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Update on TE Dustin Keller

The Dolphins "missed" on tight end Jared Cook on Tuesday, if you call not wanting to pay $7 million per year to a player who had exactly three receptions more than Anthony Fasano a miss. Alright, I understand the infatuation with Cook but that sure is a lot of money for speed and seam-threat potential.

The Dolphins thought they had Cook at one point the past three days, I'm told. Then the Rams put on the full-court press, which is defined as money, money, money.

Fine, the Dolphins are moving on.

Today, Dustin Keller is visiting with the team, as I reported this morning. Well, more specifically the club plans to give Keller its own kind of full-court press. There will be meetings with coaches, dining with club personnel, and the physical.

The physical, which I'm told was taking place this afternoon, is key. Keller missed a lot of games last year with hamstring and ankle injuries. He had, however, played 64 consecutive games prior to that.

So the thinking here is if Keller is healthy and his physical checks out, then the Dolphins and his agent will be able to begin discussing contract terms.

The Dolphins are also expecting a visit today from wide receiver Brandon Gibson, late of the Rams. Gibson visited the Jets Wednesday morning but left town without a contract. He was flying to South Florida to visit Miami next, according to various New York media reports.

[Update: The New York Daily News is reporting Gibson is staying overnight. I'm reporting that barring a deal, he will fly to South Florida Thursday. He is also scheduled to visit Tennesee.]

Keller, by the way, has shown an ability to be quarterback friendly -- that is, he finds a way to be in place to get his quarterback out of a tough situation. No, he's not running a 4.49 in the 40 like Cook or maybe Vernon Davis. No, he's not going to block out the sun.

But he's efficient. He's been solid. He's played in big games, including two AFC Championship games. He would help Miami's cause if the Dolphins pull the trigger.

What will it cost?

A lot less than $7 million per season. Maybe half that.



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Clearly YG doesn't realise Bess is one of the best slot Receivers in the nfl. It's a no brainer...he should stay!

I'll put it like this..........

Bess is probably the nfl's best wr for pay vs production. He's very upgradable.

However, not at the expensive of more money for similar results. End of story...............

Bess if the only receiver I know that looses yards after the catch.

Trust me,if Bess played for New England,he'd be just as productive as Welker has been...

Well, Bush is a Lion.

If we could get Gibson at Bess pay, then why not? I've heard him described as a bigger version of Bess.

In this case it could be about size matters. But I wouldnt pay a penny over what Bess is being paid. If he's only a bigger version of Bess alone.

Keller is not an explosive athlete at the TE position. Yes...he is solid but we weren't looking for solid. We wanted dynamic and threatening. Keller is an undersized TE who is short...lacks speed...and can't block for $hit. Better of waiting an drafting a truly athletic te who can really run and bring some excitement to the position.

Posted by: Mark | March 13, 2013 at 05:56 PM

Not doubting Bess would be productive whereever he went. Bess isnt as difficult to cover as Welker.

If Welker were 6'2 and ran a 4.4 forty, and had the same quickness, he's easily a top 5 #1 wr.

Armando tweet, @ArmandoSalguero: Yes, and they want him back. RT @ejpoock: Are dolphins waiting to hear about Long before signing Winston or another OT?

If Bess were 6'2 and ran a 4.4 forty, he might be a middle of the pack #1 wr.

LOL @ 5:59.....

were talking about Dustin Keller...not Hellen Keller......

Dustin Keller is everything we need in a TE...and lacked for since keith Jackson and Mike quick....

Most people like Bess because they remember him making big catches in clutch situations. But we all have to look at the results. If there is an upgrade, get it. We don't carry players because we like them. We carry players because they can win. Bess has done some really good stuff but if we can upgrade to great, then do it. Ne will sign him in a minute and we will forever regret it but Ireland is firing on all cylinder right now.

is johnny manziel the dumbest guy to ever play football. this idiot just wont go away. does something retarded every day. guy is gonna be a huge bust if he even survives to the nfl

Hahaha... Easy to say let Bess go. One of THE best 3rd down receivers and if cut will be a Patriot within 48 hours and torture us just like Welker did for years. He has been very productive being asked to play outside. He is a SLOT receiver, and with Wallace could finally play there! Was on pace for 1000 yards until injury and teams KNEW he was the go to guy on 3rd down! If Gibson's in and Bess out remember where you read it. He will land in New England and with Brady throwing to him we'll see if he's missed here...

kris come on u know thats not true. keller isnt fast. he would be an upgrade but nothing special

Dustin Keller is everything we need in a TE...and lacked for since keith Jackson and Mike quick....

Posted by: Kris | March 13, 2013 at 06:03 PM

This comes from the same expert wanting Donovan Mcnab. Sheesh. Let's get a munchins opinion too.


dumb sure....he's still a kid....lighten man....

nothing tops t'eo.....EVER....

Stop 'playing the result' Ireland-Fanboyz: Cook was the key to a successful FA; Ireland lost him, and he must be punished for that.

And why is Ed Reed going to Houston for a FA visit, and not here.

Its slipping though Ireland's manicured hands.

Another One Off The Checklist!!

Some Here Have Been Riding The Get Keller Train For A While!! Stand UP!! You Guys Were Correct!!

Ireland Is On His F'ing JOB!!

Only Real Needs Left!! Are CB and O-Line!

With The #12 Pick!! The Fins Get E.Lacy!!

Hurry up Rams signing Long so we can sign a replacement lol.

Must be the longest medical in history. Not surprising really considering how broken down his body has become.

Gibson an upgrade over Bess??!! What numbers are you looking at??!! Gibson 4.6 40, Bess 4.7 40. Gibson 12.0, Bess 10.7. Gibson 9 TD, Bess 12 TD. Gibson 41 long, Bess 41 long. Gibson career high 53 rec., Bess has never had less than 51. Gibson 25, Bess 27. Where is the upgrade. Bess we know can play. Don't see an upgrade there...

he ran a 4.5....

wtf are you people talking about....he's plenty fast enough....

Kris probably still wants Kolb over Tannehill.

What makes Fed Davis a pot head?

Kris might be a closet Candian.

wow brady going off about welker leaving and how little his deal was. calling it a disgrace and diservice loving it

4.59 is 4.6 in my eyes.

Has everyone forgotten about the draft?! Slow down Ireland

Fins Free Agency Moves Swirling Down The Drain.

Admit it..........we've screwed the pooch once again.

Ireland must go down and he must go down hard.

Phins 78.....


drew stanton to arizona dude should start

Who says we hafta release him? Trade him for a sixth like b-more did.lol Or just trade him for a fifth and pour some out for little homey. I mean really if the Pats want him GA HED. Cant live in fear of the Patriots anymore. NEW DAY NEW TEAM NEW MENTALITY. TIME TO TAKE WHATS OURS

niners wanting asomungha


I bring up Te'o in a negative light....

and now some TROLL has an issue with me....

I WONDER WONDER WONDER.....who ever could that be....LOL.....

Its slipping though Ireland's manicured hands.

Posted by: Chuck Dowdle | March 13, 2013 at 06:12 PM

Sorry but this is one of if not THE dumbest post of the day and the guy who wrote it knows it. I would love to debate these ridiculous points but he never will and I guess they kind of speak for themselves as ignorance goes. He's just here for shock value.


so what is a 4.53 in your eyes...cause thats what he ran....

Pre-draft measureables
Ht Wt 40-yd dash 10-yd split 20-yd split 20-ss 3-cone Vert Broad BP
6 ft 2 in 242 lb 4.53 s 1.62 s 2.65 s 4.14 s 6.88 s 38.5 in 10 ft 11 in 26 reps


post your site....

Keller a done deal? Also I believe a told some folks not to sleep on Long coming back days ago.

It hasn't happened yet but I think they feel like that is their best option if the price is right.

Oddly, it seems often, ex-Dolphins kill us, but not vice versa.
Keller killed us, but so did EVERY TE UP THE MIDDLE, and everywhere else.
I agree with those that say we need to get a more dynamic, young TE...but please, not in the first round.
BTW, isn't Clay supposed to be our Jared Cook, just a tad slower?
I would think we'd be shopping Clay if we are SERIOUS about drafting a TE.

Right now, we'd better be concerned about our O-Line. Long wasn't the nobly question mark.
The FA additions make me less queasy about drafting ANOTHER O-lineman in the first round.

please dont say that rick rams stay dumb and sign him please

As Tanny is very strong on the rollout, why NOT an OG that can pull? The guy from Alabama is the best O-line guy in the draft?
Would also get Miller outside, where he'll do the most damage.



BTW, missed you all. Been a bit under the weather.

Maybe the Dolphins are thinking of Tavon Austin in the slot? They are visiting with him, and showing interest. Bess will never run a 4.34 40. Think of the impact of a playmaker like Austin playing the slot, how will teams cover us, especially if we sign Dustin Keller. I would take Austin in the slot and lett Bess walk, even though I am a big Bess fan.

Does kinda smell more like save my job moves by ireland but im not complaining. We all know the learning curve for rookie wr is longer than other positions. If ireland depended on drafted recievers the results wouldnt be good enough FAST ENOUGH to save jeff(y)

Yeah I guess if you fail 4 times when you know it's not excepted by the NFL you're an idiot.

I wouldn't go as far as calling him a pot head. I know some pot heads. They don't accomplish jack squat. Recreational marijuana use is akin to recreational drinking. You don't call an occasional drinker an alcoholic.

But absolutely, stupid idiot for smoking while he's working for the NFL. His priorities are screwed up.

...accepted....my bad

Ireland has done a great job so far. I think the better option at this point is to draft a TE in the second round, then another in the 4th or 5th round.

I Know Someone Here Wants Bess Gone!! Always Had!!

But Philbin Has Stated Many Times Bess Is What He Wants Out Of His Football Player. Bess Is What He Wants Out Of His Wr's!!

Even If We Sign Or Draft Another Wr!! Bess Is Safe!!

Mando And Some Of You Clowns Don't Understand!! THE FINS WILL RUN A LOT OF 4 WR SETS!! Even The TE's Will Line Up Wide!!

But Some Here Still Think We Are Running A Basic Pro style Offense!!

The Fins Are Running A Spread WCO!! Yes, I Just Made That Term Up!! Because It Is The Only Thing That Describes This System!!


Agreed. Manziel Is An Idiot!!

Supposedly He Takes All His Classes Online!! If That Doesn't Reek Of Cheating!! I don't Know what does!!

Remember Manziel Was A 20-21 Year Old Freshmen!! Even With The Red shirt Season!! That Still Means Manziel Was 19 When He Started College!!

You Can Just Look At Manziel And Tell That He Is A Neanderthal!!


now here come damage control character Aloco.....

its about to get stupid in here...guess i'm out till day shift shows back up....

Welcome to the FINS Mr. Keller (I hope).....

dusty they were just saying on the nfl network that the Dolphins wanted him back.

Of course at this point I'm not sure if I'm watching it live or its taped.

LMAO! Someone called Keller slow? I'm convinced only around 50% of the people in here watch and/or understand football. Obviously even less ever played the game. Hilarious.

IMAWriter, trust me, you missed nothing. hahaha

Te can be dealt with as can de and a lineman in draft. We should grab a vet corner tho right? Can we pull an nfl ready corner or two from the draft? Its more of a reactionary position thananything (i think) so maybe.

I'm OK with Keller. He fills an immediate need since we lost Fasano and I like his QB friendly attitude. Don't know about Gibson though. He is not a bad player, but we have already invested heavily in the WR department while the OL still needs an OG and a RT... I would rather have Ireland signing someone like Vollmer now and then drafting a WR prospect with bigger upside in the first 2 rounds.

Hope Vollmer is still available when Long signs with the Rams.

Do you guys want Jake Long to come back???

I'm talking about Gibson being an upgrade over Bess, NOT Keller. But that is an interesting point that Keller, a TE ran a 4.53 and Gibson, and upgrade WR ran a 4.59. Don't see him as an upgrade over Bess. And, by the way, I'm all for adding Keller:) If for nothing more than to not see him kill us every year...

I cannot tolerate the lack of critical thinking manifested in many comments hereon.

Ireland has done NOTHING today.

I need not debate the clarity of my thought or the brilliance of my conclusions.

Hence, I shall no longer post using this name or persona.


Gotta have a TE before the draft. Can't go into the season hoping we draft the right guy at that position. At least not with what we currently have on the roster.



Dustin Keller has been a thorne in our side ever since he became a Jet. Always seemed to get open and convert 1st downs when we needed a stop. He would be a great fit, faster than Fasano and a match up nightmare against LB's. Cut Bess, draft Tavon Austin, sign Keller, and we would become the "Greatest show on Grass"!

If they sign Keller will there be enough money left to sign a corner because the draft isn't looking great on that front unless we trade up for Miliner which doesn't seem likely.

Run on sentence, gotta love em'! But Double down differently this year. No double down in the draft. Sign Keller and best CB available in free agency then double down in the draft with your first two picks. Trade up for Miliner and steal him away from someone else and then draft Ertz or Eifert. Holy crap, I just might have a stroke if this were to happen.

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