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Update on TE Dustin Keller

The Dolphins "missed" on tight end Jared Cook on Tuesday, if you call not wanting to pay $7 million per year to a player who had exactly three receptions more than Anthony Fasano a miss. Alright, I understand the infatuation with Cook but that sure is a lot of money for speed and seam-threat potential.

The Dolphins thought they had Cook at one point the past three days, I'm told. Then the Rams put on the full-court press, which is defined as money, money, money.

Fine, the Dolphins are moving on.

Today, Dustin Keller is visiting with the team, as I reported this morning. Well, more specifically the club plans to give Keller its own kind of full-court press. There will be meetings with coaches, dining with club personnel, and the physical.

The physical, which I'm told was taking place this afternoon, is key. Keller missed a lot of games last year with hamstring and ankle injuries. He had, however, played 64 consecutive games prior to that.

So the thinking here is if Keller is healthy and his physical checks out, then the Dolphins and his agent will be able to begin discussing contract terms.

The Dolphins are also expecting a visit today from wide receiver Brandon Gibson, late of the Rams. Gibson visited the Jets Wednesday morning but left town without a contract. He was flying to South Florida to visit Miami next, according to various New York media reports.

[Update: The New York Daily News is reporting Gibson is staying overnight. I'm reporting that barring a deal, he will fly to South Florida Thursday. He is also scheduled to visit Tennesee.]

Keller, by the way, has shown an ability to be quarterback friendly -- that is, he finds a way to be in place to get his quarterback out of a tough situation. No, he's not running a 4.49 in the 40 like Cook or maybe Vernon Davis. No, he's not going to block out the sun.

But he's efficient. He's been solid. He's played in big games, including two AFC Championship games. He would help Miami's cause if the Dolphins pull the trigger.

What will it cost?

A lot less than $7 million per season. Maybe half that.



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Fins, I don't challenge what you say about Kelce at all. I know he had his pro day yesterday and I'm anxious to see the results.

I was just saying that Vance is another guy that can block and catch ... probably a bit better blocker than receiver though.

LOL, personally I'm all for bringing back SS and jake at Miami's prices. i don't think they were a reason they weren't winning as a team. But this can't drag on forever. I think after the TE situation gets sorted out, Ireland will ask both guys to make up their mind one way or the other.

Thanks for the heads up on Wreck it. I don't have kids yet but still enjoy those movies. Saw Hotel Transylvania recently too. If your kids haven't seen it, they should. Also saw Paranorman but in no way is that meant for small kids.

Losing Reggie Bush is not good. The one thing needed is PLAYMAKERS like him. We had plenty of cap space.

4 year career.
Gibson: Rec 171 YDS 2090 TDs 9 FD 127
First 4 years (5 year career)
Bess: Rec 260 YDS 2669 TDs 11 FD 145.
WTF? I'm not okay with replacing Bess, not with Gibson.
Besides the lack of TDs Bess was on pace for his best year. TDs can't be discounted but Gibson wasn't in the endzone any more than Bess other than last year.
The grass is NOT greener folks.
Posted by: PG13 | March 13, 2013 at 09:25 PM
Posted by: bidniss | March 14, 2013 at 07:50 AM

Don't do it IRELAND!

Is it setting in yet? The recognition that the initial (but more-sizzle-than-steak) FA splash is long-gone? The realization that we have more needs than Irie is capable of fixing?

No TE; No OL, esp. LT; No DBs.

Independent Medical Professional like me clearly see that the Fin's moves reek of desperation and failure.

Gibson TDs:
09 - 1
10 - 2
11 - 1
12 - 5

Bess TDs
08 - 1
09 - 2
10 - 5
11 - 3
12 - 1

Can anyone explain how this would be an upgrade??

OL draft
DBs Draft
TE FA / Draft

Looks to be moving along pretty good to me


I like Bess too but he may have crossed the boss last year adn Philbin has already shown that he won't stand for that.

I agree about the remaining holes. They're superficial. I mean they can all be filled through one to three signings and the draft easily. No sweat ..

Maybe he did cross the boss but I think Philbin has to look past that one. Bess has a year left on his contract, if theyu want to find his replacement do it in the draft and let Bess walk next year. Thats just my take anyway. Personally I am hoping Ireland is trying to run up the price on the Jets, let them have Gibson. No sweat of our sac!!

We did see Hotel Transylvania but the kids nor I was a huge fan. If your into retro arcade games from the atari & nintendo era, wreck-it ralph will be a hit.

This Conference is very much up for grabs over the next 2-3 years. The best teams right now are Denver, Houston, Cinci and soon to be Indy. Baltimore, NE and Pitt have all regressed. The time to rise up is now.

Now before people twist what I'm saying (on here, really?), it doesn't mean I think we have the team to do it. It means we'll have never have a better chance. Ravens have been raped this offseason and I'm looking forward to seeing 'Mr. Elite', Joe Flacco, carries this team, as so many here would have you believe.

Not impressed with Keller, but I guess he's the best of what's left.I would have spent the money on Cook or Bennett but I guess Ireland thought it got too rich. Not sure if his next move will be Keller or a guy like Gibson and I'm not sure why we're still messing around with Long. I'd get a deal done with Winston and focus on addressing CB.

Quick question do the fins wait til Saturday too see if Dumervil becomes available? Just a thought...

Yeah, Craig, I think they have to sign Keller and get on with it; heave a sigh of relief and see what he can do when the team gets together in OTAs.

I'd still like to see CB Lewis added and Sean Smith signed somewhere- just so I know he won't be back in Miami.

NE might be breakable this year with an aging- and possibly resentful- Brady. I like the addition of the new Dolphin LBs, especially for pass rush and think we could have a realistic chance at the division. I would have thought Buffalo until they fired Fitzpatrick.

Bess is history. Either this year or next, he's gone. He has zero YAC and torqued off the coaches with his injury last year. Not sure if Gibson is all that great, but he may provide an upgrade to either move Hartline to the slot or Gibson himself in the slot. I still see a WR drafted early though.

i am NOT excited about KELLER, hes really just a younger Fasano. ARMANDO, can you give us an update on GB's FINLEY? This is the type of TE we should have. I know he still may be released, but how bout trying to trade for him now? A late 5th-7th round pick or a player that we can take off our payroll? please float the rumor

We must still draft a young wr to groom for years to come! Keller will be nice tight end if used correctly...we still need a defensive end oppposite wake...

And, are we good enough at running back now that reggie bush is a lion???

Are we solid enough at corner and safety?

Lots of unknowns yet??

Qb tannenhill needs to be working out with new wr's asap to get chemistry and timing down....mike wallace needs to come in best shape he's ever been in, and knowing playbook inside n out ! A fast start out of the gates is needed if we are to beat out patriots for afc east crown..

From what I've seen keller is a beast....slants across middle, screens, etc.....and tannenhills a much better qb than lame marky sancheezy is!

Miami must keep building through nfl draft even though we added peaces...most teams like pats have had success long term by keep drafting for tommorow also..draft is still top priority...but nice we added few guys we over paid for...hope wallace, ellerbe, wheeler all are not bust who just get lazy after getting paid fat money...come in in top shape and mentally hungry to play.

I think we should still draft wr patterson from tennessee vols...kids upsides crazy high...big time playmaker! Be a great insurance policy also!

I certainly agree with Marko. Posters are foolish to think just adding Wallace makes this a good wr core. News flash! Its doesn't....while teams like Denver now how 3 very good wrs the Fins have one. The love for Hartline and Bess is stupid. These 2 are marginal starters on any good football team.

We need speed an athleticism opposite of Wallace and Hartline does not fit the bill today or for the future. Would LOVE for the Fins to take a wr high in the draft that has the potential of being a no. 1 target. Good teams have 2 no. 1 wrs or a 1a and 1b. We have a stretch the field type with a bunch of average possession types. This is not going to cut it.

I say sign dustin keller to a one or two year deal, see how he fits in and if he produces in this offense...

Part of the leadership counsil.Bess is most likely doomed.Dansby,Bush,Long on the way out.Bye Bye Bess Philbin don't play.

I'd say keller passes physical and is signed today...be surprised if miami let's him skip town without a contract getting done! ;-)

Why would we cut Bess? He's cheap,reliable and can be relatively productive as he's already proven. Personally,i'd rather have Bess than Gibson. If we cut Bess,forget Gibson...just draft Tavon Austin.

Posted by: Mark | March 13, 2013 at 05:26 PM

Agreed 110%

Are they going to cut Bess? if we sign a Gibson then I do not see us missing Bess if they have to let him go.

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