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Report: Matt Moore to remain with Dolphins

Matt Moore wanted a chance to compete for a starting quarterback job so he intended to test free agency.

Well, so much for good intentions.

Moore is staying with the Dolphins, as their backup and with the understanding he will not be the starter barring bad circumstances after he agreed to a contract with Miami late Thursday evening, according to NFL.com.

No numbers for the deal have been reported by reporter Jeff Darlington, who broke the original story, or The Miami Herald. But it is believed the deal will include escalator clauses should Moore somehow rise to the role of starting quarterback -- either as a result of injury or poor play by starter Ryan Tannehill.

[Update: Darlington reports the deal is two years for $8 million. It'll be interesting to see if that is all real money without playtime incentives, etc. ]

Let's face it, Moore isn't on the team to start. He's a solid backup. He's great in the locker room. He's a great sounding board and advisor to the younger, less experienced Tannehill.

“He’s a valued member of the football team," coach Joe Philbin said of Moore late last season. "He’s an outstanding locker room guy. (He) played extremely well the game that he was called upon to play in. He’s a dependable guy and he’s been a joy to have on the team."

If the reported money is accurate (agents sometimes inflate contract values) then Moore is getting a good deal for a backup player.

But there is a feeling he might have been in line to compete for a starting job somewhere. Well, to that there is this:

I would assume one reason Moore is returning is he had no clear or obvious path to a starting job elsewhere. If his agent is any good, he spoke to multiple teams that might need quarterbacks about Moore. Had the response been enthusiastic about Moore getting a chance to compete, I'm sure the quarterback wouldn't have re-signed with Miami before free agency even began.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have been busy. Free agency has not begun but they've already locked down a starting defensive tackle by franchising Randy Starks, a No. 2 wide receiver in Brian Hartline, and their backup quarterback in Moore.

The club still has holes or questions at the two tackle spots, both cornerback spots, No. 1 wide receiver, one safety spot, and tight end -- a point I make in the previous post.



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Moore should be starting. He's the better QB.

craig & his M & M's are ireland's biggest fan. stop the madness! ireland makes a move & his panties get soaked.

Anybody smell that???

Burrito farts ... YG must've posted again ...

What a stink

either that or he opened his mouth.

Smells like arse.

Hartline is slightly better than Greg Camarillo. He is an excellent number 3 receiver on good teams. For example, if he played for the Falcons, he probably would be the 4th receiver. On Dolphins, he is a #1 receiver, so you have to pay him as such. This is why the Dolphins continue to be 7-9 every year.


I Understand 35" Vertical Is Good. But Dashi Has A High Standard. Specially For A TE That Wants To Get Drafted In The First 2 Rounds!! That TE Has To Be Exceptional!!

Better Than Egnew Physically(37.5 Vert 21 BP 4.62-40yd)!! And Way Better On The Field!!

First RD TE's


Do Any Of These TE's Match up Physically To These Guys?


Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 08, 2013 at 10:12 AM

Last page you tested verticals. So thats what you do once the prison library closes.

You test verticals with both your ass and mouth. Youre the busiest inmate on the unit at lights out.

You go you vertical tester you! LOL...

Dashi, Eifert is your seam threat - it's more than just 40 time. It's agility, short bursts, and excellent athleticism which Eifert possesses all.

But if you want your blazer at TE, look at Chris Gragg from Arkansas...ran a 4.5. Not much production at school though. 6th round grade ...


Marcia's talking a different type of vertical testing. From the numers he displayed, he loves the big ones.

Be very careful with this perv Dashi. He's notcalled inmate Child Perdator Alligator Vertical Tester for nothing. He earned that right! LOL...

as annoying as yesterday & toronto are with their back n forth sissy catfighting, you'd have to multiply that by 6423 to approach craig & his m & m's level.

you two sissy ninnys got a long way to go to catch up to that doofus!

I actually would have liked a veteran QB to come in to coach Tannehill. Though Moore is a good locker room guy he can't point out things in tape like, say, a Brunell did for Sanchize. I don't know of any other options out there and from a fall-back perspective this is the best we can get while also screwing up the Bills, Jests, and other teams who were hopeful to sign Moore at a cheap price while waning a younger QB in the draft or a one-year stop-gap. As a pure backup QB he is the best out there and I am glad we have him back. Since we probably aren't ditching Devlin anytime soon we're going to stick with 3 young guys on our QB roster and will rely on our coaches to get Tannehill going

Now we just need to make some more outside moves

Hartline And Camirillo Is A Good Comparison!! Agreed, Hartline Is A Little Better.

Comparing Hartline To Pete Rose Is Ridiculous!! Doesn't Matter The Context!!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 08, 2013 at 10:19 AM

All this perv does is talk about verticals, seams, tightends, and how it relates to the ale persuation. LOL...

Dashi, one guy Eifert does measure up to athletically is Aaron Hernandez ... I'd take that.

On my way in I wanted to dig up Egnew's measurables I was interested in seeing that ..

Winslow I never compared... don't think he's a consideration.

But Eifert's #s were better than most guys producing big #s today in the NFL.

Canadian Mark,

Why do you fight with everyone?

MiamiD20, If Brunell pointed out things for Sanchez, it didnt work because Sanchez sucks, so if your arguing for a vet QB mentoring the starter, I wouldnt mention Brunnel and Sanchez.

OK guys, got to cut out for 10 mins. have to give birth to YG's brother (take a dump)

Reported Hartlines cap hit will be a little under 3 million, PERFECT. Lots of work left to do but good start.

If Hartline is worth 6 million, then Wallace is worth 15 Million.

Wallace is at least 2 and half times the wr Hartline is.


I Understand People Think Eifert Is The Best TE In The Draft!!

But Compare Him To Other First Round TE's?

HOW Does He Stack Up?

That Is All I'm Saying.

All These TE's Are 2nd Round Picks At Best!! But Need Will Make The First 2 Get Over drafted.

Would Rather See Ireland Draft A Wr High! Than A TE!! More Value With The Wr's in This Draft.

I Hartline's cap hit is only 3 million then Jeffy better get busy trading him before trade deadline. At somepoint a 9 million cap hit is coming.

Cap money never disappears, it just gets shuffled around. Save more ow, pay more later.




if anyone on this blog thinks the dolphins are getting wallace, think again. playmakers come with the draft, show me a free agent playmaker that wasn't a bust.

Sign Bush, Long, and Smith and we wont go backwards. Add Wallace or Jennings, and a couple of good draft picks and we move forward.

MiamiD20, If Brunell pointed out things for Sanchez, it didnt work because Sanchez sucks, so if your arguing for a vet QB mentoring the starter, I wouldnt mention Brunnel and Sanchez.
Posted by: Clue | March 08, 2013 at 10:25 AM

It's cause Sanchize is garbage not because Brunell was incapable. Tannehill is night and day smarter than Sanchize and would have probably reaped the benefits better than the Jests QB.

Moore's deal, @JeffDarlington: Dolphins QB Matt Moore's contract is a 2-year deal worth $8 million, I'm told.

Great 4 million a year to hold a clipboard

Wow! Its beggining to look like if all of the stars align correctly in 2013, we easily finish 8-8.

Woopty fking doo!

2 Yr Deal Sounds About Right.

Maybe We Can Cut Moore Next Year?

When We Don't Have That Many Holes To Cover.


One of two things:

1. Moore's getting traded before season's end.


2. Devlin still sucks like a muthafuka.

Take your pick?


At Least 8-8 Is Not A Losing Season.

The Team Got Worst Every Year With Sporano.

The 11-5 Season Was A Fluke!! Parcells Overspent On Old Veterans For 1 Good Season!! It Was All Downhill After That!!

Dwayne Bowes cap hit on new contract?? 4 million. These guys get an upfront bonus and a backloaded deal which most will never see in the last year of their contracts. Hartlines cap hit will NEVER be 9 million because he will be gone before then. Good contract, great job by Ireland and Aponte


At Least 8-8 Is Not A Losing Season.

Posted by: Dashi™ | March 08, 2013 at 10:44 AM

Remember, I did say the stars would have to "all" align correctly.

The Dolphins more then Moore wanted the Dolphins but money is money. Glad hes back, Tannehill hits the wall early this yr, which I think he will, Moore will be there to pick up the pieces. Now lets get Jennings and Cook.



I'm A Devlin Fan. So #2 Is Out Of The Question For Dashi.

This Sounds like A Ireland Move. He Is Cornering The Market To Make A Trade. Not Saying He Will Do It Now!! He Can Even Do It Next Season.

1 Thing Is For Sure!! The Fins Aren't Interested In Garrard!!

How can anyone be a Devlin fan?? Because you seen him play against 3rd stringers in the pre-season. Or let me guess from Hard Knocks. LOL. I dont get many of you.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 08, 2013 at 10:44 AM

Like I said, that cap hit never disappears. Agents are getting smarter too. Im sure the money going to the middle of these new contracts, not at the very end.

Some of it may, but if an agent's worth his commission, Im sure he negotiates the bulk toward the middle of the contract. Because he only gets a percentage(commission) on money that actually hits his client's hand.

If an agent allows the greatest bulk of the money to be backend loaded. That client had better fire that agent. He's taking food from both his client's mouth and his own.

OK, enough signing of internal, mediocre free agents. Now can they go and get some real playmakers before I start seeing the same, off season pattern developing all over again? The news, articles, and stories are uplifting but so far nothing exciting.

Yes, Cause Of Preseason.

Devlin Did Moore With Less.

Devlin Had A Better Preseason Than Moore Last Year. Way Better!! With Worst Wr's!!

Dashi Has Been A Fan Of Devlin Since Last Years Preseason!! Ask Anybody.

If People Can Be Matt Barkley And Matt Moore Fans!!

Dashi Can Be A Pat Devlin Fan.

T-Hill Is My #1!! But I Like Devlin More Than M&M!!

Ireland promised this offseason would be about scoring tds. So far:

1. Randy Starks 0 tds
2. Brian Hartline 1 td
3. Matt Moore 1 td

Great work so far Jeffy!

You guys also need to remember the cap is going to rise over the next three years so you can also say that we put a little on the credit card.

Hopefully Hartline earns every penny of it because that means we are moving the chains. I think the TD thing on Hartline is overplayed.

It was the way we designed our goal line O. Run it, pass it to TE or scramble Tanhill.

They pampered Tanhill a ton last year. I thought he was quick to the dump and I think that is why Hartline didn't have TD's. But when Tanhill needed saving Hartline was always in the right spot. Probably should compare first downs instead of TD's when thinking about his current value.

This was smart move. It would have pained all of us if he ended up in New England or Cincy (since Ohio State Boy) and became their security blanket.

I dont think Wallace will end up here. I think that money is going to a FS, CB, and TE. And yes I think the money we would have to give to him would buy us all the above.

Go Dolphins! You look at San Frans West coast o and you do not need a burner at 15 million per year. You need posetion receivers and a great TE/FB. I still would rather have Boldin (if released).

Since When Has Dashi Been Saying?

T-Hill Is The Starter!! Devlin Is The Caddy!!

Since Las Preseason!! When Your Clownass Was Saying "Matt Moore Is The Starter"!!

Dashi, I did compare his results with the TEs in the NFl today and objectively this is where they rank (Gronkowski is not included because he didn't do the combine or pro day due to injury)

1. Vernon Davis
2. Jimmy Graham
3. Greg Olsen
4T. Aaron Hernandez
4T. Tyler Eifert

Better clarify San Frans West Coast O of the 80's and 90's.

Devlin wouldnt be able to do crap against a first team defense, theres a reason why he went undrafted, he sucks! Im hoping to see huge improvements from Tannehill this year, if he puts up the same numbers he's a bust no if/and about it.

YG, Agents are more interested in the upfront and guaranteed money. Out of a 30 million contract, Hartline got 12 million guaranteed

Tomorrow Ireland Can Talk To Other Teams FA!!

Til Then Hold Your Horses!!

Stop Talking Ignorance.

Keenan Allen not participating in Cal's pro day. Not sure how anyone would use a high or mid first round pick on this guy now when there are so many alternatives. Hard to envision him going top 15 ...

WOW - 6 Mil a yr avg for a 1 TD and almost no YAC WR. I am guessing that Ireland got to the point that he feels he's going to lose in the Wallace or Jennings sweepstakes and made sure he had a WR for Tannehill.

I'm not sure what to say about the Matt Moore signing but it says a lot about whether we draft another 1 or not. I say not unless Moore or Devlin are trade material.

I am sticking to my hope that we land 1 of these 5 with our first round pick. Not in any order.

Mingo OLB - I know he scares you Craig and he should, if he goes to another team like the Jets Tannehill will be having nightmares about him coming around the corner. He has the quickest first step I've seen in a long time and very good closing burst.

Jordan OLB - Just an impressive athlete with skills that make him extremely versatile.

Ansah DE - This guy, even with his lack of experience is going to wreak havoc on opposing teams.

Patterson WR - Explosive, plain and simple.

Allen WR - Polished as they come and can play any WR pos. Catches everything and is very quick for a big man.

bobby, YG is an ignorant simpleton. Don't expect him to understand any of this ...

FS,CB?!, We need players that can score TD's! Jeez what part of this dont you guys understand. Draft a CB and a FS our defense was top 10 last seasin, the offense was in the bottom half of the league.Can we please for once upgrade the offense.

Posted by: shula71 | March 08, 2013 at 11:01 AM

Why do you guys keep saying Hartline's 1 td is overplayed?

We arent talking a 1 yr phenominom, its been a 4 fking year pattern. Even Ted Ginn had 5 td catches in only 3yrs. That caused his ass to be shipped the hell out of here.

Hartline has 6 tds in 4yrs and is being praised by dolfans. Geesh this is getting stupid. Btw, just like Ted Ginn after 3yrs, Hartline's td total was 5 too.

At lest Ginn had 3 return tds to push his dolphin career td total to 8 in 3 years. He singlehandidly beat the Jets twice too.

So no, Hartline's career td totals have not been overplayed.

Honestly I'll bring Ginn back as the bumber 4 WR and the KR/PR, I see no issues with that. Give him the Vet Min

Ireland is doing his job leave him alone !! By the way just got home from work !! You go Jeff keep up the good work later fellow Dolphinsfans bedtime for me !! Welcome back Matt !!!

Texas, always enjoy talking draft with you and I agree with Ansah and Mingo. Have them both in my personal top 10 (before pro day results come in).

Patterson may still get up there after the Tennessee pro day.

Allen no way I touch this guy - not enough known about his individual athleticism.

Jordan - I'd like to see the results of his upper body strength before I consider spending a high first pick on him.

One guy that I think is a very strong prospect and nobody talks bout him is Kevin Minter of LSU ... best ILB I think this year.

I guess if Hartline scores 4 tds this year Hartliners will push for a tickertape parade!

Why are canadiens on a Miami blog?

Under Shula, Hartline would be no more than a 3rd down move the chains possession wr. Are you kidding me?

Uh oh, Burrito fart posting ... emptying out the blog again ...

What a stink ...

Don Shula would turn Brian Hartline into th modern day "Crash" Jensen. Wouldnt have to pay him 6 million to do either. LOL...

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