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Tuesday notes from the NFL annual meeting

PHOENIX -- Some notes from the NFL annual meeting:

Bess still in the plans

The addition of receivers Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson as well as the re-signing of Brian Hartline and availability of Dustin Keller as a slot receiver seems to make receiver Davone Bess an odd man out but general manager Jeff Ireland said that is not the case.

“Davone is an excellent inside slot receiver,” he said. “Gibson can play inside or outside. Brian can play inside or outside. Mike Wallace with his speed can get vertical. Obviously with Dustin Keller at the tight end position. Our depth right now is exceptional. We’re not making any bold predictions but we certainly have a vision for Davone.”

No panic at cornerback

The Dolphins lost cornerback Sean Smith to free agency last week and that means the team has now lost both its starters of 2009-2011. So where do the Dolphins fill the void?

“I like some of the players we currently have,” Ireland said. “Picking up Dimitri Patterson last year was a good complement to us. Richard Marshall was hurt a majority of last season. He looks like he’s in great shape at this point. There’s still an acquisition period we’re going through. We’ve got a couple of players we’re looking at.

“We knew where we were if we lost Sean. We’re not panicking. We’ve got a great plan in place.”

Lamar Miller time

With the loss of leading rusher Reggie Bush, the question has been what will the Dolphins do at running back in 2013. The answer seems clear because Ross in naming the team’s many expected playmakers added a running back’s name.

“Lamar Miller,” he said unsolicited.

Dolphins not finished adding speed

The Dolphins were obviously, depressingly slow last season as a team. Watching them operate from their own 30 was like watching most other teams in the red zone. Watching the defense run was troubling despite the fact coordinator Kevin Coyle made sure guys were in good position.

So the Dolphins added speed at receiver, tight end, both the Mike and Sam linebacker spots and, well, the offseason isn't over.

“You can see where the NFL is going," club owner Stephen Ross said. "It’s about speed and the passing game and excitement. And that’s what I think we’re developing there. And I don’t think we’re done.”


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Keep up the good work!! GO PHINS 2013. Best day was when Long took the money and left! Now we can get somewhere.

On The Jake Long Situation?

It Will Get Done When It Is Done!!JAKE IS #1 PRIORITY!! And Ireland Will Sign Him At His Price!!

Posted by: Dashi | March 16, 2013 at 12:29 PM

Ireland Probably Wants To Sign Jake To A 3 Year Deal!! Jake Wants More Years!! But Ireland Has All The Leverage!!

Can't Wait To See The Final Deal When It Is All Said And Done. Bet It Favors Ireland.

Posted by: Dashi | March 16, 2013 at 12:53 PM

Speed kills.


Great piece, interesting he didnt mention Carroll but referred to Marshall/ Patterson

Miami needs to trade down and get 2 CB, TE , Guard and one pressure DE. Matbe sign T.Newman and Tracy Porter will help.

With the amount of picks we have this year I'm not feeling a trade down is the best move. A trade up for someone we really want might be in order. Get back into the top ten picks.

The Dolphins should be able to run some nice empty backfield sets. Imagine trying to cover Wallace, Bess, Hartline, Keller, and Gibson. The Dolphins could make their offense look like the Patriots before they lost all their WRs.

Go finssssd. Get grimes soon

What is the point of trading up or down? Draft day maybe to get a player you need and you see going to a rival. First pick is the best player available on your board whether you need him or not.
The rest are picked on athletics. Can they run, catch and are very big or strong? We traded around to get that running back who is hurt all the time and wasted picks.
Relax wait your turn and make the right pick.
And Mando is right, there is not panic at cb. Get the right guy for the right price.

Mike Bess would own most 5th string corners.

Sorry not Mike Bess. Mike, Bess.... Lol

I love the prospects of having Ryan Swope in the game at the same time as Wallace. Two 4.3 forty gys on the outside would have the middle of the field open like a 24 hr atm.

I really expect the Dolphins to go after Ryan Swope. There hasnt been a white wr in the league this fast since Bert Jones to Roger Carr.


In this blog it states Ireland isnt done adding speed. Look for Roger Carr(oops) Ryan Swope to become a dolphin.

YG - With everything I am seeing I am thinking Tavon Austin may be the pick at 12. NFL network is saying he may not be there for the Rams at 16.

Wasn't a fan of Dansby and Burnett but Ellerbe and Wheeler could well be downgrades, even though they are a bit younger.

But Marshall and Patterson SUCK. They both needed to be axed, especially Patterson, whose contract could be dumped with NO penalty.

Get Joeckl.

If Swope and Wallace are lined up on the outside at the same time. It will force both safeties to have to give over the top help to both corners. That or risk one or both of them getting blown away.

Nfl dc's will absolutelt hate this look. This is how we get the scary GB offensive look, even better having 2 4.3 forty wr's on the outside.


WEAKNESSES: Struggles to break down and redirect rapidly, particularly when asked to plant and burst out of a pivot on underneath routes. Could be more physical against press, as he doesn't always utilize his solid frame to create space like he could. Isn't a real "burner", and relies more on quickness and fakes to create separation vertically. Will sit down and wait for the throw at times rather than drive back to the ball. Doesn't possess a huge "catch radius" and isn't a guy you can necessarily just throw it up to and rely on to go get it.

Brian Hartline was a track star so he's supposedly not slow either but in the west coast it relies o more a YAC WR than just straight speed only. Duke's Conner Vernon reminds me of Jordy Nelson but he could be had in Day 2...like Nelson. Other than a solid DB I really don't see who we would draft with or first rounder

In Armando's quotes, You can just hear the panic in Ireland's voice.

The so-called FA plan has unraveled ever since Wallace signed...........The embarrassment & shame in Davie (& Phoenix) is palpable.

Who will protect Tannehill? Who will cover?


Im seeing db or olineman if we pick #12. That rules out the fast but smaller Austin.

So what's the next best thing? Tannehill/Swope. In college they combined for 1200yds 10 tds, Tannehill's senior year. Talking about already having chemistry.

Swopes numbers actually went down last season with Johnny football as starting qb.

Swope would be the far better common sense compliment pick. Just paid 60 million for a wr. Makes zero sense to now draft a wr 12th overall. really think about this for minute.

Money would be towards Swope(4.3 forty) complimenting Wallace(4.3 forty) on the outside.

Compensatory picks are out and the Dolphins got a 5th and 7th round picks

What happened to the visit with Grimes, was hen asking to much or Questions from his injury?

First pick will have to be LT now. Will they use their ammo for a top WR in round 1? I won't be surprised.


Plus, just like Hartline Swope can play insid or out. Swope lends great versatility to the wr corps prsenting mismatches.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 18, 2013 at 08:34 PM

If this is true, now we have the 5th rd pick we didnt have this draft. Not bad, could be a rb or had depth at another position.

I suggest you all learn a lesson from Oakland. For decades Davis drafted the fastest players. For decades they have been terrible with the exception of one or two seasons.

I believe it will be next to impossible a wr is drafted 1st rd right after spending 60 million on Wallace. Now fking way.

Swopes a bigger body than tiny Tavon.


Besides for forty times, AL Davis knew zero else about those wr's he drafted. Sherman has first hand knowledge of Ryan Swope.

WOW, YG4E Now on 8th hour of posting.

The fins aren't in win now mode, they are in win RIGHT FKN NOW mode. They don't need all those picks now. Look for trade ups for quality.

Agreed.............hard to imagine WR w/ no.1 pick after FA acquisitions.

Trade up for top LT, I say.

YG - we now have 2 picks in the 5th round and we still have no 6th rounder.

I like Swope as well and I am not preaching exactly who I want I am just trying to read the draft tea leaves. I just have a strong feeling Austin will be the pick. I really like Austin a lot but would have a hard time making the choice if Mingo, Jordan and Ansah are there at 12. But I fit Austin right there with those guys.

WOW, YG4E Now on 8th hour of posting.

Posted by: Coalition To Ban Ireland And Odin. | March 18, 2013 at 08:

Means youre on your 8th hour watching arent you kid?

8 hours of watching and youve yet to contribute anything constructive. Good grief Charlie Brown!


Oh, ok. I wasnt sure if it was a 5th or 6th we didnt have. With two 5ths are better than 1 6th rd pick any day!

For those who haven't noticed, this isn't the old Ireland. This is the surprise Ireland. Anything is possible.

sorry but i think the fins win the championship

Do you all reaize every one of our 2008 picks are gone? Gone.


I like a couple wr's with the 1st rd pick. But COMMON SENSE tells me its highly unlikely right after paying WALLACE 60 MILLION DOLLARS.

Dont hold your breeath on a Austin 1st rd pick to us, Please dont.

there is no way tavon austin is the pick at 12. with the added WRs this offseason, 1. he is not the BPA and 2. he doesn't fill a need

We got two more draft picks another 5 and another 7 so we now have 11 picks

Do you all reaize every one of our 2008 picks are gone? Gone.

Posted by: BuhBye | March 18, 2013 at 08:50 PM

Great of you to finally catch up. Jake Long's been the only holdover from the 2008 draft for a couple seasons now. With his departure its great youve finally taken notice.

Who is the absolute DUMBEST blogger here:

1. boobyd
2. Craigarrhea
3. Kris
4. boobyd
5. boobyd

I know, it's a tough call

That's a bunch of picks fellas damn!!!!!!,

Not for a couple of seasons. For one season. Stick to the facts.

Here's to new beginnings hell yea

So You Love Me So much.

In Anything That I said About Long... Was Dashi Wrong?

Did Jake Deal Didn't Benefit Ireland!!


But Let's Forget The Obvious!!

Dashi Said D.Bess Is Still An Important Part Of The Team!!

L.Miller Is The RB Of The Future!! (And With Ireland's Approval, Dashi Will Stop Asking For E.Lacy At #12)

Big Things For The Offense This Year!!

But Again, Let's Forget Dashi was only Wrong On The Jake Signing... Even Though He Was Still #1 Priority!! And Like The Peyton Winning... Dashi Wanted Jake Because I'm A Fan!!

What About Starks? Didn't Dashi Say Franchise Him?

Resign Clemons?

Get Rid Of Fasano And R.Bush?

But Keep Lying To Yourself. Dashi Knows The "Truth"

I'm Better At Life Than You!!

I'm Better At Life Than You!!

Posted by: Dashi | March 18, 2013 at 08:57 PM

Well for starters we've learned you are pure shyt for trying to debate about computers!

It doesn't end there....

Not holding my breath - Along with some of the moves we're making, I've just heard some quotes recently that tells me we are not as dangerous as Ireland wants us to be on Offense.

Yes, we could do just about anything but "more TD's" is the theme of this off season. Ireland quote below.

"We've got to score TDs. That's what we didn't do enough of."

If you watch Ross interview at owners meetings saying 'we need more speed and we're not done."

Darlington at the Fins HQ on first few days of FA said he heard some of the Fins draft plans and they were very intriguing.

There is more but just to me, this is all going to spell T. Austin at 12.

Not just shyt, but a total bs artist that got busted talkin bs.

daShame knows very little about very little. That we do know.

Personally I think we should see if we could give both our second rounders and one three to move up into the top 5. Draft Milliner with that and Xavier Rhodes with our #12.We ould wrap up two young QUALITY corners for a long time. CB problem solved. e would stil have a total of 7 picks.

Well, if we're still looking for speed, plus instant chemistry, I do like "Putney" Swopes quite a bit........but that whole common-sense thing, plus an obvious need for OL help, plus a supposedly OL deep draft, suggests'no Swope.'

Anyone else super-bummed about Heat getting pushed around? Which would be worse.....losing to Celts or hearing Bayliss & the rest of the Hoarde bashing Heat all day?

With baltimore having to open the thursday game on road im betting the nfl opener will be balt at mia

You cant get into the top 5 without giving up a first. I do think tho that we can trade #12, a 2nd and possibly a later pick to get up there. Only guys worth doing that for are Joeckle/Fisher or Milliner. We can then probably take our 2nd, a 3rd and a late pick to get back into the late first for someone like Eiffert, Rhodes/B.Banks/Trufant or Lacy. I'd be for that! This is the year we trade up to get who we want, not trade back and settle for whoever falls to us.

1 Man Coalition @8:42,

You Were Up At 3 In The AM Today... Have Been On A Marathon Posting Since Friday!!

And Yet You Still Manage To Run Your Mouth With Hypocrisy!!

When Are You Going To take A Break?


Question From The Way You Complain!! Is The Only Way You Access This Blog is From Your Desktop?

Reason You Complain About Other People!! You Sit In Front Of A Computer 24/7!! And Believe People Have To Sit In Front Of A Computer To Post!!

Now That Is Sad!!

daShame knows very little about very little. That we do know. Fo sho!

Certified fact.

youre on your 8th hour watching arent you kid?

8 hours of watching and youve yet to contribute anything constructive. Good grief Charlie Brown!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 18, 2013 at 08:46 PM

Naw Flipper, I just pop in and out a find you here 24/7.
Are you retired or are you part of the american unemployment problem, If your the later I ask you to please get employment, cause if your here 24/7 you have no job, but if your retired find some other enjoyment.

Just saying.

must haz Joeckl!

What will daShame try to bs on us next? Rocket science? Horticulture? Mechanics? Oceanography? Girls?

Nada ney nada ney nada.

Pinned to the bs pole once, pinned forever!

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