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Travel day buffet of topics to discuss

PHOENIX -- Today is a travel day for me.

But I'm giving you plenty to chew on. If you check out my column from the NFL annual meeting, you'll see where the Dolphins stand and how they feel about a handful of intriguing players.

You'll see where Miami stands on Osi Umenyiora.

You'll see where Miami stands on Elvis Dumervil.

You'll see where Miami stands on John Abraham.

I believe it is a fairly complete roll call of the top pass rushers currently available in free agency and it shows the Dolphins want to upgrade the pressure on quarterbacks in 2013.

But there is more than one way to skin a ...  well ...  a quarterback. You'll also find out the name of a darkhorse candidate already on the roster -- other than Olivier Vernon -- the Dolphins think might become a good pass rusher based on what they saw in practice last year.

And you'll find out why such veterans as Umenyiora and others now consider the Dolphins as they wind down their careers when in the past they might not have.

You'll find out that defensive tackle remains a "want" for the Dolphins (Remember, they go by "musts," then "needs," then "wants" in the order of priority additions.)

By the way, the column doesn't mention Dwight Freeney as an option. That's not because he's not, but rather I simply forgot to ask about him. Why?

He's older than the veteran ends the Dolphins are more seriously considering. He also wasnt quite as productive last year. I suppose he should be on this list, but my gut tells me he's definitely not at the front of the line.

The column also does not discuss OT. The Dolphins have scheduled a visit with former Chiefs and former Texans right tackle Eric Winston today. First order of business is a physical for him and then he'll meet with OL coaches. He visited last year after being cut by the Texans and has multiple teams interested.

The Dolphins are looking for a tackle after losing Jake Long in free agency.

Discuss ...


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The only think that stinks is dumbass like me with no life.

Reality, just saying, fins are garbage and I are doing a big circle jerk this evening. If you would like to join our party we would like that. Then there would be be more then one actual person.

Ya gotta be a dumbass to still be on the Dullfin blog in the offseason.

How can you be a fan of a team that gets rid of every player within 3 years?

mike, pretty easy, it's about WINNING! Players leave, coaches leave, pretty much owners and fans are the only ones that stick around forever (generally). I understand fans that feel loyalty to this player or that. But ultimately, if you REALLY care more about some multi-million dollar athlete's feelings over championships then you're not a fan I can relate to.

Now, specifically, to THIS team, that hasn't won a Playoff game in over a decade, hasn't even GONE to the Playoffs but once in that amount of time, hasn't gone to a SB in 3 decades, hasn't won a SB in 4 decades, asking me to care about this or that player on a mediocre team that can't get over the hump is pretty ridiculous. Show me results, and then maybe I'll start caring for the players on the team as integral parts of making things better.

DC, remember when Urlacher brought Paris Hilton to that Monday night game wearing his jersey in the private box and he thought they were an item then she was banging a new guy a little while later.

Just goes to show, who writes the cheques, wears the pants ... male or female.

Mark, yeah, I remember. She's about dollars, millionaires need not apply. It's about the billionaires. We'll see though in a year or 2, she's fell off. Might be hollering at thousandaires soon.


I agree with everything from a rational stand point....

but the FAN in me still wants to see players turn into legends on their own team....

Manning still looks weird to me in a Bronco uniform....

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