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Travel day buffet of topics to discuss

PHOENIX -- Today is a travel day for me.

But I'm giving you plenty to chew on. If you check out my column from the NFL annual meeting, you'll see where the Dolphins stand and how they feel about a handful of intriguing players.

You'll see where Miami stands on Osi Umenyiora.

You'll see where Miami stands on Elvis Dumervil.

You'll see where Miami stands on John Abraham.

I believe it is a fairly complete roll call of the top pass rushers currently available in free agency and it shows the Dolphins want to upgrade the pressure on quarterbacks in 2013.

But there is more than one way to skin a ...  well ...  a quarterback. You'll also find out the name of a darkhorse candidate already on the roster -- other than Olivier Vernon -- the Dolphins think might become a good pass rusher based on what they saw in practice last year.

And you'll find out why such veterans as Umenyiora and others now consider the Dolphins as they wind down their careers when in the past they might not have.

You'll find out that defensive tackle remains a "want" for the Dolphins (Remember, they go by "musts," then "needs," then "wants" in the order of priority additions.)

By the way, the column doesn't mention Dwight Freeney as an option. That's not because he's not, but rather I simply forgot to ask about him. Why?

He's older than the veteran ends the Dolphins are more seriously considering. He also wasnt quite as productive last year. I suppose he should be on this list, but my gut tells me he's definitely not at the front of the line.

The column also does not discuss OT. The Dolphins have scheduled a visit with former Chiefs and former Texans right tackle Eric Winston today. First order of business is a physical for him and then he'll meet with OL coaches. He visited last year after being cut by the Texans and has multiple teams interested.

The Dolphins are looking for a tackle after losing Jake Long in free agency.

Discuss ...


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I can't but help think that Miami does something totally unexpected with the #12 pick in the draft...like taking Patterson or Austin!

Ireland (and Philbin) want speed. And, Bess is in the last year of his contract. Reggie Bush is gone and someone has to return kick on Special Teams. This draft is deep at both Defensive Backs and Pass Rushers, so Ireland may gamble a little bit. I expect he will double-up on both positions with 11 picks at his disposal to hedge his bets.

No one's really talking about some of the guys who rode the bench last year. It's time for them to step up and play or be gone...


Sports Blogs, Pundits and Networks all over the world are going berserk over this one new rule.

This blog?

Basketball and Monkey Bu-oy living out his fantasies.

You all watch. Miller will fall down backwards and his Helmet will barely bump someone and 4 flags will fly.

Thomas and his running style? He might as well retire.

But not the Pats! Their receivers and running backs will be spearing people all over the league.

They'll "Call It" incidental contact.

Judging from the majority of sites I've read, The Coaches are toeing the line.

The Fan Bases are rabibly against about 85% - 15%.

The players are harder to accurately count. But easily a majority against.

It's gonna happen!

still need plenty of upgrades......draft the best player available at 12, period.

Jordan defended Karl Malone better than anybody. Lebron NEVER had to defend a beast like Malone. Never, ever.

I was going to stop writing here Tonight as I am not into playing all the Time anymore. But I am in Awe. Not only of Tonight's Game and of Lebron but of Pat Riley. The Architect of Great Teams, also played in Them. Surrounded by Greatness and His, probably, in all of Professional Sports, the Best of the very Best HC and GM that has ever existed. btw, I think it's his Birthday Today. Happy Birthday. GN

Lebron is a speciman, but he is a bit of a pansy. He was afraid of the pressure two years ago, afraid to take the shot. Wimpy.

Oh, stop it already.

LeBron James is the most dominant athlete in professional sports playing on the best team in professional sports.

Deal with it.


Wow--Ed Reed signing with Texans.

Jordan never advanced until Pippen arrived.

Every year on this blog during the off-season, it's the same old thing! You've got your regular posters, a few new ones that seem pretty cool, and then there's the Jet's Fans/Trolls who run on and on and on about total garbage! They're just looking for someone (anyone) to pay them some attention; good or bad. And, all of this just builds and builds (like grease in the kitchen sink) until Mando has to put his foot down and starts throwing people off of the blog. Then, everything is cool...for a little while...then, the Trolls find new names and new IP addresses to use and sneak their way back on, if they can. Or, they wait until Mando isn't paying much attention to the blog and then it's the same old thing over and over again! It's like the cycle of life or something...

It's a blog Tracy, what did you expect?

Tracy - major bi name for sure

The regulars here ARE 90% of the trolls. Are there actually some people who haven't figured that out yet?

The regulars here ARE 90% of the trolls. Are there actually some people who haven't figured that out yet?

Posted by: As Plain As the Nose On Your Face | March 20, 2013 at

We figured out you are one of them.

Absolutely! Just like 90% of the other regulars here.

For instance, "True indeed." Been using that name long?

"Troll" has meaning on some blogs.

This ain't one of 'em.

4 consecutive losing seasons breeds trolls. Whats so hard to understand?

For instance, "True indeed." Been using that name long?

"Troll" has meaning on some blogs.

This ain't one of 'em.

Posted by: As Plain As the Nose On Your Face | March 20, 2013

Been using your name long? Or just about 5 minutes?

Plain = daShe

Lebron And D.Wade Are Better Than Jordan And Pippen!!

As Duo!! Yes!!


Nobody Is Better Than Jordan! Scoring.

But Lebron Is A Beast!! And D.Wade Has Enough Will For The Both Of Them!!

Pippen Is The Fourth Best Player On The Court.

Now Who Is Coaching Them?

Phil Jackson Or Spo?

That Will Decide The Outcome!! Hands Down!!

95 Out Of 100!!

Better Coach!!

Plain = Mother = Dashi little boy lost

Plain = Dashi = Odin


More Respect, About 95 Out Of 100!! Those Numbers Are A Little Low For Dashi!!

Mother Russia/ Fidel's Daddy = Plain = Dashi = Odin


Come On? The Genius Supreme Will Never Use A Sign In Name, Plain

The Others I Will Take Credit For!!

You Can Call Me Master.

G'Nite asswipe faker fools.

G'Nite brand new sign in name!

On The Jake Long Situation?

It Will Get Done When It Is Done!!JAKE IS #1 PRIORITY!! And Ireland Will Sign Him At His Price!!

Posted by: daShe| March 16, 2013 at 12:29 PM

Ireland Probably Wants To Sign Jake To A 3 Year Deal!! Jake Wants More Years!! But Ireland Has All The Leverage!!

Can't Wait To See The Final Deal When It Is All Said And Done. Bet It Favors Ireland.

Posted by: daShe | March 16, 2013 at 12:53 PM

What about the baby penguins? What about the poor baby penguins??



Idk how anyone can talk down on the heat when we been tbaggin the nbagoing on 3 years...haters gonna hate....just open wide and get t bagged


Im watching the replay now.

Nothing worse than to take away what you most want, is there?

So far so good. I think Ireland is doing a credible job, I like Wallace but only playtime will tell the truth, cause I felt this way 6 yrs ago and it didnt turn out as successful as people thought it would, right Mando? I would like them to sign Winston, Osi and Grimes. (I think thats his name) But wish'en with one hand and seeing what fills up the other hand is a different thing.

Apparently Brandon Moore is in Miami for a visit...He's been a very solid RG for the NY Jets the last couple of years...The Herald doesn't mention anything about it...Armando, can you confirm if this is true or not?

I've heard the same, #1...

Could this mean that jerry could be done or does it mean that this is part of plan b where Jerry gets moved out to tackle where I think he's been better than at guard.

Odin admits he is Dashi @ 12:00. How pathetic!

Mark...Exactly...I've been saying it for a while now...Jerry is a tackle, not a guard...He's good in pass protection because he's got great balance, moves his feet very well for a guy his size...But he doesn't overpower anyone....That's why he struggles a lot more in run blocking...Makes a lot more sense to put him at the RT position...Assuming they plan to keep him of course...I'm not so sure...

what type of mist do you enjoy? i enjoy many different mists. mists are wonderful.

Not sure why B. Moore would even want to go back to the Jets if given a choice between the Phins and Jets. The Jets are in shambles and need a complete rebuild.

#1 yeah, the team wuld not have a tough time selling me on John jerry as a tackle. In fact I thought he was better than Martin was at left tackle when Long was injured the year before. Seems martin was constanly being pushed beack into the pocket. Not many would be able to do that to jerry. He's a mountain with pretty good athelticism like you said. Just needs to be more committed.

and Dad... nobody wants to go back to the Jets if they have a choice ... they're done

Hey, the Jets went to the AFC title game twice in the last 4 yers. The Dullfins? NADA!

Anyone know when was the last time the Fins won a playoff game?

The Jets aren't going back to any title games for a long time and that's the point. They lost twice in those title games and now their run is over. That team has regressed ever since and I have no confidence Rex can build that team. Didn't he also hire Sparano?

Hey, remember when the Dolphins were relevant?

After 4 losing seasons in a row Fin fans shouldnt be making fun of any team. Someone was making fun of Cleveland and we havent beaten them in like 10 years.

The Phins are relevant now. This is an ascending team...So pumped for this season. The Jests don't have to worry though they'll get plenty of chances to build another overhyped big mouth lousy team when teams starting cutting guys in training camp.

What the FUKK does it mean to make the conference title game? Who the fukk cares??? It's like rubbing the teet of a really hot broad. Did you nail her or not? if not then shut the fukk up ...

And oh, the Jets are so done... see you in about 5 or 6 years gang green. You lost your swagger, lost your players, lost your GM, and have no buying power... fukk you even lost your fireman who sits on his boyfriends' shoulders like a Manti T'eo ... what a mess.

Remember when Sancheese turned the ball over 50 times since 2011? I DO. That situation is brewing for a complete meltdown. At this point you'd have to say that guy is a complete bust.

Even Jaquar, Titan, Jets, Bills, and Raider fans make fun of the laughingstock Fins. LOL

I'm as "pumped" for this season as I was for the last 4 seaons! Go Fins!!

Dear NFL Veteran Fan Favorite (i.e. Brian Urlacher, Jake Long, Wes Welker, etc.):

I have noticed many of you getting upset and feeling disrespected. You WRONGFULLY believe the team OWES you loyalty based on past performance. However, in this cutthroat business based on current results, GMs RIGHTFULLY base your worth on FUTURE POTENTIAL. Those of you that are ailing, or aging, asking for huge sums of money, unfortunately are not cost-effective options based on the new CBA in a flat CAP market. Therefore, teams choose to get younger, faster, stronger at a fraction of the expense you are asking for.

I'm sorry you don't feel the love. Believe me, you were a credit to the team and the sport during your prime. But market forces are dictating teams to make different moves. It will be hard in the future for any team to keep a star in one location for their entire careers (unless you play the QB position). Even legends change organizations (see Joe Montana). I wish you luck in your future endeavors. No hard feelings, but the bottom line is winning. Thank you for your services.

dads, I remember one turnover more than any other ... the one causedd when Sanchez ran into the arse of his own lineman .. like a cartoon ... what a joke.

But don't worry Jet fans, you will still get your 15 mins of discussion on ESPN every night and can still act like you're relevant on your way to a 3-13 record.

dads, at this point? The verdict is in, Sanchez stinks .. there is no hope he can improve, just continue allocating cap space and money into that complete disaster.

The Dolphins change players more often then Dashi changes her underwear.

DC, I think Dansby and Urlacher should end up on the same team. They can count their millions, talk about plays they made 5 years ago and Brian can even share stories of what it's like to bang a billionaire in Paris Hilton. Sounds like fun ...

@ 9:27, is that good or bad?

The Dolphins change players more often then Dashi changes her underwear.

Posted by: Just Saying | March 21, 2013 at 09:27 AM

Thats because the players stink as bad as Dashi's undewear!! lol

Mark, Paris Hilton, LMAO!

It's a good problem to have that we're looking to ADD some vets so we're not TOO young.

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