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Randy Starks open to giving Dolphins a discount, not wild about 'clearance' price or franchise tag

Monday at 4 p.m. (EST) is the deadline for NFL teams to apply the franchise tag to their looming unrestricted free agents. And since Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland has said the team will likely use the designation and defensive tackle Randy Starks seems a logical designee, as I told you on Feb. 19, we await what seems inevitable.

Apparently Starks has gotten wind either directly from the team or other avenues that he might be a franchise tag target -- particularly since negotiations for a long-term deal haven't exactly proved fruitful.

[Update: The Dolphins do indeed plan to place the franchise tag on Starks, sources say.]

So Starks on Sunday did what NFL players in 2013 do when they have something to say.

He took to twitter.

"I want to be a Dolphin!!!" Starks tweeted with multiple exclamation points. "Not just for one more year ..."

Well, clearly it seems Starks wants to be with the team longterm and not just for the one-year franchise designation. That franchise tag would guarantee Starks up to $8.45 million for one year in exchange for the exclusive rights to him. It would also cost the Dolphins that same amount off their salary cap space. But it is effectively only a one-year deal.

And Starks wants a multi-year contract.

And on that topic the Dolphins and Starks agent Tony Paige have been discussing a deal but the sides have opposing views of what that discussion is over. The Dolphins believe they're making a solid effort to keep Starks with a good long-term offer. Starks side believes the Dolphins are trying to pay K-Mart prices for a Pro Bowl player.

Starks also says he's not adverse to giving the Dolphins a hometown discount but that has a limit.

"Discount yeah clearence rack heck no," Starks tweeted. "I want to be here and finish here!"


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As long as it isn't Long or Smith

Has Fireland ever NOT offended a player during negotiations? Don't be surprised if his tactics fail to land Wallace or Jennings or any of the other top shelf FAs.

Trade it all for magic beans.

Getting a player for the right price, I guess is offending players.. You have to start somewhere.. Flacco was offended before he became the highest paid player in the NFL.. which imo is stupid. Theyre negotiations, you dont throw the best offer out on the table to begin with.. Every player is probably offended with their first offer minus the elite

Hey you can't just open the bank the money has to equal your worth 6 million sounds very fair

Why do you and other folks say using the tag is likely? JI never said that, he said it was a possibility geniuses. And just as the media led him to say that he was also led into saying the tag for Starks was a POSSIBLITY
STFU with this likely non-sense because its BS.

I'm not here to bash other blogs (sun sentinel) they should take pionters from your site. Easily accessed and very informative. Thanks Armando

I would also offer Brian around 6 million as well he earned it

Just get the deal done. Starks is a very good, but not elite DT. Look at the comparable salaries and get it done. I like the tough negotiating with players such as Smith and Long whose play has been less than stellar or on the decline. Starks is a good player. You have to negotiate a fair deal for the team, but there is no need to low ball him. He and his agent know what his aproximate value is. They are not stupid. He's a good player in his prime who wants to be here. Get it done and move on. Save the tough negotiations for Long who has already been paid more than he was worth. Same thing with Reggie. Good guy, good player, hard worker, and wants to be here. He's not an elite back, but a good player. Give him a fair deal. Get rid of dead weight and bust Thomas and add another draft pick or free agent to go with Bush and Miller. Signing Starks is a must. Bush and Hartline would be next in line. Smith and Long can go elsewhere unless they drastically lower their asking price. Smaller quick receivers will always burn Smith and therefore He is not worth $8 to $10 million /season. I may sign him for half that, but He won't take it so goodbye.

get starks done, hes been great here and still young.

It's so hard to know what the Phins are offering and what Starks thinks is fair. I hate when negotiations are drug out into the media without us knowing the details.

Probably should make the guy happy if it takes a million more to do so.

4 year 32 mill deal should be the deal. backload it so u could cut him after 2 or 3 years if needed

He will get tagged then they will negotiate a new deal before the draft.

The chess master genius of Jeff Ireland has Starks, along with the rest of the league, totally baffled and befuddled. Watch and learn.

bidness, HUH?
"A lot of different aspects of when you use it, when you don’t use it, why you use it. In terms of this year there’s certainly a likelihood that we could use it.”
Jeff Iteland

..Interesting piece in Pro Football Focus about the positional value for each team. Who was overpaid and over-valued. And the opposite. Who was underpaid for their performance value. Each value was per position. The Dolphins actually had a positive value per player performance as a team. Much of this was because of Cam Wake. He is totaly underpaid for his Value. The next was Reshad Jones, Ryan Tannehill, Brian Hartline.

Now the players that were overvalued. Jake Long was the highest. His contract compaired to his actual performance value was close to 11 million on the side of overvalued. The next was Karlos Dansby, then Reggie Bush.

Intersting that PFF ranked the top ten on both sides for each team. Free agents S. Smith was seen as a player that outperformed his contract. And Randy Starks as a player that underperformed.

Check it out. PFF Player performance evaluations Miami Dolphins.

Starks diffidently get a deal worth his value don't over pay, but long no way. He might be worth 5 mil a year injury prone...does any body like Abraham to compliment Wake? Pay Abraham incentive base contract with a fair bonus. Abraham ate up Long all the time he played against him, need a pass rusher that can help Wake in retrospect.makes the secondary better, what y'all think. GO HEAT!
Now that's a real pro organization. Heat on Fire!

I totally agree, I'm a UK dolfan and we MUST get Starks signed up NOW! He's consistent and very important to the team, just get it done Ireland !!!!

Why would anyone want to sign with these losers?

I too like Starks but I don't see him as an ELITE DT in the league. I would pay him as a top 20 DT. If he doesn't like that then we need to move on. We let Langford go last year and it didn't kill us. I think Odrick can play as solid as Starks at DT. There are also supposed to be many DT's in this draft class.

I hope JI makes the right call and doesn't put the franchise tag on him. $8m+ for Starks is too much.

Over paid under paid, it doesn't matter as long as they are play makers. That's to me the most important value play makers. We have one legit play maker under paid. That's Cameron Wake. IMO.

Why would anyone want to sign with these losers?

Posted by: MJ | March 03, 2013 at 04:55 PM

Why do losers hang out on the blogs of teams that are losers?

This is a trash franchise. The players deserve triple to endure the incompetence of the Dolphins.

I agree fellas and think you guys will know more than me but surely when we have so many other needs in other areas , surely we get STARKS signed up pronto so we don't have to use draft picks replacing him? Just a thought guys? But I really like Starks and think he could become an elite DT, once this great franchise gets back to being elite!! Come on miami the potential is there lets do it!!

Franchise tag is a very smart move on a DT with 9 years of wear and tear on his body. Starks has been a great foot soldier for the Fins but a 4 year contract with a lot of guaranteed money would be a mistake.

Remember JI tag Soliai because they couldn't reach a contract agreement so it won't surprise me if JI screws this one up
Plus it's JI in charge it won't surprise me if JI waste the salary cap space on there own players. JI is a idiot don't you guys know this by now!

ray, shouldn't you be in bible study? let the men handle football matters.

And yet Jeff Ireland has accomplished more in life (and probably makes far more money) than you ever will.

Ironic, isn't it?

..Why would tagging Starks be a mistake? By simple math we can't tag Smith. We can't tag Hartline. The percentage increase they would recive from their salries make no sense. Jake Long like Starks would be getting a 3 million dollar raise. But you have to look at it as the total 15 million as opposed to 8 plus million for Starks. A 7 million dollar difference.

For the value of each player, If we are going to franchise anyone. Starks makes the most sense.

Now there is no guarantee that we will use the tag on anyone. But if it were me, considering the options. Starks is an easy call.

the truth hurts | March 03, 2013 at 05:15 PM

Well most posters, like bobbyd12, don't read books, have no analytical skills, and can not see that the accomplishments of those they throw darts at far exceed their own feeble accomplishments, if any.

I would re-sign Starks and tag Jake Long for a season if I were Ireland. Lane Johnson won't be there at #12 anyway. Hope Jennings makes it to UFA safely.

American footballers don't EARN $millions a year they get PAID $millions.Same goes for ALL sportsmen anywhere and don't get me started on sportswomen!!!!!!

Get a deal done for Starks! He wants to be a Fin and finish with Miami, more than a solid player.

I would NOT tag Long at 15 mill a year! I'm defiantly a fan of Jake Long but that's way to much $ for 1yr and that $ can be spent elsewhere. Besides J. Martin doesn't look so bad.

bidness, you don't even know what you wrote. You said Jeff Ireland never said he would likely use the tag. I quoted Jeff Ireland's words. You are wrong, get over it.

The "truth hurts " coming from a pussieass troll who uses a million names I'm happy. Hopefully you will croak soon and do us a favor.

Yea kill yourself puss wad troll die die die

I hope we don't take this Werner kid I have a bad feeling about him

BOBBY D you must not read good I said before they put in the contrat paper or it would be 1 year ofplay insted! so you must be very stupid and also that Jeff Irelands will try to sign them for more years but if not then it wont so I am right

I want a stud corner with our first pick

You guys that think these guys dont earn the money they are getting paid, probably have not been hit by these guys.

The avg carer for these guys is 4 or 5 years. Factor in the Body Decimation Factor and if they earn 10 million or even 20 million over the life of their carer they probably earned it.

After all none of us are paying to watch me landscape every sunday and you guys deffinetly are not going to worship me enough to pay 140 dollars to put my name on back of a shirt you are going to wear and probably frame.

We all would love to do what these guys do and 99.999% of us cant do it. Wish we could but if you just watch college speed verse pro speed its incredible.

So even though 8 million sounds crazy when most of us earn 45,000 to 100,000. 4 Billion sounds a lot worse for what the owners bring to the table. And None of us would ever pay dollars to put Ross or Ireland on the back of our shirt.

Go Dolphins!! Keep it real guys this isnt high school and even though our dolphins drive us crazy most of these guys are only going to make 450,000 for a very short carer and most will end up making the 40,000 the rest of us are making in the end only they have to live with the short carer.

bobbyd12 made fun of people who read. he isnt the brightest bulb in the room.

I dislike Werner too, would rather draft Tank Carradine (FSU) at #42 or maybe Quanterus Smith at late 3rd round.

Warmack could still be avilable at #12, what do you guys think, should we take the chance???

pretty much all but sums up the need for LT in either another free agency or through the draft...With the reports going out that long is looking for 11 MIL annually, cant imagine him staying here in miami...

Starks however seems pretty content with negotiating to stay so I would definately explore and try to work something out in a 3-4 yr deal....

what starks did with this cellar team in the last few years ?


First off we are not a cellar team we are 7-9 second place

Starks is a great run stuffer and a above average pass rusher and a 2 time probowler

Why they fight with every player over every last penny is just mind boggling.

"I want to be a Dolphin!!!" Starks tweeted with multiple exclamation points. "Not just for one more year ..."

Starks also says he's not adverse to giving the Dolphins a hometown discount but that has a limit.

"Discount yeah clearence rack heck no," Starks tweeted. "I want to be here and finish here!"


And now we can clearly see the difference between Jake Long & Randy Starks;

Starks wants to be a Dolphin & he wants to stay a Dolphin & it's players like him & Soliai that don't make want to puke.

Jake on the other hand, doesn't care if he stays a Dolphin. He's simply a gun for hire looking for the highest offer which is fine if you're a selfish, egotistical jerk that only cares about money. The reality is that you're going to have that in any business so it is what it is. My biggest problem with Jake Long since the end of last year is that he's no longer a good LT. So if some team thinks they're getting a player in his prime instead of Tony Boselli after he left the Jaguars--then knock yourselves out but buyer beware.

With that said--if Jeff Ireland doesn't cave in & allows both Long & Smith to leave via FA then I MIGHT be willing to believe that Ireland is not completely incompetent.

First off we are not a cellar team we are 7-9 second place

Starks is a great run stuffer and a above average pass rusher and a 2 time probowler


Starks play fell off the 2nd half of the year BUT overall he's been a really good player for us.

If Starks plays this year under the Franchise Tag, then the team goes into the next offseason with both Starks and Soliai as Free Agents. Not a good place to be in.

Jake on the other hand, doesn't care if he stays a Dolphin. He's simply a gun for hire looking for the highest offer which is fine if you're a selfish, egotistical jerk that only cares about money.

Posted by: We Need Playmakers | March 03, 2013 at 06:13 PM

You just described 99.99% of all successful businessmen. Make no mistake, this is a business.

Time for you to grow up and realize that these games mean nothing beyond entertainment, and the players go to the highest bidder in most cases.

How in the hell do you know how Jake Long feels about wanting to be with the Dolphins or not? Did he tweet you? Take you out for lunch and chit chat?

Honestly, you guys are just nutty sometimes. You have NO IDEA how he feels.

Why would Jake want to play for Miami?

So he can play golf in December? lol

Big jake is in a free for all he's declining faster than that meteor in Russia ,,,,,,say goodbye to our big friend ......on the othe hand we need Starks on our d line it has to be intact for this year

Starks also had a family tragedy last season his mom was terminal but he played through it, she passed away at the end of the season

Sign Stark to a long term contract, then TAG long and trade him to the Bears, they love him.

Ross is too cheap to pay good players. His on the field product is just boring and bad.

I say you keep negotiating with him and let him test the market... Tag the player that will mostly hurt your depth at the position the most. And that is Jake Long. The Fins are not ready to get rid of JL. We could live without the rest of them.

Harmel you are cheapskate you dumb shyt

All Steve Ross wants to do is bring a winner to miami how the hell is he cheap he buys all those unsold seats every week to you ingrates can watch them on tv

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