. Brent Grimes, Atlanta Falcons
2. Sean Smith, Miami Dolphins
3. Aqib Talib, New England Patriots
4. Chris Houston, Detroit Lions
5. Keenan Lewis, Pittsburgh Steelers

NFL network (and I quote "Let's start with Smith. He's been widely touted as the top corner on the market" think I threw up a little)

Posted by: JJ | March 06, 2013 at 10:26 AM

agreed on all points

talib is awesome but sure pats get him back. id love to have lewis

Relief Wr - A #2 Or #3 Wr.

He Basically Called Jennings A Backup.

Is Wallace Worth $10 Mil? Or Give It To Jake Long?

Is Hartline Worth $6 Mil? Or Jennings?

Bush? Really!!

That Is Like Talking About Matt Moore.


L.Miller Is A Better RB.

And Is Younger Than Most Rb's In The Draft. 3 Year Younger Than A.Morris.

Where Will L.Miller Be At 24?

Make D.Thomas A FB!!

I would love Talib and his problem past would prepare him for the Miami life. Like Houston, don't know much about Lewis so I reserve judgement

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 06, 2013 at 10:28 AM

Bess is solid starter but limited to the slot. wouldn't trade him either but would consider trade offers. need to be more explosive. that's all jj is sayin

well u betgter have some other guys signed before u do,lol

look, the ireland fan club has arrived

jake long is long gone and we should be happy about that

Personally I'm more than confident Lamar Miller can do the job. He has the size, speed, college experience, and in 50 rushes last year, he clipped at 4.9YPC. That's more than enough evidence.

However, Bush should still be brought back. Nowhere else on the open market are you going to find someone for $5M that can bring what he brings to the offense. Forget about being an everydown back for a second, he works wonders in the slot, receiving out of the backfield, etc, etc. There is more than enough room for both Miller and Bush to have big roles.

Thoughts on getting Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Philadelphia Eagles for cheap. I see talent but he seems to have a hard time fitting and lack the smarts ( I believe corner is a more reactive position than thinking)

id take cromartie, give me him and lewis and lets roll with a great d

The fact Ireland franchised Starks is indicative that he is on the hot seat. We will make a run at a big time wideout, and probably more.

Steelers fans are not impressed by Wallace. They say he doesn't fight for the ball, has suspect hands, gets jammed at the line, only has one route, and the reason he doesn't get hurt is because he won't go into places where he will take a hit to make a play. He also ha had a future Hall of Famer passing him the ball.

We may all have a grass is greener on the other side mentality in regards to Wallace. I can't look away from his speed and age.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 06, 2013 at 10:38 AM

This is what I been saying, However don't think miller is ready to be the lone #1 back, maybe in a year.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 06, 2013 at 10:39 AM


Posted by: Darkoak | March 06, 2013 at 10:39 AM

I can. I think he is overrated. Don't think he will live up to his contract.

Sean Smith should not play for the Dolphins. He's F'n awful. Dusty- Bess is the most reliable receiver on the roster, but he does not SCORE! Bush would be dangerous as a slot receiver; instead of tripping over his own feet (a la Bess & Hartline), he could actually make defenders miss tackles and score some frickin' TD's. What would Bess' trade value be, I wonder...

Craig, I could understand the Hartline signing for your reasons. No guarantee you will catch the upgrade in free agency (only really two upgrades anyway in Jennings and Wallace) so you pay him and still go for the gusto. However with Starks, it wouldn't have left the team shorthanded at the DT spot. We had cover on the roster already and a cheap FA who'd want to stay in McDaniel. Paying Starks was like buying a second sportscar when you have a family of five. Yeah it's a nice ride and looks good but does it get your family around?

dont care what pitt fans say, once u know a player is gone the fans usually start ripping them

bess value not much

Bush wants his big payday and he'll get it, but not from us. Bringing him back at 5 million is paying him what he made before and is totally unrealistic as he has surpassed the stats that earned him 5 million in the first place.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 06, 2013 at 10:43 AM

more like not letting it get repoed and paying those back payments all at once


6'2" 220lbs And Run A 4.3 Are Automatically Worth More Money.

Why Paying Wallace #1 Money Doesn't Make Sense.


We Need A Red Zone Threat. (A Wr Like The One Mentioned Above That Can Also Jump And Catch The Ball.)

I think Miller gives us a better runner between the tackles and Thigpin will gives us all the slot looks that Bush could.


Again, we're only fans. If they thought Odrick could do the job at the DT position for $700K a year they would have let Starks walk. They obviously didn't. We don't have to like it but there's no question they know more than you and I, who only see things from afar. It's not the move I would have made, but that doesn't mean I'm right.

anyways, good talking guys...I've got a buys one, so you'll be free me of me for most the day.

Cue the cheers in 3,2,1....

I would not pay you to look like a WR and run like a Deer. I pay you catch the ball and get it in the endzone. Wallace is good but i don't think he is worth 12+ mil he will ask. I would rather Jennings proven and cheaper 8-10mil Now wouldn't pay him 10 mil easy will have to be a deal I can work around with ( have to play at least 12 game or something)

agree dark, bush is easily replaceable

Wallace for 12-13 million/year or Amendola and Bush for, maybe, 10 million/year? with more cap space for a DB?

If this was the choice I'd be tempted to opt for Amendola and Bush. RBs get injured. Bush, Miller and Thomas give us options, back up and explosive players (like buffalo with Jackson and Spiller). We'd need to draft a WR with the 12th pick if we opted for Amendola, Hartline, Bess. But that would give us long term production for very little cost.

The benefit of this is that we'd have more flexability with contracts and thus the cap for future years. If Bush slows down or Amendola breaks down we can release them. With Wallace we have all our eggs in one basket. Remember Pittsburgh don't want him, they'd rather have multiple threats. The Lions love Megatron but only won four games, he only scored 5 TDs. Their offense is too predictable.

love amendola but that means u let hartline go and sign wallace or jennings type

Posted by: Darkoak | March 06, 2013 at 10:47 AM

I agree with thigpen but not sold on miller yet. If D. Thomas was .....kinda good I would be alright with bush leaving. but D.thomas is awful so far. Looks bad in practice to me too (went to a few and he stand out as being not good)

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