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Unrestricted free agency: Day two activities to watch

The second day of free agency is likely to bring another flurry of activity with Dolphins connections.

To start, the club is trying to upgrade at tight end after failing to land their prime target Jared Cook on Tuesday. Today, Jets tight end Dustin Keller is scheduled to visit with the team. If Keller doesn't work out, the club may look into Oakland's Brandon Myers.

Keller, 29 in September, has been a steady performer for the Jets but last season was hurt much of the time and only played eight games. He was known as one of quarterback Mark Sanchez's favorite targets when healthy.

Keller is not necessarily an all-purpose tight end as his blocking has been oft questioned in the past.

The Dolphins need a tight end after letting Anthony Fasano move on to Kansas City.

Offensive tackle Jake Long is in St. Louis to undergo a thorough physical. The Rams want to get their bearings on Long's injury status -- particularly with his left triceps, right biceps and both knees -- before they commit to paying him any sort of significant money as a free agent.

This should play out pretty simply:

If Long checks out medically to the team, the Rams will try to close Long. With Jermon Bushrod (Chicago) and Sam Baker (Atlanta) off the market, Long is considered the next best availableleft  tackle -- assuming he's in one piece.

The Dolphins would like to have Long back. But they don't want to overpay for a player they know has been medically, what's the word, predisposed to injuries the last couple of years.

They have what they believe is a good value placed on Long but if the Rams, who need desperately to protect quarterback Sam Bradford, place a higher value on Long, he's gone. If it's a tie, my guess is Long leaves.

This has been an emotional time for Long (who knew he had emotions) and he's been somewhat frustrated by the Dolphins not entirely trusting his health. By the way, I applaud the Dolphins for not trusting.

So really the only way the Dolphins keep him is by outbidding St. Louis. I suppose there is a chance Long takes other visits, but my guess is today will be a big day for him.

Today will probably also be a big day for Reggie Bush.

He is in Detroit to visit with the Lions. They are already on record as offering Bush a deal worth "well north of $3 million per season" and they want him as their lead running back.

So really, all that needs to work here is a fit and comfort level for Bush and the team. Yes, Bush has other suitors, most notably the Arizona Cardinals. But the Cards don't have much of an offensive line or proven answers at quarterback.

Bush is getting to that time in his career where he wants to be on a winner. The Lions offer that potential much more than the Cardinals do. Look for Bush to sign today as well if his questions are answered.

Bush isn't coming back to the Dolphins.

On yet another front, Sean Smith is a curious case. His agent was expecting a big market for his client but that big market didn't show up on the first day of free agency.

Indeed, the first day was something of a disappointment for the flooded cornerback market.

Darrelle Revis wasn't traded -- yet. Namdi Asomugha was cut by the Eagles, and the most notable signees were DeAngelo Hall in Detroit, Darius Butler in Indianapolis and Bradley Fletcher in Philadelphia.

Not exactly earth-shattering stuff.

Smith was originally supposed to visit Kansas City. But the Chiefs made other moves and are not bouyant in salary cap space. Agent David Canter also said Smith would be taking other trips but declined to name the teams.

Whenver an agent says that, he's trying to gain leverage for his client. Smith may indeed have multiple clubs wanting him to visit. But it's clear none at this point are willing to meet his demands of a contract that pays $8 million or so per year.

That kind of deal gets done quickly by a team with cap space and a strong conviction on a player. If Smith isn't done by the end of the day, it will strongly suggest no team is willing to do that kind of deal for him.

And with each passing hour, the chances of Smith returning to the Dolphins increase because, well, his market shrinks and looks closer to what Miami valued the player at. So today is huge for Sean Smith.

As to the players the Dolphins are still hoping to land, I keep hearing the name Brandon Gibson.

The Rams free agent wide receiver is visiting the Jets today. But he has other suitors. A league source said Gibson might take as many as four other trips -- with the Dolphins being one of them.

But ...

It's clear that in the preliminary talks Gibson's agent had with teams, the Jets stepped up the most and thus get the first visit. If the Jets don't close, the market for this receiver drops somewhat.

The Miami vision for Gibson is interesting. Yes, he's a wide receiver but he's very, very much a possession guy. He'd be a third wide receiver on the Dolphins behind Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline. He might be a bigger Davone Bess.

And so if the Dolphins add Gibson, what are they going to do with Bess?

If the Dolphins do not re-sign Sean Smith, the club has free agent options but those will be of the cheap variety. Miami showed interest over the weekend in Detroit's Chris Houston and San Diego's Antoine Cason.

Houston, however,  was reportedly negotiating a three-year deal with the Lions on Tuesday. We'll follow how that plays out.

Cason is a player the Chargers would like back but at a reasonable price. He made $1.2 million in 2012. He's a big corner at 6-1 and he has 12 interceptions in his five-year career. I like him more than Smith, to be honest.

The Lions and Browns also have shown interest in Cason.

Brent Grimes is a player the Dolphins had some interest in but that seemed to cool somewhat even as other teams seemed more enthusiastic.

Derek Cox, formerly of Jacksonville, is also on the Miami radar. He fits Miami's desire for a big cornerback more than Grimes. He's 6-1. He's aggressive. He makes plays as his four interceptions in 12 games during 2012 attests. He has an injury history the past two years, but he finished strong last year. He's another one I like more than Smith.

[BLOG NOTE: Tuesday was the greatest single day for unique visitors and total page views in the seven-year history of my blog. I had as many visitors yesterday as I normally get in a week. But don't stop now. There will be lots of stuff going on today, so check back regularly for updates.]



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Hats off to you sir....

you have been calling for Dansby's job ALL season....and for an UPGRADE to the LB postion...well played....

put your money where your mouthg is "lol" u take cincy ill say either balt or pitt wins div. 500 bones paypal account lets dance. balt just won the super bowl, they dont just suck after losing a couple players. pitt with ben back is more than enough to take out bengals who still refuse to spend any money

id sign 2 corners and cut both of the garbage patterson and marshall

LOL, Cason, Keller, Wallace, Ellerbe ... I feel like I'm playing madden.

I gushed about Ellerbe all of last year. The guy is an eraser at MLB. Ok in the run game but if you want a playmaker in the passing game ... this guys is THE STUD AT MLB in the league.

I give ireland a B+ so far on his new aditions to the team. We still need a running back, dont trust thomas and miller yet. sean smith is ok but at our price. we have to find a decent tightend. Jake long has to come back at our price, if not let him go and go after eric winston. dolfin for life


How Is That Ravens D Looking?

But Your Right. Flacco Is A Great Qb!! That Can Lead His Team To The Playoff's.

Let's See If Flacco Is Even Better Than G.Smith This Year. Flacco Is The 3rd Best Qb In His Division!! Only The Browns Have A Worst Qb!!

I Guess Ozzie Chose QB Over Everything!! Price To Pay For Winning A Superbowl With A Mediocre QB!!

The Ravens Will Suck Bad Next Season! No Ray! No Defense!! And Flacco Is Very Inconsistent!! Better Hope The Ravens Pick Te'o!! So They Can At Least Get Some Production! from The MLB Position!!

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 13, 2013 at 09:35 AM


Once taking a sharp look at yesterday's development, yes Ireland could have signed cook, but he elected to do something about the overpaid underperforming lb corps instead.

Had he elected to sign Cook, we would be going into yet anther season with this overpaid underperforming cap space guzzling lb corps. Right?

lions being dumb promising bush starting role, leshore is better and so much younger. lions offense such a joke

I for one give Ireland a lot of credit. He made a big decision with a lot of guys he brought in realized they weren't fits which seems like countless guys. I know it seems like what makes him right this time around but you can't fault the guy for trying to get it right. Too many times GM's are stubborn and stick by their signings and draft picks for better or worse.

what ever happened to Lydon Murtha? Is he a possibility to compete for the starting RT job?

or without a playmaker at te again right? goes both ways man

put your money where your mouthg is "lol" u take cincy ill say either balt or pitt wins div. 500 bones paypal account lets dance. balt just won the super bowl, they dont just suck after losing a couple players. pitt with ben back is more than enough to take out bengals who still refuse to spend any money

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 13, 2013 at 09:38 AM

That's just as*inine! Most idiotic Post of the blog:

Baltimore & Pitt are loaded.

LMAO You can't even believe your own BS!

LOL Agreed. Smart tactic (for a change) by Ireland and company. Clear the cap space by letting the re-treads go and upgrade the team at the same time. Let's face it, the guys getting cut weren't getting it done.

The only guy I hear rumors about getting axed that should stay is Bess. Moves the chains.

didnt think so "lol" pussed out again


I believe anyone overpays for Sean Smith. Not going day one in fa has forced the market for him to take a huge hit. Premier fa's go day 1, not day 2 or 3.
Smith may yet comeback to Ireland with tail tucked between his legs.

If anyone signs smith now, I believe its more in the 6 million a year range. smith's ego takes a huge hit.

LOL, not really warm on Keller? personally I think he's the best of the bunch available. He's been a pain in our arse for years. he's gets open DEEP!


I agree and Bess is a good player especially when he's allowed to play in his most natural position as a slot. He was so out of place as a starter last year and still at times was the only WR who would makes plays for Tannehill. He don't get great seperation but finds a way as you said to move the chains.


Thank You Sir. (The Above Post Is Just To Find Out How You Feel About The Ravens Situation? And My Hate For Flacco!!)

I'm Just Waiting On Craig!!

Mr. Dansby Can't Be Cut!!

How Many Times Craig Said? We Need DE's!! We Don't Need LB's!! The Fins Need To Keep Dansby!!

Dashi Is Only Looking To Improve His Team!! And LB's Were A Big Need On Defense!!

Now Ireland Can Concentrate On The Secondary!!

P.S. Craig- The New LB's The Fins Brought In Can Sack The Qb!! We Already Had a Top 5 Pass Rush!! With Dansby And Burnett Having Zero Impact!!

well no true always jennings, vollmer,welker, goldson, smith all still out there

Dashi @ 9:43....

That is long and odd way to THANK YOU....but whatever man....

your welcome....


I also expect a premium replacement at TE. IMO, it could be shaping up to be one of our top 3 draft picks.

Would you be happy with this?

If Bess is gone then one thing we must learn about Philbin is you don't cross the boss ...

Veteran's Committee is gone ..

Bess could be gone ....

Philbin's way or get out ... mild productivity won't save you if you don't do it his way.

dashi we dont have a top 5 pass rush

LOL, you were exactly right when you stated the strategy of getting rid of older, more expensive talent for younger, less expensive talent.

And for those that can't bare to see some vets go, let me remind you 7-9, 7-9, 6-10, 7-9. THOSE are the standings last 4 years. So, THESE are the players you're whining about?

JUST LIKE when the Trifecta came in and turned this team into THEIR vision, Philbin is doing the same. Only difference is Philbin HAS a strategy that can win games in this era of football. Sherman/Croyle need the right talent to make that strategy effective.

I myself am delighted to see all the changes taking place. I can't STAND a mediocre team not addressing the elephant in the room. And over the last 2 years, this team has. Might not lead to any more wins, but at least they are ATTEMPTING to do it a different way. One of these days that will pay off.

is there one out there yesterday? i like ertz but draft is a crap shoot. keller least better than fatso

We need to address the TE position in FA hard to throw in Rookie TE' s and hope for success unless they have top tier talent. Eifert or this other kid Urtz, is his name I believe are not top tier. Not sure how Clay or Egnew will be serviceable next year but one of these kids needs to contribute. Keller is an upgrade on hands but has issues blocking. Is that something that can be worked on or are you screwed of you we're born with short arms. ? Need a couple CB, wonder what JI 's approach here is. My thoughts are we'll know our LT status by days end an well sign Keller and a CB (long gets a deal from us or we sign Winston ) that would complete the best FA in recent memory for my beloved fins!


I see you @ 9:48....

I love the fire man...and i'll answer your post...

DC Dolfan

Well said my man. Same old, same old for too long around the Dolphins HQ's. I applaud the change. Never liked Ireland, but at least he's going out fighting. And I ony say that because he is still gone (or should be) if the Fins don't make the playoffs


Was The Previous Blunders Ireland's Fault? Or Soprano?

Ireland The Last 2 Years With A Real Coach!! Has Looked Like A Genius!!

Ireland Tries To Get The Best Player For The "Coaches System"!! Ireland The Scout!!

Apparently Sporano Doesn't Have A System!! And Doesn't Know What He Wants Out Of A Football Player!! Philbin Does!!

Ireland's Greatest Signing!!


no thanks on winston, watched that guy last year here in kc get destroyed

AndyNJ... Couldn't agree more. Bess is a SLOT receiver, not a wideout which he has had to play far too often over last few years, but as you said, still made plays. Would have had a 1,000 yards if not injured and runs a 4.7! With Wallace's speed and Hartline, he can play slot and be that 3rd down machine he is. Great route runner but can't run away from people. Neither could Welker but in the slot they are both dynamite. If Bess gets axed, get ready for years of him killing us with the Flying Elvis. Belichick loves the guy and knows he can play. Makes me nervous they are blowing off Welker. Waiting for Miami to hand them Bess?! I hope not!

Dusty, no offense but, you're just dumb.

No one in their right mind would think Pitt & Balt are loaded. NO ONE!

Pitt didn't make the playoffs last year genius & they just lost their best offensive weapon, best defensive player & are about to lose their best RB. THey also have an old, always inured defense. Not too mention, NO CAP SPACE.


Baltimore rode Ellerbe, Kruger, Lewis & Blodin to a superbowl & now they're all gone & potentially Reed joining them.

Yet, they're LOADED.

Sorry pal, you're idiotic comments are likely shared by no one. Just as no one else shares your sky is falling mentality over Cook. It's just idiotic.

Don't hate me for telling you like it is.

It would be very silly to just release Bess IMO.

Agree Dusty....the Lions will make the same mistake Miami did....

use Bush as a SLASH....

didnt think so 'lol" cant back up anything u say or do. just throw garbage around like always, i backed u a couple times in here before but im with everyone else now in here on my opinion of u.

Miami's free agency path opens some interesting draft possibilities.

I for one like what they've done across the board. I could care less about the money spent. We're fans when you get too technical about anything it tends to make life's simple pleasures like adding Mike Wallace to your favorite team, a minus instead of a plus.

DRAFT possibilities now:

1. Xavier Rhodes seems to be like a real possibility even if Miami signs Cason or someone else.

2. Desmond Trufant seems like another real possibility for the Dolphins.

3. Lane Johnson could be gone but the need at OT is still there.

4. Chance Warmack seems to have someone slipped behind the guy from NC when Warmack was considered by some at one point to be the rare guard exception to the top 10 and some even as the best overall prospect early on. Could be a steal/value.

Also, dusty, I gave you plenty of reasons to affirm my position that neither of those teams as loaded.

You're retort to me? Telling me I pussed out?

Put some weight & explain your position & I might take you seriously. Right now you're merely blog fodder.

Dashi- Not sure who you are applauding here, but I would agree on Philbin. Like what he has brought to the table.

Not giving Ireland any credit yet. It might have been Philbin talking some sense into him. Ireland's first couple of draft's on his own have been underwhelming. He needs to win me over with an incredible offseason. But I think it is Philbin that should be getting the credit because I think it's his input that's righting the ship

agree bidniss, love bess moving back to the slot. do not cut him if they sign gibson

nope "lol" simply said put your money where your mouth is. im confident are u


That Is Why I Wanted To Clarify. I Know The Way I Type Sometimes Comes Off As Abrasive. People Can Misinterpret My "!!" As Screaming.

I can't back up anything I say? LMAO LMAO LMAO Can you read?


Other than make a wager. LMAO

After day1 I still love the Wallace deal and everybody's asking price is now going down like I thought. So I see no reason not to offer Jennings a 3 year deal at 6 million and move Hartline to the slot.

at this point id say its rhodes in draft but we need oline also. see how rest of free agency plays out

I would value a squirrels opinion of me before I do a dumba*s like yourself.


I'm still waiting for you back up your claim.



Imagine that disaster of letting Bess go and to the Pats. I don't think Bess is on Welkers level but still he would be a very good player with all that talent and allowed to do what he's best at. I hope he sticks in Miami. He should thrive now that he will be allowed to exclusively play from the slot. But if not I trust the direction Miami is going with younger and more athletic.

"lol" if u cant understand that 500 backs up my claim then i cant help u brother. pull your mangina out and make the bet. else carry on with your worthless banter with no meaning cause u really dont believe it

im confident are u

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 13, 2013 at 10:01 AM

Did Websters revise their definition of clueless to confident?

just said packers offered jennings 10 mill per. wtf is wrong with jennings, take the deal u fool!

Dashi Is Ireland's #1 Fan!! So I Ride Or Die With Ireland!!

Dashi Just Knows If Sporano Was Still The Coach!! People Will Still Be Hating On Ireland!! When It Wasn't Really His Fault!!

Philbin And Ireland Makes A Great GM/Coach Duo!!

fred davis in cleveland

I am happy for your blog analytics. I would say they may be a bit skewed as the rest of the articles linked to this page: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/football/

Required you purchase a subscription. I woul also say you were scooped by the Orlando paper, as they announced the Wallace agreement long before you did.

I was using OS as my first resource and you were the confirmation...

We weren't discussing 500 you idiot! We discussed playoffs & wildcard!

I said Cincy should breeze to a title & Miami would be in the wildcard chase. You attacked my post! You told me they're loaded! PROVE IT!

I didn't ask you what their record would be, I asked you to back up the claim that they're loaded!


ha ha. OK Dashi. I'm not in the Ireland fan camp by a long stretch. But let's see how we do this year. Fair enough?

I want to change my blog name.

Ideas JUSTIN CREDIBLE for a long time.

With the blog's permission I will like to become

Do the blog approve the trade?

bryan dont be bitter man, yes hes tooting his own horn but also kinda making fun of himself. normally he has just a couple hits. now he blows it out of the water with free agency.

I think OL will come off the boards day one. Jeff is surprising some folks no doubt, but he still loves his lineman and he still loves them high in the draft. OL day one.

"lol" what are u spewing now? this is hilarious u dense silly sob. i said bet 500 bucks on it, opaypal accts can hold it. what u say baller?

Moving on, talking to dusty is like pis*ing in a fan.

I'll let you have your moronic opinion that Baltimore & Pitt are loaded! I'll let everyone else judge whether they think you're as big a schmuck as I do for it.


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