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Sign Brent Grimes because CB is a problem

Free agency is slowing to a crawl now. The top names are mostly off the market. The Dolphins did not report any visits Monday. Things are quiet.

The club is still flirting with RT Eric Winston. There are a couple of other one-year or two-year contract type guys out there -- specifically Brandon Moore and Lance Louis.

But, frankly, I don't believe the Dolphins can affford to be done.

The team's free agency focus now needs to be cornerback. The position is a nightmare. Brent Grimes is out there and available. The only other team talking to him, other than Miami, seems to be Cleveland.

Get it done!

Why the urgency on Grimes?

The team's stated plan in free agency in it's early stages was to fill needs and upgrade as many positions as possible so that general manager Jeff Ireland could have room to operate in any direction he wants during the draft.

That's not me saying that. Last week at the NFL annual meeting both Ireland and coach Joe Philbin talked about having "more latitude" in the draft based on Miami's free agency moves. The idea, I am being told, is to go into the draft without having to select players because of need. The idea is to select the best available player (BAP).

But look at the cornerback position. You know what you see?




It's not so much that Miami lost Sean Smith because, frankly, he was not a good player at the end of the year after a very, very hot start. Inconsistency thy name is Sean Smith. It's because the apparent loss followed the loss of Vontae Davis and the injury-riddled year of Richard Marshall.

So Miami's top three cornerbacks from one year ago are either gone from the team or coming back from major back surgery.

Who does that leave the Dolphins with at cornerback right now? Let's ask Philbin:

“I think our front seven hopefully is going to be good again," he said. "I think it’s a good group. We like what we’re going to see there. We’re really happy that we re-signed Chris Clemons as well. Again, Chris is a guy that played 1,100 plays, he might have played more plays than anybody on our football team a year ago and the guy’s tough. He keeps his mouth shut. He just comes to work. He’s physical. He’s a good football player. I’m really delighted he’s back. Kelcie McCray’s a guy that we were excited about. In a limited role that we saw him, he’s going to have a chance to get to work again. I’m excited about it. I think we’re going to have a good nucleus with a good defense. The biggest thing we said we’ve got to find a way to take the ball away. After watching all of the cutups, 1,000 or so plays on defense, we can’t survive with 16 takeaways."

Understand what just happened here. Philbin is asked about the cornerback situation and he talks about the front seven, a safety, an undrafted rookie player that was injured practically the first week of training camp last year, and the problems taking the ball away last year.

That isn't much of an endorsement of what is currently going on for the Dolphins at cornerback.

So let's have another go at it.

Coach, what are you excited about at cornerback?

"Well we have some young guys on the roster that we are excited about working with," he responds. "You know (Julian) Posey and (Deandre) Presley and those guys. We’d like to see how they come along, and the offseason program is a Godsend for those guys because they get to be in the building every day and learn and compete, so we’re excited about seeing what they are capable of doing. And then obviously there are a lot of good players still available in free agency that we may or may not pursue and then there’s 11 draft picks. So I think we’re certainly not done adding to that position and we’ll see what happens."

Oh boy. Trouble.

The Dolphins need Grimes. Or they need to get an idea and perhaps look into Tracy Porter or even DeAngelo Hall. (Porter is wildly inconsistent and Hall is not my favorite because of his attitude but both still have value as a one-year stopgap). Sheldon Brown, a solid zone defender, is also avaliable.

Barring the addition of a veteran cornerback the Dolphins are going to find themselves locked into a tough situation on draft day. They are going to find themselves drafting not one but probably two corners in the top rounds

The last time the club did that -- in 2009 with Davis and Smith -- it didn't work out very well. Yet, barring that kind of commitment to the positon, the Dolphins will be picking starting cornerbacks out of a group of players -- Marshall, Dimitri Patterson, McCray, Posey, Presley -- that raise more questions than they do deliver answers.

The Dolphins need to sign Brent Grimes, folks.


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Ireland knows he's still on shaky ground. As he did the past 2 years he will go in 1st Rd with a sure fire NFL starter as he did with Pouncey and Tannehill, even if he has to trade up. As to who this specimen will be, it's open to intelligent and respectful debate here.

Just want to remind some of you who wanted nothing to do with Gronkowski because of his "back" How that work out for you?? If Grimes is medically cleared I wouldn't even think twice about getting this guy.

Armando, you want them to sign grimes NOW so that our cb group will be 2 released and 2 coming off major surgery. Glad you're not the gm!!

Achilles injury is probably one of worst injuries you can have!!!!!!!

Yeremiah Bell wasn't covering a wr, except maybe at times in doubles. He played strong safety, so much of his responsibilities were in the run game and covering TE's.

If you hear Grimes has signed with Cleveland, then you know the pursuit of him is over. Its reported Grimes has narrowed his choices down to Cleveland and Miami.

hint, hint, we have 2 positions of need on the Team and perhaps we can cover at least one of them with an immediate starter in the Draft.

If Grimes suffered an Achilles tear, no problem, in time that should fully heal. If it was a rupture, entirely different beast, things that break in half don't heal, they have to be replaced.

A full recovery is far less likely. Even a cadaver replacement could eventually fail.

Herald Reported Dolphins have bought in Kenny Vaccarro for a workout. He and Anash are my picks at 12. He is the number one rated safety in this draft and putting him next to Rashad Jones would be a great duo back there IMO

When the OC QB and O avg. 18 pts. per game,
the D is NOT the issue.

So, if an Achilles tear, boils down to how severe a tear, determining length of recovery time. Then there's the most everyone heals at different rates factor. Is he a slow, medium, fast, or superfast healer?

If Grimes has really signed with Cleveland, then that small debate I was hoping we would have here is over. Ireland's selection in the 2013 Draft will be DeAndre Milliner.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | March 26, 2013 at 02:45 PM

Only means these guys are on their draft board. Doesn't indicate where the Dolphins have them value wise. 1st rd 2nd rd? No way to tell.

Also no guarantee they will be available when Fins turn to pick. This is more predraft interview to confirm organizational fit. Lets just hope Irelands asks if his mama's a ho'.

doesn't ask

Posted by: oscar canosa | March 26, 2013 at 02:51 PM

Have a cup of coffee and reread my post. I did not say he signed with Cleveland. His two choices are narrowed to Cleveland and Miami Those are the reports.

They'll sign a guy after the draft, once they see who they get.

Sheldon Brown is a VERY good corner! He has the best fundamentals for a DB I have ever seen, and the only downside is his age and lack of top end speed. If we are truly going to more of a zone coverage scheme then he would be an IDEAL FA pickup for the Dolphins! Everybody does still remember the hit he laid on Reggie Bush correct??

Yes, YG. Who do you like for Ireland to Draft out of the Top 10s? Because it WILL be from those.

Hahaha @ 2:37

If you hear Grimes has signed with Cleveland, then you know the pursuit of him is over

Stupid shite YG says ....

Really? if he signs somewhere else, we won't keep trying to sign him?? Really????

YG, I realize it can be anything from a serious interest to a smokescreen. None of us have a clue with these guys. As far as Grimes goes, if we get a healthy Grimes, I like our CBs, especially if Marshall is healthy. IMO, Jones, Vaccarro, Marshall and Grimes would be a nice defensive backfield.

Even with zone coverage, cb's still have to be able to run with wr's down the sidelines. Yes, they have safety help over the top, but if the wr's beats him before the safety help zone. Its still a fairly long completion.

Don't let the term zone coverage fool you, it's not the cure all for lack of cb speed. Plus there are different types of zones and offensive counters to these zones.

You cant play the same zone all game long and think that a smart qb wont exploit it. You even have to mix man to man coverages with these znes when playing against a very smart qb. So your cb had better ave decent man to man skills too.

There is a severe lack of elite Players in this Year's Draft as compared to other Years. Maybe the top ranked 5, maybe. Will be hard for Ireland to get what he needs.

I just posted last night I don't start the turning blog to sht crap and was basically called a liar. Need anymore proof? LOL...

Stupid shite YG says ....

Really? if he signs somewhere else, we won't keep trying to sign him?? Really????

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 26, 2013 at 03:04 PM


If Grimes Achilles is just a tear, that's great news. It only boils down to how ar he's along in the healing process and how soon will he be 100% ready to play.

As far as skill level, he's already proven he's pro bowl caliber there.

The wheel making the loudest noises always needs the most grease. LOL...

I don't understand the Vaccaro move. Maybe if we had not signed Clemons it would make more sense to me. Aside from that roster move, Kenny is a sure fire 1st day starter in this League and if I was going BPA I would take him in a jiffy at #12.


Yes, I Want The Offense Stacked Starting This Season!!

Free Agency-- E.Winston, B.Moore, B.Grimes

If the fins dont want to draft out of need, they need to sign two corners, Eric Winston, and a pass rusher to compliment Wake. Good luck!

CBs are a dime-a-dozen. If you don't get one in the draft, you can sign another team's discard. Rashad and Clemons will stabilize the secondary.


There are some very good players in this draft. Don't let the term true impact fool you. The true measure of a player is over the entire length of his career.

I wouldn't be surprised in the least if a few players in this draft have hof careers. Don't let the green grass fool you.

Oscar, I would agree but Clemmonson on signed a one year deal. Not sure if Fins are sold on this guy 100%. I do agree Vaccarro is a day one starter. Guess we see

Armando continues to leave out the most logical approach which is to sign Sam Shields to an offer sheet that GB can't match & have a 25 year old CB you can have long term.

Also, for what it's worth, Porter would be my choice. He's younger than Grimes & not coming off a torn achillies. What's the rush to sign him when no one else is? RED FLAGS!

I wonder if it has to do with him being a DB & coming off a ruptured tendon.

Posted by: oscar canosa | March 26, 2013 at 03:18 PM


As a Gm, you interview all of these players even if you don't expect to be available when you draft. Stranger things have happened during the drafts, sometimes these players fall unexpectantly into your lap. So you want to have a good psychological evaluation of these players when they do.

Sure Vaccaro is expected to go 1st rd, but what happens if he's still there 2nd rd? Or even with the 2nd 2nd rd pick. Taking him or not would boil down to the personal interview you had with the kid. Then you weigh that against any other selection you may have targeted.

If during the interview you've determined a prospect has huge red flags, then you may be willing to select a guy with slightly less talent without the huge red flag character issues.

Just read an article that said a lot of people believe Barkley will move over Geno Smith in the draft. I hope some of these WBs move up to be hot commodities. We get a couple taken early opens up more choices for the Fins.


To tell the truth, I hope the fin do not draft any wr 1st rd. Wallace should have taken care of that. But I have no problems with a wr with one of the 2nd rd picks or a 3rd rd pick.

Patterson looks like a boom or bust pick. Why gamble when you don't have to(Wallace)?


We don't need a qb. So write ups about draft day qb's don't phase me right now.

YG, I just hope they don't waste a good 3rd or 4th on some "acorn" receiver. If you want to take a guy to start grooming at WR then take him in the 2nd, like Allen.


I did hear an evaluation on Barkley by espn saying he would force his oline to work extra hard because of his immobility. With his weaker arm, there are also concerns about throwing into tighter nfl windows.

Then when you add he had decision making ssues in college. It seems Barkley could be a nfl disaster just waiting to happen. Good luck to the team that drafts him. Especially if they take him 1st rd.

YG, didn't say that bubba. Said if Barkley moves upto top 10 with Geno Smith, it will open up some of these other guys to drop down to 12. I would love to see Barkley move up.

Draft Patterson And Lacy. T-Hill Will Have 4 Real Good Wr's And 2 Real Good RB's.

Sign A FA RT Or RG To A 1 Year Contracts. And Draft A RT & RG To Beat Out The Veterans This Year Or Develop Into Starters Next Season. Either Way This Should Make The O-Line Manageable For All Of The Talent T-Hill Is Going To Have Around Him.

People Act Like Clemons And R.Jones Had CB's To Work With.

Right Now We Have The Same Amount Of CB's As Last Year. 3!! 2 Average Starters And N.Carroll.

Vontae Davis Or Sean Smith Weren't Really That Good!! Don't Act Like The Dolphins Are Losing Revis!!

They Lost 2 Starters And They Signed 2 Starters Last Year/This Year.

I Would Like To See Them Draft A CB Or 2. Guys That Actually Make INT's!!

But Right Now The Fins Can Field The Same Secondary As Last Year.


If Ryan Swope is still there with our 1st 3rd pick, and we haven't selected a wr yet, he has to be a nobrainer. I would love to have 4.3 speed on the field at the same time as Wallace. I don't care whether he's in the slot or at the #2 wr position. Speed definitely kills.


I still say woe to the team that drafts Barkley that high. We know for a fact it would be a team already with issues. Taking a qb who also has issues does not sound like a fix o me. God help them.

Heard the idea from the NFL radio hosts that a good idea for the Fins would be signing A. Bradshaw as a FA. Adds some experience to the RB squad. He can block. He can still run to gain those tough yards.

The more I think about it the more I like the idea. He shouldn't cost too much as he has sat out there for some time now as a FA. I really don't like having no real proven veteran presence in that squad.


Don't count out Nassib either. It may not happen but qb's always move up the board as the draft gets closer.

Did any one think Tanny would go 8 a month or two before the draft. Or Locker or Sanchez or Freeman.

The Jets, Bills, Cards,Eagles, Raiders all pick ahead of us and could go QB.

I'm looking at it from Ireland's point of view, YG. Everybody knows he has a sense of urgency from all the heat he has taken. He cannot afford to Draft a HOF Brady in the 6th round, that's an every 50 years happening. He can't wait, he NEEDS to score big now with his first pick and where the probabilities lie that it will turn out to be so.


Again, not recently drafted Bama rb has been a difference maker in terms of their team's fortunes. They all look like "supermen" at Bama.

Lacy is only t6he newest addition of them.

Adrian Petersen rushed for 2,097 yds, yet the Vikes didn't make the playoffs. Its not a run league anymore. You don't spend 1st rd picks on rb's anymore.

Lacy, lol Dashi. Good one.

no recently

I can not wait fore this season to start. All the Ireland haters are going to have to eat crow including the sorry press that thinks they are the ones who should be running the team. The dolphins have pictures of them hanging in the bathroom so they can laugh out loud when they are taking a nu. 2

How did drafting two corners not work ? They both are still starters in this league ! Miami changed coaches and schemes, players then don't fit any longer. But to say it wasn't a good draft is stupid. Miami will be fine drafting corners, why sign Grimes and his blown achilies ? You start off the article talking about Marshall being hurt and then say go sign a guy with a worse injury ? Or do you think blown achillies is good for a corner ?

Posted by: Mitch | March 26, 2013 at 10:27 AM

This summed it up perfectly.


Bama w3ill have another superman rb in 2013. Some things never change.


Because You Know The Hell Dashi Will Get For Saying..


Patterson Is Also The Only Type Of Wr We Don't Have On This Team, Big,Strong, And Can Jump. If Patterson Reaches His Potential He Makes Wallace A #2. Which Will Be A Good Problem For The Fins. Patterson Is The Only Wr That Is A Deep Threat/Red Zone Threat/Run Threat!! Out Of The Wr Position In This Draft.


4 Wr's!! Name 4 CB's Or 4 DB's On Any NFL Team That Can Handle That. Plus, L.Miller And E.Lacy As The RB's!! For Running Purposes. 2-1000 Yd Backs. Better Than 1 Reggie Bush.

The Fins Can Fix The O-Line With The 2-3rd Round Picks. The Fins Are Really Only Replacing 1 OT!! And Hopefully Upgrading The OG Position. Whether That Is A Thinner J.Jerry Or Some Athletic Rookie Built For The Zone Blocking Scheme.

My Point Is The More Weapons the Better. You Can Find Good Linemen In The Mid Rounds. Stack The Roster With Play makers.

Where If T-Hill Goes Down, Even Matt Moore Can Run The Offense.

Posted by: Dashi™ | March 26, 2013 at 03:57 PM


The only problem is which will come first:

Patterson becomes a top nfl wr. Or Wallace degrades to a 4.5 40 nfl wr?

We don't wont to wait until Wallace's 8th-9th season in the league for Patterson(4th-5th yr) to truly arrive.

Also, Patterson arrived on the division I via juco. So there's issue of how fast he picks up the playbook and reading nfl defenses, not to even mention he's not yet a polished route runner.

That's why Patterson has boom or bust written all over him.

Dashi if the dolphins stay at 12 and take a receiver it will be T.Austin if they move down and take a receiver it will be K.Allen. We have no G.Jennings in this offense and Allen is a Jennings clone !! Austin would-be are P.Harvin/R.Bush what a difference talent and real speed can transform an offense again thank-you Green Bay Packers for J.Philbin !! A man with a true vision of what a championship team should look like !!


Lacy Is The Best RB To Come Out Of Alabama in The Saban Era. The Other 2 Were MiniSuperman. E.Lacy Is The Shaq Version.

Instead Of Predicting A Small Player Like T.Austin Or S.Bailey, Or Even The Honey Badger!! Eddie Lacy Has Legit NFL Size. He Compares To Ricky Williams. 5'11" 230+.

E.Lacy Is The Reason They Have The Helmet Rule. Not T.Richardson. They Want To Make Sure E.Lacy Doesn't Seriously Injure People.

E.Lacy Ran Over J.Clowney!!

YG, what people are trying to tell you is teams ahead of us draft QBs, then the higher rates position players fall to us... wow, doesn't take a mensa man to get one. So QBs picking up steam going into the draft is a good thing for us. ...

Wow, I'd lay off of you if you didn't have such a big mouth but your big mouth and complete lack of grasp of the obvious makes you such a fun target...

Stupid shite YG says ....

Really? if he signs somewhere else, we won't keep trying to sign him?? Really????

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 26, 2013 at 03:04 PM


IMO, Patterson reminds me of a less college accomplished version of Dez Bryant. They talk about ceiling, but I don't see Calvin Johnson type ceiling either.

I can see his pro career falling somewhere around Dez Bryant to bust. I only say bust because he need to greatly improve his route running, learning a pro playbook(juco?), and learning to read complicated pro defenses.

That's a tall order for a guy coming from juco to division I, then nfl.

Dashi, Justin Hunter > Crodarelle Patterson.

Da'Rick Rogers and Markus Wheaton too

I appreciate you guys offers(Odin/Toronto), but knock yourselves out, I choose my own battle grounds. Its my day day off. But, oh, don't let that stop you guys from having fun. LOL...

So You Would Rather Pick T.Austin At #12 Instead Of C.Patterson Or E.Lacy?

And Dashi Is The Crazy One?

I Know Some Of You Don't Understand The Importance Of Being Tall Or Bigger!!

Let Me Break It Down For You Guys.

Will Jordan Be Jordan If He Was 5'6"

Will Marino Be Marino If He Was 5'8"

Will Jerry Rice Or Randy Moss Be Who They Were If They Were 5'9"

Hell F U C K NOOOOO!!!!!!

So Every time You Claim A Midget!! As The Next BIG THING!! Dashi Finds It Asinine!!

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