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Update on TE Dustin Keller

The Dolphins "missed" on tight end Jared Cook on Tuesday, if you call not wanting to pay $7 million per year to a player who had exactly three receptions more than Anthony Fasano a miss. Alright, I understand the infatuation with Cook but that sure is a lot of money for speed and seam-threat potential.

The Dolphins thought they had Cook at one point the past three days, I'm told. Then the Rams put on the full-court press, which is defined as money, money, money.

Fine, the Dolphins are moving on.

Today, Dustin Keller is visiting with the team, as I reported this morning. Well, more specifically the club plans to give Keller its own kind of full-court press. There will be meetings with coaches, dining with club personnel, and the physical.

The physical, which I'm told was taking place this afternoon, is key. Keller missed a lot of games last year with hamstring and ankle injuries. He had, however, played 64 consecutive games prior to that.

So the thinking here is if Keller is healthy and his physical checks out, then the Dolphins and his agent will be able to begin discussing contract terms.

The Dolphins are also expecting a visit today from wide receiver Brandon Gibson, late of the Rams. Gibson visited the Jets Wednesday morning but left town without a contract. He was flying to South Florida to visit Miami next, according to various New York media reports.

[Update: The New York Daily News is reporting Gibson is staying overnight. I'm reporting that barring a deal, he will fly to South Florida Thursday. He is also scheduled to visit Tennesee.]

Keller, by the way, has shown an ability to be quarterback friendly -- that is, he finds a way to be in place to get his quarterback out of a tough situation. No, he's not running a 4.49 in the 40 like Cook or maybe Vernon Davis. No, he's not going to block out the sun.

But he's efficient. He's been solid. He's played in big games, including two AFC Championship games. He would help Miami's cause if the Dolphins pull the trigger.

What will it cost?

A lot less than $7 million per season. Maybe half that.



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I would not mind seeing the most dynamic offensive player in this draft here, Tavon Austin. I hear that the Dolphins love this guy. Wallace, Austin, Hartline, and Bess, Awesome!

However, Warmack or Lane Johnson would fill a huge need. Again, do not underestimate the value of dominating the line of scrimmage. Did you see the Notre Dame vs. Alabama game? The RBs had a 5 yard head start before any defenders were even close. That is a huge advantage.

Funny, most of the Posters here are fixed on the smae Players, Austin, Patterson, Jordan, Ansah, Jarvis Jones. Could it be the same Poster under different names?

Many lineman don't live up to expectations. Playing ND is nothing like playing an NFL team.

WTH is going on with the Patsies? T. Brady is beyond enraged with the loss of Wes Welker. That's about the worst way possible their off season could gone.

Posted by: Phins78 | March 13, 2013 at 09:08 PM



Yg if I EVEREEEEVVVVEEERRRR feel the need to admonish you I will happily do so using my regular sign in name. Saying I am commenting about you under a false name insinuates that I'm scared of you. If you believe that after all of this time you just don't get it. Should I go on a 2 month rant now against every one of your posts like you did to me for thinking you could be Aloco. Wow Yg, just wow, you're one of a kind. Ill wait for an apology.


In the end you and Omar may be right. It seemed like it was pretty close. Long probably doesn't wanna look like an a-hole and sign for 7 million when he was demanding 10/11.

Funny as hell Phins78 coming in out of the blue to defend his Craiggy boy. I guess they can accept each others premature ejaculation.

oscar, I thought Ansah was pretty big. No?


Word came out from team insiders that Long carried his ego and giant salary around with him daily. He is getting a dose of reality for the first time. Ton's of players have gone before him.

What up with Keller anyone know ?

Lmao YG you are SO wrong about this one. I have NO beef with you. You can believe whatever you want. If I could prove Im not this person I would love to just to show you how wrong you are. I'm not fighting with anyone on the INTERNET you see because I'm an adult and that would be pathetic. Lol this is just so insane, I want no part of your paranoia tonight, have a good one.

You guys talking draft as FA slips away....No Cook, No Keller, No DBs............Poseidon Misadventure.



Good to hear from you Josh. Kellar would be great. I am waiting to hear. I hope Ireland moves fast and signs him. Hopefully, tonight.

I am also very concerned about the O-Line. Hopefully, Ireland does not disregard the line.

Interesting Taka. I didn't know that.

Last I heard Keller was at the Dolphins facility for a physical but no word on contract yet.

4 year career.
Gibson: Rec 171 YDS 2090 TDs 9 FD 127
First 4 years (5 year career)
Bess: Rec 260 YDS 2669 TDs 11 FD 145.

WTF? I'm not okay with replacing Bess, not with Gibson.
Besides the lack of TDs Bess was on pace for his best year. TDs can't be discounted but Gibson wasn't in the endzone any more than Bess other than last year.
The grass is NOT greener folks.

So are a lot of other DEs in this Draft, Rick, that nobody mention here.

Hahaha before I go this is how crazy you're being. I see you fight every time I come in here. Craig and Mark seem to be your enemies and now I see WNP has made you mad. But it's ME who's trolling you eventhough we haven't had a problem since we buried the hatchet.? Do you understand how nuts that is? You don't think it could be Craig, Mark, or WNP?!!! Has to be me huh? Lol

I'll tell you what you tell everyone else. ASK ARMANDO! Follow your own advice and ask the blog writer. Armando, am I posing as Frank Sinatra JR.? Ask him, ask him, ask him. Pleassseeeee ask him and then come back and let me know how you were wrong.

Gibson is being stolen from Ireland while he's checking Parcells' Status on Facebook.

Oh So Sad.

Well its gettin kinda lame in here with the bickering. Not down on anyone just sayin. Ill be back tho. Glad OUR Fins are makin moves. We were in the cellar so long i thought the new logo would have a drooping fin (like a killer whale in captivity). Seems all hope is npt lost. Would be G of you guys to band together head to a jets site and attack TOGETHER like dolphins do. CMON YALL KNOW IT WOULD BE FUN!!Lead the charge dashi...yg4e...phins up!

Phins78, who tastes better, Craig or Kris?

I have to admit it's been fun watching the other teams in our division self destruct this week. It makes me optimistic for next year already and we haven't even drafted yet which will make the team even better.

I have always misstrusted the mentality of the Masses shaped by the Media. The incident between that Fan and Ireland only served to reaffirm it in me. And scare me more.

NFL.com reports a resolution to free agent LT Jake Long's Rams visit isn't expected until Thursday.
Both sides must be worn out from Long's marathon physical. With every hour that passes that Long isn't a Ram, the chances increase he returns to Miami. We should have an answer by this time tomorrow.

It is quite obvious that YG was conceived when he father (while held in an insane asylum) placed his member in his own anuuus and tugged profusely.

Sad reminder of what happens when clinically ill people mate. Those genes are obviously passed on.

It is quite obvious that YG4EVER is the product of clinically ill parents.

I also doubt whether he ever met his biological father. You can tell by his internet delusions.

Heat win their 20th in a row. 13 more to catch the Laker's record of 33. They still have a long way to go but let's go heat.

The last chapter of the Parcells/Ireland Reign of Errors is being written with the absolutely gummed-up FA. Why you Ireland Fanboyz cannot see what ever intelligent, dispassionate observer like me see is mystifying.

This team is unraveling before out eyes.

George Sands, please step in front of a train.

Georges Sands,

Should we all kill ourselves today or tomorrow?

You first, ok?

Unraveling? We sign the #1 FA on EVERY teams boards and we are "unraveling?" LMAO, damned if u do damned if u dont!

Keller would be a huge signing. For those questioning his speed lets not forget who was tossing him the rock ( Sancheeto). Not like he had many chances to go deep( except against miami).

Damn. Avril to Seahawks. They are going to be scary good. Fins still need another pass rusher. Would still like Freeney in a Fins uniform. Or Osi Umenyiora.

Can't believe the talent on the market this year. Avril was my first choice but Fins should still make a move on one of these guys.

Incarcerated Bob reports on twitter that Keller signing may happen tomorrow. "Kellar really likes the fins" according to incarcerrated Bob. LOL

OK it's late. Ireland is probably going to sleep. No sense in staying up all night waiting for fins news.

Good night fellas.

Tavon Austin...if we sign Keller and T....he will absolutely kill it in the slot...the speed we will have will be incredible, heck he can come out of backfield too...that kid will be special

He, Wallace, Hartline, Bess and Keller together, wow....


Are You Claiming To Be Aloco?

Look Back At My Post. Aloco/Oscar.

Now If You Are Admitting To Something That Is A Different Story.

That Dashi Has Said Before You And Oscar are In Cahoots!! But Haven't Said That Recently.

And All My Garbage Can Eats Is Steak!! Filet Miñon!!

Remember Dashi Said Franchise Starks! Resign Clemons! Let Go Of Bush! And Fasano!!
That Dashi Was The Main One Since Week 1 Of Last Year!! Saying Cut Dansby!! This Is True!! And Dashi Is Over That!! Craig Showed Up and Told Me I Was Right!! Thanks To Everyone Else, But The Dansby Battle Was Always Between Dashi and Craig!!

Losing Bush was inexcusable. The only playmaker on the team.

OOOOOOO---KAAAAYYY boys and girls.....so day 2 of FA was one Visit and a promise of a visit and what..?

...it's obvious from where I sit that the delayed signing of Jake Long has the Fins FO stuck in the mud....

Totally different question for Mando and company.
Why the habitual reference to S. Beach ? If the stadium is very close to Miramar, and the practice
field is in Davie - why the constant re: to S. Beach?
Maybe I'll never understand !

This team unraveled the day Parcells left. Allowing Ireland to replace his old busts with new busts is utter insanity. Ross must be in a coma.

i think mike sherman will make a push for r.swope over austin

Sick of The morons on espn and nfl network keep knocking the fins moves saying they over paid for these guys etc yeah cause picking up every other teams training camp scraps has worked out so well for us these past few years geez at least their trying to build a good team with real players the patriots could have signed every one of these guys for more money and they would say they were the best pick ups ever, enough already

And you cant buy any Dolphin jerseys ..no one stays on the team for more then 3 years.


Out Of Towners(Tourist) Only Think Miami Is South Beach!!

The Stadium Is By County Line. Please, Don't Insult Dade County With Broward References. Say It Is Near Aventura. Right By Dashi's House. Literally Up The Street. Ives Dairy.

Agreed The Facilities Are In Davie. And All The Dolphin Planes Land On Ft. Lauderdale Airport.

But To Tourist Sfla Is South Beach!! They Don't Know About The Tri-County!! Dade, Broward, WPB!! Sfla Is One Of The Biggest Regions In The Country!! And Cleanest!!

Clowns Can Denigrate Sfla All They Want!! Dashi Has Been Around This Country From Coast To Coast!! Border To Border!! And I Feel Proud To Call Sfla Home!!

The Raiders cut Darrius Hayward Bey. Maybe Fins should look at him instead of Gibson. It would be nice to get Eifert and Gabon Austin. Also Fins might look at the RB Lacy from Alabama.

I meant Tavon Austin.

With The #12 Pick The Fins Pick E.Lacy!!

Ricky Williams 2.0!!

Lacy Doesn't Dance But He Makes Defenses Shake In Their Cleats!!

Now This Is Pending The Jake Long Signing!! Or A Tackle Of Equal Value!!

Agreed With Buster. Day 2 Was A Slight Disappointment!

John, why would we want an Oakland Raider castoff??

bess is good i don't know why all u hating on devon bess for the guy had 900 yards and missed the last 3 games of the year! if he would of not been hurt the last 3 games and he barley played the 4th game just thikn about it! that is 4 games at the end of the year he did not play if he would of played all 4 of them games and got just 50 yards a game he would of had 1100+ yards! or if he would of got a 100 yards a game which was easy for him to do since he was getting almost a 100 yards a game toward the end of the year he could of had close to 1500 yards so sto9p hating i say keep him all the way!

Hi Dashi!

Palm Beach Post report keller interview went well and will return to dolphins facility tomorrow

Dashi, I don't think Miami takes Lacy at 12. If anything they might package one of their extra picks to get back into the 1st round and take him. I still think Miami has bigger needs than RB, but we shall see.

Sorta agree with Day 2 being a bit of a disappointment, but then i thought about it and maybe Ireland needed a breather. Signed 5 players cut 2 on day one, then had to do their press conferences then meet with Keller all the while waiting to here back from Jake Long. Hopefully day 3 we see some movements with Keller and Long (one way or the other) and hopefully get some Corners.

The unspeakable pain of no signings, of no announcements, of no solid positive rumours, of the loss of Cook, of Ed Reed in Texas, weighs on me with a force greater than any fast-moving bus or rapidly-metabolized poison.

If not, I would happily oblige those of you who cannot see what I see.

Agree, I don't think we take Lacy at 12. Jeff likes to find his RBs later in draft (think Marion Barber in 4th, Thomas in 2ND etc). Wouldn't be mad with Gio Bernard or Joseph Raffle in 2ND or 3Rd. The way we stand now looks like our first pick will be a tackle (if Jake does not sign) or a corner. I would try to move up for Millner or Fisher (if no Long)

Randle not raffle, damn auto correct

the tax man or should I say the lack of a state tax man probably makes longs choice harder, bet the Dolphins and Rams are close to each other when you figure in tax difference.

Wonder how getting Long back would effect the over all budget. Man it is hard to say this but I hope he signs with St. Louis. And I am a long supporter, but we still need TE/2 CB's/FS, DE. You really probably shut down the Free Agent rebuild with Keller and Long. Guess cutting Patterson could get you enough money for say Freeney or the WR from Rams.

This CB situation needs to be fixed and boy are their some players out their that could do it. Really like Pollard as a hard hitter who creates mistakes by the other team.

Go Dolphins!!Tommorow is another day.


Hi F'ggot!!

Isn't it obvious NOBODY wants Long? How many FA' signed on the spot? Rams spending two full days giving the guy a physical, shows Long is not healthy. Pass, forget him at any price. Nobody wants Sean Smith either, bust.

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