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Travel day buffet of topics to discuss

PHOENIX -- Today is a travel day for me.

But I'm giving you plenty to chew on. If you check out my column from the NFL annual meeting, you'll see where the Dolphins stand and how they feel about a handful of intriguing players.

You'll see where Miami stands on Osi Umenyiora.

You'll see where Miami stands on Elvis Dumervil.

You'll see where Miami stands on John Abraham.

I believe it is a fairly complete roll call of the top pass rushers currently available in free agency and it shows the Dolphins want to upgrade the pressure on quarterbacks in 2013.

But there is more than one way to skin a ...  well ...  a quarterback. You'll also find out the name of a darkhorse candidate already on the roster -- other than Olivier Vernon -- the Dolphins think might become a good pass rusher based on what they saw in practice last year.

And you'll find out why such veterans as Umenyiora and others now consider the Dolphins as they wind down their careers when in the past they might not have.

You'll find out that defensive tackle remains a "want" for the Dolphins (Remember, they go by "musts," then "needs," then "wants" in the order of priority additions.)

By the way, the column doesn't mention Dwight Freeney as an option. That's not because he's not, but rather I simply forgot to ask about him. Why?

He's older than the veteran ends the Dolphins are more seriously considering. He also wasnt quite as productive last year. I suppose he should be on this list, but my gut tells me he's definitely not at the front of the line.

The column also does not discuss OT. The Dolphins have scheduled a visit with former Chiefs and former Texans right tackle Eric Winston today. First order of business is a physical for him and then he'll meet with OL coaches. He visited last year after being cut by the Texans and has multiple teams interested.

The Dolphins are looking for a tackle after losing Jake Long in free agency.

Discuss ...


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Ummm first?

Like Jeff I has said...there is a plan in place. I for one I'm glad that the Fins seem to be on track and if nothing else chasing and hot on the heels of New England. It seems that we are all in agreement with that. Now we need to hit on a few 'wants' with the 11 Draft Picks!

All 3 have their baggage & their talents are at about the same level. Sign the more cap friendly of the 3. Personally I hope Osi is the one that they sign.

Speaking of DTs and wants ... if Lane Johnson is gone, Sheldon Richardson would be a great pick. 2nd best athlete for his position in the draft behind Johnson. Considering we have no DTs on the roster if Odrick loses 20 lbs going into next year ... all the more credence...


After losing 7 starters we still have 45 MILL in cap room left! WTF?

Im ust checking my reading comprehension

Are u saying JOSH KADDU will strike the fear of daylights savings on opposing QBs

KADDU. are u serious

In year 6 of Irescum is this an expansion team?

The only interesting DE is Dumervil. I wouldn't even waste my time on those other guys unless they are dirt cheap. Which if they were they'd be gone by now.

DT's can be found later in the draft pick a couple late and let them compete in camp. I like our Dline coach to get the most out of any rookies.

Mark, agreed on Richardson...Mike, why not Kaddu???? You think it would be the first time in NFL history a young guy becomes a productive player in his second year??? Get real bro...

Sure looks and feels like an expansion team. Has the player turnover of an expansion team. Not one player has been on the team very long.

Problem is it's hard to imagine the Dolphins taking a guy like Richardson...They have a major need at corner and LT...Another guard to challenge Jerry wouldn't do any harm either...

Miami Dolphins = A franchise without a face

My priority would be a Safety. Somebody who teach the young draft picks. Ed Reed! Interceptions, interceptions, interceptions!

Montreal, yeah, I wouldn't trump Johnson with Richardson. I think Johnson right now is BPA regardless of need. However if the top three OTs are gone at 12, picking Armstead or Kyle Long there would be dumb. CBs, yeah Rhodes seems to be a pretty good player but how much better is he than the next guys available in rd 2?? Jesse Williams of Alabama may also be in play right behind Richardson ... Philbin said he wanted free agency to plug holes then take BPA. If that's the truth then I would think Richardson would be in the mix. he's a freak.

As far as guards go, there's a plethora of atheltic guards available through all rounds. I have Brian Schwenke of Cal as my most athletic guard and he has a 3rd round grade but Cooper may also be in the mix at 12, you're right there.

Go Phins!! Sooo Pumped For Next Season!!

Xavier Rhodes would make a lot of sense for Miami...Get a o-lineman in round 2 since the draft is very deep at that position...Use the other pick in round 2 on a safety like Elam...Maybe a guard and another corner in round 3...

The think I like about Rhodes is he's an aggressive corner...I love Lane Johnson as a pick as well...Not quite sure what Ireland will do there...

Michael Egnew is the face of the franchise!!

Armando...What's up with the Herald charging to read Dolphins' articles?? I love your articles but I won't pay to read them. Guess I'll just stick to your Blog since that's free.

The last few years we have been able to NAIL DOWN the 1st round pick, Tanny/Pouncey

This year i cant see thru the smoke....yet

It is my belief that the Dolphins will win more than 4 games next year, but under 6 games

Mike Wallace had less production than Hartline last year and Ireland made him the highest paid WR in the league.
I do not take that as confirmation that top FAs want to play for the Phins now.
I take that as Wallace having the same agent as Dansby who Ireland made the highest paid LB a few years ago.
Miami can't even keep thier own players (Bush, Long, Smith, Fasano).
Neither Umenyora, Dumervil or Abraham are coming here.


You're SO right bud (moron). Care to explain how Ellerbe, Wheeler, Keller and Gibson ended up in Miami and why Moore, Clemmons and Hartline resigned.

Are you REALLY going to continue with that nonsense about 'no FAs want to play for Miami' or 'nobody wants to play for Ireland'. Isn't it really time to put that crap to bed?

Good column Mando. Yesterday I said there are a lot of good pass rushers available in the draft but if the Dolphins believe Kaddu is going to do the job then I'm all for bringing in Osi.

I think the move to OLB last year affected Freeney as he had been a 3-technique end his whole career. I believe at Syracuse also.

Also like the fact Winston is coming in today and they still talking about a veteran CB. That defensive secondary can use a veteran presence.

Yeah, there's a million ways to go with that first pick .. which is a good thing for Miami. Suddenly we don't have so many glaring holes. BPA all day ...

Craig M, 100% agreed. I remember a time when NO ONE and I mean NO ONE wanted to play for the Patriots, they were a joke. Some of these morons think the Pats have been a powerhouse since the NFL started. Players obviously see the change and want to come here.

It all starts with promise at the QB position and good coaching.

People didn't want to play for the Dolphins, they didn't want to play for Henne and Sparano ..

SMF @ 9:30...

You win the DOUCHE BAG of the blog award....

and its so early in the day...I wonder what you will do follow up such a thoughtful and insightful post...

Oh...I know...

change your name a binch of times...and continue to spew more nonsensical BS....

you're on the clock....

Next move, pull a Qb in the draft.

I love Thill, but we have 11 picks in the draft, a Qb in addiction to compete will we good.

Hmm...Let's see. Sign Winston, a vet CB (maybe Grimes?) Osi, and a vet DT and now you enter the draft without any specific needs and free to choose the best players available. Good plan.

And no, TE is not a need. Clay will bookend Keller. Egnew will learn how to block.


Seriously man? THAT'S your post. Draft a QB to compete with Tannehill? Who did you have in mind? You think anybody in this draft is going to be better than Tannehill or Moore? Are you just being dumb or another one of these guys that likes to chancge his name?


My sister-in law's brother just became a Dolphin season ticket holder. Lives in Stoufville. Single guy. His girlfriend is a competitive curler. He's planning to get down for about 4 games this year. Might be a few games up for grab if you're interested. I think he said he was at the 18 yard line, four rows up. Keep you posted but maybe you and your new wife want to get down to a game some time. No way he'll go to all 8 games.


Yeah...OK....(rolling my eyes)


I agree there is no need to pick up a QB but if we happen to grab a late round guy I would hope we'd get Matt Scott from Arizona to develop and possibly trade later.

If someone else grabs him keep an eye out. I think this guy could could be really good down the road.

Considering that both Starks and Soliai are free agents next year, i wouldn't mind going with either Star Lotulelei or Sharrif Floyd at 12. Get a year in the rotation, getting bigger and stronger, learning behind those two and then DT won't be a huge hole entering next offseason.

George... what are you talking about.. please read anything related to the Fins and you will auto correct yourself..

Craig M, 100% agreed. I remember a time when NO ONE and I mean NO ONE wanted to play for the Patriots, they were a joke. Some of these morons think the Pats have been a powerhouse since the NFL started. Players obviously see the change and want to come here.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 20, 2013 at 09:54 AM

Before Brady & Belicheat they where the bills (worst even). Things change (was a time when the dolphins had the longest playoff appearance streak)


I like that kid too. Bit raw right now but I'm cool with a developmental QB. Drafting a QB to compete with Tannehill right now is about the stupidest thing this team could do. They need to support this kid and help him get better. Moore's the ideal guy to also help in this area. I think Tannehill's got this year and next to show what he's got before we need to re-think the position.

Craig, taht's awesome. The last time I did that, Ricky Williams retired - I was so excited and then watched the Phins completely implode to the point that they still haven't fully recovered. I had a four day work week back then (but got paid for 5 - not many jobs around like that anymore since the US financial system melted down) anyway, yeah that was sad but I look forward to that agains someday. I may be interested in taking a couple of tix. I am already planning to go down to Pitt for that game since the wife's cousin is as ardent about the steelers as we are about the phins here.

Eric Winston rumors: 'Deal could happen' with Dolphins, says Adam Schefter.

Nice 2 watt... I was hoping theyd sign him at the right price.. I dont think he gets near what KC paid for him, which is why he was released.

We may see both Winston and Grimes sign with Miami today.

...Dashi. Thanks for the reply last night. Good post.

I agree with you about Clay. Off the top of my head. I am thinking about the first half of the Colt game, the Seahawk game, the Rams.. Where the team had Clay lined up as a fullback, and had nice completions down the field on wheel routes.

Wow, Grimes and Winston? I think that would round out a rather successful free agency.

DD, he does have a knack for that ...

We may see both Winston and Grimes sign with Miami today.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 20, 2013 at 10:53 AM

That's all I want left in free agency. No more spending. Maybe dumervile (at a modest/cheap price). But other than that get the draft right. Add another maybe 2 can live with one corner, safety (Cyprien, FIU), 2OL, DT, pass rusher, depth at LB, Sleeper running back.

..Mark in Toronto. Pittsburg is an under-rated city. The people are cool. Especially the cabbies. The food is great. And they finally have a good hotel. I have seen a few games at Hines,(or PNC) and the game day experience is great. We stay at the Fairmont. It is right across the river from the stadium. Tons of people walk. The cool part is the Roberto Clemente statue in front of the BB stadium in the adjacent lot.

If you like sandwiches..Try Peppis. Anyway.

basketball stadium, i tought he played baseball.?

wit all these new faces,
ota's r f'ing critical this season.

There are interesting cave rides and water expositions in Pittsbugh. Also, the Andy Warhol museum.

But we lost marlon moore to san fran

The writing is on the wall. The long term plan in Martin at LT. That's why they are bringing in Winston for a look. My guess is they target a RT in the 3rd Rd for the future.

Grimes would be a great pickup but that injury, he better get a more thorough medical exam than Long got in St. Louis.

Winston seems like a logical pickup considering our tackle depth and his history in Florida.

Rumors here in kc is alberts has been offered to miami for a second rd pick. Id do it

Landing Winston and or Grimes just gives Ireland a security blanket for the draft.

No one knows how it will shake out. The KEY RIGHT NOW is Gino Smith being taken in the top 10!! If that happens we will multiple possiblities at 12.

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