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Report: Matt Moore to remain with Dolphins

Matt Moore wanted a chance to compete for a starting quarterback job so he intended to test free agency.

Well, so much for good intentions.

Moore is staying with the Dolphins, as their backup and with the understanding he will not be the starter barring bad circumstances after he agreed to a contract with Miami late Thursday evening, according to NFL.com.

No numbers for the deal have been reported by reporter Jeff Darlington, who broke the original story, or The Miami Herald. But it is believed the deal will include escalator clauses should Moore somehow rise to the role of starting quarterback -- either as a result of injury or poor play by starter Ryan Tannehill.

[Update: Darlington reports the deal is two years for $8 million. It'll be interesting to see if that is all real money without playtime incentives, etc. ]

Let's face it, Moore isn't on the team to start. He's a solid backup. He's great in the locker room. He's a great sounding board and advisor to the younger, less experienced Tannehill.

“He’s a valued member of the football team," coach Joe Philbin said of Moore late last season. "He’s an outstanding locker room guy. (He) played extremely well the game that he was called upon to play in. He’s a dependable guy and he’s been a joy to have on the team."

If the reported money is accurate (agents sometimes inflate contract values) then Moore is getting a good deal for a backup player.

But there is a feeling he might have been in line to compete for a starting job somewhere. Well, to that there is this:

I would assume one reason Moore is returning is he had no clear or obvious path to a starting job elsewhere. If his agent is any good, he spoke to multiple teams that might need quarterbacks about Moore. Had the response been enthusiastic about Moore getting a chance to compete, I'm sure the quarterback wouldn't have re-signed with Miami before free agency even began.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have been busy. Free agency has not begun but they've already locked down a starting defensive tackle by franchising Randy Starks, a No. 2 wide receiver in Brian Hartline, and their backup quarterback in Moore.

The club still has holes or questions at the two tackle spots, both cornerback spots, No. 1 wide receiver, one safety spot, and tight end -- a point I make in the previous post.



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During the last 25yrs of Shula's hc career, at least he consistently teased us we always had a chance to win a championship.

Now, we no longer even get the tease. LOL...

Thanks Mark - I too enjoy talking draft.

I agree with you on Minter and think he'll be the first ILB off the board. His play in their bowl game pretty much solidified that. I believe he had close to 150 tackles last year.

IMO I wouldn't worry too too much about upper body strength with Jordan. I would keep him at OLB and play him all over the field as Oregon did. He can wreak havoc from every where.

We'll have to disagree on Allen - I feel like he's extremely athletic and has a burst but not a burst like Patterson. I believe with Allen you get solid catching ability and very good route running along with the YAC. He will catch everything.

So IMO the difference between Patterson and Allen is that Allen is a better pass catcher and Patterson is better after the catch. Patterson worries me the most because of the catching ability. But I still like the explosiveness.

It was also reported the quarterbacking at Tenn was inconsistent. So you cant go a ton on their wr's numbers.

Btw, from last blog. I don't care whether he had 1 good year. I would take Bennett from the Giants to replace Fasano in a heart beat

Patterson should be the pick at #12, but im absolutely positive it wont happen. Just hope for Philbin's sake he's renting, not buying, a house in Miami.

Look at your Hartline contract and say bye-bye to any wr being drafted 1st or 2nd rd. No TE's either. LOL...


I have to believe the Hartline signing is due to the belief we will not land either Jennings or Wallace. AND if that is the case then Patterson or Allen could very well be the pick for us.

Mark @11:03.

That Is All I'm Saying. These TE's Aren't Worth A First Round Pick. A Second Round, Yes!!

A.Hernandez Went In The 4th.

And Hernandez Is Short For A TE. He Is More Of An H-Back.

Physically Egnew Rates Higher Than eiffert.

Eiffert Is More Complete.

On the ILB's

Agreed. Minter Is A Good One. And So Is Bostick From UF! I Wouldn't Overdraft on Te'o Or Ogletree. You Can Get 1 Of The Other 2 In The 3rd!!

One Of The Weakest Positions On The Team Is LB's!! Yes, We Might Have 2 Starters!! But The Group As A Whole Is One Of The Weakest Positions On The Team!! WE HAVE NO DEPTH AT LB!!

Craig, You Like To CRY About "What If Wake Goes Down"


And Dansby Isn't Even Half The Player Wake Is!!

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 08, 2013 at 11:47 AM

If that happens we need to draft 2 wr's in the 1st 3 picks. No way Hartline needs to be a #1 or #2 wr.

I appreciate he had a career year in receptions(74) and yardage(1,086), I really do.

However, I would feel much better about him as a #1 or #2 with with 10 fewer catches(64) and 200 less yards(886), if we could replace it with 7-8 tds.

1 td is totally unacceptable no matter what excuses others try to use for it. Under Shula, he's a 3rd down pssession wrat best with the td numbers he's pu up over 4yrs.

Why does signing Hartline, make you guys think we wont sign Wallace? That seems silly to make that conclusion. Please explain this rationale

AND if I were GM I would be draft at least 2 WR's in this draft and possibly 3. IMO that position can grow with Tannehill and learn right along with him.

Swope - he's going to surprise some folks. He played slot only in college but can do it all.

There are so many options of 3 I can come up with that will make the worst WR core in the league last year to one of the best for years to come.

How come AP breaks news of Hartline signing before Mando?

Rdubs, it is a silly conclusion by silly people who have no clue

My guess is we ain't picking a qb in the first round. Pretty smart eh?
I like Matt Moore and he is a good rep for the team as well as a solid backup, potential starter.
Hartline is a good player. I think that Ireland is creating a family football team. The team is thinking long term for all players but will only pay so much.

Good luck to Sean Smith. Sho me da money. Too bad every receiver in the league showed Smith their butts when they were running away from him. CYA loser.

Supposedly First ILB Off The Board Is A.Brown From KSU.

Followed By Ogletree and Te'o.

But You Can Find Value In The Mid Rounds With The LB's!! This Draft Is Deep.


Were Both Drafted After The First Round Last Year. And Had More Tackles Than Dansby As Rookies.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 08, 2013 at 11:59 AM

Exactly why I dont understand why most are so happy about the Hartline signing at the numbers he resigned for(like a #2 wr).

Didnt anyone see the playoffs? The Super Bowl? You have to have as many point scoring weapons as possible on the playing field at all times.

Marching up and down the field with regularity and not scoring TDS, is just not going to cut it! This is what Hartline represents. I fret another lackluster offensive season.

Continuosly teased by moving up and down the playing field, mostly ending in fg's or missed fg attempts.

Michael Egnew will lead us to the SB!

It is not just the Hartline signing Rdubs - IMO Jennings and Wallace are asking for a large amount of money and other teams seem to be more willing in the past to pay larger sums of money than Miami.

AND if you are Wallace and Miami offers 12 mil a year and the Pats offer 11.5, where do you go? There is also the opportunity to play with an established QB rather than an up and coming QB.

Plus Philbin says he likes to build from the draft and keep his players. Build from within that way you don't have to worry about players not buying into the system. It is the only system they know.

To hell with tds, just keep the chains moving baby!

Dashi, you're right about Egnew. He is as athletic as Eifert. Actually there is only abotu one star NFL TE that is more athletic than Egnew and that is Vernon Davis. Egnew test result wise is right there with Hernandez and Graham et all when they came out.

Now is Egnew one of those guys that can't get his head wrapped around the game or is he one of these guys that take a year to get a grasp?? I guess we will find out at draft/free agency time. It'll be interesting because the boy does have the physical make up to be that seam guy.

And you're right about Bostic - he's the guy I have right behind Minter on the ILB rankings.

AJ Klein of Iowa State is also an interesting late round guy. Very active guy with nice measurables.


I Don't Know About Not Signing Wallace.


Signing Hartline Makes Sure Ireland Won't Overspend On Wallace Or Jennings.


Agreed. Would Prefer To Have The Fins Draft 2 Wr's, Instead Of Signing Wallace.

R.Woods or D.Hopkins

Any 2 Of These 3 Is OK With Dashi


T-Hill Will Be Allowed To Grow With The Group!! And Not Worry About Feeding 1 Alpha Wr!!

Texas, I do love that Markus Wheaton.

Late round guy I like is Josh Boyce of TCU. Anytime you get a productive college WR that runs a 4.38 in the 6th, you'd like to take a flier.

Another DL thats avaialbe is Richard Seymour, no one has talked about this guy being a FA, I think he would be a excellent signing put him on the other side of Wake

On the bottom of Egnew's contract where it says :
SIGN HERE X________ Egnew wrote.. Scorpio!! LOL

Rdubs - in other words I would be surprised if we were to get either Jennings or Wallace.

YG - The thing that scares me most heading into draft season - Ireland will trade into top 10 to get another Olineman or anyone for that matter. This draft has depth so having more picks is better than high picks.

Dashi - I do like Woods and Hopkins as well just not sure they are available at 42. Hunter, Woods and Hopkins to me will be gone before 42.

Also agreed on Ryan Swope. He'd be a 3rd rd pick I'd e very excited about.


What scares me is Wallace demands 13-15 million when seeing who hi running mate will be in Miami and his 2012 td numbers. As an agent, why wouldnt you use it as leverage in negotiations? Your client's going to get a great contract no matter where he goes.

Then the matter of Jennings, it could become a Flynn scenario where Ireland puts a certain price tag on him and doesnt budge. So we dont land Jennings either.

Then, Ireland feels drafting only 1 wr within the first 3 picks is a cure all, then signs a vet scrub that gets dumped in during preseason cuts.

All of this scares hell out of me with Ireland handling the steering wheel. Its just like when my wife's driving. Im always on the passenger side trying to pump the brakes. LOL...

Mark I would to especially if we got him in the third.

We'll see what happens Tomorrow, at 12AM.

YG - I drive all the time but obviously I can't be GM. Of course I might scare the crap out of a lot of people on here because I would make bold moves, not safe moves.

I got crap on here last year when I said I would trade Long right after I heard he was listed as the top OL in the NFL. He had great trade value and now look at us. And in last years draft there were very little OT's to speak of. UGH!

Texas Dolfan, that makes no sense. You have 4 or 5 teams with cap space to sign Wallace. Cleveland, Cincy, Fins and a few others. NE is not going to be in play IMO. Also, why would ANYONE accept lower money and higher taxes to go to the Patriots. Every year we hear this ridiculous argument how if we don't sign someone, the are "going to the Pats" doesn't happen. The Dolphins will sign one of these guys

Hohoho!, the Dolphins announcing their big signings late at night or in very early morning. You reporters, be awake, be awake! Ireland's Revenge.

Time To Pull An Armando.

New Blog!! Please Go Over There!!


Agreed. At 42 We Can Only Pick 1 Of The 2.

1 Of The Reasons Why I Pull The Trigger On Patty In The First!

Get The Best Wr In The Draft! And 1 Of The Top 5 Wr's In The Top Of The Second.

I don't love either this or the Hartline deal.....

I don't know whether Miami will sign Wallace or not. I'm noy even convinced he a better player for our team then Jennings. I do know Miami will have a shot at one... I get the feeling from texts and his conversation with the phinsiders that Jennings would like to leave the frozen tundra for South Florida... Been to Green Bay on business twice... Great Football town... annnnnnnnd that's about it.... Don't blame him.
Resigning Hartline and being able to retain Moore has a nice ring to it thus far... I really like to see a solid draft like last year and it will be a winner of an off season. I'm a build from within and draft builder at heart... Free Agency is a 50/50 coin flip... no matter who's the coach or GM or what team you are talking about. I never get excited about Free Agent's from other teams anymore..... Just think about all the fans somewhere who are pushing and blogging for they're team to sign Jake Long to a $50 Million Contract.... That could be you.... Just think how they will feel in a year. Free Agents look great, just like new girlfriends... Until ya get to know them and they're mothers......

I agree we need to sign Fasano but that does NOT mean we will not need to draft a TE early?
I mean r u insane? Have you seen our TE corps the last ten years? We have to be the most pathetic one in the NFL, and what is worse we get reminded of it every time we get destroyed by the Pats TEs!

You've got to draft Eiffert, no other way around it. Eiffert or bust IMO, he's the only draftable TE, look at what drafting the Egnews and the Clays has gotten thus far! TE is very thin on most draft classes, meanwhile we can get excellent value at CB, WR and OL in the 2nd and latter rounds.

Yes great move! Also keep in mind that Miami still has 30 million dollars in cap space & can still bring in anywhere from 2 to 4 new players in FA as well as pay for our draft choices, so these 3 signings are great moves.

So far we are doing all the right things to make this team a solid as possible this year. We have kept young talent on the roster and we have a lot of cash for FA and a lot of picks in the draft.

Philibin just does 't have a clue. He said that Matt Moore is a locker room guy. What the hell does overpaying a backup because he is a locker room guy. We need "performance" guys! You don't win games in a damn locker room. You win with gamers on the field. Ireland still sucks.

Marshall is a better WR than Wallace. Henne might have been just bad or maybe hartline is as good as his yards say he is.....(lol a little) always going love my dolphins and my ravens and considering one of them won a super bowl my off season is going pretty well.

On the bottom of Egnew's contract where it says :
SIGN HERE X________ Egnew wrote.. Scorpio!! LOL

Posted by: Homer Jones | March 08, 2013 at 12:12 PM

This made me laugh out loud and boss asked if I'm ok, lol....very funy

I think with the signing of Hartline and Moore it shows they want Tannehill to feel comfortable. I would look for a deal with Bush next. I don't see Long or Smith coming back. My biggest fear is that the Patriots are going to sign Bush and turn him into a beast. I think all our GM decisions should be based with an eye on what the Patriots are doing.

Moore is an average starter...but is an elite backup. This show intelligence, maturity and humility on his part. He can be a Kubial-level backup, an extra coach with shoulder pads. A good decision by Matt, and a great signing by Jeff Ireland.

I listen to you guys talk about the college wideouts available in the draft and I appreciate your insight as I never watch college ball so I have no idea who's good or who isn't. From what I've learnt so far in regards to what might make a decent player coming out of college is what kind of competition did they play against and how did they do. Next would be did they play multiple positions or sets and were they an every down player. Do they have experience on special teams (lots of rooks need to make an impact there if they don't start in the NFL). What kind if offense did they work in (some gimmickLastly and most importantly how consistent were they and did they improve as their college career went on.

Does that sound like a decent assessment criteria? Based on what I said who would be the best wideout?

I have to say I give ireland credit to resign qb moore, best backup qb in nfl !!!! That's right! Critical to have a solid backup qb....now let's go get wr patterson in nfl draft!!!

Be unbias! Hartline faced double teams all season and did pretty well, he playing as a true #2 instead of the #1 position will take pressure off of him with a true #1 drawing more attention this year...

I don't like loosen rb reggie bush, with better wr"s, playmakers..bush would have even better stats! Lamar miller better come in great shape ready to explode!!! Miami fans won't be easy on rb lamar miller, expexctations will be high!

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