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Update on TE Dustin Keller

The Dolphins "missed" on tight end Jared Cook on Tuesday, if you call not wanting to pay $7 million per year to a player who had exactly three receptions more than Anthony Fasano a miss. Alright, I understand the infatuation with Cook but that sure is a lot of money for speed and seam-threat potential.

The Dolphins thought they had Cook at one point the past three days, I'm told. Then the Rams put on the full-court press, which is defined as money, money, money.

Fine, the Dolphins are moving on.

Today, Dustin Keller is visiting with the team, as I reported this morning. Well, more specifically the club plans to give Keller its own kind of full-court press. There will be meetings with coaches, dining with club personnel, and the physical.

The physical, which I'm told was taking place this afternoon, is key. Keller missed a lot of games last year with hamstring and ankle injuries. He had, however, played 64 consecutive games prior to that.

So the thinking here is if Keller is healthy and his physical checks out, then the Dolphins and his agent will be able to begin discussing contract terms.

The Dolphins are also expecting a visit today from wide receiver Brandon Gibson, late of the Rams. Gibson visited the Jets Wednesday morning but left town without a contract. He was flying to South Florida to visit Miami next, according to various New York media reports.

[Update: The New York Daily News is reporting Gibson is staying overnight. I'm reporting that barring a deal, he will fly to South Florida Thursday. He is also scheduled to visit Tennesee.]

Keller, by the way, has shown an ability to be quarterback friendly -- that is, he finds a way to be in place to get his quarterback out of a tough situation. No, he's not running a 4.49 in the 40 like Cook or maybe Vernon Davis. No, he's not going to block out the sun.

But he's efficient. He's been solid. He's played in big games, including two AFC Championship games. He would help Miami's cause if the Dolphins pull the trigger.

What will it cost?

A lot less than $7 million per season. Maybe half that.



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Plus he's been a Dolphin Killer through the years, so for this plus Mando plus we simply need TE, I say 'pull the trigger' & pay the man his money!

well get it done. the gibson saga is weird to me. better not mean bess is gone

Get it done Ireland.

Then a veteran corner.

Draft: LT, CB, WR, TE, LB in no particular order.

Good. Make it work Jeffy Ireland. You are a SUPER GM



I really dont see the Giants letting Cruz go without demanding a ransom. Amendola's not even close to a Welker.

It wont be the same effect with Amendola as Welker, if that's the road Bellichik chooses to travel.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 13, 2013 at 05:11 PM

Mando, why are the Dolphins still going after Gibson?? That would make 4 high paid WR's and most times the 4th one only sees a few snaps a game. Are they going to cut Bess??

This would be a good sign and definately filling a need at most likely a bargain price..just sayin!!!

Come to sunny Miami, Dustin! Ya gotta like the Fins' chances over the next 2 years compared to the Jets'.

yesterday unless giants want to match pats money offer they only get a 1st rd pick for him. could be like welker deal they gave him back when they took him from us, huge up front cash

2 years 12 mill for welker only elway is a damn good gm

Love the aggressiveness by the dolphins this year! Young hungry players down in miami! Time for a change in the afc east and wirh a few more peices we may be able to actually contend with the patriots for a change. Glad welker went to denver they will miss him mire then they realize.

Hope Keller is healthy. Would like to hear about a shorts workout, just to see firsthand his legs are under him. Congrats to Welk i never thought the Pats appreciated him (though they certainly got the most out of him)

I really dont understand the Brandon Gibson potential signing. The only way we need another WR is through the draft imo.

Maybe a DeAndre Hopkins or a Justin Hunter in the 2nd round would just put the icing on the cake...

This guy Keller gave us fits whenever we played the Jets. Rather have him on this side.

Sign Keller and draft one of the top two TEs with your second pick. TE position solved.

Mando said Cook only had two more receptions than Fasano. He also has only averaged 2tds per season and 20.9 yards per game. 7MILLION A SEASON?! Come on man. Who's the nut running around screaming we "lost" out on Cook? You should be happy we lost that fight.

mark probaly says bess is gonna get cut or traded, not good

The Pats aren't looking so mighty now. No more Welker, nice.

Are we closing that five game gap? Belichick be jedi mind fuckin us sometimes (always think they know what they doin even if it looks bad)

Good stuff Armando...you are bringing your A game with these post. Nice to be able to take a break and have some thing fresh to read...way to go!

cook is damn good phins. caught same balls as fatso last year but it totaled 200 more yards. 80 yard td catch was unreal for a te. much younger also. guy could be huge in st louis so fast

Posted by: Mark | March 13, 2013 at 05:18 PM

Think about, this new coaching staff isnt married to Devon Bess. So in their eyes, they may only see a guy that needs upgrading.

Dolfans and Sparano are an were the only ones with the Bess love affair. Not Philbin/Sherman.

dont get me wrong phins, im mad we missed on cook, but i wouldnt of paid the money either. we had cook at good rate till rams drove price way up at last minute


Why would we cut Bess? He's cheap,reliable and can be relatively productive as he's already proven. Personally,i'd rather have Bess than Gibson. If we cut Bess,forget Gibson...just draft Tavon Austin.

yes yesterday but they didnt get to have bess play the slot where he was so good at. he could move back there now with wallace and move the chains every big third down

disagree mark. if u could have gibson and still first pick or no gibson and austin i take gibson and pick all day. and yes they could move bess out if they sign gibson, didnt say i hope that happens. i want bess here

2 years 12 mill for welker only elway is a damn good gm

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 13, 2013 at 05:17 PM

I think peyton manning had a little more to do with welkers decision in signing with denver than horse face...just sayin!!!

I think Keller fits what this offense is wanting to do. I was hoping Keller would get looked at. Go Ireland!! About time

man i sure hope pats dont get amendola, guy is very good

who signed manning to denver?

I said that before you, Phins 78, and several days ago. That if Fasano was not re-signed, we would sign a FA TE and acquire another one in the Draft. Moreover, of the FA TEs, Keller was always my pick. You behind the Times, as always.

More than a few football people questioning if the three we signed will have the drive to win now that they got paid. I've been hearing this all day. Injured Percy Harvin got almost as much as Wallace and no one questions that. Players have been getting paid in free agency for years but now the national media is coming down on the Dolphins for doing it?!!!!!!!

They praised the Eagles dream team, praised the Bills giving huge money to a qb they cut a yeaar later and a de who didnt live up to his pay. Praised the Jets whenthey got Favre and paid for others in free agency because it would help them get to the big game but now the Dolphins are doing something wrong?! WTF

As long as they drsft K.Allen I'm happy !!

Bess is very overrated. He can only get open in zones unless a LB is covering him. He is also not a good blocker and his drops have risen over the past two years. We can get better there.

scary part phins is none of that worked out for any of those teams

I'm actually starting to see these pieces coming together. Maybe Ireland is smarter than we all thought. We have the 2nd youngest team in the league. Get Keller and Gibson and we will have a Green Bay offense but will be up to Tanny now.


If Ireland signs Keller and Gibson, it just may signal two positions he'll no longer look to address highly in this draft.

What does this mean. It could set up a possibility to trade up and draft an olineman top 10 if Lane Johnson is still sitting there at #7 or #8, and doesnt appear he will fall to 12.

If nothin else, it lends far more draft flexibility. Think about it.

I know you guys are gonna call me crazy but does Welker come back down to earth now?

Think about the average players that Brady and the Pats have made look better.

Edelman, Woodhead and Faulk. They just find players with high motors who go all out and just keep getting the ball to them.

Of course Manning can toss the ball a bit too.

Another free agent win for the Dolphins. Wes Welker signed with Denver!!!

Gibson's younger and would probably be a bit more effective on slightly deeper routes than Bess. Really hate to see Bess go but Gees, We have only been a Mediocre Offense with or without Bess on the field. He's due way more than a slot gut should get in 2014 so why not go ahead an keep the youth movement comin in Dolphinland...
The draft also allows us to keep getting younger and better with a 3rd or even a 4 th rd guy if they sign Gibson (wouldn't be a need to draft WR early any longer. They'd be able to concentrate on Defense & Oline after Drafting EIFERT 1st ;-)

The concensus is that Gibson is a bigger version of Bess....if we sign Gibson AND Keller.....I don't see us missing Bess if they have to let him go............if I were a book, I'd put the odds at 3 to 2 we sign Keller ...and 8 to 1 on the "If"

Can Gibson play the slot? If so, Bess is gone.

@ Henryzphinz....that's the way I see it as well dude..

Gibson, Keller and Winston would be awsome after what happened yesterday.

have to sign gibson first

Jets are on fire! First David Garrard now Lex Hilliard. JuggerNOT!!

Looks like Welker dropped one to many SB deciding passes for Belicheats liking....

now he can go choke away games for Manning and Elway....

@ Brian.....absolutely..

and @ Oscar...wuzzup cuz????...and yes , to your question, that's what I have read....

not a fan of winston at all. guess we could do worse on the right side

jets love those washed up ex fins but garrard is an upgrade for them

I have no love affair for Bess, still dont, never will. I means, honestly, 4 tds in 5yrs?

Come on fellas'!

Bess is the black Wes welker . He is AWESOME
We must keep him. IF we let him go the PATS will
be all over him. Could you see Brady throwing to
him 100 times. I can. Dam we got to keep him

Welker get separation Bess doesnt. Like someone else posted, I believe Bess only excells against zone defenses.

Bess is cheap enough to keep, but not valuable enough to not upgrade if available. You would think Bess is a pro bowler the way some here gush over him.

Mando why are the Dolphins going after the Jets injured cast offs, when they could be going for a Pro Bowl talent in Fred Davis? Hes bigger, faster, and a much better blocker Keller. Which isn't saying much, because there are turnstiles that are better blockers than Dustin Keller....

Rams dragging their feet on the Long signing....last I read it was still up in the air...


I think reason is....even though Ireland has money...its not infinite.....

Bess catches passes like Welker but rarely has any YAC to speak of. Welker scores touchdowns and produces major YAC.

fisher probaly got smarter and pulled out of deal

This news just broke:

Miami Beach (again) gives a thumbs down to Dolphins tax plan

Once again, Miami Beach doesn’t want tax dollars to go to the Miami Dolphins’ stadium.
The resort city’s commissioners voted unanimously Wednesday to oppose the team’s plan to use state subsidies and Miami-Dade hotel taxes to fund about half of a renovation the Dolphins say will cost $400 million. The Miami Beach City Commission took a similar vote in 2010, when the Dolphins first began their push for tax dollars to upgrade the stadium.


Fred Davis will be expensive.....

and he is a pot head....

Love the speed additions weve lacked this element for too long. Are we too small though? This is still football.

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