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Ross: Tannehill-Moore as good at QB as anyone

PHOENIX -- The Dolphins are making a ton of moves in free agency and have more to make, accoriding to general manager Jeff Ireland who today opened the door on more signings, trades and then the draft as serious possibilities for upgrading the team in the coming months.

But, let's face it, the Dolphins are going to be only as good as their quarterback.

It's on Ryan Tannehill to improve dramatcially on a 12-TD, 12-interceptions season for the Dolphins to be a playoff team in 2013.

But count club owner Stephen Ross as very excited about Tannehill's prospects. Indeed, Ross spent part of his time on his private jet to these annual meetings watch Tannehill play at Texas A&M -- as a wide receiver. 

"This guy's an athlete and he's a very bright guy," Ross said in a meeting with the South Florida media. "You put those skills together, that's what really excited me about it. He as a person and what he's capable of, you put it as a package and people recognize this guy is winner. And complementing him with Matt Moore, I think we have as good a one-two punch at the quarterback position as anybody. He's going to get there. I feel confident."

Ireland wasn't ready to be quite so effusive but he didn't want to contradict his owner.

"I'm not going to put expectations on a young quarterback," Ireland said. "It's a continued development."

So I asked Ross if he really believes Tannehill and Moore as as good a combo as, say Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett. Are they as good as Alex Smith and Matt Cassel? Russell Wilson and Matt Flynn?

"I didn't say that. I said the comination," Ross said. "I don't know what they have behind [Brady] but the combination of working together and knowing we have depth and two fine young men, I'm very excited about that. Is that wrong?

"I said he's developing," Ross continued. "[Tannehill] is not there. It's only his second year. I see him doing it. I'm not saying he's going to be Tom Brady or Peyton Manning next year but he's developing."

Whatever he meant, it is clear the Dolphins are excited about the prospects of having Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore back for 2013."


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this is not a 3 or 4 year rebuild. you don't spend this kind of money in a rebuild

Posted by: wallyfin | March 18, 2013 at 04:32 PM

I dont get it. We may have overspent on Wallace only.

How can you count Ellerbe and Wheeler. That was an "OFFSET EXPENDITURE". We actually saved MILLIONS in 2013 cap money dumping Dansby/Burnett. So why are you people continuing to see this as a FA cost?

We spent a little to save a lot. Dansby/Burnett actually makes the 2013 salary cap hit higher. Where's your mathematic logic in this?

So other than Wallace, Gibson, and Keller we took on no new costs. Gibson and Keller were signed for a "happy meal".

Even if we sign a LT in fa, its going to cost 2-3 million less than signing Jake Long. Overall, our 2013 salary cap decreased as a result of these moves.

So where the hell is the spending spree you guys keep harping about. Your arguments are totally baseless.


It seems Cyprien is now drawing more interest from Ireland than Vaccaro. Primary reason maybe that Cyprien might be had in a lower rd.

Ross should just stop talking. I feel bad because he wants to do well and fit in, but it is just bad.


Are you testing Ross' IQ by deliberately asking him trap questions?

Please Armando, as a member of the local media and fellow dolfan, please dont trick Ross into again jinxing our qb.

Remember, the Marino thing he said about Henne? Please guys, ask Ross nothing about our qb position. Somethings are just naturally better left unsaid.

Thanks Armando.

Ross is an OWNER fist and a FAN second....

Sometimes the fan in him takes over....

certainly not gonna bash him for that.....

Irelan however.....the consumate proffesional with his statements....lol....

Jeffery, Philbin, and Ross know that Tannehill could hit a wall this yr in his development. It might be a situation where Tanne is as good now as hes gonna be, if thats the case they've got Moore who in my humble opinion should have been #1 QB last yr but they just gave it to Tannehill and asked Moore to suck on it, thats why he got a good raise to 4mil a yr to hold the clipboard. You can never depend on a rookie QB don't care who he is. Look at Russell Wilson, who on earth expected him to QB Seattle to the championship game? But he did and did it nicely. Wilson was taken much lower then Tanne and look at how much better a QB is Wilson compared to Tannehill.

Everyone knows Ross isnt a football expert. Especially the local media.

They just throw the trap questions out there to see if again, Ross will give another clown answer. Its almost like purposely entering a mentally challenged person into a spelling bee.

The local media should be ashamed of itselves. LOL...

If the Owner's change the rule on RBs being able to lower their head....

I may need to find something else to do with free time....

yesterday..do you read the papers?

Totally agree!!! Just need to keep adding playmakers! No Excuses for Jeffy it's now or never for him,even if we end up with the same results at least they tried. But the results will be at least a 3 win increase over this years record. Just don't screw the draft up

Matt Cassel is on the Vikings.

Remember Ross said henne would be the next marino so I take his opinion with a grain of salt. Tanny has a lot of upside but until we see it on the field it won't matter. It's all on Tanny this year

Posted by: Kris | March 18, 2013 at 05:04 PM

I know that the nfl's become a passing league, but it seems now theyre moving towards totally eliminating the running game altogether.

Only way to completely comply to a new rb rule like this. OC's will need to run the football even less.

A rule like this is possibly the final nail in the coffin for the nfl's rb position.

I like Brushchi.....

he has transitioned well to the TV world....


it msy be the final nail in the coffin to true old school football fans....

the wussyfication of america continues if this rule passes...

If I want to watch to hand touch...or flag football....i'll go to the park...or maybe oin in a game myself....

this has to stop....

yesterday..do you read the papers?

Posted by: wallyfin | March 18, 2013 at 05:05 PM

I dont have to programmed how to think by "the papers".


Just because some of these journalist graduted journalism school, it does not, and I repeat, does not mean they excelled in mathematics.

msy= may


The most important signing in 2013 was getting Matt Moore back


it msy be the final nail in the coffin to true old school football fans....

the wussyfication of america continues if this rule passes...

If I want to watch to hand touch...or flag football....i'll go to the park...or maybe oin in a game myself....

this has to stop....

Posted by: Kris | March 18, 2013 at 05:12 PM

Could be the paving of way for "COED" professional football. When this happens, Im definitely jumping ship. LOL...

NFL Network.. 6pm Path to the Draft. talking Dolphins and the 12th pick

Go Fins


When they finally get men and women playing football together. All guys will be required to take saltpeter before the games.

It would be quite embarrassing to see guys walking and running around with bulging woodies on national television.


i'm tracking...

let's see if they bash us....

I liked Ryan Tannehill's play last year. I think with Wallace, Hartline, Keller, Bess, Gibson and Miller he has the weapons for football in January.

I hope enough good quality OL starters are available (one way or another) to keep him upright.

I'm kind of surprised that Fireland let his puppet speak!
I'm less surprised that Ross continues to talk about things he knows little to nothing about. Remember last year when he said he hopes the team would retire Tannehill's number one day at the introductory press conference? Hey no pressure kid. Meanwhile with Jake Long gone his golden boy (puppeteer) now has only Brian Hartline (whose $30 mil deal is a monumental joke of ineptitude) and Chris Clemons left from his first two drafts. Joe Robbie must be rolling over in his grave. So sad how this franchise has turned into such a state of buffoonery and mediocrity.

Dolphins showing interest in Osi Umenyiora according to NFL.com, I say.... meh!!!!

At 31, not sure how much of a motor this guy still has especially given the fact that he still wants top dollar as a DE...I would pass!!!!


With women and men playing together on the same field. There will be far more pile ons and theyll last for much loneger.

A 3 hour games goes to 4 hours, simply because the guys will be much slower to unpile.

that was a huge relief not having to take long back. now lets spend some money wisely, we dodged a huge bullet not having to pay long.

Posted by: superPHIN | March 18, 2013 at 05:21 PM

Only means the Fins invite him in, kick the tires, and weigh value vs cost. Thats about it, so dont make sb plans. LOL...

If I see a flag thrown because a RB puts his head down and rins over a FS or CB....

that will probably be the LAST play I ever see in the NFL....

The NFLN has a tape of Shula saying ths Csonka was the only RB to ever get an un-sportsmanlike flag thrown on him in the history of the NFL....

we'll...that may be abou to change....

Speaking of Shula...saw some awards show with him on it last night...looked awful....I hope he and his family are content....and he enjoy many more years with his family....

LOL @ 5:22....

Ryan will have some potent weapons around him and will hopefully open up some running room for him if he can't find a receiver. I don't expect Tanny to turn into Eli or Peyton overnight but hopefully we will continue to see improvement.


Shula looked awful in his 50's after allowing his stomach to balloon into a beachball. LOL...

Tannehill displayed a strong arm with good touch on passes that required as arookie in the nfl. He was poised in the pocket despite getting raked over the coals by a few n defensive players who found the blocking to their liking. He even poses the threat of taking off on the run (though the slide needs some work:) So why wouldn't Ross or any other fan for that matter be excited about the kid?Its not even year two and hes already better than sanchez in my opinion(not that THAT is the standard).

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 18, 2013 at 05:24 PM

SB plans LMAO....i havent weighed dreams like that since miami was blown out at home against buffalo in the AFC championship way back in 1992....Just sayin!!!

Kid was relatively inexperienced even as a college QB ... I think he did pretty well.

Good lord, it seemed like half of those interceptions came in 5 minutes vs. the Texans in Game 1 ...

yeah YG....

but medifast...weight watchers got him back on track....

him and Marino....

has any STAR QB in the history of the NFL done worse endorsements than Marino....Isotoner.....jenni craig....he should have Dumervilled his agent after the 1st Isotoner commmercial....

my brother used to bust on me hard every time they showed that stinking thing....

and how does Marino follow it up....by becomming a far @ss...and needing to go on medi-fast.....

is it wonder we never won a ring with this guy....

LOL @ Anderson....


If you'll notice, Ireland has weighed value vs cost in every fa move this offseason. Its been far from a "SPENDING SPREE".

Only Wallace was "slightly overpaid". However, that was only to ensure he talked to "no other teams" prior to official fa signing day.


I would take Osi in a second at the right price, same thing with Dumervil. They are what they are, pass rushers who will cause havoc on the opposite side of Cam in big situations. No problem signing either one to good deal.

kris lay off marino

Nearly everyone just glossed right over the "lifestyle issues" part of that column.

I know the popular perception is that EVERYBODY wants to come to South Florida, but the hard reality is far different.

A lot of coaches and athletes over the years have avoided the Miami area entirely or sought to escape it. The "excitemet" many of you see in living there (which is certainly your right) produces nausea in many others.

Know why Jim Langer left the Dolphins many years ago? Hated living down there. Troy Vincent took less money to come home to Philly than remain in a city he disliked. Nick Saban might still be on the sidelines if he and his wife hadn't hated South Florida's lifestyle so much.

You can add Jake Long to that group. THAT'S why he's gone, folks. He's also gentleman enough not to broadcast it to everyone.

LOL Dusty.....

Mando, stop being a dikk and trying to twist the man's words. He is not saying Tannehill is the best QB in the league, I think he's saying he feels good about the future prospects of his Qb position and Matt Moore as a fallback... come on man.

Ross with the help of Ireland and the moves made thus far hopes to find out next year how good T-hill can be,otherwise Moore has his back.That is another way of stating what Ross is saying,sue me if Im wrong it aint worth it boss.


Weight watchers did do wonders for Shua. LOL...

Also, Marino should have kept his isotoner gloves off of other women.

In Marino's case, "If the isotoner gloves do fit, you must convict." He's been paying child support ever since. LOL...

Nobody left from the 2008 draft.

Jake Long left over money, he made it clear from the start it was all about the $$. BTW, if you "hate" living in South Florida then leave. I wouldn't live anywhere else till I retire, then I plan on moving to Panama. Life is good.

Jake Long left over money, he made it clear from the start it was all about the $$.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 18, 2013 at 05:40 PM

Wake up. This is what smart business people do. Only idiots take a job for less money,

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 18, 2013 at 05:34 PM

Problem is your idea of a good deal is probably not in his range of asking price...which last time i read from his agent on twitter was between 7-8 mil in at least a 2 yr deal...Not gonna happen!!!!

this is not a passing league this is a red zone league we need THE te in this draft. i'm taking nick b's advice (who has forgotten more football than i will ever know)//thks nick for the advice


If Marnio was paying child support...he would have about 10 mil more in the bank right now....

what that lady was doing should be considered criminal.....

Marino was paying child embezzelement.....

@ArmandoSalguero: Jeff Ireland not troubled by loss of Smith: "We knew where we were if we lost Sean. We’re not panicking. We’ve got a great plan in place."
New tweet

Nearly everyone just glossed right over the "lifestyle issues" part of that column.

Posted by: da truth | March 18, 2013 at 05:35 PM

It didnt escape me young fella. Just that my interpretation of it was entirely diffrent. It could have been a shot over Incognito's bow.

Have you seen the Incognito tweets to long? Sounds like Incognito was trying to have an "unatural" male on male relationship with Long.

Could it have been Lon was trying to escape Incognito's "unnatural male advances"? Some of Incognito's tweets are made of things that could raise serious questions.

Just saying ya know! LOL...

@OmarKelly: Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland acknowledged the team still has PLENTY of cap space ($20M) & that he's shopping for good deals on free agent market
So the Fins were done in FA, huh??

Jake Long is gone...therefore i could give two Sh%tz about what he's doing right now...He was a great LT when he played his first few years in miami, and i respect him and his contributions to the team when he was here, but he and his health are St Louis problem now....let them deal with the consequences, I for one wont lose sleep about it moving foward!!!

Some of you have a hard time realiizing players are businessmen first, fans last. Here in America we are raised from day one that success == $$$, so how do you knock someone for going to the highest bidder? It's the American way.

Kris and Tru,

You know the The NFL Network will bash, it's what they do. Or what they all do when it comes to the Fins.

Those days are numbered though. If Tanny catches fire its gonna be fun soon. Then they'll all say they predicted the Dolphins were for real.

Save the money...Concentrate on the draft....

Teams, just like companies, show no allegiance to their players. Business's routinely dump employees who have sacrificed many nights and weekends in order to help their stock price. NFL teams release or trade players like they are cattle. Why should players act like they owe the team anything?

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 18, 2013 at 05:46 PM


Omar wasnt a math major. He never subtracts the 10 million or so for signing draft picks and 2013 operational cost.

Glad that Omar isnt making the offseason moves. We wouldnt have anything left to sign draft picks and have a coffer for 2013 operational costs.

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