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Smith, Long not necessarily gone from Dolphins

The assumption relative to the Dolphins and free agency is that Mike Wallace will be coming and several players will be leaving. Well, that might not be fully the case.

Prospective free agent cornerback Sean Smith isn't a certainty to leave, a league source tells The Herald's Adam Beasley. And prospective free agent left tackle Jake Long isn't a certainty to leave, a league source tells me.

Meanwhile, you know I've reported Reggie Bush is pretty much gone and that is still the expected course.

[Update: Detroit is interested and the Bengals may join the fray, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.]

So let's retrace:

Agent David Canter, who represents Smith, is said to be negotiating with multiple teams. And as the last time Canter was juggling teams his client Paul Soliai picked a return to the Dolphins for less money -- even as Canter had him set to get on a plane to visit another team -- it opens the door that Smith is still in play -- particularly since a source is saying as much.

For Long, the Dolphins want him back. But they don't want to back the Brinks truck to his front lawn. And Long wants that Brinks truck visit. So the market will  determine his worth. If the market for Long is as cold as has been reported in some sectors, including profootballtalk.com, then the Dolphins will be in the hunt.

[Update: Tampa Bay is among the teams interested in Smith.]

If the market for Long is as rich as he hopes and believes, then he's likely gone because the Dolphins will be outbid for a player with an injury history the past two seasons.

The answers will likely come quickly starting at 4 p.m. Tuesday.


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Wallace and Cook (or Keller). May the stars align in the Dolphins favor. That is some sick speed at two major areas of need. Hartline would catch 80-90 passes easily in that offense. Now, they will not have to draft Patterson at 12 as he is too raw to spend a pick that high on. Same thing with TE Eifert- a reach at 12.

Anyone care to explain why building 7 dropped demolition style?

Or would you prefer to just make believe it didn't?

uilding 7 was a 47-story skyscraper that was part of the World Trade Center complex. It would have been the tallest high-rise in 33 states. It collapsed at 5:20 pm on September 11, 2001. It was not hit by an airplane and suffered minimal damage compared to other buildings much closer to the Twin Towers.

Hey let's not talk about the man who built two Super Bowl championship teams and a perennial contender for the decade in between as if we know 1/100th about football as he does, K gents?

Lt. Lois Einhorn | March 11, 2013 at 09:01 PM

I won't dispute this point but Ozzie knows at some point he'll need Flacco to restructure, no way they can carry that contract to fruition without it having ramifications.

They are in need of WR's and DB's in a draft deep with them so I don't doubt he hits on one of each but this deal which was inked by the team owner will at some point need reworking.

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Coincidently, the military channel is airing a documentary on why the twin towers failed after being struck by commercial 767 airliners; 9/11 you should watch that right now to educate yourself on why a sky scraper would become structurally unstable after sustaining a hit by a 767.

The military channel! Haha. You don't get it do you? Of course they are going to give you a snow job.

Like I say, if your sources of information are strictly the government controlled American media, they will have you believing in Humpty Dumpty.

pats ready to deal for cruz

fin4life, they actually don't NEED either, they're young and deep at corner with Webb, Smith, Brown, and Graham (Cary Williams will make bank elsewhere), likely won't even address that position. They could get by at WR with Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones, Tommy Streeter, and Tandon Doss but they'll definitely try to bring in a veteran.

But yea, they're going to have to extend Flacco with a Brady deal or else they'll be screwed on the final year of his contract.

You didn't answer my very basic question nutjob.

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But I know, you all don't care to hear anything that might make you realize your country just may not be on your side.

Lots of CB's out there and Smith isn't a rock star. He'll be lucky to get Brian Hartline's contract.

Jake Long I think will get a job at closer to $7-$8m.

My guess is that Smith is gone. He's OK but not great and there's a lot of solid CB's to choose from.

If Jake Long is healthy then he's worth the $8m tops but not more. Too many miles on the tires and he'll be lucky to see 30 (in uniform).

Bin laden could have had a million reasons, or could have been blackmailed, who knows.

Why don't you explain to us how building 7 instantly collapsed demolition style when it was never hit? There have been fires as severe as the other towers too but wasn't enough to melt down their structures.

Tell us about building 7 though. Tells about the controlled explosions the NY fireman reported hearing as the floors collapsed.

If the fins can keep Smith for 7 million a year then I say we do it. That would be one less hole to fill and frankly considering that we paid 5.5 million for Marshall 7 million a year is pretty cheap. CB is an expensive position.

If we can sign Wallace, and bring back Long (at a reasonable price) and Smith we would be in pretty good shape going into the draft. The primary needs going into the draft would be another CB, a TE, another pass rusher, and a young receiver to groom.

Maybe someone can explain to me why at the height of the worst recession in our lifetimes, with massive unemployment nationwide, the government, the congress, still issued hundreds of thousands of work visas for foreigners to come here and work. Just maybe to drive the salaries down further?

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Great answer, thanks for playing.

* hundreds of thousands per year, cumulatively well into the millions of work visas were issued to foreigners during the height of our severe unemployment problems.

Do other countries do that?

My answer on building 7 - I'm not an engineer and neither is your retarded ass.

Who knows how and why buildings fall down, there is a very reasonable explanation that you can look at below but I'm not going to idiotically pretend that I understand how building demolition works when I don't.


Since you're obviously a conspiracy nut who thinks there's some grand conspiracy, I'm just going to direct you to this:


Our presidents are not dictators, there is a balance of power in Congress. Regardless of which party has been in control, these acts against the general population have continued to be voted through.

What you should realize is the general public has no representation in Washington. These elections are a farce,. We have no lobbyists like big corporations do. All these big corporations pay millions to lobbyists who stuff the pockets of our politicians to sway them. Pay attention, all the laws getting passed for decades now are for the benefit of big business at the expense of the common citizen.

No sh*t sherlock. What's your point?

Einhorn, until you get off the American controlled media sources of information, you will be lost and fooled forever.

You just don't get it. Many don't. As you can see I am not merely talking about 911.

Good luck to you all.

The military channel! Haha. You don't get it do you? Of course they are going to give you a snow job.

Like I say, if your sources of information are strictly the government controlled American media, they will have you believing in Humpty Dumpty.

Posted by: Don't be scared | March 11, 2013 at 09:22 PM

Lemme guess, we should be wathing Al jazeera? LMAO!

Get lost nimrod! Buildings 4, 5 & 6 were controlled demolitions & 7 sustained damage & was evacuated in fear it would fall. Get off conspiracy blogs doofus.

you and your ilk are widely recognized as impressionable.

I read Al Jazeera all the time, great coverage of international news, particularly Africa.

They're as slanted towards arab interests as Fox is to Republicans or CNN is to Democrats. No problem as long as you recognize it.

I can see you're not just talking about 9/11 but I can equally see that you're just talking about broad, amorphous, NWO/Illuminati conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality.

Justin Beiber and Eminem aren't controlling geopolitics.

For those of you who still don't know it. You Tube is owned by Google. Google's highest officials are advisers to or work directly with Washington on many things. Google is the most sophisticated, omnipresent spy tool ever conceived. They really do know more about you than your own parents. Ditto for Microsoft, Yahoo and the other big tech companies.

I'm done. If I awakened one single ear, it's a positive.

Cruz is a great fit for NE. Hadn't thought of that.


That's for you Don't be scared

Loading up for the SB: Hartline, Starks, Moore, Long, SS. Woot! Superbowl baby!

Cruz great fit anywhere. He is the best slot receiver in the league.

It's a shame we didn't grab Percy Harvin. Serious talent and versatile.

fin4life, they actually don't NEED either, they're young and deep at corner with Webb, Smith, Brown, and Graham (Cary Williams will make bank elsewhere), likely won't even address that position. They could get by at WR with Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones, Tommy Streeter, and Tandon Doss but they'll definitely try to bring in a veteran.

Lt. Lois Einhorn | March 11, 2013 at 09:24 PM

I don't agree they could conceivably trade back if someone covets their pick #32. Adding an additional 3 addressing the slot Pos. (draft has a few) and maybe in mid RD-2 taking a Safety or BA at CB were they're thin. I think they believe Courtney Upshaw (rookie last Yr.) can replace Kruger who they let walk tying up Ellerbee as Lewis heir apparent.

To the idiot Conspiracy poster,

If your going to argue a point make it factual!

For starters Bin Laden Sr. was NOT in the U.S. but some of his Grandchildren were and the Saudi Gov. asked for permission to get them out. Bush Sr. traveled to Saudi Arabia later to meet with the Royal family but again that was over Seas not here

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I DIDN'T and DON'T have a problem with the entire Bin Laden family because of Osama given I don't know them and won't paint the lot of one poisoned apple.

WTC-7 DID suffered structural damage and had been burning for the majority of the day.

I happened to be living in Venezuela for an Import Comp. on that day and the events were vilified by everybody. Later Former President Chavez would denounce it as a conspiracy but only to fill a means to an end for him and his bilateral agreement with the Iranian Gov. which put the 1st Venezuelan satellite in space.

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Hurry. Your mother just checked into my roach motel and she can't get out!(Yes, she was accompanied)

That stuff about the work visas and tax exemptions for offshoring jobs is fact though. It is a concern.

You have 9/11 Conspiracy theorists on 1 hand.

And blog conspiracy theorists like Craig M on the other.

My suggestion? Use them as toilet paper & flush them.

Bobby is still a neomaxiezoondweebie


Yo mamma says cockroaches have stiff ones, but they are too thin and narrow for her gaping mutli-trucker hole.

Maybe you can also explain why til this day the US government gives tax breaks to companies that offshore jobs?

Don't be scared | March 11, 2013 at 09:36 PM

I SEE the pattern in your Anti-U.S. rant and suggest you move to another Country which harbors your ideas regarding this Nation. Iran, North Korea (could see B-ball games with Rodman) or Cuba (a real model of pure Social reform)

If not then your entitled to your ideas and suggest you register for public office in order to offer a difference or make an argument in one of the few Nations you can. Thsi Country while imperfect is better than most and believe me I know I've had to move around plenty in the last 20 Yrs. working for an Imp/Exp. that has afforded me the luxury of seeing what the World has to offer and loving my Country more for it.

wtf is going on here, lmao at this comment page

If anyone would like a complete list of all the words in boobydooshes vocabulary, I've written them down on a postage stamp and would be happy to send you a copy.

SIrius NFL radio beat up MArtin today & said multiple times he cant play LT, despite him playing it in college. I tried to call in to get tehir point but hate holding 4 ever. I thought he did a decent job as a fill in last yr

Yup, Kruger will walk, they'll probably overpay to keep Ellerbe, this was his first great year. They'll look at safeties, curious to see where Mathieu (projects as a nickel or fs) and Ray Ray Armstrong go. Big upsides, bust potential.

You mentioned twice that the Ravens are thin at DB, they were set last year.

They're paying Webb as a franchise cornerback, #1 pick Jimmy Smith was a nice cover corner, Cary Williams has been an outstanding cover corner, Chykie Brown is a good young cover corner, Corey Graham is a pro bowl special teamer/nickel back.

Cary Williams will get signed away on a big contract but the Ravens aren't thin at corner, I don't think it's a position they will target as far as moving back and forth in the draft.

Dolphins should look at DJ Williams, Koa Misi ain't got the juice.

Who cares about the Dolfins anymore?

Martin was terrible at LT. A turnstile.

Your mom has seen more peckers then the urinals at Sun Life Stadium. Do you even know your daddy is?? Is he a pussie like you??

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 11, 2013 at 10:16 PM

Wow, did you dig deep into the 1980's to come up with your comebacks or did you buy an Insults for Dummies book?


And you wonder why people are ripping on you & your apprentice craig without mercy? Reap what you sow.

Lt. Lois Einhorn | March 11, 2013 at 10:22 PM

You mention Jimmy Smith as a nice cover Corner and that really is a matter of opinion although there are worse and he's a bargain at today's prices. Both Reed and Pollard are getting long in the tooth needing to begin to address the back end. C.Upshaw has the potential physically and we will see how he looks manning one of the OLB spots.

Rumors now bubbling Colts to make a serious play for Wallace.

Rumors now bubbling Colts to make a serious play for Wallace.

Ron | March 11, 2013 at 10:35 PM

That's been floated for a few days now given they have 47.5 Mil to spend with no big FA to resign.

They could pitch S.Jackson as well and replace Freeney with Kruger with plenty left if they wished.

The Browns have a ton of room to but the Colts have pieces in place and the CAP room to make a splash if they wish.


My 2 year old speaks better English than you.

nobody wants smith. He'll stick. Really going to miss Reggie, our only playmaker.

If Miami is the only team willing to bid high for Wallace, that tells you nobody else thinks he is worth it. Two very good teams chose Boldin and Harvin over Wallace.

Wallace makes TY Hilton redundant, they must have higher priorities.

Wallace makes TY Hilton redundant, they must have higher priorities.

Lt. Lois Einhorn | March 11, 2013 at 11:14 PM

I don't see how more like off the charts explosive like the Eagles group in 2011 (D.Jack, Maclin) which opened up the middle of the field for Avant, Celeck and Co.

Had they fielded an OL and Vick stayed healthy and not played so erratic a times that team could have scored at will.

Pairing Hilton with Wallace instead of Avery would do the same for the slower but solid route running Wayne along with Rookie T.E. find Allen. The difference is they at least have an average OL and Luck is durable and accurate even when forced on the move.

Look I don't believe it given everything I've seen, heard and read says we ink Wallace tomorrow but adding Wallace to that team would make them very dangerous and feel that Luck skips the Soph. slump like Peyton in 99 which was one of his best statistically given like Manning this kid seems very level headed and committed.

Mike Wallace dictates the defense. Sherman and Philbin will have a field day. This, isjust the bbeginning of the new high powered Miami Dolphins defense.

Percy Harvin is gone to the Seattle, anybody know what it cost them?

Robot kittens? Waffles.

Yea, two fast receivers is better than one. Don't know what the Colts other ares of need are though.


Boldin is becoming T.E. fast which is to say WR slower given he was NEVER a burner and at 32 is a #2 as his 6 Mil. salary states. The Harvin contract numbers won't be known till tomorrow but doubt they're cheap. The Hawks can just afford to carry it along with Rice whose 5 Yr/40 Mil deal from a couple Yrs. back now seems like a bargain because they're QB was a 3rd RD CAPPED rookie.

Still with only 14 Mil in FA to spend I suspect T.E. Zach Miller who carries an 11 Mil./2013 CAP number gets the Ax. Going with a young group they have.

Percy Harvin is gone to the Seattle, anybody know what it cost them?

Posted by: Sinatra jr | March 11, 2013 at 11:48 PM


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