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Randy Starks open to giving Dolphins a discount, not wild about 'clearance' price or franchise tag

Monday at 4 p.m. (EST) is the deadline for NFL teams to apply the franchise tag to their looming unrestricted free agents. And since Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland has said the team will likely use the designation and defensive tackle Randy Starks seems a logical designee, as I told you on Feb. 19, we await what seems inevitable.

Apparently Starks has gotten wind either directly from the team or other avenues that he might be a franchise tag target -- particularly since negotiations for a long-term deal haven't exactly proved fruitful.

[Update: The Dolphins do indeed plan to place the franchise tag on Starks, sources say.]

So Starks on Sunday did what NFL players in 2013 do when they have something to say.

He took to twitter.

"I want to be a Dolphin!!!" Starks tweeted with multiple exclamation points. "Not just for one more year ..."

Well, clearly it seems Starks wants to be with the team longterm and not just for the one-year franchise designation. That franchise tag would guarantee Starks up to $8.45 million for one year in exchange for the exclusive rights to him. It would also cost the Dolphins that same amount off their salary cap space. But it is effectively only a one-year deal.

And Starks wants a multi-year contract.

And on that topic the Dolphins and Starks agent Tony Paige have been discussing a deal but the sides have opposing views of what that discussion is over. The Dolphins believe they're making a solid effort to keep Starks with a good long-term offer. Starks side believes the Dolphins are trying to pay K-Mart prices for a Pro Bowl player.

Starks also says he's not adverse to giving the Dolphins a hometown discount but that has a limit.

"Discount yeah clearence rack heck no," Starks tweeted. "I want to be here and finish here!"