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Report: Matt Moore to remain with Dolphins

Matt Moore wanted a chance to compete for a starting quarterback job so he intended to test free agency.

Well, so much for good intentions.

Moore is staying with the Dolphins, as their backup and with the understanding he will not be the starter barring bad circumstances after he agreed to a contract with Miami late Thursday evening, according to NFL.com.

No numbers for the deal have been reported by reporter Jeff Darlington, who broke the original story, or The Miami Herald. But it is believed the deal will include escalator clauses should Moore somehow rise to the role of starting quarterback -- either as a result of injury or poor play by starter Ryan Tannehill.

[Update: Darlington reports the deal is two years for $8 million. It'll be interesting to see if that is all real money without playtime incentives, etc. ]

Let's face it, Moore isn't on the team to start. He's a solid backup. He's great in the locker room. He's a great sounding board and advisor to the younger, less experienced Tannehill.

“He’s a valued member of the football team," coach Joe Philbin said of Moore late last season. "He’s an outstanding locker room guy. (He) played extremely well the game that he was called upon to play in. He’s a dependable guy and he’s been a joy to have on the team."

If the reported money is accurate (agents sometimes inflate contract values) then Moore is getting a good deal for a backup player.

But there is a feeling he might have been in line to compete for a starting job somewhere. Well, to that there is this:

I would assume one reason Moore is returning is he had no clear or obvious path to a starting job elsewhere. If his agent is any good, he spoke to multiple teams that might need quarterbacks about Moore. Had the response been enthusiastic about Moore getting a chance to compete, I'm sure the quarterback wouldn't have re-signed with Miami before free agency even began.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have been busy. Free agency has not begun but they've already locked down a starting defensive tackle by franchising Randy Starks, a No. 2 wide receiver in Brian Hartline, and their backup quarterback in Moore.

The club still has holes or questions at the two tackle spots, both cornerback spots, No. 1 wide receiver, one safety spot, and tight end -- a point I make in the previous post.



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Matt is back with Dolphins and in this moment he's the highest paid backup QB (Aside of Mark Sanchez).

But thinking out of box, Matt Moore could represent a 2nd round pick on 2014, because once somebody gets hurt many things change.

Curious to see the money

Wow, the fact that Ireland could convince Moore to take the job for backup money and have escalator clauses in case he becomes starter with no promise of competition was some good work.

Moore was the QB on the market although I'm not a huge fan personally ... he's got a young family though and probably doesn't want to move ... I can see the appeal from both sides.

Hartliners blame Tannehll for Hatline's single td. Great thingMoore has been resigned. After learning Hartline would e his unning mate in Miami, Wallace's asing price should eculae t 15 million per year.

Great, if only Ireland can follow up this signing with a trade. Then it would be great work.

WTH hell are we wasting cap money on a back-up QB. I rather spend that 3 million on Reggie Bush then Moore. If everything goes right he'll be sitting on his arse getting paid 3 million. I dont like it

That is awesome news...I've always been a Matt Moore fan and I was never shy to say so...Never brought him up on my list of players we must re-sign because I simply didn't believe Miami would even make an effort to keep him...But now that we did, I'm very happy...You need depth at the QB position and we just took care of that...I said weeks ago that just a few players were worth re-signing...I had mentioned Starks, Hartline, and Bush...So far I'm 2 for 3...I hope we keep Reggie...I wouldn't mind re-signing Fasano at a bargain price because he is a very good #2 TE...He is NOT a #1...Ireland has to address that either in FA or in the draft...

Well since Hartline has been resigned, the price of sideline chalk imported from Columbia should also esculate.


Were resigning the same scrub players that has made us medicare the last decade.
"Lucy you have some xplaing to do!"

Hate The Man All You Want. Ireland Is Doing Work!!

As Long As Ireland Didn't Overspend For The 2. Dashi Is OK With It.

Wouldn't Mind Fasano Resigning At The Right Price. Just For Security! So They won't have To Draft A TE Higher Than Is Expected.


Best Value Available!! Stick To The Plan Ireland!! Even If It Means Not Resigning Jake!!

Doing Good So Far.

Will that extra sideline chalk that will need to be imported from Colombia for Hartline count against our cap?

craig stuckup yuppy m's posts are about as useful as the dump i took this morning. as long as consistency & content is not the measuring stick.

I here that were looking at Steadman Baily in the 2nd round, is this guy any good?

Hartline's a sideline chalk sniffer. Hope it doesnt count against our cap, or you'll have some explaining to do Lucy!

It does make moores value go up a liitle for miami in that teams desperate for a QB might just gamble a high pick for him considering whats out there this year in terms of the position...Miami would be smart to at least listen to trade offers in that case!!!Just Sayin!!!

Clue, Hartline had a career year with a rookie QB, Moore is probably the best backup QB in the NFL and Starks is a very solid d-lineman...These guys aren't scrubs...The scrubs are guys like Sean Smith, Nolan Carroll, Chris Clemmons, Daniel Thomas, Mustrud, John Jerry, and all the rest...Not those 3...Sorry...

Its a great move! Someone's starter gets hurt, and Miami might be able to trade Matt Moore for a 2014 draft pick! Way to go Ireland!


This Is Miami. Chalk Gets Imported Everyday. (Hartline Gets It At A Discount)

If My Memory Serves Me Right? The Fins Call It Smelling Salt.

On Why The Fins Don't Throw Fade's To Flatline?

We've All Seen The Movie!! White Men Can't Jump!!

If I were a fa wr negotiating with Miami and saw their that their best wr only has 1 td and they resigned him. I would rake them over the coals for every single penny that they have in their bank account.

I would know, they need me far more than I needed them.

Hartlines not a scrub by any means....he's just not a playmaker!!!Hope that gauranteed money helps make his cap hit this year very manageable..just sayin!!!

Anybody want to make a bet we hear this crap all day from YG on here?

Some of us have jobs to do, so that's what I'm going to do but it'll be interesting to check in and see how many different ways YG can tell us that 'Hartline had one TD last year'. It'll be interesting to see what we get back.

Enjoy the day fellas....

Posted by: superPHIN | March 08, 2013 at 09:37 AM

Exactly why I posted this. Matt Moore should bring a 3rd rd'er. We gave up a 3rd rd pick for Thiggy didnt we?

super, the Palm Beach Post reported his cap hit would be at about 3 million for this year...I can certainly live with that if it's true of course...

Posted by: Craig M | March 08, 2013 at 09:44 AM

Good riddance! I pity your fellow employees.

By the way,

I want a guy like Wallace and Jennings too but if it doesn't happen we can take one or more guys in the draft high or sign another vet. Adding ANY of those guys makes the WR core better than it was last year. Letting Hartline get away would have created another hole and caused us to take another step back. This was absolutely the right move to make and kudos to Ireland for getting this done before the window for agents to talk to other teams.

Dashi, one white man that can jump is Tyler Eifert. A 35.5 vertical and 9.11 broad jump at 250lbs.

There's mutha f'n seam threat!

Now YG has us trading Matt Moore.

F8cking hilarious!!....boy doesn't have a clue.

Ciao fellas..

Right Now The Fins Have The #2 and #3 Qb In The Division Under Contract.

Good Job Ireland!!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 08, 2013 at 09:44 AM

If moore can be traded for a steal of a 2nd or 3rd round pick.....I'd take that deal leaving us 6 picks in the first three rounds...that would be plenty ammo to work with especially in a draft pool of depth this year even if it means chalking up a quality backup...we could probably bring garrard back for probably less..just sayin!!!

Both tackle spots ? Did Martin leave the team or are you drunk ?

I've been critical of Hartline and his TD production...But I'm certainly willing to give him a second chance...First, it was only year 1 of him and Tannehill together...Second, he's still pretty young and will probably get better...Third, he was a 4th round pick...That's excellent value...And him and Tannehill seem to have excellent chemistry, and you don't want to break that...And in the end, Hartline's situation is very similar to Fasano's...These guys are NOT number ones at their position...What they are is number two's...But they can be excellent number two's if we can get real number one's...And that's what Ireland HAS to do...In my opinion anyway...For what it's worth...LOL!!

#1, Hartline TD production is my biggest problem. When Marshall was here Hartline couldnt sniff the endzone. When he was the #1 target he couldnt sniff the endzone. Its great and all to get stats but what good are they if were not scoring.

BTW Im glad were getting rid of SS, the I'll never forget that Indy game where Luck kept picking on him on 3rd down, then when he had a chance for an interception right in his hands he dropped it. Playmaker SS isnt!

I expect Devlin to b the backup and Moore to be moved by the midseason trade deadline. Somebody's starting qb will be injured by then and they will be willing to pay a desperation price for Matt Moore.

I mean, if Tannehill doesnt suck so bad Matt Moore has to come off of the bench and throw 58 tds to Brian Hartline.

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | March 08, 2013 at 09:45 AM

that would definatly help in a big way to landing wallace and even a TE or CB in that case...cuz we need the money for sure now!!!

Clue, you're absolutely right...See my post right before yours...But having said that, I think Hartline would probably score more TDs if the team would have a real #1...With speed...Like a Wallace...That would open things up for Hartline...Marshall is not really a burner...People that compare Marshall and Wallace are comparing apples and oranges in my opinion...

FUKK I'm awesome with #s. Predicted Hartline was going to get $6M and knew that Moore would be about $3M ... damm

Posted by: Clue | March 08, 2013 at 09:50 AM

Why would Hartline wanna sniff endzone chalk when sideline chalk is alot closer and more readily available. Hartline loves sniffing the low grade cheap sht.

YG you dont have to be an a**hole about the Hartline signing. He was the only guy who Tannehill really trusted, grant he cant score. LOL

Moore to Hartline is a combination I am looking forward to this upcoming season. Great signings! Go Phins!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 08, 2013 at 09:55 AM

1. Its been reported for at least a month Hartline seeking 6 to 6.5 million jackass.

2. Keeping count of the little boys you bagged inmate Child Predator alligator(CPA) Mark?

Glad to hear Moore is back. Really solidifies the QB situation. Any news on the length of the contract?

Im all on board to sign Wallace for 11 million or whatever. I want to see bombs away 60 yard TD passess like when the Mark brotheres were playingg. We already went with the big slow guy in Marshall, Wallace isnt a headcase he just wants to get paid. I cant blame him.

YG, they gave the guy 6 mil a year (roughly)...The guy was a 1000 yd receiver with a rookie QB...He was a 4th round pick and one of Ireland's rare good picks...Yeah, we all know he didn't score many TDs...But give it up man...It's not as if they gave him a Gibril or Jake Grove contract...If you can get 1000 yards receiving from a 4th round pick and really a #2 WR, that's great...3 million cap hit is also nothing dramatic in the end...no?

Anybody want to make a bet we hear this crap all day from YG on here?

Some of us have jobs to do, so that's what I'm going to do but it'll be interesting to check in and see how many different ways YG can tell us that 'Hartline had one TD last year'. It'll be interesting to see what we get back.

Enjoy the day fellas....

Posted by: Craig M | March 08, 2013 at 09:44 AM

would it be anymore interesting than watching you tell people day after day they're clueless & wrong about everyting? geeeee, i wonder!

also, glad to see you didn't leave again after saying you would. nobody cares about you dude. no one likes a loud mouth know it all doucher.

go annoy your fellow coworkers you blog snooping troll.


3 Million on Reggie Bush, Of course!!
But Reggie is asking for something close to 5M/season.

Is there a reason why you didn't mention Finley or that kid Meyers from the raiders as possible options at TE? Did they resign?

Posted by: Clue | March 08, 2013 at 09:55 AM

Tired of hearing the chemistry bs. Hell he had chemistry with Bess too. Means totally zilh, they were basically the only two wr's he had that would catch the damn ball.

Who the hell else was he going to throw the damn ball to? People hear and parrot that most assinine sht and think that theyve found salvation and everlasting life.

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | March 08, 2013 at 09:50 AM

I just wish miami wouldve waited to see what the value of hartline was on the open market alot like NE is now doing with welker and their situation at WR looks as bleak as ours if welker and Lloyd both leave....and with 21 million in cap space for the pats...they still have decisions on resigning Vollmer and Talib who wont be cheap either....

I dont think hartline wouldve been such a hot commodity right away with welker,jennings,and wallace still out there and his value could've gone down in money since most experts believed a healthy Amendola wouldve recieved more value in terms of free agent market over hartline as well...but its done so we just have to move on i guess...

I can only pray that he beefs up his physical skills in the offseason to become more of a redzone threat then he has his past four years here....


Eifert can Jump A Little. (To Dashi 39" Vertical or Higher Is Jumping, NBA Hops)

But No TE In This Draft Is A Seam Threat. Nobody Ran A 4.5

None Of The TE's Coming Out This Year Is Faster Than Egnew.

Not Saying They Aren't Better!!

Just Saying All The TE's In This Draft Are Overrated. Way Overrated!! Everyone Seems To Be Infatuated With TE's This Year. The Top 3 TE's Have Good Size, and Are overall good Players!! But Dashi Wouldn't Call Any Of Them Dynamic.

You Want A Seam Threat?

Go 4 Wide And Whichever Wr Is Lined Up On A LB!! Hot Route Him To Go Deep!! Go No Huddle!! And Do The Same Thing Again!! The Very Next Play!! LB's Don't Like To Run 30-40yds Every Play!! Every 10 Seconds!!

By The End Of The First Qtr!! The Other Team LB's Will Have No Legs!! And You Can Run All You Want!!

Picture T-Hill With A Track Team (4 Wr's and L.Miller) In September and October In That Florida Heat!!

All Dashi Is Saying!!

Clue, I think bailey is ok but the 2nd is too high and I prefer a bunch of guys before him. Hunter, Wheaton, Rogers, Swope, and of course Cordarelle and Allen

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | March 08, 2013 at 10:00 AM

6 million is middle of the pack #2 wr money. IMO, Hartline would be a 3rd down possession and move the chains wr under Don Shula.

At #2 wr money Ireland basically painted Philbin ito a corner of starting a 3rd down possession wr as a #2 wr. I hope if Ireland drafts a rookie wr, he beats Hartline out for the 32 wr spot.

Hell, I would rather have Oronde Gadsden over Hartline as a starting wr right now.

super, I don't know...Just speculating of course but who knows what the real reason is behind re-signing him right away...Maybe Philbin and Sherman believe this guys will only get better and told Ireland to make sure we keep him...Maybe the entire front office didn't want to risk losing him...I don't know...I have a feeling Welker is asking for a lot of $$$$$...More than BB wants...And the Pats rarely OVERPAY for anyone...A bit different if you ask me but whatever...We'll see what happens...Anyway, time to go to work. I'm out.

Im not tryna come as gay or anything but I follow Hartline on Twitter and he doesnt even look like hes in shape, just looks like an average white guy. I figured he'll be more chiseled.

Dashi, you do know that I've tested verticals for the best TEs in the NFl and only one had higher than a 39 Vernon Davis (42). Graham had a 38.5.

Otherwise 35.5 is as good as there is with these bigger guys. It's extrememly impressive.

Posted by: superPHIN | March 08, 2013 at 10:02 AM

For 5 million or less, I wouldnt be as hot about this signing right now. Paying Hartline #2 wr money is totally ridiculous.

The guyis is a 3rd down possession wr that was forced to play the #1 wr by default last year. He proved it too with only i recieving td.

Hartline = S. Miller



Ireland Only Has 1 Known Fan!!


No Jumping On The Bandwagon Now!!

Specially Claiming To Be His #1 Fan!!

Blasphemy!! Dashi Tells You!!

I Rebuke You!! You Heretic!!

We have to sign Wallace if the Dolphins wants to make a splash in free agency. Even if we have to over-pay, backload his contract and if he sucks a couple years down the line cut him. Give him 11.5 million just do it Ireland when was the last time we had a WR with his speed. Prob not since Mark Duper or Mark Clayton, I dont know which one was faster

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