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Sign Brent Grimes because CB is a problem

Free agency is slowing to a crawl now. The top names are mostly off the market. The Dolphins did not report any visits Monday. Things are quiet.

The club is still flirting with RT Eric Winston. There are a couple of other one-year or two-year contract type guys out there -- specifically Brandon Moore and Lance Louis.

But, frankly, I don't believe the Dolphins can affford to be done.

The team's free agency focus now needs to be cornerback. The position is a nightmare. Brent Grimes is out there and available. The only other team talking to him, other than Miami, seems to be Cleveland.

Get it done!

Why the urgency on Grimes?

The team's stated plan in free agency in it's early stages was to fill needs and upgrade as many positions as possible so that general manager Jeff Ireland could have room to operate in any direction he wants during the draft.

That's not me saying that. Last week at the NFL annual meeting both Ireland and coach Joe Philbin talked about having "more latitude" in the draft based on Miami's free agency moves. The idea, I am being told, is to go into the draft without having to select players because of need. The idea is to select the best available player (BAP).

But look at the cornerback position. You know what you see?




It's not so much that Miami lost Sean Smith because, frankly, he was not a good player at the end of the year after a very, very hot start. Inconsistency thy name is Sean Smith. It's because the apparent loss followed the loss of Vontae Davis and the injury-riddled year of Richard Marshall.

So Miami's top three cornerbacks from one year ago are either gone from the team or coming back from major back surgery.

Who does that leave the Dolphins with at cornerback right now? Let's ask Philbin:

“I think our front seven hopefully is going to be good again," he said. "I think it’s a good group. We like what we’re going to see there. We’re really happy that we re-signed Chris Clemons as well. Again, Chris is a guy that played 1,100 plays, he might have played more plays than anybody on our football team a year ago and the guy’s tough. He keeps his mouth shut. He just comes to work. He’s physical. He’s a good football player. I’m really delighted he’s back. Kelcie McCray’s a guy that we were excited about. In a limited role that we saw him, he’s going to have a chance to get to work again. I’m excited about it. I think we’re going to have a good nucleus with a good defense. The biggest thing we said we’ve got to find a way to take the ball away. After watching all of the cutups, 1,000 or so plays on defense, we can’t survive with 16 takeaways."

Understand what just happened here. Philbin is asked about the cornerback situation and he talks about the front seven, a safety, an undrafted rookie player that was injured practically the first week of training camp last year, and the problems taking the ball away last year.

That isn't much of an endorsement of what is currently going on for the Dolphins at cornerback.

So let's have another go at it.

Coach, what are you excited about at cornerback?

"Well we have some young guys on the roster that we are excited about working with," he responds. "You know (Julian) Posey and (Deandre) Presley and those guys. We’d like to see how they come along, and the offseason program is a Godsend for those guys because they get to be in the building every day and learn and compete, so we’re excited about seeing what they are capable of doing. And then obviously there are a lot of good players still available in free agency that we may or may not pursue and then there’s 11 draft picks. So I think we’re certainly not done adding to that position and we’ll see what happens."

Oh boy. Trouble.

The Dolphins need Grimes. Or they need to get an idea and perhaps look into Tracy Porter or even DeAngelo Hall. (Porter is wildly inconsistent and Hall is not my favorite because of his attitude but both still have value as a one-year stopgap). Sheldon Brown, a solid zone defender, is also avaliable.

Barring the addition of a veteran cornerback the Dolphins are going to find themselves locked into a tough situation on draft day. They are going to find themselves drafting not one but probably two corners in the top rounds

The last time the club did that -- in 2009 with Davis and Smith -- it didn't work out very well. Yet, barring that kind of commitment to the positon, the Dolphins will be picking starting cornerbacks out of a group of players -- Marshall, Dimitri Patterson, McCray, Posey, Presley -- that raise more questions than they do deliver answers.

The Dolphins need to sign Brent Grimes, folks.


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DeAngelo Hall i believe is signed. Gamble retired. mando .. come on man!

But yeah, Grimes or Sheldon Brown would help. Looks more and more like Dimitri Patterson will make the team.


The Fins Need To Sign A CB Before The Draft. It Doesn't Have To Be Grimes Specifically.

Wouldn't Mind The Fins Signing B.Moore And E.Winston. That Would Fix The O-Line Before The Draft.

And Mando It Is BPA Not BAP!! Don't Try And Reinvent The Wheel.

Tracy Porter is past his prime? He's only 26!

We need to sign Grimes he was a stud pre injury. Made the pro bowl in 2010.

How did drafting two corners not work ? They both are still starters in this league ! Miami changed coaches and schemes, players then don't fit any longer. But to say it wasn't a good draft is stupid. Miami will be fine drafting corners, why sign Grimes and his blown achilies ? You start off the article talking about Marshall being hurt and then say go sign a guy with a worse injury ? Or do you think blown achillies is good for a corner ?

Blown achilles = burst issues. Not a good thing for a CB. Dolphins want him though - I guess they feel good about his recovery

I thought Grimes blew his knee out.

Tracy Porter is available too. At least I think he is.

From the last post some people were talking about Rhodes or Trufant. I agree that Trufant is a whole lot better fit. But for me I would rather wait til 42 and 54 for DB's. I do not feel there is that big a drop between the top rated DB's and the 2nd tier DB's.

IMO there are about 5 playmakers in this draft. I feel like the only opportunity to get one of them is at 12 and most of the 5 may be gone before 12.

Mingo, Jordan, Ansah, Austin and Patterson.

Now with that said there are some other folks that will be very solid picks and could be the pick at 12 but I wouldn't go out and buy tickets to see them play.

Cooper, Johnson, Trufant and Rhodes. I don't feel that Rhodes will be the pick but I would imagine he'd be an Ireland favorite. He just wouldn't fit our current D scheme as well as Trufant.

You would think that if you know there are starter quality DB depth in the 2nd round and we have 2 picks there then we play the draft to its strenghts.At least I hope Ireland does.

30 Days!!!

Grimes did have an injury and was out either most of last year or all. Might have been an Achilles issue.

Every year at the beginning of free agency there is always a mad rush to sign players. But after the rush there is a lull and it seems it doesn't kick back up til after the draft. I wonder if that is what is holding up signing or negotiating with other players at this point.

Strategies change as the smoke clears and IMO that is what is happening. Ireland could be on plan C at this point.

Achilles Injury Is Way More Serious Than An ACL injury.

People Are Coming Back. But It Is Still The Hardest Injury To Come From Back From.

Remember No Greek Mythology About A Blown Knee.

People That Have Achilles Injury Basically Lose All Strength And Explosion In The Whole Leg. Takes A Long Time To Build Back Up!!

CB's And Wr's Are The Positions That Can Least Afford A Leg Injury. It's Like A Qb With A Shoulder Injury.

If Revis ends up in Tampa there's a good chance Eric Wright gets released. He'd be a good add at CB.

Not sure about Grimes. If he's such a good add, how come so few teams have shown interest in him? I liked this guy before the injury but do any of us know his status post-injury. Could be he's just not the same guy.

Agreed Dashi - or like a Marino with an Achilles injury. Hard to came back from if on the back foot which I believe Marino's was.


Agreed. Would Love To See Ireland Play The Draft The Way It Goes. If He Can Wait To Pick A Position Because The Value Is There. Wait. If He Can Attack A Need While Still Getting Value!! Go Right Ahead.

Something Similar To Last Years Draft. Ireland Let The Draft Play Out and Basically Got Value At Every Pick!!

Even Egnew!! People Forget Egnew Was The 3rd Rated TE Last Year. And Was The 3rd TE Taken.

LT, RB, QB, and GM are problems too.

Calm down Mando. Joe and Jeff obviously have a plan at cornerback and here's what I think it is. Draft a couple, sign a couple UFA's, sign a couple vets this summer, open up the competition and may the best football players win.

Relying on other teams cast-offs and head cases (and CB's MAY be worse than WR's as far as prima-donnas go) won't go in this organization anymore. Consistency comes from discipline and undisciplined ballers need not apply.

Grimes injury is the main reason he hasn't already been signed. At the very least you'd figure Atlanta would have signed him back by now. Contract demands and recovery from probably the worst injury an athlete can have to recover from, don't add up well.

Egnew = Another Irescum bust

Dashi - I will admit I am a Egnew fan and am still holding out hope.

It is funny that they were all over him for blocking and then we go out and sign a pass catching TE in Keller.

I read that Philbin said the main issue with Egnew for him was he hadn't caught up to NFL speed yet. Not all about the poor blocking skills.

Its not necessary Miami sign a CB, especially if Philbin and Ireland don't think any of the available cornerbacks are an upgrade.


Every Fin Fan Should Use Marino As A Reference For Achilles Injury. Remember Marino Had To Wear A Boot The Rest Of His Career.

Yea, The Surgery Has Gotten Better. But It Is Still A Bad Injury To Get Better. Specially For A Position That Uses Their Legs So Much.

Picture If You Had No Foot And Just Had To Plant And Cut On A Stub Ankle. Nobody Wants A CB Who Only Has 1 Good Foot.

Ever Seen Movies When They Chop A Guys Achilles Off He Falls Straight Down. Because He Lost All Support To His Foot.

Well In Real Life Guys Can Walk Off The Field With An ACL Injury!!

Guys Get Carted Off The Field After An Achilles Injury!!

I'm Not Saying Grimes Is A Bad Player. Just Don't Act Like He Is The Soda In the Desert!!

We Need 1 More CB!! Yes!! We Need Grimes!! Not So Much!!

Interesting tweet from Daniel Jeremiah

Daniel Jeremiah ‏@MoveTheSticks 8m
I'm always skeptical of draft rumblings during this time of year but I've heard several league sources mention JAX-Geno.

I hope that happens. The more QB's go before we pick mean the more chances of my wish list making it to 12.

As much as I like the moves Ireland has made this offseason, he continues to leave me dumbfounded. With all the talk of having to find a way to close the gap with New England, did he forget that Miami couldn't cover the Pats for the past decade?

Obviously Miami is in a spot where they are going to have to reach for a CB early on. I think from what I see I like Trufant more then Rhodes. Trufant has the better ball skills and this defense needs someone who can make plays on the ball. Rhodes who I haven't seen a ton of but reminds me of another Sean Smith. People will be saying by year 2, move him to safety like it's that easy to just make a positional move.

Grimes is wanting more than the Phins want to pay, eric Wright will want twice of that of Grimes and Grimes was a much better CB. I think our first pick is going to be OL or a trade down to get another pick and draft the TE. I still say sign a vet and a rookie

Texas the four NFL guys mocks I saw the other night had only Geno going before we pick usually around the 7-10 pick.

In what decade will Ross realize we need a real GM?

Texas, I agree with almost everything you said draft wise. i would also add the three DTs as players that would be extremely solid but wouldn't sell tix (Lotulelei, Richardson, and Floyd). One guy that I think is missing from your playmaker list is Damontre Moore. I don't know what happened during the combine but his pro day looked more like the guy we thought he was. Jarvis Jones ... wha happen?!?!?!

Who the **** is Brent Grimes?

he's probably going to get more expnsive the longer we wait, or maybe he already knows he has leverage considering our secondary is terrible.

I agree Andy on the Trufant vs Rhodes.

We may not have as big an issue covering the Pats WR's since Welker is gone.

IMO the Pats are on the way out, they may have a last run but it just seems to me they are in position to be over thrown. It will be interesting to see what happens in the draft.


I Like Egnew Also. I Believe Him Not Seeing The Field Has To Do With The Position He Was In.

L.Miller, O.Vernon, and Egnew Didn't See A lot Of Playing Time Because Philbin Was Evaluating The Veterans Ahead Of Them. And Fasano And Bush Demanded To Start. They Did It In A Professional Manner. But They Still Demanded.

Reason Fins Didn't Address Those Issues In Free Agency. Keller Was Given A 1 Year Deal. If They Want They Can Cut Him In Camp If They Find A Replacement In The Draft. The Keller Deal Wasn't A Serious Deal.

When You Look At It ... If Egnew Would've Stayed One More Year He Would've Been The Highest Rated TE This Year!!

Reason Dashi Says NONE OF THE TE's THIS YEAR!! Is A First Round Pick!! Even Egnew Is A Better Physical Specimen!!

And Texas, re: DBs in round two, I think jamar Taylor of Boise St is probably the best overall athlete and he's got a round 2 grade.

Dwayne Gratz, Will Davis, David Amerson,a nd Darius Slay also showed goot athelticism in round 2

Wreh-Wilson and BW Webb in round 3

and Will Davis and Brandon McGee in round 4 all show enough athleticism to play in this league.

It's a deep class.

When you select 2 cbs and they both leave because they can get more money in FA that's working out. If they were cut that's not working out. Vontae was traded and smith left for a lot of money. Which means they are good players. Just didn't fit our new coach scheme and chemistry.

Marshall and Dimitri have both started in this league.Yes they need help and they will undoubtedly draft 1 or likely 2 early. I agree with the sentiment that they got 2 starters for 4 years with Vonte and Smith so Armando that is probabaly the best value this team has gotten in last 5 -10years in a single draft. Replicate that and we are all very happy. I frankly would have never traded Vonte he is the better of the 2. The DESPARATELY need 3 offensive line starters . MAybe Martin is one, tbd. But the need 3 . Jerry is not one, They can get 2 solid vets with plenty of money to spare unless the think they can get ot,og, te and 2 CB with those 5 pickes. Which they can but history, Egnew, WR Turner suggest that rd 3 is 50/50 at best and even lower rd guys like Odrick and Misi have been far from world beaters.


We have Miller, Thomas, Gray and Thigpen at RB. I would not waste a draft pick on another RB. See this is a coaching staff that has a proven history in player development not to mention this is year two in the newly implemented schemes. As I said before I really don't think our holes are as bad as everyone portrays them to be. GO PHINS 2013!!!!

What's the point if Grimes can not pass a physical?

Wiki has recovery time for an Achilles rupture being 12-16 months. If that is still the current timeline for recovery Grimes can't pass a physical and he would not be ready to play to start the season.


I started to mention those DT's you listed but that is a huge strength for the FINs IMO so I didn't list them.

In all honesty I wouldn't mind Moore and IMO would place him in the solid players in the NFL.

Jones I wouldn't touch but that is more to due with his neck issues than play or workouts. Anything to due with the neck would just scare me.

They are saying Jones is going to workout or run a 40 again before draft.

Dashi is right, Egnew's athleticism vs this year's crop of TEs is not even close. His problem is between the ears.


Yeah the days of Pats dominance certainly doesn't seem to be what it was. Maybe back when the Pats defense was causing turnovers and playing top level D it would seem like losing Welker and adding Amendola is just what the Pats do and continue winning but their D is very incosistent and lacks those great vets like Seymour, Vrabel, Brushchi, Ty Law, Harrison, etc. I agree they may have a run or 2 left but that window is closing fast.

On the Miami front of things maybe being patient at certain spots will pay off. The key is the talent and we have no choice but to trust a guy with a poor track record like Ireland. Give him credit for this he went out swinging in FA and his last 2 drafts in round 1 to me are going to be cornerstones for this franchise. Lets hope at the very least he nails round 1 again.

LT, RB, QB, and GM are problems too.

Posted by: David | March 26, 2013 at 10:53 AM

And all very key positions. Many more questions then answers going into next season.

I like the way Ireland is doing this. Wait it out. We have a bunch of picks in the first 3 rounds. 3 cbs, a lineman and a pass rusher. And a bunch of other pics after that. If we sign a guy right now, we are paying for a guy we may not need to pay, preventing trades and basically handcuffing the system.

Mark, I agree 100% on that list of DB's and I am really hoping Taylor is one of our picks in the 2nd. Although I have read that Wreh-Wilson is 2nd round these days. I like him a lot too. I am also liking Slay a lot.

Mark Toronto,

I like David Amerson a lot too. He gets toasted a lot because he takes chances but hes also a playmaker with that aggressiveness to make plays that can make a difference in a game. He needs to be coached up to be more discipline to not take so many chances but he has great, natural balls skills.

Well if the Dolphins have another losing season the Fireland crew will get their wish as he won't be signed to an extension.

Texas, yeah it's a position of strength but if you truly want to pick BPA (not BAP), then if Lane Johnson and Eric Fisher are off the board, then Sheldon Richardson or Star Lotulelei has to be the pick. Now if you want best available playmaker well then that's another discussion.

Funny thing about Philbin's comments re: Clemons - of all the good things he said the one that sticks in my mind is when he said he "Clemons" keeps his mouth shut. My point is Philbin truly wants team guys not me me guys!

As far as Grimes is concerned he is coming back from an injury that is difficult for a CB to overcome. Maybe that is the big ????

Some of you guys act like we are in trouble - this team is at least two games better this year because Tanny has a year under his belt and the offensive and defensive system are installed. I think they are also another game better for the upgrades made in FA and we still have 11 draft picks. So I expect them to go at least 10-6 in a weak division.

Philbin is a smart guy, he shows an ability to learn and improve as he goes forward - he clearly wants more team speed - AND if anyone knows how to groom DB's its Kevin Coyle.

My big concern is Sherman needs to be a little more down field this year - maybe Wallace and Keller let that happen.

It may be too early to judge this but not getting a CB earlier in FA may comeback to hunt this team.
Odds are even if we draft 2 or heck 3 CBs that maybe only one will pan out. We should have re-signed Smith, albeit as an overpaid CB (but not as much as he first deluded himself into) with all his inconsistencies but a matured CB and decent locker presence who at the very worst would have served as a mentor to the younger draftees.

In fact he could still have been dealt later anyway. Big loss IMO. For all of you crying for Smith to leave congratuFlations. See now we have nobody to sign and must depend on the crapshoot the draft is.

Even worse is that as Mando alluded that CB is such a need that it may prevail over BPA. Rhodes is not the BPA at 12th, not close, he was in the most optimistic of scenarios a late 1st rounder but rose after the combine. The rehearsed drills that the combine is should not bump a player up that much.

BPA at 12th if we are going by playmaking attributes (ticket and TV sales) is either Austin or Patterson, the former has size issues but it is the more polished WR. Way too much depth talent-wise in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. In fact you can argue there are many guys who would fit the zone scheme better than Rhodes: Banks, Slay (IMO the best CB not named Milliner), Poyer, Alford, Wreh-Wilson, Hawthorne, Ryan, Taylor, Amerson.

And all very key positions. Many more questions then answers going into next season.
Posted by: Shula 72 | March 26, 2013 at 11:19 AM

In Irescums 6th year we're a friggin expansion team!!


I am also a Kelce fan for this year. I think if he's there at 77 he will be a huge consideration there.

Mark and Andy - yeah Amerson is on my 2nd round list too.

Yeah, add Trufant and Rhodes to that list I provided and if we could get any one or two of those guys and I'd be happy.

Not Dee Milliner is not mentioned? That's not accidental. I don't think he has enough athleticism. So he can run fast in a straight line over a long distance ... and then what??

And let's not even talk about Tyrann mathieu, worst measurables in the draft for his position ... Johnthan banks too.


My thoughts going into this draft is not drafting BPA but drafting for 2 things we didn't do enough of last year. We did not create turnovers or score TD's. So when I say playmaker those are the qualities I am looking for.

I keep coming back to Ireland's quote this off season.

"We've got to score TDs. That's what we didn't do enough of."

Texas, i can't disagree with your thoughts @ 11:32. Turnover ratio is the most important stat in football. Bringing guys into the fold that will disrupt the passing game is a great idea. As is scoring more points. However, it should be remembered that part of the passing game is givign the qb enough time to pass and right now our tackles are not good enough. i don't think there's a better fir for our first pick under either the BPA or Turnover/TD philsophy than Lane Johnson. He would have th biggest impact and there is the furthest dropoff in his position than any guy in the top half of the first round. there are both potentially better corners and WRs in the 2nd round. There are also some intriguing pass rushers (OLB and DE) in subsequent rounds. Sio Moore, jamie Collins, Trevardo Williams, margus Hunt, Eric Martin

All this CB talk but I feel that Miami will indeed take the BPA and that player is going to end up being whoever is left of the Guards (Warmack or Cooper) or perhaps a choice of their choice of either or if their both still there.

Do you reach on a CB or take a bonafide plug and play player? I think its obvious that you would go with the latter particularly when O-line is still technically as big a need as CB.

Andy, I think you can scratch Chance off our list. That guys is pure power and no finesse. Johnathan Cooper though is a different story ...

I would rather they go after Xavier Rhodes int the draft. Grimes is coming off a torn Achilles' tendon. Know what that means? He is done!

-Egnew's problem is not between the ears but between the legs, he doesn't have the nuts to go up the middle into the seam like a Gronk.
-Tracy Porter has serious concussion issues and may not play again.
-As for the Pats' passing game you need fast LBs and nickels against them more than CBs.
-I like our CBs better than people think because Jimmy Wilson and NCarroll are solid back ups and special teamers, and CBs need not be play makers, but play stoppers instead. Sean and Vontae had little intellectual capacity and discipline, which are big things with Philbin.
Is we draft a CB in the 1st 3 rounds and another one in later rounds we should be good. Also if Warmack is there at 12 we should snatch him pronto, the guy is a LB killer and Lamar would have a field day every sunday. Best way to stop the pass is a strong running game.
-one more, with the pistol and option read offenses are using, man to man corners are less valuable because the QB will be 25 yards downfield by the time they turn around, zone corners are becoming more valuable.

Mark - RT 2nd round = Long, Armsted and Watson. A RT could be had in the 2nd as well. That is if Philbin and Co. feel Martin can handle LT. And Armsted could potentially be better than Johnson. He played very well against top level competition at the SR. Bowl.

IMO Martin will handle the LT pos. well and I know we've had this conversation before and you disagree due to his strength or lack there of but he will be a whole lot better this year. Mark my words...

Don't forget about Tank Carradine in the 2nd round.

Even though Cooper looks to be a fine player there seems to be a lot of guards to choose from in later rounds. In fact i think the best fit may be Brian Schwenke of Cal who has a 3rd round grade. his measurables are even better than Coopers. JC Tretter and Garret Gilkey are small school guys who showed a tonne of athletcism and may be worthy of late round picks and have them develop.

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