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Sean Smith to Kansas City

Turns out Vontae Davis had it right all along.

Sean Smith has agreed to a three-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, according to his agent.

That leaves a void for the Dolphins. But is anyone all that upset?

It should depend.

And it will, as many things do, depend on the money.

The Dolphins liked but didn't love Sean Smith. They never were intending to franchise him, as the Palm Beach Post reported. They never were intending to pay him the $8 million per season that Smith originally thought he'd be worth.

So the question becomes, how much did Smith actually get?

If Smith got his asking price (doubtful) then the Chiefs overpaid and you tip your hat to Smith and wish him well. Ciao!

Have fun covering Demaryius Thomas and playing against Phillip Rivers and Peyton Manning twice a year.

If, however, the Chiefs were more careful with their dollars and got Smith for a bargain -- say, $2-$3 million per season -- then the Dolphins made a mistake not keeping Smith.

[Update: YahooSports.com reports the Smith contract is three-years for $18 million with $11 million guaranteed.]

Smith, supremely talented but also supremely inconsistent, was worth some money, some respect, if for no other reason than not allowing cornerback to become a glowing hole on the roster.

My feeling is this likely will land somewhere in between the two obvious choices of overpayment and underpayment.

In either case, the Dolphins now need cornerback help.

Yes, there are guys available in free agency. Brent Grimes is out there. Aqib Talib is out there, although when he came out in the draft, the Dolphins had major flags on him and he's done nothing to change that as a pro.

But I see the team seriously considering cornerbacks in the draft. I've been told the Dolphins really like Florida State's Xavier Rhodes. He's probably the second-best corner on the market. He's 6-1. He ran a 4.4 at the combine. He's played top competition. He has the measurables.

Is he a can't miss? No.

But he is probably a first round caliber pick.

And don't be surprised if the Dolphins double down at cornerback during the draft. They did that in 2009 with Vontae Davis in the first round and Sean Smith in the second round. Of course, that didn't exactly work out exceedingly well, as we close the book on both.


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Love it!!!

Dude can't cover small, fast wr's, only big ones, can't play zone, can't make a int or pass defense.

Does this mean the Dolphins can file a grievance for tampering?

Good question.....the Chiefs are/were the mirror image of the FINS....

Worst to first a few years back...

Play off smack wdown by the BIG BOY Ravens...

came crashing back to earth after a magical season...

They are still a few years away...

I hope Ireland does the right thing and trades our 1st round pick to re-acquire Sean Smith before next season. We need him!


Come on, now way he signed for less then 5 mil per.

Will not miss Smith, all you ever saw him do was chase WR's down the field. Good luck to KC trying to defend Denver's passing game with Smith. Plus the guy could not catch an INT to save his life.

Great question!


Mando, I contend that Xavier Rhodes is THE BEST corner in the draft. Time will tell and definitely a possibility at 12 even if a CB is signed.

No sweat.

Wonder what those suckers paid.

It was Smith to KC all along. Chiefs played possum to advoid tampering charges. The league should still investigate this.

Not that I really care, just saying.

If, however, the Chiefs were more careful with their dollars and got Smith for a bargain -- say, $2-$3 million per season -- then the Dolphins made a mistake not keeping Smith.


I'm sorry but I just don't agree. Who cares how much they paid for him if he's not a good player??? We already have guys like Nolan Carroll & RJ Stanford. It was time to cut bait on this guy b/c what we need more than anything on defense right now is a good, solid starting CB that can make plays on the football.

The cost is irrelevant....

Do we play KC this year???

WNP if we do I know where to throw the ball :)

Smith was afraid to get burned for 80yd tds in practice against Mike Wallace.

'WNP if we do I know where to throw the ball :)'

Common Sense,

That's what I'm saying!!! Ha!!!

Tannehill will know that even if he makes a bad throw Smith can't intercept it so might as well keeping throwing in his direction.

Cassel could be on his way back to the PATS....

We may get to see the Mallett era begin in Cleveland...poor guy...

see what happens when you eff around with your potential career....

dropped from 1st rd pick to 3rd....

ride the pine for a few years instead of starting....

get traded to crappy browns...and most likely NEVER get your career off the ground...or get a HUGE PAY DAY....


Stevie Johnson would of had a field day against SS if he held on to the ball in the Bills game. Luck was picking on SS on 3rd down in the Indy game. OVER_RATED clap clap clap clap clap

If it is proven to be tampering. What # draft pick are the phins awarded

Sean Smith is awful. Good riddance.

Another hole to fill thanks to Ireland's amazing drafting skillz!

2009 NFL Draft
1st round pick - Vontae Davis
2nd round pick - Sean Smith

They were supposed to be our cornerback tandem for a long time...

BEST news I've heard in years!

Smith was overrated. A good tackler, yes, but bad hands. Not enough interceptions. He was never a playmaker. (Neither was Vontae Davis -- both were Ireland draft busts if you get right down to it!)

'BEST news I've heard in years!'


Agreed. I couldn't take watching Smith another year.

I expect Ireland to draft a few CB's this year.

Patterson & Marshall cost $5m/ea the next 2 years. They are CLEARLY on the chopping block.

Whether it's today or next year, cutting both would save $10 mil. I don't recommend buying either jersey!

Miami is getting younger & cheaper at CB.

I wouldn't call either Smith/Vontae a bust. They are servicable players. Vontae has potential, but he doesn't care apparently.

To me a bust is guy that just flat out doesn't belong in the NFL thats drafted in the 1st/2nd round.

Smith, good tackler, youre kidding right?

He made tackles after catches because his passes defensed numbers were very low. Ive personally witnessed Smith run away from making tackles in the run game.

In the run game, Smith was a 6'3 218lb wuss.

Also, pats lost welker. KC plays in a division with Rivers & Manning. They may have overpaid. GOOD FOR THEM & BETTER FOR US!

Pats have no real outside WR threat as of today. The Jets have Holmes. The bills have 1.

For Miami, the need really is 1 big time CB & 1 nickel DB. I think the nickel DB is already on the roster(Marshall/Patterson).

Sign 1 in FA, draft a few & prime them to be ready in 2014. Cut Marshall & patterson then & save a ton of cash & have youth in the secondary.

If this is what Ireland's plan is, I'm on board. As long as he gets a TE who can run!

Well I think will be good ridasse to tip toe flog gflag Smith! that is my nick name for him whern see on TV flip flop flog flag! NOW THEY WILL GET CORNER BACK IN DRAFT!! GOOD RIDASSE!!

'I expect Ireland to draft a few CB's this year.

Patterson & Marshall cost $5m/ea the next 2 years. They are CLEARLY on the chopping block.

Whether it's today or next year, cutting both would save $10 mil. I don't recommend buying either jersey!

Miami is getting younger & cheaper at CB."


Agreed. Team is being overhauled in several areas. Just read that Michael Bennett is coming to Miami today for a visit.

Wow, if Michael Bennett signs we will have a crazy front 7, borderline ridiculous!! What happens to Odrick though.....

One of the reasons it was so difficult for he d to get off of the field was Smith's very rare occasion to actually make a pick or defend a pass.

Even his few pass defensed attempts should have been picks instead. Tackles after the catch equals more time spent on the field for the defense.



There will be ham. There will always be ham.

Partake of ham.

Say all you want about Smith, but he was at least serviceable and the Dolphins are now extremely thin at corner. The draft is no guarantee to fill the holes in the secondary especially with Ireland making picks. Dolphins better pray for a free agent miracle at corner or teams are going to be putting up huge passing numbers.

"Chiefs agreed to terms with CB Sean Smith, formerly of the Dolphins, on a three-year, $18M contract."

Yeah...Good luck with that Andy. Terrible signing.

We need a big hard hitting safety that can really lay the wood to Gronkowski too. Jones plays ss, we need a big hard hitting safety to try and counter Gronkowski better.

$6M per year, slightly north of what I thought he'd get. I thought he was a $5M guy on the market....

free safety

Michael Bennet in Miami for a visit! Come oN Mando, keep us updated!



Wow, if Michael Bennett signs we will have a crazy front 7, borderline ridiculous!! What happens to Odrick though.....

IF it happens, he'll be gone. Unlike Dansby & Burnett Odrick has SOME trade value b/c of his age & his salary. So much for a first round pick though.

You Fanboyz are a sad lot.

Three -- ONLY THREE - - noteworthy moves:

Wallace: good to possible great move.
Ellerbe: same
Wheeler: above-average to possible good move.

OTHERWISE, IRELAND's handling of FA suxxx. No TE; No LT; No DBs.

Joke Franchise

Odrick is a good run stuffer thats about it. I hope we can still Talib away from the Pats. WHat about Nandi Amsomaughu, maybe he just need a change of scenary, it was only a couple of years ago he was considered the best CB

Michael Bennett coming in for a visit. Now thats interesting news. What was all Ireland's talk about Vernon having a break out season and what does it mean for Odrick?

I guess at Odricks salary we can let Mcdaniel walk and use Odrick for depth at tackle.

Of course its only a visit but it does imply their not happy with the current DE situaotion.

Oh and see ya Sean! Its been real but not real good.

What is up with Dustin Keller did we let him get away

Atticus Finch... yeah and the FA period/Draft and offseason are over.

You're an idiot...

Kudos to Sean Smith's agent for fleecing the Chiefs...If Sean Smith is 6 mil per, Revis is legit worth 18 mil per because I consider Smith 1/3 the player Revis is.


Common Sense,

I guess Andy Reid didn't learn his lesson even after he overpaid for Nnamdi & Rodgers-Cromartie. Whatever...Glad he's gone.

Still don't see anything official about Long signing with the Rams.

Good that Smith left take his drop INT's elsewhere.
Michael Bennet would be a great signing opposite of Wake. Once Jake long signs wherever we should know more about Winston and Keller.

Ive never heard Of Mike Bennet, what are his strengths?

Smith actually didn't get overpaid IMHO. I was posting weeks ago that I felt Smith would get about $6/per in FA. Is he worth that realistically? No! But, that's what FA does!

The good news for phins fans is that, $6 per is apparently too high for Ireland. Between Him, Bush & Long, that's 3 guys we can expect compensatory pick consideration for as well. I wish I knew how it worked!

But, it really is a win win!

Congratulations to all of the free agents that have signed with new clubs throughout the league. As the shelf lives of your careers are very limited, I believe that money should be the top consideration in your decisions. When you are finished playing, none of these so called "fans" and teams care about you.

No way am I paying that money to Smith. 3/18 with 11 in the pocket is not worth it compared to who's out there including the draft.

Fins will have to file a tampering charge in order for the NFL to investigate. I guess it depends on if they're trying to maintain a relationship with the Chiefs. For me I would file if I wasn't guilty of tampering myself. Mike Wallace sitting in the lot in Davie at 3:59 might be tampering lol.

Time to find a deal at CB and what's the deal with Keller?

They were tampering all along and decided that they would sign him, but wait a couple of days so that it wouldn't have been obvious. if they would have signed him right at the eligible time, then it would have looked obvious.

Sean toast smith RIP

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