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Starks to be Dolphins franchise player ... what that means

The Miami Dolphins intend to place the franchise tag on defensive tackle Randy Starks.

It is not a surprise. Indeed, it is the only logical move the team could make as the team's other looming free agents -- Sean Smith, Brian Hartline, Jake Long -- either would have been too expensive to tag or can be easily replaced this coming season if they play elsewhere.

Starks will be on the books for up to $8.4 million. That comes directly off Miami's salary cap space, which is now around $37 million. That is still enough to tender restricted players, sign draft picks and sign or re-sign a full complement of free agents.

A note: Did I mention Sean Smith is not Miami's franchise player? Seems that so-called report that said Smith would be tagged was as erroneous as I've been telling you.

Anyway, there will be fallout from the Dolphins action today.

First, Starks is not happy. He didn't want a one-year tag. He wants a multi-year contract. He may still get it as the two sides can continue to discuss such a deal, but much of his leverage is effectively removed because free agency is no longer a viable option.

Secondly, expect Jake Long and Sean Smith to hit free agency. The club has talked with both players and that has led to, well, no deal with either. Both players have a very high regard for themselves (which is good) while the team has a more realistic regard for them (which is also good). In plain English that means both Smith and Long expect to make much more in the open market than the Dolphins have been discussing.

The market is the tiebreaker. The players will go into the market to determine their value. The Dolphins want both back but at their price. The players want their price. I would say the chances of Long returning to Miami are much better than Smith.

Smith is eager for the start of free agency so that he can "get paid," according to a source. That is his priority. He doesn't as much care where he plays as he does about being paid playing there. The Dolphins believe they can replace Smith with a comparable if not better player either in free agency (more expensive) or the draft (much, much less expensive).

I would say cornerback is a major need for the Dolphins now as they traded away their best cornerback, Vontae Davis, last year and are about to lose the other starter of the tandem Davis once crowed was the best in the NFL.


He doesn't want to take a pay cut. And considering he made $11.2 million last year, that's saying something. The Dolphins meanwhile are looking around the NFL and seeing that the price for outstanding left tackles is more in the $8-$9 million annual range. Assuming that goes up a little bit, I'd say it's probable the market will have to determine Long's worth.

The Dolphins still want Long back -- probably moreso than they want Smith back. They see Long as a quality player whose play falters when he gets injured. They see Smith as an inconsistent player even when healthy.

On Hartline, the sides continue to talk. Agent Drew Rosenhaus is nothing if not persistent. Hartline wants to remain in Miami and believes he has a chemistry with quarterback Ryan Tannehill. But he also wants $6 million per season.

Obviously, the Dolphins have so far resisted this price point. Both sides at this point believe something can get done before the start of free agency.

It is possible the Dolphins might decide paying $8 million for another, more accomplished wide receiver such as Greg Jennings is better than paying $6 million to Hartline. The Dolphins are almost certain to chase Mike Wallace as their top free agency target, as well.




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YG @ 3:31

I think it's a lot more likely most everyone sees the enormous jerkoff you are and come here ot roast you than me being a multiple name poster.

I've always come here under my own name in blue and proceed the many ways you express your ignorance and/or complete stupidity on a daily basis ... no exceptions.

We've got a dead heat on our hands!

YG - 2
Craig M - 2

I think Bennett will come quite a bit cheaper. Sounds like the deal with Cook is he wants to paid more as a WR, as he did lineup for more plays at WR this year. I suppose if he's been franchised he would have wanted to have been as a WR (can't blame him, as the difference is big).

Still, if Finley is counting $8.5 against the cap this year in GB, you can bet Cook will be in the same ballpark. It's a lot of dough for this guy.


Need a starting TE & a starting WR in the worst way. My guess is that we pay for one in FA & then at 12 we can draft either Keenan Allen or Eifert or go CB @ 12 then take a WR like Hopkins & a TE like Travis Kelce in the 2nd &/or 3rd. Just need to hit on these draft picks...

jared cook a free agent now. guy has big upside, wouldnt mind him


Not true. He's not a true FA until next week. He's still not available to us until next Tuesday and only able to talk to the Titans for a few days. Just means he won't be franchised. It's still possible he doesn't make it to FA, as is the case with Hartline.

real shocker gb not franchising jennings, course they wouldnt,.be awful move. plenty of tes out there with walker,cook,davis,keller,bennet, and prob finley also


The girl in the bikini has very nice...ummmm...sunglasses. LOL!

Is Cook a decent blocker? I know the the Titans don't think he has lived up to expectations, I'm just not sure why.


I don't care about my QB playing until 35-36. I guess we have different goals. I have one goal and one goal only: WIN A SB. If my QB is one and done, then he'll be the most successful QB in Miami in 40 years, so that's fine with me. Your example of Big Ben, that would be fine with me. If my QB gets beaten up after winning 2 SBs, oh well!

My point is you can't keep drafting olinemen in the 1st round, and wondering why it is you can't keep up with the scoring in the league. You can't surround a QB with Bess, Hartline and Fasano, and then blame him for only winning 7 games. You can't neglect the CB position, TE, WR, pass rusher year after year trying to put together the worlds best oline. IF that's the GMs solution, then it's going to be a long 2013 (and we'll have a new GM in 2014).

well dc if they told me for sure ireland would be fired if we sucked this year id gladly take that

Interesting note about Jared Cook is that he had only 9 catches for 74 yards in his first year. Hope for Egnew ?

Craig, from earlier when I said the tag was a dumb move.

Personally I would have moved Odrick inside and spent a draft pick on a DE or a cheaper option. The point of my post is we need to find a new Randy Starks. Someone cheap that turns into a 2x pro bowler for us. My other point is our need for: CB, LB, WR, TE, OL to the point that we need to spend money on fixing some holes (DE, WR, CB) and draft for some other holes (LB, CB, OL, WR). We could have survived as a DL unit with Vernon, Odrick, Solai, Wake. In fact I'm optimistic Vernon is going to show us something this year, why stunt his growth? Unless we're trading Odrick (I would not) for another measly 3rd round pick (2nd at the most or like a 3 and 6) then we have an influx at one position. Yes it is our best position but that's the point. Make the rest of the team better. Our backups (Vernon, McDaniels) are more than serviceable and are much cheaper

I like Starks, I'd love to keep him on a 5.5-6m a year deal. That extra 3 million can go to a decent OL (we don't even have backups there) or towards the "keep Reshad Jones" fund or to the "mike Wallace + Danny amendola" or someplace else where we need it. Locking up 8.5 million on a luxury is a dumb move in my opinion

told ya kc would tag alberts

I like Starks but, he`s from a position of strength. Happy to have him back but, I would not have franchised him.

Miami invested too much in the oline when Parcells was here. (Grove, Smiley, Long) & the rest of our roster suffered. You need talent throughout the roster. Not good players all in 1 spot & acorns everywhere else.

Now we have big money in Starks, Soliai & Odrick. Same thing? Nothing changes with Ireland. He is parcellian to the end.

Forget moving Odrick inside if you want to. That's debatable. They could resign McDaniels to play DT & he would cost half of what Starks would & you'd still be strong inside with Soliai.

What happens when Soliai is up next year? Franchise him again?

While Starks is a good player, I don't think he merits the tag. That goes for all of Miamis Free Agents.

odrick does not make big money

WNP, yeah I had fun with her for a couple of years. But then like all other airheads the bad started to outweigh the good.

This is not a dumb move. We keep a strength of the team in tact - we had the money to do it, and this is presumably what Starks market value would be - very rare you pay a franchise tag that is equal to market value on a Prime player... he's the rare example...

This also give Miami leverage in contract talks. It would probably be in everyones interest to sign a long term deal before the Franchise tag contract is signed in June. That would keep Starks where he said he wants to be, it would lower the cap number on Starks. Starks doesn't have to worry about getting injured, and Miami pays what a player is worth...

That to me is logical... I don't see Starks holding out - that's a good chuck of change to start loosing on a hold out... This was the only player that made sense placing the tag on... and to me it was a smart move.

I see a couple of people agree with me that we are already starting to spend money and not make the team better. Ireland is already making me nervous.

team didnt get any worse thats for sure. starks is a very solid player that many teams wanted

...I have to comment on Oliver Vernon. If he was coming out this year. Would he not be considered one of the top DE's in the draft? He was a junior last year that came out early. If he had stayed in school is it out of the relm of possibility people here would have them slated for our 12 pick? We may already have the answer.

be interesting to see what bowe and the chiefs agreed to in money for their five year deal......pretty much your bar setter for wallace

odrick does not make big money

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 04, 2013 at 04:30 PM

Meant to say Wake. Sorry. DL is the deepest & costliest part of the roster. Another area, of greater need, will suffer as a result.

Just like from 2008-2010.

kc made colquit highest paid punter also

Just out of curiosity, can any of you regular readers tell me why Armando is such an insecure prick about what he's predicted and what other talking heads have predicted in the past?

Big money in Odrick? He's making about $700K a year.

something tells me bowe got in the of range of 60-65 million with 20-25 mil guaranteed....just a hunch!!!

In case you didn't notice Craig, I corrected myself when Dusty pointed it out.

Feel free to tell me how depressing my life is now.


Yeah no problem shyte head....I see that.

Sean Smith isn't worth anything near tag type money. Any team that gives home huge money will regret it.

I'm so angry! LMAO LMAO LMAO

No but you'll probably go on about it for a few pages, as you normally do.


If WE keep Jake. That Would mean the fins won't have to waste another first Round Pick on a O-Line.

Just Saying.

Womack Doesn't Fit The System. And he had a Horrible Combine. Rather use a 3rd rd Pick on the OG who ran a 4.6!!

Ireland KNOWS the fins need Playmakers!! On Offense and Defense!!

I Believe, Ireland KNOWS The Fins Need Better Players!! Than The Ones They Have!!

Reason Only Starks got a Contract.

Even Jake!! Yes, I would Love to have him back. But Ireland is More Worried about the Team!! Than his own Legacy!! Jake Won't Get Rich In Miami.

I said A Couple Days Ago, Ireland is Looking for the Best Value!! In Free Agency.

Meaning if we can sign the #2 or #3 at the Position for Half the Price of the #1! Ireland will go that route.


Jake $13 Mil Or S.Baker $6.5? Baker

Wallace $11 Mil Or Jennings $6 and Hartline $5? Jennings and Hartline.

R.Bush $5 Mil or M.Turner $2.5? Turner

S.Smith $11 Mil or Anyone Else? AE

Quality over Quantity

Value Over Quality

In Free Agency? Ireland Will Be going for BVA. Best Value Available. Not Necessarily the #1 Free Agent.

..I don't know this as fact. But could Croyle have campaigned for Starks? Could this be on the advise of the DC as part of the reason we franchised Starks? If by miracle we knew the reasoning from inside of the team as to who we value as resorces, and those who are seen as replaceable. And the DC said Starks was an important piece to the scheme. Would it change anyones mind?

No problem with the tag, thought it would be him a month ago. wonder if Ireland is smart enough to let Jake go and sign A.Smith LT from cinncy, been great the last two yrs blocking for Dalton.

jrjr2, being that it's a deep draft for DB's, many teams may look there to fill the CB need.

That may have an impact on Smiths value. I don't think he's gonna get what he thinks he's worth. Same for Jake Long.

smith wants insane money


You did call it on Albert. I'm AMAZED. Where's the money coming from? Big contract for Smith, they just made their punter the highest paid punter in the league, Bowe to big money and now Albert franchised. Crazy stuff!!

I think we can forget about Smith ending up back in KC.

I don't spend a few pages on douchers like you. LMAO
You can move on to someone else now, Mr. Whipping Post.

And yet LOL....

You KEEP going on....no big surprise man.

And why is everything 'LMAO'?

What are you, 15 or something?

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | March 04, 2013 at 04:36 PM

Exactly. If he's supposed to be a 1st round pick that we got a year early why are we not letting him produce? Which further perplexes as to why we didn't just move Odrick inside and use that cash somewhere else

..LOL..@ 4:50...Good post. I agree. I think the same can be said for all of our free agents now. Include Hartline in that mix. I think that once free agency starts. They are going to get a dose of reality. They may sign elsewhere for a little more. Good for them. but our team can't be held hostage by our own free agents that believe their own value greater then what the market may say.

I could be wrong. But I think we will see the other teams balk at what we hear their demands are.

Another Thing Dashi said A While Back!!

By Resigning Starks, We Can Let Soliai Walk Next Year!!

Starks is More of a 4-3 DT! Odrick is a 4-3 DT!

Keeping Starks Means we can Let Soliai walk!!

kc still has cash left, gonna restructure jackson for hue savings. they are trying like crazy to trade down. zero interest in smith, and there never was

No more tags around the League?


I think it's because NOBODY is convinced Vernon is the guy. He just hasn't show it.

DD, I don't believe he'd be the guy everyone is clamouring for at 12 this year. I get the age thing but he wasn't a big star in College. Why? Because i think he's just a guy. Maybe he'll show otherwise....but I just don't think you can count on him at this stage of the game.

Bowe's Contract Should be Similar To what M.Wallace Gets.

Wallace will probably get a Little More. But Still Similar.


Wo what do the Chiefs do at one now? Do they draft Joeckel and move Albert to guard? I'm confused, man.

Was it the right thing to do for Starks? I really don't know. I like him. I don't love him. I still think Odrick/Solai/McDaniel would be a solid DT rotation. I would rather see us use the money Starks got to sign one of the veteran DE's and get 2-3 solid years out of them.

The best part of Starks getting the Tag?

Smith didn't get it!!!

God I hope he goes somewhere else...such a Pu--y!

no chance on joekel want to trade down badly. rumors here are they want patterson


Patterson? That make any sense to you?

not at all, just a rumor. sure its bs. baldwin is awful though, they def need another wr. but i see them looking for a pass rusher or safety. bet they go defense

What about Shariff Floyd #1 - that's gaining momentum.

..Craig M..Of course we will never know where Vernon would have been drafted this year. I'm just going by what I have read(from last year) Seeing how he did at this level, and trying to equate how that would have translated into college. We weren't talking about any of these guys last year as prospects at DE. Had you heard of Dion Jordan? Ezekial Ansah? You name em? Of course not. I think Vernon would be right up there in the discussion.

Quarterbacks aren't the only players that need time to develop. IMO Vernon played like a rookie. Is it crazy to think he could have 7-8 sacks this year? Would that be better produstion then any rookie we draft? Probably. How many rookie DE's had more then 3.5 sacks drafted out of the top 10 last year? (I don't know this answer, I am asking)..

If Ireland thinks there is a guy out there that would be an upgrade to Vernon. I have no issue with his decision. I am just saying that the team thinks it found good value last year by taking him knowing he would need time to develop. I personaly do not think that we would stray from this seeing some of the good things he did last year..

Interesting that Vollmer in NE wasn't tagged. Might make a good RT in Miami, depending on the money.

..Hey Mark..I'm going to watch the game tommorow..Live for real this time!!! I still can't believe I was watching a freekin replay. Anyway..It is going to be epic. I love United. I hope they go through and it doesn't end up 1-1 and a penalty sceanrio. That would be a shame.

Makes sense DD. They must expect good things from Vernon although I don't see any special qualities in him strength, quickness except for the motor.


I would Engage You in Your D-line Talk. But It Is an Exercise in Futility.

Vernon is worth it. And We Have Bigger Needs on Defense. Starting With DB's and Ending with LB's!!

Pass Rush Stats Don't Matter to You. And The Fins Having AT LEAST 5 LEGIT D-LINEMEN! Don't Matter Either.

Yet, Dansby and Burnett Making LESS OF AN IMPACT!! THAN O.VERNON!! DO!! Who has a Defensive TD? OV, Also Played LB In The Nickel.

And You(Craig) Still Claim Dansby is Worth it!!


Odrick and Starks are our best Pass Rushers out of the DT position. While Still Pretty Good Vs The Run.

Soliai is a Good Player. But Mcdaniels was Expendable last Year.

CB might be best addressed in FAgency. Very hard for a rookie to master that position.

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