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Tony McDaniel not returning to the Dolphins

PHOENIX -- Although most of the attention about Dolphins fee agents has centered on the activity of Jake Long or Sean Smith, there are other players that played for the Dolphins last year currently on the market.

That includes defensive lineman Tony McDaniel, who played the last four seasons with the Dolphins.

Well, McDaniel, an unrestricted free agent, is not returning to the team, I've been told.

It makes sense. McDaniel, 28, has struggled to stay healthy the past couple of seasons. Last year, particularly was a nightmare as he struggled with a knee injury, ankle injury, and other bumps and bruises despite his limited playing time.

McDaniel played only 11 games and managed only 11 tackles. He was originally expected to compete for a starting defensive end job but was moved inside where he struggled when he was in the game.

McDaniel came to the Dolphins for a late-round draft pick in 2008 and served the Dolphins well during the time they played the 3-4 scheme. He had 6.6 sacks in those three years and even started a couple of games for the team.



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Its a playoff year for all 32 nfl teams until the whistle blows....................................

I can see it, I can see it, I am of the same mold as Philbin and Co, Serious People.

Posted by: oscar canosa | March 19, 2013 at 04:10 PM



The Nerve You Have.

Well we switched to 4-3 so 4-3 players r what we need. Got plenty of flexibility with 11 picks in the draft. Need a OT, DB, and passrusher. I would like to c a rb for depth as well.


Can I borrow 30 cents for a milk shake?

I'll pay you back on the installment plan, ok?

2 OTs, 2 CBS, 2Passrushers and a rb, S, and LBer depth plenty of picks lov where we r at.

2a- E.Lacy
2b- M.Te'o
3a- OT
3b- OG
4- TE


You havent answered. I guess I wont be sending my chauffuer over to pick up that 30 cents so I can afford to get a milk shake.

Why buddie?

Dashi, back on the T'eo bandwagon?

1. Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma
2. Margus Hunt, DE, SMU
2. Shamarko Thomas, SS, Syracuse
3. Brian Schwenke, C/OG, Cal
3. Jamie Collins, OLB, Southern Miss
4. Christine Michael, RB, T A&M


Except for Rhodes, your draft plan sucks. You would be a great rb behind the Bama oline.

Mike Forio of PFT can be one of the dumbest unispiring human piece of sports reporter sh$tz of our generation...Did he actually believe that J.Long left miami because he had a better chance at winning a SB in st louis with the likes of Sam Bradford and Jared Cook as their only weapons at this point on offense??!!! not to mention they play in a division where seattle and San fran just got light years better than they did thus far in FA...

I suppose Greg Jennings left GB and Aaron Rodgers to go play with Christian Ponder and minny because he sees him as a better QB *LMAO*

This was about the money the whole way and I think it was the Gauranteed money that made Jakes decision in the process, miami wasnt willing to part with a lot and st. louis did..end of story!!!!

Liked Tony, too bad he is gone. Not Sparono either. No likey da Sparano unless he is coaching the Jets, Bills or please, please please, New England. I would love to see Brady come out of a locker room after Sparano had a half time talk to him.
Sparano can take the IQ of a team down 10 points as soon as he opens his mouth.


30¢ ?

Don't Get It Sorry.

Dashi got shocked.

1. Lane Johnson(if available) Protecting qb priority #1
2A. BPA CB The 2nd greatest team need
2B. Ryan Swope Why have good wr corp in lieu of great
3A. Gavin Escobar Egnew? Keller, rental?
3B. Kyle Long Yes, Long returns to Miami
4. Mike Gillislee RB Gators

You guys can fill in the blanks after this one.

Teams are built thru the draft. Who have we drafted in the past 5 ( no, 10 years) that is decent? No one. The team is a hodge podge of mediocrity, no playmakers and bits and pieces put together that probably do not fit. Everyone we draft is horrible and we cannot evaluate talent. We still need a new owner, GM and front office.


To the poster named dashi, I want the name of your drug supplier and all your drug particpant friend names so I can report this incident immediately to the FBI.

Of course I Don't Mind Te'o. Just Not In The First Round Anymore.

The Fins Still Need 1 More Starter At LB!!

The Fins Need Better CB's, But We Do Have 2 Capable Starters, and N.Carroll As A #4 Or Part-time Nickel CB Is OK.

We Have 2 LB"s. That's It. Yeah We Got Rid Of Dansby And Burnett!! But Misi Was Still Below Average. His Cap Number Is Just Low.

Biggest Needs


Secondary Needs


Did you guys catch that Philbin says he wants his defense to get better in BLITZ situations? Hence Ellerbe/Wheeler.

Sounds he likes the prospects of Vernon's 2nd season to me. Also sounds doubtful a passrusher comes off of the board early to us.

Posted by: Seth | March 19, 2013 at 04:57 PM

we have no draft picks left from 2008 on this roster, what more do you want??


Seems Philbin agrees with you. Wants defense to get better in blitz situations. Meaning he wasnt getting it from the lb spot.

I agree the Dolphins will trade up...there are very good players they need that won't be there at 12. I hope they don't have to give up a 2nd rounder because i want one of those good safties.

if Milner and Fischer or Johnson are in play when they trade up....what a dilemma... i hope they take the right guy....

Posted by: Seth | March 19, 2013 at 04:57 PM

Mike Pouncey, Reshad Jones??? Do they suck or something??!!!

Ireland will trade down for a sht load of 2014 picks to trade up and get Jadaveon Clowney.

You heard it first here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cleveland would make the most sense as a trade partner, they have said that trading out of #6 is a real possiblity if a team was willing...

Probably would cost 1 2nd and 1 3rd round pick jumping from 12 to 6 tho....

Xavier Rhodes still my pick at #12, but wouldnt surprise me in the least if Chance Warmack is the pick to go right next to pouncey either on the O-line...Just sayin!!!

Ireland will trade down for a sht load of 2014 picks to trade up and get Jadaveon Clowney.

You heard it first here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 19, 2013 at 05:09 PM

And most likely the last we'll hear of it too!

Mike Gillislee RB Gators

Your Prototype For Players Is What Is Bad With You, YG.

Stedman Bailey!!

Always Some Undersized Player For The Position.

E.Lacy Is The Prototype If You Were To Build A RB!! Ricky Williams 2.0!!

If You Ever Watch E.Lacy Run You Will See He Doesn't Need A O-Line!!

E.Lacy Is The Reason They Are Changing The Helmet Rule For RB's.

The Guy Averaged Above 6.5 Yds In The SEC. Doesn't Have A Lot Of Miles. And Always Manages To Fall Forward!! Plus Is Built Like A House.

But I Should Listen To You YG.

jeje. You have no chance,

Daytona police chief, Joey Chitwood, was attacked by a biker during bike week.

The biker bit down on Chitwood's thumb, and to break loose, Chitwood pounded the biker's jaw. Chitwood recieved a very lacerated thumb, while the biker recieved a broken jaw and lost several teeth.

Safe to say, the biker was arrested. fking hillarious!

#12 For Revis.

This Sounds Very Reasonable. If Not Ireland Will Have Cap Money Next Year To Go After Him. And At A Reasonable Price.

Plus, Revis Is A Sure Thing. ACL Injuries Aren't As Bad As Before!! Revis Helps The Pass Rush!!

We Need A CB!!

Posted by: Dashi | March 19, 2013 at 05:13 PM

Prototype players? Mr. Parcells, is that you hon'? Hon' is it you? LOL...

C.Patterson With The #12.

Another Possibility. T-Hill Still Needs 1 More Play maker. And Adding A Guy Like CP Makes Everyone's Job Easier. Wallace And Hartline Will Receive More 1 On 1 Coverage.

Even Though The Gibson Signing Almost Makes Sure The Fins Won't Be Going Wr In The Draft.

And None Of The TE's Are Worth a #12 Pick. Late First? Yes. Top 15? No!!


Revis would only be a 2-3 year rental before approaching cap hell. Remember, if T-hill's the real deal, he'll be getting a gigantic new contract in 3 seasons.

So we would be trading a #12 pick for a 3yr rental, plus big money to boot. for the #12 pick, I would rather have something a little more long lasting. Like Rhodes, for example.

Posted by: Dashi | March 19, 2013 at 05:18 PM

In case you havent been keeping up with current events with Revis and the situation, the jets want a first this year, 2nd this year, and 3 rounder this year, and possibly another 2nd rounder next year especially if they trade him in division to a rival of all teams out there.

Oh and did I mention that Revis himself wants a new contract that pays him close to 15 million a year!!!

Move On Dashi, thanks!!!!

The 8th overall pick for TanneBust was a HUGE BOTCH!

My draft predictions:

1) Xavier Rhodes (CB/FSU)
2a) Manelik Watson (T/FSU)
2b) David Amerson (CB/ NCSU)
3a) Justin Pugh (G, T/ Syr.)
3b) Vance McDonald (TE/ Rice)
4) Shemarko Thomas (S/ Syr.)
5) Rodney Smith (WR/FSU)


Exactly why Swope with pick 2b makes sense. Gives Tannehill 2 4,3 40 wr's that can be on the field at the same time.

It forces defenses tio have to give both their cb's safety help over the top if they dont have a true hutdown corner.

This means the middle of the fieldis wide open for business all game long. The other wr's and te will have a Thankgiving day feasting nearly every Sunday we line it up!


All NFL Teams Go For Prototype.

Philbin Has A Prototype.

Name 1 Free Agent WR That Philbin Signed Since He Has Been On The Team That Is Under 6'.

Look At L.Miller And Thigpen!! Do You Sense A Pattern At RB?

The LB's?

Are They Parcells Prototype Over Philbin Prototype?

Everyone Has A Prototype!!

Even You, YG.

Your Prototype Is Always Some Underdog.

Dashi Likes Randy Moss

YG Likes Santana Moss

Nothing Wrong With That. Just Bigger, Faster, Stronger Is Usually A Good Starting Point For Any Athlete!!

You Talked About Lebron!! Lebron Is The Prototype!! He Replaced The Other Prototype Micheal Jordan!!

Why? Because Lebron Is Bigger, Faster, And Stronger Than Jordan!!

I see no one else with their mocks would like to raise the level of this wr corps from very good to great.

Swope would do that, and for possibly no higher than a 2b pick. Dont seems you guys are quite comprehending the impact having 2 4.3 40 guys on the field at the same time.

It will be no contest in the middle of the field. The run ad pass game will blow up.

Philbin is inexperienced. He's never been a HC AT ANY LEVEL!


If Dansby Can Get Cut!!

Revis Can Come To Miami At The Right Price!!

Nothing Is Impossible.

I'm Not Saying The Fins Should Give The Jets What They Want!! Or Revis What He Wants.

Just That Trading The #12 For Revis, Makes A lot Of Sense!! Throw In D.Thomas Since The Jets Need A RB!!

A #12 For Revis Sounds Like Fair Market Value!! Nothing More, Nothing Less.

Screw Woody Johnson.

If You Want Throw Matt Moore On The Trade!! The Jets Need A Qb!!

Actually just like Ireland did with Thomas, he has the firepower to trade back into the 2nd rd. Just hopefully he doesnt pick another Thomas. LOL...


You Are Understanding Why Having 4 Good Wr's Is Essential For This Offense.

2 Wr's Take Care Of The Deep Work, and 2 Wr's Work The Middle!!

Teams Don't/Can't Put 4 CB's On The Field The Whole Game!!

4 Wr, Spread-Option WCO!! That Has A Zone Running Scheme!!


I dont see us sniffing the sb for 2-3yrs at the most. Revis is entering his 7th season. By the time we reach a sb, its highly doubtful Revis would still be a "shutdown cb".

So what do we really profit for all of the money and #12 draft pick. A few years ofrevamping a secondary that will have to be revamped again in 3yrs?

Ross is more concerned about the logo,the stadium, and the celebrities then he is about winning.


It would be een better to have Swope's 4.3 speed on the outside with Wallace and Hartline's 4.45 speed in a wide open middle of the field.

That move could bump Hartline's td totals to 9-10 a year. Just imagine it.

I see no one else with their mocks would like to raise the level of this wr corps from very good to great.

Swope would do that, and for possibly no higher than a 2b pick. Dont seems you guys are quite comprehending the impact having 2 4.3 40 guys on the field at the same time.

It will be no contest in the middle of the field. The run ad pass game will blow up.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 19, 2013 at 05:33 PM

I think you overestimate the value of a forty time. Swipe gives us nothing we don't have already. We need a redzone threat WR, the kind of guy that wins jump balls in the end zone. That's why I see Rodney Smith as a good value in the 5th rd.. The guy is 6'4", 230lbs and runs a 4.4 and nobody is mentioning him! He has huge hands and his coach said he is the guy that always seems to make plays in clutch situations.

Clearly, performance is not a factor in Ross's evaluation of Irescum.

I heard they're flying another Fire Ireland plane sign over the stadium for the home opener.

A bunch of arm chair QB's excited about a bunch of long in the tooth players that their previous teams refused to pay. Ireland is taking out his own trash. Too bad we cannot properly blast these "so-called" experts. Miami will be lucky to finish 7-9 AGAIN!

What has Ireland done to draw such criticism? I would say Parcells and Sparano are more or just as much to blame. The only reason we have all this cap space and high number of picks is because of the GM and the HC working together! We should have never traded for Marshall and looking at our drafts after JJ left well its just miserable! Looking forward to good things! If you are not excited right now as a Fins fan you might as well root for the Jets! Go Ireland,go Joe and Go Dolphins!

That means we are drafting Bjoern Werner out of Florida State at #12. There is Cam Wake's complement on the other end and we can still get CB and Tackle in round 2!!!

Odrick can play DT backing up Starks and Soliai, but getting a lot of minutes and learning behind those guys, because now if they can't sign Starks long term, Odrick is his replacement at DT!!

For all the people whining about turnover of "Ireland's players" - don't you get it?? This is an unsentimental business, not a retirement home. You keep players when they are contributing what you need them to contribute and exit or trade them when they are not. Ireland is ruthless in insisting on performance and not cutting slack for the chronically injured - EXACTLY WHAT A GM SHOULD BE DOING.

When Ireland worked for Parcels he implemented Parcels vision by getting big, strong but slower players for a 1980s Parcels type team. Now Ireland is free to work out his own vision, brought in a coach who is aligned with football in the current era - QB and aerial ball, fast, offense heavy and is re-making the team in the image that he and Philbin share with Ross. EXACTLY WHAT A GM SHOULD BE DOING.

Ireland did not re-sign players who were more expensive than their talent and contribution justified and is replacing them with less expensive and better fitting staff - moving out Long, a good player but not worth the money, replacing Dansby etc. The concept is to maximize value for money. All the teams have the same total money. The ones who consistently have the best value for money will get the best talent. Younger players have salaries diminished by the CBA relative to veterans so part of the strategy is to replace your third line and second line players and starters when possible with young players, to dump veterans who are not playmakers and to concentrate your spend on the playmakers. This is what Ireland is doing - EXACTLY WHAT A GM SHOULD BE DOING.

One could argue that Ireland should have told Parcels not to implement his vision. Having a subordinate tell his boss that when the system had just turned around a 1-11 season into winning the division is a pretty unlikely criticism - one I doubt most people on the board would be telling their own bosses. One could argue that Irelands talent selection has produced too few starters from early round picks - this is something that requires systematic data to support it, something not obvious to me. Certainly teams like the Patriots and Pittsburgh who normally are considered to be the best front offices have not been exceptional in this parameter.

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