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Sign Brent Grimes because CB is a problem

Free agency is slowing to a crawl now. The top names are mostly off the market. The Dolphins did not report any visits Monday. Things are quiet.

The club is still flirting with RT Eric Winston. There are a couple of other one-year or two-year contract type guys out there -- specifically Brandon Moore and Lance Louis.

But, frankly, I don't believe the Dolphins can affford to be done.

The team's free agency focus now needs to be cornerback. The position is a nightmare. Brent Grimes is out there and available. The only other team talking to him, other than Miami, seems to be Cleveland.

Get it done!

Why the urgency on Grimes?

The team's stated plan in free agency in it's early stages was to fill needs and upgrade as many positions as possible so that general manager Jeff Ireland could have room to operate in any direction he wants during the draft.

That's not me saying that. Last week at the NFL annual meeting both Ireland and coach Joe Philbin talked about having "more latitude" in the draft based on Miami's free agency moves. The idea, I am being told, is to go into the draft without having to select players because of need. The idea is to select the best available player (BAP).

But look at the cornerback position. You know what you see?




It's not so much that Miami lost Sean Smith because, frankly, he was not a good player at the end of the year after a very, very hot start. Inconsistency thy name is Sean Smith. It's because the apparent loss followed the loss of Vontae Davis and the injury-riddled year of Richard Marshall.

So Miami's top three cornerbacks from one year ago are either gone from the team or coming back from major back surgery.

Who does that leave the Dolphins with at cornerback right now? Let's ask Philbin:

“I think our front seven hopefully is going to be good again," he said. "I think it’s a good group. We like what we’re going to see there. We’re really happy that we re-signed Chris Clemons as well. Again, Chris is a guy that played 1,100 plays, he might have played more plays than anybody on our football team a year ago and the guy’s tough. He keeps his mouth shut. He just comes to work. He’s physical. He’s a good football player. I’m really delighted he’s back. Kelcie McCray’s a guy that we were excited about. In a limited role that we saw him, he’s going to have a chance to get to work again. I’m excited about it. I think we’re going to have a good nucleus with a good defense. The biggest thing we said we’ve got to find a way to take the ball away. After watching all of the cutups, 1,000 or so plays on defense, we can’t survive with 16 takeaways."

Understand what just happened here. Philbin is asked about the cornerback situation and he talks about the front seven, a safety, an undrafted rookie player that was injured practically the first week of training camp last year, and the problems taking the ball away last year.

That isn't much of an endorsement of what is currently going on for the Dolphins at cornerback.

So let's have another go at it.

Coach, what are you excited about at cornerback?

"Well we have some young guys on the roster that we are excited about working with," he responds. "You know (Julian) Posey and (Deandre) Presley and those guys. We’d like to see how they come along, and the offseason program is a Godsend for those guys because they get to be in the building every day and learn and compete, so we’re excited about seeing what they are capable of doing. And then obviously there are a lot of good players still available in free agency that we may or may not pursue and then there’s 11 draft picks. So I think we’re certainly not done adding to that position and we’ll see what happens."

Oh boy. Trouble.

The Dolphins need Grimes. Or they need to get an idea and perhaps look into Tracy Porter or even DeAngelo Hall. (Porter is wildly inconsistent and Hall is not my favorite because of his attitude but both still have value as a one-year stopgap). Sheldon Brown, a solid zone defender, is also avaliable.

Barring the addition of a veteran cornerback the Dolphins are going to find themselves locked into a tough situation on draft day. They are going to find themselves drafting not one but probably two corners in the top rounds

The last time the club did that -- in 2009 with Davis and Smith -- it didn't work out very well. Yet, barring that kind of commitment to the positon, the Dolphins will be picking starting cornerbacks out of a group of players -- Marshall, Dimitri Patterson, McCray, Posey, Presley -- that raise more questions than they do deliver answers.

The Dolphins need to sign Brent Grimes, folks.


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Mark and Andy - My gut feeling is Cooper is going to be the pick unless someone else snags him. I like him but as you've read would go in a different direction if I were GM. But thinking about Ireland's past picks besides Tannehill - he plays it safe. It is always a larger risk for QB as the margin of error is greater. The safest picks are the lines.

I say if he goes safe Cooper will be the pick. If he's feeling risky - Patterson or Austin.

Mark Toronto,

Chance Warmack is a monster. I think he's good no matter what he's asked to do. I think these players obviously get put under the microscope and for good reason but to me there's not nitpicking when it comes to Warmack. Very rarely do you see an offensive linemen dominate in a game and take notice and I watched him do vs LSU, Norte Dame and GA. The guy did whatever he wanted to do with his opposing defenders. Lack of athleticism? Maybe but in a phone booth he wins every time in the trenches.

Nothing to say on Cooper, I saw UNC play once the game when Giovanni Bernard went nuts and naturally I didn't notice an him because he's a guard but I believe hes every bit as good as they say but to me its sort of like the Suh vs Gerald McCoy comparisons when in the end Suh was the real deal and McCoy looks to be just solid. Thats how I see Warmack as a physically dominating linemen where Cooper has the supposed more athleticism like they say about Cooper which in the end doesn't make him half the player.

If the Dolphins want to score more TD's they're going to need a better QB then Tannehill.

Texas, I really like Armstead and Long's measurables. I'd love either pick.

Reid Fragel, Braden brown and David Quessenberry are interesting late round guys

However, the reason why I love Lane so much is this guy is what Jake should've been a day one 10 year starter at LT. I don't trust Martin at RT.

Kyle Long may be able to play LT in year one but Terron Armstead (because of lack of compeition at Ark Pine-Bluff) looks like a RT at least in year one.

Andy - The flexibility of Cooper being able to play center is also a positive that cannot be overlooked.

His athleticism is backed by power of his own. I believe he rocked the bench 35 times or so at the combine.

I don't know Andy, I think all Alabama players are overrated. We will see what happens. I dont think any of the Crimson Tide draftees are must get type of players ... Julio Jones is the one notable exception.

But Mark Ingram, trent Richardson shoudl get people thinking. Both were way overdrafted.

Cooper and Warmack each did 35 reps. But Cooper is the way better athlete. My boy Schwenke did 31 and coupled that with a 4.99 40 and was awesome in the agility and explosive tests.

Te'o probably not a consideration for the Dolphins - Ran a 4.71 at his pro day per Fox sports on Twitter.

Reports: Manti Te'o improves 40 yd dash to 4.71 at Notre Dame Pro Day.

We need to pick up Tebow as a tight end and trade Moore and pick up a nose tackle in a trade

I like the idea of picking Rhodes at #12. He's a big physical corner with solid, albeit not elite, speed and coverage skills. He would match up well with bigger physical WR's. People will compare him to Smith, which isn't actually a bad thing. Smith had his moments where he looked like an elite CB. His problem was consistency. If Rhodes has a similar skill set but is consistent, then you have the big, physical CB you've been looking for.

Then I actually like the idea of grabbing the Honey Badger with one of our 3rd round picks. He is perfectly suited to cover the slot receiver in a nickel set and would make an ideal third corner. Fantastic instincts. Great ball skills. And a different skill set than the big, physical boundary Corner in Rhodes.

I'm sure that we're waiting to see how Grimes recovers from the achilles along with the Browns and Falcons. However even if he gets a clean bill of health i can see Cleveland outbidding us for him.

I get the feeling that Coyle is comfortable with Marshall and Patterson competing with a rookie or two going into camp.

Several decent free agent corners have been signed that that Dolphins really didn't even look at. Cary Williams, DRC, Talib, Keenan Lewis, Chris Houston, Derek Cox to name a few.

Unless I missed it, the only ones I know of that they brought in for a visit are Grimes and Captain Munerlyn.


The guy is coming off an Achilles injury. Are you serious!


Your right they should sign Grimes. The Dolphins can then go OT at the #12 spot in the first round which is the other huge need.

Grimes was a ProBowler before his injury, Atlanta gave Grimes the Franchise tag the year before. Grimes is a baller and with an injury clause could be th bet CB the Zfins EVER had. Sign he man.

Mark Toronto,

I agree on Richardson and Ingram but the reason those guys were over rated as Eddie Lacy will be too is because the holes created by Fluker, Jones and Warmack. But it's definitely a worthy debate of over rated Bama players or not. Thier built in the trenches and Warmack is the best of the group on either side of the ball IMO.

Mark - Did Warmack do that at his pro day? He didn't do the bench at the combine. Or I thought he didn't.

Cooper ran a 5.07 40 and Warmack ran 5.49.

BTW - I like Schwenke as well and is definately on my list of players I want Miami to draft. I have a list of about 6 to 10 players per round through the 4th.

Tyrann Mathieu is perfectly suited to smoke weed all day. Guy just sucks.

Miami would never draft a player like Tyrann Mathieu. I actually truly believe Miami is at a slight disadvantage with it's location to get guys to be professionals. Miami has too much too offer where guys up in Green Bay, New England can be professionals. Maybe there's nothing to that thought considering New York the city that never sleeps have won 2 Super Bowls of recent but I think Miami does have to get grounded and humble guys for the most part.

Andy, I'm not saying Warmack won't be a dominant player in this league. Just not sure he's the right fit since our scheme values athleticism so much. For example in St. Louis he may be perennial pro bowler.

Texas, I got those Warmack #s from the Alabama pro day.

I also noticed Philbin's (Clemons keeps his mouth shut) comment. Very telling and that's primarly why 'upgrades' were made before some actual holes were addressed.

You guys talking about guards, do not sleep on Larry Warford. 2 or 3 rd. He's a mauler and fairly athletic as well.

I read somewhere that the Dolphins have met with him several times.

I think they sign winston and moore on the oline, draft the kid out of wv austin and go cornerback/ defensive end (trufant, carradine and dont be suprised if we draft mathieu.)

Mark Toronto,

Nah I hear you bro, I get what you're saying. Maybe Miami does start getting more athletic guys on the line but considering Pouncey and Martin are the only 2 who qualify as such I don't know which way they are leaning at this point. I guess considering they were the last 2 drafts in seems to be leaning toward more athletic but to me its not like Warmack is some big sloppy guy. Hes country strong and flat out dominant in the run game and very good pass protection.

We shall see.

Sounds good spree. We just need a few more 1st rd picks.


Matthiew is a game changer. He is worth the risk.

U wasted picks on Daniel Thomas and Clyde gates, so gambling a 3rd on Matthieu is reasonable.

Tyrann Mathieu will never be a Dolphin. From what we know of Philbin he wants nothing to do with that sort of player. That's not what he's about. BP you're dumb for even suggesting it. He's a Cincy guy or KC guy (Reid loves to prove guys need a 2nd chance, ever since his sons started getting high)


Armando, what are saying here? Ungently pursuing a highly questionable possibly broken player is what you would do right now ? Common man, get a hold of your emotions. We need to draft two early round cornerbacks that can come in and compete for a starting spot. Signing Grimes is ok, but no way can you expect that to be the solution.

If Ireland/Philbin want choir boys they should get out of football and start a church.

Our DC made it work quite well in Cincy with retread guys. They grabbed Marshall and Patterson last year because they fit his scheme. If you remember Marshall was starting over Davis before we traded him. Maybe the add through FA maybe they wait. You still have the draft and then you have another time during cuts to add talent. A lot of vets get cut during that period to get younger players time in the lineup.

Really Rick?? This guy's measurables don't do anything for me other than being one fo the bigger guards at 332 lbs. he was also very slow and showed only average results in his other tests. I guess they see something on tape but he looks an awful lot like John Jerry to me

BP before you go trumping the guy up, you should probably learn his name and do more homework. The guy is small, weak, and relatively slow. He has poor athleticism for his position too. Why waste any pick on this guy? because he made picks against Louisiana Monroe in 2010??? Pfft


Grimes is very talented. But there must br a reason so few teams are interested in him. The Dolphins have the money,and the will to spend it. I'd hate to have them waste a couple of draft choices on DBs they are not convinced are the solution. But I'd also hate to have them pressured into signing a free agent who may not be physically able to step in and help.

I really did read it Mark. I thought it was in Barry Jasckson's column but I don't see it now.

Zonk.....your an idiot .....go root for the jets .....whiny so called fans such as you are just what the dolphins have to much of and don't need any of ..........jets need a new cheerleader go now please .........time for the real fans to step up ......you all have been bitchin bout no reciever threats Ireland goes out and gets three solid receivers while resigning one of our own ....still you whine ......he upgraded our linebackers with youth and speed and play making ability....still you whine more .......chuckle headed complainers such as you and the rest of you need new material......we finally have a qb that is worth the playmakers .......you think this money accumulation and the draft picks we got was by accident now it was a well thought out plan and a very very good one @ that............so pack your s&%? And go please..............

Thanks Rick. Guy has a relatively high draft grade (2-3rd round pick) too. I don't know what they see in him but I will defer I guess.

Found it. It was in Adam Beasly's story on Winston. He said the following:

The Dolphins also have expressed interest in Kentucky guard Larry Warford, a 6-3, 332-pound mauler whom NFL Draft Scout rates as the fourth-best player at his position. He’d be a possible fit in Rounds 2 or 3.


Josh Samuda ‏@Josh_YM_Samuda 23 Mar Im Going 100 MPH Until They Cut My Gas Line Or My Wheels Fall Off !!! #CantWait2Ball.


I'll say it again other than following Carpenter-Fields-Pouncey-Tannehill-Wake and the 2NT's this team really sucks !! I don't like nobody on this team the rest of this team is very mediocre at best !! I'm not a big fan of anybody they picked up except for Keller and Ellerbee !! These guys at least did something I've seen with my own eyes !! Wallace scored 32 td's in 4 years but he was grossly overpaid for a track star. How the hell did a 2-14 team have 6 pro bowlers ? Thank-God Philbin sees there's really no talent on this roster !! Thank-you Lord for The Green Bay Packers, for giving us a man who really knows what real talent to win a super bowl reall is !!

Good afternoon,

I concur that we sign a vet CB in FA. I just dont agree that it neccesarily needs to be Grimes. If the Dolphins see ANY question marks, I say no, regardless of whether people think he may return to pro bowl play in the future. If you cant automatically
pencil him in as CB #1 from day one in camp with 100% certainty, then to me he isnt worth the money or the risk. We can get a vet CB to come in and compete for starting spot for way less money and they would be healthy from start. Sign Winston and Moore that would be a tremendous shot in the arm for OL. The idea of BPA in 1st rd. really appeals to me. I think it if Ireland picks right in the draft he could get 4 immediate starter from the draft (including a kicker in the 7th). We wot be a complete team this year, but we will be competitive (as long as we get decent QB play from Tanny), and we will be headed in the right direction for the first time in a long time.

Only Mando can F* up BPA!

In other news, Omar Kelly reports that the Fins are targeting PBA (Player Best Available) in the draft next month!

Cut Carpenter..

Better yet,, cut the cheese!

Mike Jenkins - 2009 Pro-bowler, former first rounder. Still pretty young.

if the fins sign winston and grimes and draft LACEY.. the fans will go wild. we all know the corners are the weak link but even more of a need can be stated for POWERBACK- i know your probably tired of hearing it, but, all those shiny offensive weopons are in vane if we become one dimensional, what good are those recievers if we can't maintain a drive, if we can't convert on third and short? that's why miami's next three moves should be winston, grimes, and LACEY! can you imagine if miami goes out and gets the best powerback in the draft, talk about icing on the offseason cake...i'm hoping for the best.

Guys you have to ignore guys like Zonk and Vote No... they dont have a logical thought on the any situation.. Zonk says the same thing day in and day out while vote no's reasoning for not wanting to raise the hotel taxes to pay for part of the stadium is bc those taxes go to the police and teachers which is wrong..
Its funny people say dont raise taxes one percent for tourist to pay so that their economy can benefit. Heck the Fins even said theyd pay for the costs to set up the public vote.. also the propsed budget was $400 million which is down to 389 now and the Fins would pay for any overages..

Posted by: SCFins | March 26, 2013 at 01:29 PM

Thats what im talking about

I rather trade up to draft Milliner, and draft CB in 3rd or 4th Round.

hahaa, PHILLIE!

Did you, Mando, asked Jeffery why he hasn't signed Winston or Moore?
Why not Grimes ??

Andy, we do need better CBs, but I don't think that will make the difference in beating the Pats. I've come around to Craig M's thinking, that only way to stop Brady is pressure him. The guy is just too good, if he has time to find his receiver, the ball will be placed perfectly even if the player is blanketed. Unless we have a Revis, I don't think any CB will be good enough in coverage. We need another elite pass rusher. Blitzes, pressures, that's how Baltimore beat the Pats. And you got to put up points (like SF did against them).

So I'm hoping we can get another pass rusher.

Goodbye Vollmer.

The way things are looking the Dolphins are going O-Line in the first. It's just a case of whose available. Be it Johnson, Cooper, Warmack. None of them are a problem for the team.To me though Cooper is the most likely and best fit for a zone line.
If the Dolphins sign Brandon Moore,and draft Cooper, Richie Incognito's job is definitely on the line. Moore will be cheaper and probably have 2 years of length. Richie is expensive.

Just my opinion but I can think of at least 20 players, just off the top of my head, that i would pick before I woud take Lacy with our 1st pick wherever it may be. We dont need a #1 RB we have Miller penciled in there and I think they are gonna give him the chance to step up. I do think that we pick up another RB in later round for depth maybe Montee Ball if he is still there in the 3rd but I still want to see us get Lattimore in 4th. I just dont think Lacy is a need or a want that this organization has at this time.

Best Available in Rounds 1 & 2...that is the right approach as there are plenty of needs. We can fill two of the core needs in the first two rounds. That could be T, G, TE, DE or CB. But we can fill them with best available talent.

Round #1 and first pick in Round #2 I am pretty sure that Best Available will fit one of the 5 core positions of need.

But If the best available talent in late round 2 is a running back or an OLB or DT they should take that player.

But I think in rounds 3 and 4 they should definitely get positions of NEED filled. So if we still need a T or CB then they should make sure our three picks in these 2 rounds are utilized.

I want to see them use rounds 5-7 to get best available to create depth and get special teams contributors. Likely, G, OLB, S, RB.

From all I have read to date, Fins targeting Johnson at OT, maybe Fluker; Giovani Bernard at RB ; Pugh at G;
Richardson at DT; and Poyer at corner

Yeremaiah Bell had an achilles injury and he came back preatty good...

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