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Twitter gives an insight to Long, Keller situations

I love twitter.

I wrote something on twitter on Wednesday and within 30 minutes it was on profootballtalk.com and a few minutes later the Dolphins texted me to clarify their position.

Twitter on Thursday also let us know the sense of apparent frustration Jake Long is having as his marathon visit to the St. Louis Rams dragged into a third day.

Despite a Wednesday report that Long's deal was done, despite being reportedly cleared by the Rams medical staff, despite a whirlwind tour of the city and multiple meals courtesy the team, Long still was unsigned as of this writing.

"I know you guys want answers right now, we do too! It's all going to work out for the best and we'll let you know when we know!" Mrs.Jackie Long, the offensive tackle's wife, tweeted just before midnight.

Look, contracts take a while. But slam-dunk deals don't take this long. This is obviously not a slam-dunk.

The Rams, desperate to get a blindside protector for quarterback Sam Bradford, are apparently not that desperate. If they'd given Long his asking price, it would have been done already.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, continue to tell me re-signing Jake Long is currently their free agency priority. I do not know whether they have made Long another offer -- they've made at least two that I know of -- but I imagine they have parameters and I supposed they have wiggle room within those parameters.

Me, I think it's better to set an offer nearly as high as you're willing to go and if the player doesn't bite, move on and continue conducting business.

As to the conduct of that other free agency business, I see the Dolphins as wanting to address some needs on offense. They brought in tight end Dustin Keller for a visit Wednesday and Thursday and hosted Rams receiver Brandon Gibson Thursday and part of Friday.

That's a good idea because, as I say in my column today in the Miami Herald, addressing the offense should remain the priority this offseason.


Offense, offense, offense, offense, offense.

That last sentence, by the way, was more offense than the Dolphins showed in most games last season.

But I understand sometimes that adding players on offense is a matter of timing. The Dolphins can't go full in for some players when they've got the Long decision (and his contract) hanging in the balance.

And sometimes a deal is hard to strike early in free agency when a player has delusions of financial grander. And this is where I introduce you to Damien Keller. He is Dustin Keller's brother. And, God loves me, he has a twitter account.

And on that account on Wednesday just before Dustin arrived for his Miami visit, Damien tweeted: "If Jared Cook is worth 5 yrs, 40 million... How much more does that mean Dustin Keller should be getting?"

Two things:

Cook actually got a five-year, $35.11 million deal from the Rams. It has $19 million guaranteed. He's getting $21 million the first three years. The contract is a legit $7 million per season deal.

So it is a huge deal for a tight end of Cook's past modest production. No wonder the Dolphins didn't get this done.

Yet the thinking from the Keller family is that the prospective New York Jets free agent is worth "more," as Damien tweeted?


Dustin Keller is a $4 million a year tight end all day. He's a very nice complement on a team with other weapons. But he is not elite. He is not $7-million-a-year good.

Do you understand why he left the Dolphins without a deal Thursday? He will continue to look for more money. He will not get it from the Jets. My understanding is he might try the Giants, or the Buffalo Bills. His agent reached out to the Denver Broncos.

I don't think any of those teams will pay his price either. Actually, the Bills, the hot mess that they are, might do something for him because they're desperate and stinky and dumb.

But if not, Keller's price will drop. And if it drops to more palpable levels, the Dolphins should still be interested. 



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DC, I'd think Ireland does recognize the need for a TE, otherwise why flirt with Keller for two days ... it will happen.

As far as the guy that mentioned Fasano, yeah, he was a good 2nd TE - a very good red zone threat. Nobody on the roster can fill his role.

Kris...I've been wanting Keller for months now...I was even told by our very own 12 year old bird brain to "Go play with my Dustin Keller toys"....Remember?? LOL!! So yeah, I've been on board for a while...But I'd be mad at the Dolphins if they would get him for 7 million a year or more....That's retarded...We have a lot of other needs like CB, OL, Pass Rusher, another TE, etc etc...4 miilion would be fine with me...But like I said earlier, the Rams screwed everything up...

Montreal, yeah I got all excited over Keller too. Forget Cook, this guy is the best one out there


I agree...Cook's money has messed up the market for TE....and I will toast the day Fisher gets fired....


Ireland's job is to find ways around the snafu's....when you get a RIVAL TE in your house...one who has made a career off of making your team look foolish.....you get a chance to WEAKEN the enemy...while @ the same time strengthen yourself....you got to do it...

I'm not saying it can't still happen...but the situation just got a lot more complicated....

what was one of the 1st things out of Wallace's mouth when he talked to the press?

or Ellerbee's?

they felted "wanted"

we have heard FA's say this time and time again....they just want to be loved (and sown the money)....

these insecure giants just need there balls stoked from time to time...

ghet some lotion Ireland...and get to work...

Without being bias we know this team hasnt gotten much better. Sad

Kris...Agreed...But at the same time...Keller's expectations are unrealistic...We'll see I guess...The only thing I can say is I'm not impressed with the offseason so far...Not one bit...Wallace is great...But we had other priorities than LB imo...Yeah, we've had a hard time covering TE's...Still...Our secondary is a lot scarier...We need another WR...2 TEs...Another pass rusher...Depth at Safety...We need O-line...I mean, I have a hard time understanding what they're doing but who knows...I could be wrong...Wouldn't be the first time...LOL!!


I know...I know...

Lets get the best WR available....

and then watch him get double teamed with a safey over the top all season...basically rendering him in effective....because the defense doesn't respect any of our other offensive players...

then lets write over and over that our PRIZE FA sucks...and watch him be traded for 2 rd rders in 2 years.....


2...3rd rounders...my bad...

JPAO, agree with your points. Fins have gotten stronger with acquisitions and dismissals- especially Smith as he was addition by subtraction.

On the OT, I'm wondering if Jeff thinks his OL is much like his CBs at this point- serviceable guys that CAN be upgraded but not critical at this stage of FA.


I agree....7 million (if true) is a bit unrealistic....but so is 4 mil...imo....

I think when Fred Davis signs...the Market will self-correct...and mybe that what Ireland is waiting for....

After all...Fred Davis is the BEST TE on the market...and he is proven...not a one year wonder....the reason he can't break the bank is due to his OWN self-inflicted wounds...(convicted pot head)...


If you notice the contracts for most of the free agent signings are back loaded or of a short term nature. I.e Clemons is for 1 year. With back-loaded contracts you can re-evaluate their performance and potentially either cut or ask them to modify their contract. With the number of picks in this years draft the idea is to find as much starting caliber talent as possible in the draft as that's the cheapest and best way to build for the future. The draftees of today make the high cost free agents of today expendable (at least that's the hope). Also don't be surprised if we see us trade a pick in this years draft for a higher pick or multiple picks in next years draft.
As for this years draft, I'd love to see us trade down a few picks (its the mid first to third rounds where the value is) and still pick up Austin or X. Rhodes. (my preference is Austin...beware Pittsburgh!.
A pass rusher in free agency will actually diminish the need of a CB in the top pick. Still a CB in the second of the second round would be nice for development. (most people would expect a starter, but I see some pleasant surprises in Marshall and Patterson and perhaps Honey badger in the 4th..)
Matt Moore is an in-season trade waiting to happen (and perhaps a first round if the team is desperate enough.) And I do like Devlin as the back-up. I actually picked him before we drafted him as the QB to develop. He's only getting better.

Does anyone know what happened with Bennett, the DE? How did we lose that one?

Fins will go after Dumervil when he gets cut today. BTW whats with Elway saying Dumervil needs to realize his contract is out of wack... Wasn't it the Broncos that signed him to that contract?

Buffalo is stinky, keep it up mando your on a roll

Steve in Atl, I'm a Matt Moore fan but I don't see a team giving up a number 1 pick for him...I'd be shocked...AKfinfan, I could be wrong, but I think Dumervil's contract was done before Elway was in the picture...Anyway, have a good one everybody...Would love to chat more but I got to get the kids dressed up and go to work. I'm out.

Hopeful... Michael to the Seahawks at a reported $5M/1 yr.

Brandon Meyer is a good looking player , reminds me of Fasano

You guys are worried about TE, we have No CBSs! What is Ireland doing about that? Is Patterson coming back, Nanndi still out there. I dont think SS deal was terrible Ireland could of brought hib back for that amount. We waiting on JL whos looking to cash out, I dont like whats been going on the last couple of days

Jake has us under the barrel and we are falling for it

Fins need to get Long's final answer today. They need closure one way or the other. They need to know how much money they can actually spend on other talent. They should DEMAND closure today!

Regardless of Long I think they need to get a CB signed (would want one starting CB locked up heading into draft)ASAP.

Assuming Long doesn't stay with the team....Then they should fill at least one of the need positions below in Free Agency (within the next 2-3 days to ensure solid talent). Then I'd be OK waiting to get the rest in the Draft.

Get an OT signed (right or left)

Get a TE signed (#1 ideal but likely #2 level talent)

Get a pass rusher signed

Get a second CB signed

Montreal, I'm a fan of Moore also and doubt a #1. And while a trade seems entirely plausible, if I were Jeff I'd not turn lose of him for less than a #2. (BTW, did anybody listen to the Moore interview after he signed? He seemed depressed and testy- nothing like his usual uppy self).

"Desperate, and stinky, and dumb."

Are you frickin' kidding, Armando? You forgot to call them "poopy-heads."

They've made 2 offers to Jake?


Seriously! Enough is enough already! Ireland is supposed to be a GM. GM's don't chase players like lost puppys. Look at NE for example. Quick to move on from Welker. Take it or leave it offer.

While Ireland twiddles his thumbs, other teams are in the process of making moves.

Time to tell Long take it or leave it! For god sakes, the Rams won't give him the money he wants after 3 days of physicals & talks, why would Miami?

It's becoming a joke. Ireland's great day 1 has faded & he continues to tie up valuable money in the hopes he can resign a broken down oft injured LT.

It's embarassing!

I ain't gonna lie, Jackie Long is an absolute 10. I would drink her bathwater.

Posted by: Eton Blue | March 15, 2013 at 08:05 AM

WHAT! You know live in miami right? Their so may good looking women here I think the scales change all the time. Jackie is nice but 10 nahhhhh

Moore is worth a 3rd round pick to the right team at the right time.

Whether it be in camp, before week 8 or next camp he'll get moved. My guess is if he's still on the roster come next off season then the price goes closer to a 4th or 5th.

So tired of reading about our cap situation. It's like people just type without checking anything. With all the expiring contracts we have going forward, the abundance of cap space we have right now that can be rolled to 2014 and the structure of the deals that get the committed cash out of the way in the first 24-36 months there's no reason to believe we're in trouble.

In fact I believe we have one of the best cap situations considering the talent here as well.

Jake Long please hurry up and make your mind up. You guys get paid enough, if you love the Fins come back and win a Championship soon. So Ireland can carry on with Free-Agency.

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | March 15, 2013 at 09:06 AM

I'm with you on that. LBs were an upgrade but what about the gaping holes at CB, TE, LT?

Jackie Long is no ten, good looking but no ten. Heck, based on pure looks even I've done better than that. And I'm just a middling Canadian accountant.

Although being an awesome wife is much, much more than just looks obviously. Good for jake if she takes care of him but I'm not going to sit here and envy him ...

The good news is....

Its not like Keller left and signed right away with the jets or another suitor....

So my uneducated guess is that he has genuine intrest in us as well...

I hope thats the case...

Did the Dolphins lose more starters then any other team?

Mark, the only think of JL I'd envy is his money

Deshawna Smith looked bad but if we all agree that the linebacking corps last year was slow, maybe Deshawna wasn't all that bad. yeah right.

Two offers to Long? Move on. Sign someone else.

We need CB's and tight ends.

I don't understand the value of these guys but getting the best should make a team win?

Ya know i've been a dolphins fan for over 40 years and it wasn't until this year that i've realized how much the nat. media hates the phins!! I mean we could sign Brady,Calvin Johnson & Adrain Peterson in the same year and it would just be aweful according to them. Come on N.E. signs the 3 players miami just signed and it's awesome! It always hasen't been clear until this year but Ireland has had and has a plan. I like it just hope that Eifert (n.d.) & Cornelius Washington de (georgia) are in it. Right know I see miami 3 wins better this year will sweep the Bills,Jets & split with N.E. thats 5 right there!! Stay the course and glad to see you break out from under Big Bill's thumb (that guy would never draft anything but sr's in the draft).As Herb Brooks (80's olympic u.s. gold medal coach) once said "I don't want a dream team just a team FULL of dreamers. Stay the course and oh ya Eifert & Washington!


in reality...she should shut her trap...and let the process work itself out...

she is neither the agent...nor will the player...she is merley the benificiary of Jake's earning power....

so sit back and benifit....

It wasn't cute when Kurt Warner's wife took to the air waves...and its not even cute when Brady's wife decides to open her pop sucker about football...

@ best it is seen as annoying and nagging....

@ worst it has an off-putting emasculating effect that sticks to the player...and the player will have a hard time shaken that image in the public's eye...and that can cost said player advertising $....

Anyway, accordint to Twitter the Dolphins are bringing in John Abaraham today, hopefully we can sign him he's been a JL killer his whole career.

The Dolphins are a garbage franchise. Minor league stuff.

It has to make you wonder too what the Rams would want with Long. They've watched the tape.

Have they not seen him whiff on every speed rusher even when he was healthy? And now in that division loaded with speed rushers?

They really must be desperate & even they won't overpay! MOVE ON IRELAND!

It is true they still haven't signed an OT or CB or TE, but there are still good ones on the market so I wouldn't worry yet. Also there is the draft.

If they signed Winston or Vollmer (both probably cheaper than long) and Keller or Myers it solves a lot of problems. Unfortunately Keller is seeing dollar signs, Myers should be a target.

Tons of CBs left too. Then you still have the draft which a top OT, CB, or TE will be there for the taking. I think they are in great shape.

pick 12 will be interesting because there are 2 players we meed!

Xavier Rhodes and Tyler Eifert,

if Rhodes hope we can get Ertz in top round 2,

if Eifert hope we take best CB in top round 2.



Fans here cannot stop resting on first days signings. But since then...................... zilch.

Poor Tanny....."weapons" but no protection.


I know all of you have a hard on for Keller, mainly because he embarrassed us plenty of times we played. But open your field of reference some, and you'll notice Keller had Fasano-like numbers. And all 3 of you wisely don't see Fasano as some juggernaut at the position. So what gives?

We can't get all our holes filled in FA. That's how a team dooms itself when many players don't pan out, and you wind up with a bloated salary CAP situation and tons of dead money for players you cut or never helped the team.

Keller is a "would be nice to get" but certainly not a "must have" or a "can't get in the draft if you do your homework and prioritize the position".

Jake and Kris, agreed on both counts. I'd retire if I have 1% of what Jake made in the bank. Hahaha, pop sucker ... that's gold.

Clue, John Abraham ... could this be Craig M's redemming moment ... he's been pulling hard (figuratively only ... I think?!?!) for Mr. Abraham.

Honestly think I'd rather have Vollmer than Long. More upside at this point.

Also, you guys say Keller played with the worst QB in the NFL. Guess who's right above him? He didn't do much for Sanchez's development. Yet all of a sudden he's going to make the difference in Tannehill's? I'm not buying it. Draft a TRUE #1!

The team has been making moves to get younger. I doubt Ireland is going to sign a guy like Arbaham with potentially lofty contract demands & age to him.

Doubt it. In other news, Freeney visits New England.

1) Tannehill is worse than Henne.
2) We needed to keep Reggie Bush.
3) We need to sign one of the overrated CB's that other teams don't want in FA
4) Jeff Ireland overpaid for Wallace and hasn't done anything in FA.
5) We need to break the bank for Jake Long.

MArk, with Craig it's be hard to tell really

DC, if you go by QBR Sanchez was 36 (dead last)... Tannehill was 19. Above Jay Cutler, Andy Dalton, Flacco, Bradford, etc.

Tannehill lightyears ahead of Sanchez.

Pats signed Dolphin killer Leon Washington .. bah. Liked it when that little runt was in Seattle.

DC, Keller is not Fasano, I don't know why Armando staring making the comparisons ... Keller's last full year, he caught 800 yards worth of passes. Fasano has never come close to that mark. IN 26 fewer games, he's piled up over 500 more receiving yards. No, he's not the same redzone presence Fasano is but between the 20s - there is no comparison.

Anyway, yeah, the team needs to stick to their plan and board. i'd like to add Keller but giving a top level contract for the position to a 29 year old coming off an injury is probably not wise unless it's a true star. And I will concede that Keller is a very good player - but he's not Vernon Davis, Rob Gronkowski, or Jimmy Graham..

I see nothing anywhere about Abraham visiting Miami. According to Shefter & espn he's in Foxborough, along with Adrian Wilson & Freeney.

Belli going back to his old formula of veteran defensive help.

@10:26, you forgot "Odrick is a bust" and "The Dolphins have no good Offensive Linemen"

sloppypeedtwelve, the troll with mommy issues wanting to overpay for everyone, how cute

LOL @ 10:26...

Another offseason from hell. Thanks Ireland.

Draft Eifert he starts day 1 and the Wallace deal is OUTSTANDING!

Is Pitta worth a look?

We need some freaking CBs!


Agree with CommonSense...and he beat me to it....

I wasn't goig to go STATS on you (glad CommonSense did tho)....

I was basically going to tell you that Tanne in year on was equal to or better than Sanchez in year 5....

I have been hard on Tanne...

but even my eyeball test tells me that Tanne is "light years" better than Sanchez is....Take that for what you will...

Keller's stats will only improve playing here...and I think Keller understand that...he just wants some more love (money)....

giants might and pittsburgh might and Atlanta prob will


Pitta...imo...is Fasano with better hands...i'm hoping Ireland brings us better than that...

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