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Twitter gives an insight to Long, Keller situations

I love twitter.

I wrote something on twitter on Wednesday and within 30 minutes it was on profootballtalk.com and a few minutes later the Dolphins texted me to clarify their position.

Twitter on Thursday also let us know the sense of apparent frustration Jake Long is having as his marathon visit to the St. Louis Rams dragged into a third day.

Despite a Wednesday report that Long's deal was done, despite being reportedly cleared by the Rams medical staff, despite a whirlwind tour of the city and multiple meals courtesy the team, Long still was unsigned as of this writing.

"I know you guys want answers right now, we do too! It's all going to work out for the best and we'll let you know when we know!" Mrs.Jackie Long, the offensive tackle's wife, tweeted just before midnight.

Look, contracts take a while. But slam-dunk deals don't take this long. This is obviously not a slam-dunk.

The Rams, desperate to get a blindside protector for quarterback Sam Bradford, are apparently not that desperate. If they'd given Long his asking price, it would have been done already.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, continue to tell me re-signing Jake Long is currently their free agency priority. I do not know whether they have made Long another offer -- they've made at least two that I know of -- but I imagine they have parameters and I supposed they have wiggle room within those parameters.

Me, I think it's better to set an offer nearly as high as you're willing to go and if the player doesn't bite, move on and continue conducting business.

As to the conduct of that other free agency business, I see the Dolphins as wanting to address some needs on offense. They brought in tight end Dustin Keller for a visit Wednesday and Thursday and hosted Rams receiver Brandon Gibson Thursday and part of Friday.

That's a good idea because, as I say in my column today in the Miami Herald, addressing the offense should remain the priority this offseason.


Offense, offense, offense, offense, offense.

That last sentence, by the way, was more offense than the Dolphins showed in most games last season.

But I understand sometimes that adding players on offense is a matter of timing. The Dolphins can't go full in for some players when they've got the Long decision (and his contract) hanging in the balance.

And sometimes a deal is hard to strike early in free agency when a player has delusions of financial grander. And this is where I introduce you to Damien Keller. He is Dustin Keller's brother. And, God loves me, he has a twitter account.

And on that account on Wednesday just before Dustin arrived for his Miami visit, Damien tweeted: "If Jared Cook is worth 5 yrs, 40 million... How much more does that mean Dustin Keller should be getting?"

Two things:

Cook actually got a five-year, $35.11 million deal from the Rams. It has $19 million guaranteed. He's getting $21 million the first three years. The contract is a legit $7 million per season deal.

So it is a huge deal for a tight end of Cook's past modest production. No wonder the Dolphins didn't get this done.

Yet the thinking from the Keller family is that the prospective New York Jets free agent is worth "more," as Damien tweeted?


Dustin Keller is a $4 million a year tight end all day. He's a very nice complement on a team with other weapons. But he is not elite. He is not $7-million-a-year good.

Do you understand why he left the Dolphins without a deal Thursday? He will continue to look for more money. He will not get it from the Jets. My understanding is he might try the Giants, or the Buffalo Bills. His agent reached out to the Denver Broncos.

I don't think any of those teams will pay his price either. Actually, the Bills, the hot mess that they are, might do something for him because they're desperate and stinky and dumb.

But if not, Keller's price will drop. And if it drops to more palpable levels, the Dolphins should still be interested. 



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We need something done soon

Totally agree with you Mando on the Keller front... I can even understand 5 mill a year, maybe. But 7? Hell no!

Keller isn't worth what he's asking for that's for sure, but I'm sure someone will pay him that

Miami is playing their cards right with Keller. They want to see what happens with the Jermichael Finley situation before giving big money to another tight end who isn't in the same class as Finley. Philbin knows this kid very well, and if he is released, i guarantee it would take only 48 hours max for him to be the new starting Dolphins TE!

You mean the Finley who drops passes in critical situations?

Drops or not I would take Findley over Keller all day long. PS- Findley can block. Keller...not out of a wet paper sack. Fact is, all these TE's are riding the Gronkowski wave, but there's one problem...there not Gronkowski!

I agree, Finley all day over Keller!

If the lose Jennings,Finley goes nowhere....

I would like that notre dame kid, eifert... and am worried about the cbs, and other side of Wake.

Only reason people thought Keller was any good is because Dolphin LB's were just that bad. Keller is just as bad a blocker as Egnew. We better off drafting Norte Dame or Ertz.


Ertz, Finley and Eifert can't block either. All those guys are pass catching tight ends.

rd 1 eifert rd 2 ertz

Please draft Eiffert at 12th and solve this TE crap once and for all. As of today we hav ZERO TEs and it will handicap his offense big time.

The only other playmaker worth the 12th pick is Tavon Austin, the guy is just sick! But if we pick him at 12th, Ireland MUST make sure we can trade up to grab Eiffert. Eiffert or bust, Ertz is not as good of a playmaker and has T-Rex arms and would not block as effectively at the next level. Ertz is also a byproduct of Stanford's system (see Fleener in Indy).

You could argue that even if we pick Finley we still need a TE pretty high in the draft anyway. If we pick Finley though we could wait until the 2nd round, problem though is that GB will pick Eiffert at 25th. I just think Eiffert will be a very special player, not just physically gifted but smart and has really good work ethic.

like eifert in 1, but we need a cb also. also like swopes in 2nd.

Obviusly if the fo is willing to try and wait Long, Keller, and possibly JerMichael Finley out. Draft day plans arent about taking a TE or olineman 1st rd.

Signing Wallace also signals no wr's 1st rd. Looking like a corner 1st rd to me.

I can eat oatmeal with my butt and sneeze out black bean soup two hours later.


You think if we sign WR Gibson that they will still draft a WR?

If they did, it would seem Bess would get squeezed but I hope not. He is a good move the chains grunt and the Fins should hang on to him.

I sure as heck hope they don't write of drafting a WR in draft. They need to pick up WR Markus Wheaton or Quinton Patton. I actually prefer Wheaton. Both should end up behind 3rd round studs.


Keller's career high in receptions is 65. Brandon Myer's had 79 last year.

Keller isn't even the best TE still remaining...

The only TE thats even worth as much as the rams paid for Cook on the market(ALBIET RESTRICTED FA) is in baltimore in Dennis Pitta which would require miami to offer a 2nd rounder and signing offer sheet...Just sayin!!!

"Twitter Insight" = "I Don't Have Great Connections"

But at least you mean well.

Dee milliner or Xavier Rhodes. Fins have set the draft up perfectly. Maybe Gavin Escobar in the second and another cb with their second 2 nd round pick. I would love to see Ryan swope reunite with tanned ill with one of the throw round picks. Still need a pass rusher and a fix on the line. Hopefully, jake comes back and that will leave cb and de as the two BIG needs in the draft. But the cb and ot spots are deep this year

So... Hartline, Wallace, Bess not known for blocking. And TE's from draft can't block either. We got issues.

I think TE with our first and CB x 2 in round 2

One free agent signing I'll give Ireland 100% credit for is Matt Moore! Ireland Fvcking Nailed It To A Board on this one.

Has anyone noticed the list of available QB's? I would take DEVLIN over any of the QB's on the list.

Having Moore back as the Back Up is HUGE! He's miles ahead of anyone on the list in my opinion. To top it off, we've seen Moore come off the bench COLD(in our system) and play at a High Level.

Thanks Jeffy, we need Moore and Wallace. We need those Linebackers that can play the pass.

Keep It UP!!!!

When Keller is running up the sidelines next year being chased by multiple FINS.....

Then we will understand his REAL WORTH.....

Guy played with the WORST QB in the NFL...and still shined.....

potential men....potential....


the only people on this blog that LOVE Delvin are you and Dashi.....

Ireland and Philbin gave a BOAT LOAD of Money to Moore to make sure Delvin NEVER calls ONE meaningful play in a FINS uniform....

I think it speaks volumes of what the coaching staff really thinks of this guy.....

Check out my Miami dolphins 7 round mock draft on my new Dolphins blog


Does anyone else think that Ireland has set Matt Moore up to be traded? I say that because Philbin was really high on Devlin and the incentives of his contract are based on if he comes in to start. So during training camp, a qb goes down elsewhere theres Moore set up to make decent money on another team and we have the back up

Glad to hear Keller left Miami without a deal. Miami's best move would be to trade down to the late first round, and draft eifert, hopefully picking up another second or third round pick in the process.

yep that was my thinking too..... he wants more than hes worth

I hope he gets crushed by a runaway Bison the sooner the Better.

Say What? Keller wants Cook money??? LOL...Seriously, What is Keller going to do go back to the Jets? Sign with Buffalo?

mattyfromnc...That's the way I see it too. Looks like a good deal for both sides.


Why has Brandon Myers not been brought in for a conversation yet? Am I missing something. I watched a bunch of Raiders game last year and the guy can play. Palmer is horrible. This guy has some upside too. Not sure why you would talk to Keller and not this guy.

Right about now the Long's are waking up in their hotel room wondering why we didn't just take the Miami deal!! Go down and get your free breakfast.

Keep believing your own hype and agent on the money you thing you deserve.

I'm so happy Sean "I look like Nick Cannon" Smith is long gone!!!

I know Coyle had his hand all over this.

Cleveland Browns.

they need to spend some money. pronto.

Jake Long situation is about Scaffold. He wants out if Long hired.

The Dolphins need to take Tavon Austin and Eifert. They can trade up to get Eifert. If Long does not come back go after Winston or Vollmer. If Long leaves I dont want a lineman taken in first round. Long's wife using Twitter for attention.


I like that, but CB won't addressed. That is my concern. If you are trading up, you have get a top CB. We have a few more days to see how this all shakes out.

Posted by: odinseye | March 15, 2013 at 04:43 AM

Odin, Good perspective on free agency so far. I kind of got on the whine parade because we haven't addressed OT,CB,or TE yet. What they've done so far has been excellent though.

I thought I was the only one that liked the Moore resigning. If your going to seriously compete you gotta have decent back up qb and he's a perfect fit. Beyond the never healthy Garrard.

The more I think about the Keller's and Gronk's running free down the middle of the field on us the more i like the lber moves.

Ertz, Finley and Eifert can't block either. All those guys are pass catching tight ends.

Posted by: Serpico Jones | March 15, 2013 at 01:40 AM

serpico just posting to be posting because he knows zilch. If you knew anything at all, eiffort is not only the best receiving TE in the draft, he got stronger and he is the best blocking TE as well. In fact his blocking ability is what propelled him up the boards, so get a clue about what you post.

Those of you who say the Dolphins should trade down- you are dilusional. DOnt get me wrong, I think if it can be done and you still get your player- fine. Where youre dilusional is thinking that it is something easy to do. The top of this draft is not star studded. What team would want to trade up in this mediocre draft? Eifert is not worth the 12th pick IMO and trading down some spots and getting him makes sense. I just dont see the Dolphins having a dance partner to make a move like this.

Glad Fins didn't get Cook; he's done nothing to deserve the contract he got. Keller getting Cook money? No thanks. Jake Long can go elsewhere, and I'm glad Smith and the LB's are gone. Perennial losers should not be allowed to stick around. Sean Smith can be replaced by ANY other corner and there will be no drop off in production!

Am I the only one who doesn't like the fact that Ireland is mortgaging the future to get players now? Next year all these new signings are going to cost ridiculous amounts due to the way they are doing it this year. I know it is "all in" to get fans back in the seats, but I want to see a system put in place to build on the coming year...

Ireland hasn't mortgaged the future. PFT just don't have anything to write about.

Our roster is full of expiring contracts and with the current amount of space available we could roll over the cash to next year.

Books are perfectly in order.

Anyone who interacted with my name last night was talking to an imposter.

If I start arguing with you then you can assume it's not me.

I ain't gonna lie, Jackie Long is an absolute 10. I would drink her bathwater.

Dolphins should kick the tires on Brandon Myers. He's a complimentary TE, but might go well with a drafted TE. Has some ability (remember that huge game he had last year). Would probably not break the bank. I wouldn't chase Keller too much, set the price and stick with it Ireland (though I know that's exactly what he will do). In times like these, I LOVE MY GM!!!

wish we had kept Fasano. He's not T.gonzalez but he was dependable. That TD catch against SF was ridiculous.

Obviously no one is elite in every position. I'd take Myers at TE and try and develope Clay and Egnew. As for blocking, just play an extra offensive lineman on certain plays.

If the Dolphins pick WR in the first three rounds and a cheap between the tackles RB in FA we'll have one of the better offenses in the league, we don't need the elite TE just yet. Its more important the strenghen the defensive backs positions - I can see Ireland using at leat two of the first five picks on DBs.

Miami has to have a first-rate TE to count in the game as the rules stand now. We do not have one (maybe Egnew will improve, probably not). Personally I hope we can trade down a little and still pick up Eifert with our #1 then get Ertz with our #2. That would basically solve the TE issue for many years to come. Alternatively manipulating our first three picks to get Eifert and Patterson would solve our TE issue (barring injury) partially and make our passing attack much more interesting. Keller would be an okay acquisition - probably an improvement on Fasano and definitely an improvement over our other TE - but does not move us to the level of being able to compete with a Gronk. Moreover it is really helpful to have two TE who can both threaten.

dusty bottoms = pole smoker

When Keller is running up the sidelines next year being chased by multiple FINS.....

Then we will understand his REAL WORTH.....

Guy played with the WORST QB in the NFL...and still shined.....

potential men....potential....

Posted by: Kris | March 15, 2013 at 04:59 AM

Kris...EXACTLY...Problem is, the Rams gave Cook that ridiculous contract...So that screwed everything up...Stupid Fisher...I hope they overpay for Long so he can get fired next year...

Right about now the Long's are waking up in their hotel room wondering why we didn't just take the Miami deal!! Go down and get your free breakfast.

Keep believing your own hype and agent on the money you thing you deserve.

Posted by: BANE | March 15, 2013 at 07:01 AM
Now that's funny!

desperate, stinky and dumb... Sounds like a credible writer. Enjoy that 19 million dollar cap hit on Wallace in '14!

Dustin Keller wants Jared Cook kind of money? Jared Cook wants WR kind of money? I guess the TE position might suffer salary explosion this FA. Cook's deal makes him the 3rd highest paid TE in the NFL. I wonder if Martellus Bennett- the best TE available this year- might be already rethinking his $5M/yr deal with the Bears?

And speaking of Bennett... NOW we bring Michael in for a look-see at DE? I sure hope the Dolphins didn't pass on the opportunity to talk to him and his bro Martellus BEFORE now. And especially to chase Cook. Martellus can block and catch- Cook feigns blocking.

Again, I wonder why the Dolphins are chasing non-blocking TEs, Keller and Cook. Makes the non-blocking duo of Eifert and Ertz seem more like a priority in the draft, now. Unless, of course, Dashi is right and the Dolphins will focus on finding 4 solid WRs for the spread offense in 2013.

I am THRILLED with what Ireland is doing so far this offseason.

#1 Move - He let that punk Smith leave. Thank you lord!

#2 Move - He wasn't affraid to 'over pay' for Wallace. Yep, he paid top price, maybe too much. But his biggest need was filled by the best available player. In my mind paying a bit more to gaurantee the top player is reality.

#3 Move - he revamped an aging, slowing LB corp with young promising players. Did he pay too much, maybe but he needed to pay a lot to ensure they came here. Prying away Ray Lewis' replacement from the SB winning Ravens wasn't going to happen cheaply. Great moves!

#4 Move - he didn't over pay for Long. He was right to let him test the market. He has injury issues. The FA and Draft pool is solid. Long wasn't going to get what he was trying to command. If the Rams get him then fine. Don't pay more than $8.5m for Long (even that may be too much). If he leaves then I want to see a FA OT signing in the next 2-3 days to provide depth. Even if it's Garner. Still think using a #1 pick on OT may not be a bad thing. Cheap way to fill need position.

#5 Move - he didn't overpay for Bush. I like him but he is an aging RB and we have youth in the backfield to carry the load. He knows that young talent will likely rise up a #1 RB for 2013. Fine with this.

#6 Move - he signed Hartline who proved to have great productivity after building strong chemistry with their new young QB. Again, did they pay a little too much, yes but they have the money now so it's not limiting our progress.

#7 Move - only signed Clemons for a year. He has been showing improvement but not yet ready to be named long time solution. Glad he sured up the spot and give him another year to build chemistry with Jones. But keeping it to one year was brilliant.

I got a GREAT idea....

lets get a SERVICABLE (blocking TE)....and draft a guy who will take a year or two to develop....

and then....

Lets all COMPLAIN that Tanne has no weapons all year season long....

Hows that for an off season plan...

Yup kris another awfuk offseason so far

49ers - Davis
Saints - Graham
Patriots - Gronkowski and Hernandez (I'm not sure he really counts)
Broncos - Dreessden
Falcons - Gonzalez
Bengals - Gresham
GB - Finely
Ravens - Pitta
NYG - Bennett
Texans - Daniels
Vikings - Rudoph
Chargers - Gates

All of these teams had better TE's than the Dolphins. They all had better winning records. Most of these teams made the play offs. Only the Redskins, Colts and Seahawks, who made the play offs, had worse TE play than the Dolphins. That was in part because Fred Davis got injured and Fleeners a rookie. To be fair, Fasano is the next guy on this list (based on 2012 production). When you consider the QBs on these teams you could argue that good TE play correlates better with making the play offs than QB play given that Ponder, Schuab, Smith (until Kaepernick) and Dalton are average pr below average QBs.

Luckily all these teams pick in the second half of the 1st round when Efiert is expected to go. I don't see a TE needy team picking him in the first 15 picks. this offers a chance for the Dolphins to trade into the end of the 1st rd using a 3nd and 3rd pick.

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