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Twitter gives an insight to Long, Keller situations

I love twitter.

I wrote something on twitter on Wednesday and within 30 minutes it was on profootballtalk.com and a few minutes later the Dolphins texted me to clarify their position.

Twitter on Thursday also let us know the sense of apparent frustration Jake Long is having as his marathon visit to the St. Louis Rams dragged into a third day.

Despite a Wednesday report that Long's deal was done, despite being reportedly cleared by the Rams medical staff, despite a whirlwind tour of the city and multiple meals courtesy the team, Long still was unsigned as of this writing.

"I know you guys want answers right now, we do too! It's all going to work out for the best and we'll let you know when we know!" Mrs.Jackie Long, the offensive tackle's wife, tweeted just before midnight.

Look, contracts take a while. But slam-dunk deals don't take this long. This is obviously not a slam-dunk.

The Rams, desperate to get a blindside protector for quarterback Sam Bradford, are apparently not that desperate. If they'd given Long his asking price, it would have been done already.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, continue to tell me re-signing Jake Long is currently their free agency priority. I do not know whether they have made Long another offer -- they've made at least two that I know of -- but I imagine they have parameters and I supposed they have wiggle room within those parameters.

Me, I think it's better to set an offer nearly as high as you're willing to go and if the player doesn't bite, move on and continue conducting business.

As to the conduct of that other free agency business, I see the Dolphins as wanting to address some needs on offense. They brought in tight end Dustin Keller for a visit Wednesday and Thursday and hosted Rams receiver Brandon Gibson Thursday and part of Friday.

That's a good idea because, as I say in my column today in the Miami Herald, addressing the offense should remain the priority this offseason.


Offense, offense, offense, offense, offense.

That last sentence, by the way, was more offense than the Dolphins showed in most games last season.

But I understand sometimes that adding players on offense is a matter of timing. The Dolphins can't go full in for some players when they've got the Long decision (and his contract) hanging in the balance.

And sometimes a deal is hard to strike early in free agency when a player has delusions of financial grander. And this is where I introduce you to Damien Keller. He is Dustin Keller's brother. And, God loves me, he has a twitter account.

And on that account on Wednesday just before Dustin arrived for his Miami visit, Damien tweeted: "If Jared Cook is worth 5 yrs, 40 million... How much more does that mean Dustin Keller should be getting?"

Two things:

Cook actually got a five-year, $35.11 million deal from the Rams. It has $19 million guaranteed. He's getting $21 million the first three years. The contract is a legit $7 million per season deal.

So it is a huge deal for a tight end of Cook's past modest production. No wonder the Dolphins didn't get this done.

Yet the thinking from the Keller family is that the prospective New York Jets free agent is worth "more," as Damien tweeted?


Dustin Keller is a $4 million a year tight end all day. He's a very nice complement on a team with other weapons. But he is not elite. He is not $7-million-a-year good.

Do you understand why he left the Dolphins without a deal Thursday? He will continue to look for more money. He will not get it from the Jets. My understanding is he might try the Giants, or the Buffalo Bills. His agent reached out to the Denver Broncos.

I don't think any of those teams will pay his price either. Actually, the Bills, the hot mess that they are, might do something for him because they're desperate and stinky and dumb.

But if not, Keller's price will drop. And if it drops to more palpable levels, the Dolphins should still be interested. 



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Fins requiring FA visitors to reimburse team for food, lodging & air fare.


Aurthor is kinda a idiot, imo, but #1 is pretty funny. He knocks the Dolphins moves, but see what he says about the Cardinals (then see idiot comment)

slobby, typical negative nonsense but funny. very funny.

Only fa cb I like is talib NO way that guy stays out of trouble in south beach! LOVE LOVE LOVE Jimmy Smith a guy we already have don't believe Dolphins are as bad at corner as everybody thinks Get some pass rush

If and when Tannehill wins 4 playoff games and takes his team to 2 AFC Championships can you compare him to Mark Sanchez.

Jamie Dukes is the worst.

Knocking Wallace, saying Long is the key and that Bush is the best.

Who hires these idiots. What a fool. It's like he's not watching the games, just reading others and repeating their nonsense.

Steve in Ottawa... it is a Myth that "Sanchez took his team to 2 AFC Championships" That was ALL the defense and teams laying down so they even got in the playoffs.

sloppypeedtwelve = troll with no brains

Fins will bring Tavon Austin for workout. Please draft this guy Ireland.

Thank you HIRELAND Dolphins would have to OVERPAY to keep them Dolphins have been 7-9 wtih those guys. It's about getting BETTER. I believe we have and will through the draft

I've previously advocated getting a stop gap TE and developing Clay and Egnew but...

Looking at other teams, a #1 TE is right behind a #1 Wr in terms of importance (of course 3 capable WRs are needed for the #1 to succeed - e.g. Megatron, all the yards but only 4TDs in 2012).

I'm convinced Ireland is going to go CB and TE with the first two picks and think it likely he'll use a 2nd rd pick or one of the 3rds to move around to get them. That would explain prioritising Long rather than focusing on FA CB's or TEs - Ireland doesn't want to use another high pick on the O line.

What we do with the CB spot in FA will determine which position gets priority in the draft. If we can move back in the first I think we go for Eifert, if we can't perhaps Rhodes and move back into the first for a TE. The TE ireland rates the most will also factor into things. Is Eifert really the top TE in this draft?


All any of them can do is spout their opinions at this point. You can't grade anything until some games are played.

Unfortunatley the number of uninformed talking heads who get paid to say..something is growing at an alarming rate and most of them weren't even good players themselves.

If Long comes back here and FLAMES OUT (IR)....gives up a career high in sacks....

Ireland had better get his walking papers....

This situation is getting to pressure filled for either man to come out of this smelling like roses....

anything short of a SB apperance will be considered a HUGE waste of money and time....both that could have been better spent elsewhere...

Mr. Ireland....walk away....walk away...

My personally favorite with the talking heads is the hack GMs. Especially when they have them detail their plans for the teams that just fired them....

If the Dolphins are so much in to Jake Long, there must be a good reason. They looked into his medicals and know what is going on. I'm not happy he has held up the process but the Dolphins have plenty of cap space to sign others. As far as Keller goes, I want them to bring him onboard to but why pay a TE 7 million when you have three good ones in the draft?? Fins are being patient which is a good thing here.

Worst in FA has to be the Colts. They are handing out ridiculous contracts to questionable players.

Denver gets my nod as the best so far.

Titans signed a pretty decent guard, a decent TE & a back up RB. How is that killing it?

NFl network talking heads are the worst in the biz.


They Also Resigned Devlin, Right?

When You Have A Chance To Keep The #2 And #3 Qb In The Division!! For Half Of What It Cost To Pay Sanchez!! You Do That.

It Is Cheaper To Pay Moore And Tannehill!! Than It Is To Pay Reggie!! And 4yrs? Who Will Give Reggie 4 Years?

Where Is L.Miller Going To Be In 4 Years? His Prime. And Probably With 2-1000yd Seasons.


how many other 3RD string QBs are you this excited about....

you must have bout nutted yourself when Tebow was moved to 3rd strings...

My point is who cares....Delvin will NEVER see the feild except pre-season and mop up duty...maybe....

And Flacco Won A Superbowl!! Your Point!

This Is A Team Game. And Mark Sanchez has Underachieved.

Statistically Sanchez Is Even Worst Than Henne.

Sanchez Was Drafted #5 Overall!! After The Jets Traded Up!! Is Sanchez Worth A #5 Pick?

Matt Moore Is A Better Qb Than Mark Sanchez!!

and Hopefully Miller has 4 years 4 1,000 yard seasons...with @ least 2 1500 yard plus...

other wise....we just got bush..

Could the determination to now sign Long have anything to do with Ross/Ireland losing Fisher to Rams and now Cook?

we need a veteran rb, thomas is 1 concussion from being out the league, who knows if miller can hold up the entire season.

WhoTH is RJStanford?

CH, I wouldn't think so. The Rams will regret all those choices.

Clue, I wanted them to get Jackson. He went for $4 M a year, so did Bush. Think Bush got overpaid, heh.

Pitta was balling in the playoffs with an above avg.

Bush Has 1-1000yd Season In 8 Years.

Reggie Bush Is No Ricky Williams!!

Ricky Got Away With Everything Cause Of His Supreme Ability! Ricky Didn't Dance He Shuffled!! The NFL Is Even Changing It's Rules Cause Of Ricky!!

What Has Reggie Done?


And Kris When Your 3rd String Qb Is The 4th Best Qb In The Division!! You To Will Be Excited.

The Fins Finally Don't Have A Need To Draft A Qb!! Not Even A #3 Qb!!

We Can Trade Moore For Some Picks.

Even Wallace Knows Every Team Needs At Least 2 Good Qb's!! Just In Case.

Russell Wilson Has Plateaued!!

Reggie Bush could never break a tackle, he'll juke you outta your shoes but if you grabbed him he's down. I want a RB that can break a tackle for a change.

Reports are indicating (Kellers brother on twitter ) he's a dolphin

Actually is, plateaued. I looked it up. I like to learn.


Reggie is gone...I lost that one...he is signed elsewhere...I no longer have any love for him...

Dashi apparently likes to learn also.

Dustin's signing is the only FA signig up to know that I can say it's a shoo-in. The others, I either have misgivings or I don't know the Players well enough.

Keller one year with the dolphins

Just by the addition of Dustin, I can guarantee you the Miami O will be better by 1 to 2 points.

Has anyone ever seen D Thomas break a tackle?
Me neither.

Now he's a Dolphin..... who's the desperate team again??

Long is the next one

oscar guarantees it? TOO FUNNY!!

Does anyone remember when we did NOT take Cromartie? Rhodes at 12. TE at 12 is ludacris...and not the rapper

Keller in. 1 yr deal


keller signs 1 year deal

None of us really know what the Coaches think about Clay and Egnew. It seems they think alot of both otherwise would not have let Fasano walk.

I mean, were any of us at the mid-week practice sessions last season to see first hand how Egnew was progressing? No. Did the Fins cut him? No.

Clay can block. And run and catch. Egenew can run. And catch. Egnew was never asked to block, never taught to block at U Missouri which is why he only saw the field in the Fins last game of the year. Is he too dumb to learn? I doubt it. Is he too small at 6' 5" 255? I doubt it.

Perhaps they see these two guys as the future at TE.

And/Or are confident they will get one of the stud rookie TE's in the draft.

And / Or pick up a proven vet TE at a reasonable prie.

Fins will bring Tavon Austin for workout. Please draft this guy Ireland.

Posted by: John | March 15, 2013 at 10:50 AM

I hope they do this and don't just think Wallace is the answer. If you not going have a real rushing attack make the passing game potent. The kid is a baller and I am telling you barring injury will be one of the best players to come out. Book it

jake Long...he will go back to Miami, he will resign with fins...also keeps the wife happy...no deal with Rams....

Tannehill way better than Sanchez..not close

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Fact is, all these TE's are riding the Gronkowski wave, but there's one problem. I wonder if Martellus Bennett- the best TE available this year- might be already rethinking his $5M/yr deal with the Bears?

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