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Sign Brent Grimes because CB is a problem

Free agency is slowing to a crawl now. The top names are mostly off the market. The Dolphins did not report any visits Monday. Things are quiet.

The club is still flirting with RT Eric Winston. There are a couple of other one-year or two-year contract type guys out there -- specifically Brandon Moore and Lance Louis.

But, frankly, I don't believe the Dolphins can affford to be done.

The team's free agency focus now needs to be cornerback. The position is a nightmare. Brent Grimes is out there and available. The only other team talking to him, other than Miami, seems to be Cleveland.

Get it done!

Why the urgency on Grimes?

The team's stated plan in free agency in it's early stages was to fill needs and upgrade as many positions as possible so that general manager Jeff Ireland could have room to operate in any direction he wants during the draft.

That's not me saying that. Last week at the NFL annual meeting both Ireland and coach Joe Philbin talked about having "more latitude" in the draft based on Miami's free agency moves. The idea, I am being told, is to go into the draft without having to select players because of need. The idea is to select the best available player (BAP).

But look at the cornerback position. You know what you see?




It's not so much that Miami lost Sean Smith because, frankly, he was not a good player at the end of the year after a very, very hot start. Inconsistency thy name is Sean Smith. It's because the apparent loss followed the loss of Vontae Davis and the injury-riddled year of Richard Marshall.

So Miami's top three cornerbacks from one year ago are either gone from the team or coming back from major back surgery.

Who does that leave the Dolphins with at cornerback right now? Let's ask Philbin:

“I think our front seven hopefully is going to be good again," he said. "I think it’s a good group. We like what we’re going to see there. We’re really happy that we re-signed Chris Clemons as well. Again, Chris is a guy that played 1,100 plays, he might have played more plays than anybody on our football team a year ago and the guy’s tough. He keeps his mouth shut. He just comes to work. He’s physical. He’s a good football player. I’m really delighted he’s back. Kelcie McCray’s a guy that we were excited about. In a limited role that we saw him, he’s going to have a chance to get to work again. I’m excited about it. I think we’re going to have a good nucleus with a good defense. The biggest thing we said we’ve got to find a way to take the ball away. After watching all of the cutups, 1,000 or so plays on defense, we can’t survive with 16 takeaways."

Understand what just happened here. Philbin is asked about the cornerback situation and he talks about the front seven, a safety, an undrafted rookie player that was injured practically the first week of training camp last year, and the problems taking the ball away last year.

That isn't much of an endorsement of what is currently going on for the Dolphins at cornerback.

So let's have another go at it.

Coach, what are you excited about at cornerback?

"Well we have some young guys on the roster that we are excited about working with," he responds. "You know (Julian) Posey and (Deandre) Presley and those guys. We’d like to see how they come along, and the offseason program is a Godsend for those guys because they get to be in the building every day and learn and compete, so we’re excited about seeing what they are capable of doing. And then obviously there are a lot of good players still available in free agency that we may or may not pursue and then there’s 11 draft picks. So I think we’re certainly not done adding to that position and we’ll see what happens."

Oh boy. Trouble.

The Dolphins need Grimes. Or they need to get an idea and perhaps look into Tracy Porter or even DeAngelo Hall. (Porter is wildly inconsistent and Hall is not my favorite because of his attitude but both still have value as a one-year stopgap). Sheldon Brown, a solid zone defender, is also avaliable.

Barring the addition of a veteran cornerback the Dolphins are going to find themselves locked into a tough situation on draft day. They are going to find themselves drafting not one but probably two corners in the top rounds

The last time the club did that -- in 2009 with Davis and Smith -- it didn't work out very well. Yet, barring that kind of commitment to the positon, the Dolphins will be picking starting cornerbacks out of a group of players -- Marshall, Dimitri Patterson, McCray, Posey, Presley -- that raise more questions than they do deliver answers.

The Dolphins need to sign Brent Grimes, folks.


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Well guys,

Doesn't matter what any of want, don't want, like or dislike. Come April, only Je4ff Ireland will be doing the drafting. To my knowledge, he doesn't post here. LOL...

Considering your posts are beyond stupid today even by your standards, it's probably a wise decision.

Live to fight another day, Tyrone Biggums ...


As we stand right now, we're a solid 8-8 team. A 1st rd LT bumps us to 9-7, a top flight cb 10-6. Whatever happens after that, we can become a solid 11-5.

With the right 2013 bounces of the ball and early season injury to Tom Brady, perhaps 12-4 at best.

The achievable goal that I see for 2013, is to become the best of the 2 wildcard seeds. Then, in 2014, offseason moves can set the stage for a Afc East showdown with the Pats, with winner taking all.

But, only when the dust settles on this 2013 offseason, will we see the possibility of this.

I tend to agree with some of the others here who are not freaking out about our CB situation. BUT I am not a huge fan of our existing CB's. I would keep Carroll as a nickel and special teams player. He is young and costs little in terms of CAP hit.

Patterson flashed last year during his brief time with the Fins. I'd give him a full year to see if he recovers from injury and can prove himself solid.

I am not a fan of 'damaged' CB's. So, Marshall with his chronic back issues is someone I would cut.

I think a Pro Bowl player in Grimes is a good gamble if the cost is reasonable. He and Revis are recovering from pretty serious injuries. Difference is Grimes costs a lot less and therefore worth trying.

Its highly unlikely we become sb champs off of this offseason alone. So, everybody take a deep breath and relax.

Ireland's done good work so far. Our future offseason posts will be based on Ireland's next moves anyway. So relax and enjoy, plenty of time to fight and btch later. LOL...

1st rd#12 Lane Johnson, OT Okl
2nd rd# 42 Alex Okafor, DE Texas
2nd rd# 54 Bidi Wreh- Wilson, CB UConn
3rd rd# 77 Stefan Taylor, RB Stan
3rd rd#82 Shamarko Thomas, S Syr
4th rd# 110 Vance MCDonald, TE Rice
5th rd# 146 Brian Winters, OL Kent st
5th rd# 166 AJ Klein, ILB Iowa st
7 th rd# 217 Everett Dawkins, DT Flo st
7th rd# 224 Corey Broomfield, CB Miss st
7th rd# 250 Quinn Sharp, P/K Okl st

Posted by: jpao | March 26, 2013 at 04:33 PM

I agree, if Grimes is signed, Marshall my be the odd man out. He has the highest salary amongst current cb's and the back was a huge issue last season.

Also, and I say this would even be a shocker to me, if we drafted Matthieu, Carroll's out too. Or possibly Patterson too, if we also draft a corner 1st-2nd rd.

The phins can win the division this year.

Miami's additions FAR outweight their subtractions.

Ne's additions are outweighed by their subtractions.

Miami can finish 10-6 or better if:

1. Tanny becomes the QB everyone is hoping he is
2. We get a Tackle who can protect the QB
3. We get at least 1 very good cover corner

Even needing a corner is debatable to overtake NE. The pats weakness is the WR corp. Like ours was last year. Our weakness is Cb's. It's a wash!

On paper right now, Miami can win this division this year. No need to wait. We have the best skill position players in the NFC east right now. Make it happen!

meant to say AFC east

Well done on this one

Posted by: sean | March 26, 2013 at 04:37 PM

Not bad mock, but Darrius Slay is rated higher than Wren. Much faster too, Slay 4.37 40, Wren 4.53.

Wren is only 1 inch taller(6'1, Slay 6'0) and Wren listed only 2 lbs heavier(195 lbs to 192 lbs).

Therefore in a choice between the 2, I rather have Slay. Slay comes from the much tougher SEC, Wren fron Conneticut and the Big East. I'll choose SEC over Big East anyday.

Teo back into the first rd. Ran a 4.71 today. Crank it up Dashi. LOL...

No matter how good, not biting on the Fins taking RB except later in draft. This type of offense WCO places the onus on pass first to set up the run. I love Lattimore in the late rounds if there. Draft gonna be interesting.


The Pats subtractions may only delve them into a 1 game dive at most. They finished 12-4 last season and still have a guy called Brady. So, don't expect lower than 11-5.

Also, have to see how their draft plays out too. That could also effect if theyre back to 12-4 or down to 11-5. Yup, they still have a qb named Brady.

Te'o just bumped up to 17-21 of the nfl draft. Outstanding pro day. 4.71 40, verifying he can be an every down lb.

Where the hell is Dashi? LOL...

Looks like Teo back on the Ravens radar(Lewis replacement).

I frankly don't care which way we go in the draft as long as we get great players. I think Coyle can do wonders with a secondary, and Marshall getting hurt last year was a major blow. Throw in some mid round depth there and I think we'll be OK at corner. Our first rounder hopefully will be the type of player that is without question a top 15 player in the draft and a complete football player. That's my only wish.

I'm not going to claim I know who that is though, no idea, if drafting were a perfect science every team would be awesome.

Posted by: Darkoak | March 26, 2013 at 05:15 PM

I am in complete agreement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ygf I agree but he is gone by then at least in my mock. I &pe Slay is there at #54 would b a steal.

YG has offended nobody Today and has contributed some knowledge to the interchange here imo, why are you picking on him? Leave it for another Day.


Mando, no doubt you're right about signing Grimes, but it's more likely you are referring to the pre-injury Grimes. He's worked out for a few teams, including the 'Phins, and if he was healthy he'd likely command decent money and more interest. There's something more to this than meets the eye.

As to an Achilles being the "worst" injury to recover from, I can remember pictures of Marino's calves years after his Achilles ruptured, and the injured leg had atrophied and he effectively had no calf at all. I would imagine surgery has progressed somewhat since then, but it's still a debilitating injury no doubt.

I've felt all along that, if we are going to make a draft trade, it will be up in the first round to try and grab a somewhat slipping Milliner. You are spot on that our CB situation was dire when we started 2 rookies in '09. Not looking forward to that prospect again this year, but that seems to be where we're going to find ourselves. Not sure either why we passed at some logical CB choices early in free agency, but we did and it's water under the bridge now.

If we can't get Milliner by some stroke of luck with him slipping slightly and us moving up a few spots, let's hope Rhodes falls to us at #12. Regardless of whether we sign Grimes or not, we seem to be screaming for a CB in round 1.

McKray is a beast!! Love that dude.

How did drafting two corners not work ? They both are still starters in this league ! Miami changed coaches and schemes, players then don't fit any longer. But to say it wasn't a good draft is stupid. Miami will be fine drafting corners, why sign Grimes and his blown achilies ? You start off the article talking about Marshall being hurt and then say go sign a guy with a worse injury ? Or do you think blown achillies is good for a corner ?

Posted by: Mitch | March 26, 2013 at 10:27 AM

Hey Mitch first off Dan Marino came bk just as good as ever from achillies tear and as far as Smith and Davis still being in the league i sure as heck dont want Smith bk at all even for FREE vonta is ok but something missin upstairs , and tryin to get 2 good CBs in the draft can or can not be an issue , But if we can sign Grimes that would help our secondary tremendous , or even one of the other 2 CBs mentioned , but if we could get Grimes at a good deal i say pull the trigger ,but just because he had achillies problems dosent mean he still cant play at a high level,there is a video of Grimes doing all kinds of flips and stuff after he had the injury and he looks good as new ,Grimes would be a perfect fit for us if the price is right.

Why are you guys so in to rushing things sounds like some one else in this country! Rush rush rush! Have faith that Joe and company know what they are doing!

Obviously teams are worried about Grimes' injury. I haven't seen anything about his medical progress. That's a big warning sign, along with the fact that a pro bowl corner has only two teams interested. He will probably re-up with ATL for less money and continue to rehab. Just because you need it doesn't mean it's there. Ireland gets that part.

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