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Tony McDaniel not returning to the Dolphins

PHOENIX -- Although most of the attention about Dolphins fee agents has centered on the activity of Jake Long or Sean Smith, there are other players that played for the Dolphins last year currently on the market.

That includes defensive lineman Tony McDaniel, who played the last four seasons with the Dolphins.

Well, McDaniel, an unrestricted free agent, is not returning to the team, I've been told.

It makes sense. McDaniel, 28, has struggled to stay healthy the past couple of seasons. Last year, particularly was a nightmare as he struggled with a knee injury, ankle injury, and other bumps and bruises despite his limited playing time.

McDaniel played only 11 games and managed only 11 tackles. He was originally expected to compete for a starting defensive end job but was moved inside where he struggled when he was in the game.

McDaniel came to the Dolphins for a late-round draft pick in 2008 and served the Dolphins well during the time they played the 3-4 scheme. He had 6.6 sacks in those three years and even started a couple of games for the team.



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And replace with a 7th rd pick.

Too bad. he was a good back up.

Like Odrick, McDaniels is a true 3-4 DE, hence struggling to say healthy playing in the middle(4-3).

OMG........... some hre want Odrck s a fulltime DT.

Ahem.................. future Tony McDaniels anyone?

The turnover is incredible. We are dropping Irelands players like hot potatoes!

Feel bad when the injury big gets guys. Loss of potential for teams and a career for such young guys.

Its actually a very smart move on McDaniels part. Now maybe he can latch on to a team playing the 3-4 defense where he goes back to playing DE.

Seems he was going to have a very short career at DT, even if only part time.

Edwin Pope doesn't wite here? He should, he might teach us some things.

Good player here. Thanks Tony for the good play... God bless and Godspeed.

Edwin Pope sucked.

art.turf + bad knee = bench


This isnt a case of getting rid of a Parcells player. Its more of a case that McDaniels knowing has come to the conclussion he isnt a 4-3 defensive fit.

This also why Im vwery leery of Odrick's future in the 4-3 defense. Another 3-4 DE, to big to big and slow for the 4-3 DE, and not big and physical enough for 4-3 DT.

Armando alluded to this several weeks back, in a blog discussing trading Odrick.

How can't people appreciate the fact that Ireland isn't tied to guys he brought it. It's all business and I for one am grateful that we have a GM that isn't afraid to correct a mistake or improve a spot that was held by someone he brought in.

Wake up people, things are going well.

de @ 12.

Atlfin, and they are being replaced by Ireland players, what is your point? The Dolphins didn't have this kind of cap space years ago when PARCELLS was in charge. Ireland has done a great job to get us where we are at this point. Everything else is just noise.

Lots of Ireland supporters here.


You are so correct, this blog is a "peanut gallery". LOL...

How many palmetto bugs would you need to squash to get a cup of their juice? I'm thinking maybe 200 or so?

I would like to make a health drink from squashed palmetto bug juice and maybe some wheat grass juice or Canada Dry club soda mixed in.

After years of blogging here, I'll bet many here have yet to figure, that when Armando refers to you as "THE PEANUT GALLERY".

He's actually calling you low browed under-educated bafoons. LOL...

I guess we've heard no more about Grimes thus far because NASA has yet to release him from his physical.

We have our world's best scientist working on this case folks. Please be patient.

IF thats true YG4E then he should take part of his pay check and pay someone to proof read his work before he implies that.. but im sure that Armando would recant your accusations of what he is referring to when he says "The Peanut Gallery" lol

"Ireland has done a great job." True dat, bobbyd.

What else is there to say? He has clearly begun leading us out of the Wasteland of the past three years. The sky's the limit!

I'd love to hear what the entourages in Phoenix are saying about our blitzkreig thru FA.

So tired of the bashers here.

BREAKING NEWS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Nasa has just released the robotronics schematics to the defense dept. Grime will not be returning to Miami.

He has been reassigned as a human robotic drone in Afghanistan.

Damn, we almost had him!

Who, Me?

The Dolphins franchise problems began when the Robbie kids sold the team to a Garbage Magnate(Huizemga).

So its only fitting that Ireland should lead this onc proud franchise out of the "WASTELANDS". Literally speaking.

Never generalize in Internet, YG. Better, "calling MOST of you....... under educated boffons". I told you before.

2013 Salery Cap estimatied remaining Salary Cap Space


2014 Salery Cap projected with all dead money, top 51 saleries and if the NFL keeps the salery cap at 123,000,000

As it currently stands, the Dolphins estimation will have nearly $25.5 million next offseason(includes money spent up to the cap this year). Of course, this doesn't account for the rookie contracts from this year, and the team will likely rework or release players scheduled to have high cap numbers next year (Matt Moore, Dimitri Patterson), so the number will change drastically. But, at least as of now, the team still has a decent amount under the salary cap for next year.

Somehow, the Dolphins are working the salary cap well enough to keep space next season, even with the so called spending spree going on right now.

Have you ever wondered what Bill Bellichik thinks about while having his morning coffee and tea biscuit, on his private backyard lake, floating in his venetian gondola?

Hmmm.... I'll get back to you on that one.

odrick and incognito are both bad fits for the new schemes. me thinks they will both be gone next offseason.

To hell with the salary cap, how much celery cap do we have for 2013. Does anyone know?

Patterson at cornerback is a keeper.

Anybody agree or not?

You want me to start talking about Internet properties, Armando? If not, pipe down.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 19, 2013 at 03:46 PM

I just told you, crunch the numbers yourself if you dont beleive me.

2013 Salery Cap estimated remaining Salary Cap Space


IRELAND STILL SUCKS!!! He knew last year we needed players & did squat to get help!!! He got us a handful of players in the past 6 years & now he's getting players like his job depends on it & it does this year!!!


I had onion soup, onion rings, and onion quiche for lunch. Anyone want to have a face to face, nose to nose argument today?


Would you like to have a whiff of my oniony breath?


Do you have a Tums brother?


Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 19, 2013 at 03:53 PM

Hell yeah SUCKER!!!! I just had broccoli for breakfast, what you got SUCKER??

..Just in case..You have to add the 10 million dollars that get added to our cap June 1. The Dansby, and Burnett money is still on the books. June 1 they are off. So in reality add 10 mil to your number.

The truth is that we are getting rid of all the Parcell projects just in time for his inauguration into the Hall Of Fame. Good. Maybe now we'll have a modern team and not a bunch of old throw back heavy footed football players of an era gone by. By the way, Armando, you've been doing a great job lately. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Another Good Move.

He Was Already Replaced Last Year.

The Fins Have Over 10+ Picks. They Can find A DT Late. Or Even A DE, Late In The Draft.

Right Now, OLine And CB Are The Biggest Needs.

At This Point Rather See Them Fix Those Needs Thru The Draft.

The First Pick Should Be A Impact Player.

You see, on Internet, you really can't know who is reading your commentary. There is a high probability that People that know much more about the subject than you do, read you, and of course, do not deign to answer you. Then, they categorize you.

That stupid Dan Lebatard show is airing on espn right now. He and is papi are being betrayed as heyenna bufoons.

Some people will do anything to get on tv. WOW!

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | March 19, 2013 at 03:58 PM

I did buddy, here is a complete breakdown if you need to see it for yourself.


3 picks for D Thomas was MORONIC!


Serious question. Is getting kicked in the balls the same as getting "nutmegged"?

Does anyone know?

Fry cook got off early I see. Must have spilled graese on his meatballs

3 picks for D Thomas was MORONIC!

Posted by: Where's Philip Merling? | March 19, 2013 at 04:02 PM

WTH, man, his market value was 4 picks. We got a steal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trading Da Beast for Eggnew was IDIOTIC!

oscar canosa,
What up bro?
No talk to much lately mostly because I was not here from mid-January until day 1 of FA.
How is the doctor? Give him my regards at your next appointment.

The purge of Parcells/reland/Sporano players continue. Next year count Incognito,Odrick and maybe Starks.

..Just in Case..You got it. A lot of folks didn't know about the Dansby and Burnett contracts. That article accounted for both.

I'll shut up now..

Trading Da Beast for Eggnew was IDIOTIC!

Posted by: Where's Vontae Davis? | March 19, 2013 at 04:06 PM

Finally, we can now make an omelet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way the 2 months that I refused to come into this room my income rose 50%.
Go figure.
I can feel myself being pulled back down into the morass.

I can see it, I can see it, I am of the same mold as Philbin and Co, Serious People.

Are you guys for real we are turning around there is just a lot of work still to do .how many guys do we have left from the last 6 drafts?odrick Jerry tomas

I cannot stand Odrick........steaming heap of mediocrity, just like the GM who is so mindlessly worshiped here for making a few FA moves that may or may not work-out.

Fire Ireland Now

By the way the 2 months that I refused to come into this room my income rose 50%.

Posted by: TheSMF | March 19, 2013 at 04:09 PM

My stock rose 50% after meeting Tannehill's wife.

But dont tell Ryan, ok?

DD, I think the # is $7m but yes still significant. Lots of cap left...

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