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Travel day buffet of topics to discuss

PHOENIX -- Today is a travel day for me.

But I'm giving you plenty to chew on. If you check out my column from the NFL annual meeting, you'll see where the Dolphins stand and how they feel about a handful of intriguing players.

You'll see where Miami stands on Osi Umenyiora.

You'll see where Miami stands on Elvis Dumervil.

You'll see where Miami stands on John Abraham.

I believe it is a fairly complete roll call of the top pass rushers currently available in free agency and it shows the Dolphins want to upgrade the pressure on quarterbacks in 2013.

But there is more than one way to skin a ...  well ...  a quarterback. You'll also find out the name of a darkhorse candidate already on the roster -- other than Olivier Vernon -- the Dolphins think might become a good pass rusher based on what they saw in practice last year.

And you'll find out why such veterans as Umenyiora and others now consider the Dolphins as they wind down their careers when in the past they might not have.

You'll find out that defensive tackle remains a "want" for the Dolphins (Remember, they go by "musts," then "needs," then "wants" in the order of priority additions.)

By the way, the column doesn't mention Dwight Freeney as an option. That's not because he's not, but rather I simply forgot to ask about him. Why?

He's older than the veteran ends the Dolphins are more seriously considering. He also wasnt quite as productive last year. I suppose he should be on this list, but my gut tells me he's definitely not at the front of the line.

The column also does not discuss OT. The Dolphins have scheduled a visit with former Chiefs and former Texans right tackle Eric Winston today. First order of business is a physical for him and then he'll meet with OL coaches. He visited last year after being cut by the Texans and has multiple teams interested.

The Dolphins are looking for a tackle after losing Jake Long in free agency.

Discuss ...


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Plenty of Time.

Heat going down. The old 'trap' game psych out. They spent it all on the previous game.

You probably don't know the Competitive Spirit, Marc. When we decide to engage, We don't let go. Never. Death first.

Spo is not really a coach. That has been obvious for a long time. He is not a motivator. He has no wit, or surprise, both of which are a sign of intelligence. Superior talent can trump coaching, but only so far.

We win it on Defense. Yessir.


OK the Heat are making a come back.

The Heat Are Back In it.

But Agreed. It Is Not Cause Of Spo.

Yes, Talent Beats Coaching. But Coaching Develops Talent!!

Imagine If Coach Laranaga Was The Heat Coach?

None Of This Lack of Effort!!

It would be nice to break the record streak. But the goal of course is always the trophy. Nothing else means much. Can the Heat join the lore of the Lakers and Celtics? We will see.


You play your Game, Man, you play your Game.

This Is How You Break Peoples Will!! Destroy Them In The Regular Season!!

I Know We Won't Play The Cav's In The Postseason!! But The Cav's Know!! Lebron owns Them!!

They should still win this game, but it is not a very good sign. Something is missing.

Ah, fukkk you, lobo.

I'm not into Amphetamine's. I think some here are.

Heat are amazing. They toy with their opponents. They have to be careful though, one day their luck is going to run out.

oscar has no manners. Or maybe he fears opinion?



The Heat should have one the year before too. I blame that on Spo, and also Lebron shying away from proving himself a little too often.

Fukkkyou, Orlando(again).

Oscar is a little girl.

They Are Lucky They Are Playing The Cav's!!

Spo Is Still Gay!!

Lebron is a unique speciman. But he is no Jordon. Jordon's will won his last two championships against the superior team with Malone and Stockton. Jordon's desire, in the heat of the battle, was greater than Malone's. Lebron needs to learn this, or maybe it is not learnable?

HoHo!(but you know you doubted, don't you)(that stays inside you)(confirms to yourself your sh-t). Doesn't it?


I Still Blame It On Spo!! It Is The Coaches Job To Motivate!!

Have You Ever Seen A Jim Laranaga Pregame Speech?

He Even Makes The Fan Want To Go Out And Play!!

Psychology Is The Most Important Tool For A Coach!!

Now, tighten up.

In sports...

There is the most talented, and then there is the most talented with the most will. That is what still separates Jordan from any athlete of our time. Lebron shied away two years ago where Jordan would have SEIZED the moment.

And that is the difference.

Lebron is an incredible athlete. But he is no Jordan. MJ still sets the standard in modern sports.

Any doubts?

Watch the last ten minutes of his final championship game against Utah. Pure supremacy AND poetry.

Great Game!

Why do I let myself be drawn into this Stuff? I'm supposed to be retired(partially).

Lebron Never Had Anybody To Coach Him That!!

The Killer Instinct!!

Jordan Had P.Jackson!! A Master Psychologist!! Who Taught Him Not To Be Happy With Losing!!

P.Jackson Gave Shaq A Killer Instinct!!

Look At The Ball Hog He Created With Kobe!! Kobe Hates Losing!!

Who Have Been Lebron's Coaches?

Hopefully, Riley Has Been Giving Lebron Advice!!

Who Do You Think Built That Killer Instinct In Wade?

Great Coaches Make Great Players Even Better!!

Stockton and Malone were an incredible force. An inspiration. INCREDIBLE. Jordan neutralized them...and beat them.

Stockton and Malone deserve a ring as much as Marino...but they were there at the wrong time, at the time of the annihilator.



For some reason now I am thinking about Jim Kelly. Great QB. Great. 4 consecutive AFC championships? Dang, we can't deny respect.

Kelly had two things though that Marino never had. Bruce Smith and Thurmon Thomas.

It is Thurman.

If Marino Would've Had Thurman Thomas!! Marino Would've Won 4 Super bowls!!


The Heat escape! That is 24 in a row.

The Miami Dolphins single biggest mistake in the history of the team was letting Bobby Beathard get away.

The Miami Dolphins greatest unsung hero of all time? Unsung I say...Bill Arnsparger. Forget Rex, forget Belichek. Arnsparger was the greatest modern day genius of defense.


Jordan Looked More Like A Basketball Player Than Lebron.


Lebron Is Just A Freak Of Nature!!

Nobody Will Ever Be Jordan.

Lebron Just Happens To Be Bigger, Faster, And Stronger!!

Like Some Would Say Jordan Was To Dr.J!!

Like Peyton Manning Is The Next Dan Marino.

Shula/Arnsparger may have been the greatest coaching duo in all of sports history.

So, how did you like the Game? I hope you enjoyed it.


The Helmet Rule is Bullshyt!

We're all taught not to lead with the Helmet. You can't see where you're going and we all know about the potential for injury. Especially in this day and age of inter-net enlightenment.

You know all of this, I know this and were not even professionals. So I'm guessing that these guys that played all their lives, recruited at some point and received TONS of good coaching, I'm sure they know too.

Good Coaching and Education. That should be the extent of it.

The one play they keep replaying has the running back low, shoulders squared with his head JUST BARELY up enough to see. He breaks into the 2nd level and the LB jumps right in front of him. From the initial contact his head dropped and his helmet hits the LB squarely in the face-mask.

This will be a penalty under the new rule. It simply shouldn't be. If the running back would have raised his head any, the contact would have driven his head back possibly breaking HIS neck.

I have to agree with Faulk(and tons of other players) on this one. The RB's are targets most of the time and they have to be able to protect themselves.

This is one aspect of the game that they just cannot legislate away. The sport of football is inherently violent and I'm all for player safety. But this rule simply goes to far, like Mayock says: It crosses the line.


My final post for today....there is no acceptable reason for the Heat not to win the trophy this year. If they don't...it will be the fault of Lebron or Spo or both.

I'm not sure Spo could make Aunt Jemima pancakes if the recipe was read to him.


If you're going to institute these types of rules you might as well have them put on the lingerie and play Flag in the Women's League-Co Ed. The next step will be to outlaw the game of TACKLE football altogether.

The RB's are constant targets and this new rule will put them at risk more so than the defense. Also, it will have the officials making more controversial calls than EVER BEFORE.

I keep seeing Walter Payton faking to the left, the right......then just hammering the linebacker with his forehead right in the middle of the chest. I keep seeing Earl Campbell just bulldozing guys and it kills me at some deep level to think this will all be a thing of the past.

The icing on the cake: Just wait until the Patriots RB's are allowed to do the same and Thomas and Miller keep drawing selective Flags that ice the game for the Pats!

You can do lots of things in the name of player safety, but this isn't one of them. This actually alters the way the game will be played. More than that, it doesn't allow you to play the game. A blatantly obvious spear is one thing and that's already against the rules. But what they are proposing to legislate now is INCEDENTAL Contact.

Good coaching and education is all that is needed here. Not more rules that slowly eat away at the fabric of the game. That step by step are turning tackle leagues into Flag leagues. More rules that will allow officials to either consciously or subconsciously manipulate the outcome of games.

Goodell has crossed the line this time. Please flood the NFL websites with your protests. I can't do it all by myself!

Take note all you haters- I have a good feeling this team is going to surprise everyone this season, and free agency is not even over yet!

odin, why discharge your diarrhea on the blog??? sit on the toilet, get it over with, wipe up, and then come back if and only if you have something to say.

I'm back...something was bugging me.

Who is the most overrated coach in sports history? Who?

Pat Riley.

The Macy's floor sweeper would have taken that phenomenal Laker team with the deepest bench in history to the playoffs.

Riley had an extremely talented Knicks team, and couldn't get it done.

Spo was lucky he had Lebron like Belichuck was lucky he had Brady.

Until next time.

I never tire of saying:

HEAT........WINS......AGAIN BABY!!!!!!24 STRAIGHT!!!!!!!

odin, why discharge your diarrhea on the blog??? sit on the toilet, get it over with, wipe up, and then come back if and only if you have something to say.

Posted by: Dude | March 20, 2013 at 10:18 PM

Not right now Playboy, I'm talking grown up stuff.

I know you're still mad because I pointed out how wrong you were last night. Then when I exposed your blatant lies, I know it embarrassed you.

Just get over it already, and try to learn from it PLEASE. Try and learn why you shouldn't bring your amateuristic trolling garbage my way.

You don't want me to put another "Smack Down" on you, do ya **Bu-oY**?

(Now like I said: Not right now, Daddy is talking with the Grown Folks - ROTFLMAO................)


If Riley is overated give me a fking truckload of Pat Rileys/

OMG, Im out, another plitter platter sht will spladder night here.

GN fellas. LOL...

I agree with lobo. What did Riley ever win after the Lakers? That Laker team had a bench better than most teams starters!!! Any coach would have won with that team!!!

Riley failed as a coach in NY.

Riley failed as a coach in Miami.

The troll has odin in the palm of his hand.

Odinseye, just FYI I'm the guy you had the dispute with last night.

NONE of these other posters you've responded to tonight are me. Not. A. Single. One.

But this is how you roll, and facts don't matter a whit to you. It's your defense mechanism. I get it.

But it doesn't change a thing.

So by all means have fun wasting your time responding to phantom "me's." I'm far too busy tonight to be bothered with a nitwit like you.

When I feel like toying with (and destroying) you again, I will. But as always on MY terms.


Mickey Arison is the exact opposite of Stephen Ross. Arison hires the best, spends freely, and doesnt meddle. Ross hires the dreck, is a total cheapskate, and meddles often.

You guys are out of your minds if you think Riley's NY Knick teams were good enough to beat Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

In Jordan's hiatus between 3peats, The Knicks met a very good Akeem Alujowon led Houston Rockets team. The Rockets were just as good as the Knicks defeensively and had far more offensive firepower.

The Rockets would go on to beat the Orlando Magic for their 2nd consecutive nba title.

Pat Riley is a hof basketball hc, not a fking magician. LOL...

Monte, you're a tool. In don't even like Ross but calling him a cheapskate is beyond idiotic. Why don't you ask Ben Wallace how cheap he is?

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