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Workouts will show Dolphins if Martin wants to be the LT

Monday was the start of the 2013 season for the Miami Dolphins.

It was the first day since last season's Super Bowl champion was crowned that Miami players returned to the club's Davie, FL. facility and started doing things to make themselves better in 2013.

There was weight lifting. There was running. I suppose there was some bonding in the locker room.

It was a start.

And it was very important for Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin.

Martin will be in his second season with the Dolphins in 2013. And he might also be in the spotlight. You see, if Jake Long does what many expect and goes to a new team the next couple of weeks, Martin immediately becomes Miami's new starting left tackle.

He will be charged with protecting quarterback Ryan Tannehill's blind side.

The job isn't new to Martin who played that very position the final month of 2012 while Long was finishing up on injured reserve for the second consecutive season. And Martin was something of a pleasant surprise in that he played as well or better on the left side than he did on the right side because the left seems to be his more natural position.

Indeed, Martin's play the final few weeks at left tackle might be the reason people in the Dolphins personnel department aren't actually giving birth to a cow over the idea of Long departing -- because, again, Martin held the position down without major incident.

(A major incident is defined as Tannehill's head being decapitated).

But if Long is indeed going to leave, the Dolphins need more out of Martin than him simply not stinking. They need him to win at that spot. He didn't do that nearly enough in his short tenure at LT. (He didn't really do it much at RT but that's not the point here).

In other words, the Dolphins need Jonathan Martin to go from a C-plus NFL left tackle to a solid B or B-plus player at that elite spot.

And to do that Martin needs to be a horse this offseason. His somewhat pear-shaped body needs some shredding and remolding. He's carrying 312 pounds on his 6-5 frame. So he's a big man. But he needs to get stronger in both the upper body and the lower body. His core is also weak or at least he sometimes plays like that.

So Martin needs to eat some nails for breakfast every morning and get in the weight room and morph. He'll have no better opportunity to do it than this offseason while he's still young, while he's still green, while he still has the giant leap of rookie to second-year player ahead of him -- the leap that often sees the greatest amount of improvement in NFL players.

If Martin can do that, some within the Dolphins organization believe Martin has the makings of a fine left tackle.

The question is will he do it?

Does Martin have the desire to do it? Is he willing to sacrifice the hours and effort it will take to remake his body? Will he work at it even though the stadium lights are not turned on? In short, is he willing to do something that he obviously has not yet done in his development as a football player?

That's the key question.

I don't know the answer. I don't know Martin very well, so I cannot tell you if he's willing to put in the work.

But I do know this kid is very smart. I do know he has a little bit of a nasty streak in him on the field. I do know he's been told he needs to get stronger to get better. And I do know he has said he understands.

But again, the distance between understanding what must be done and actually doing it is often the distance between being average and very good.

The Dolphins, by the way, have a grand advantage on this point. They see Martin every day. They will know if he's attending the workouts religiously. They will be able to measure his progress or lack thereof. They will know if Martin is walking the path to improvement or taking detours through the Burger King drivethru.

And that knowledge, I suppose, will be used to help determine their course in replacing Long if he goes. If Martin becomes a workhorse this offseason, then I'd expect the Dolphins will breathe a sigh of relief in knowing they have a viable replacement for Long already on the roster.

If, however, Martin stumbles, if he misses workouts or doesn't really LIFT when he's supposed to be lifting, then the team needs to consider other options. And Miami will need to do that in the coming weeks.

It's on the Dolphins. It's on Jonathan Martin.

The season has begun in earnest. 


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He should've began years ago?

Without incident? Like the Aldon Smith incident? Lucky that didn't result in major injury to anyone.

Seeing a 312 lbs man being hurled like DJ Jazzy Jeff is the one lasting image I will have of this season and it should be the same thing that get Johnathan Martin up every morning at 5 to put in the work necessary!

From last blog:

If Martin played all 16 games at LT, he would have been a ProBowler!

Ok, that was a joke to jumpstart Mark this morning.

But Mark, isn't Vollmer intriguing? Pretty good tackle. And taking a NE player away and using him against them is a delicious thought, isn't it?

Posted by: DC Dolfan | March 05, 2013 at 08:14 AM

Not that my comment relates to this blog. But does anyone else want Jared Cook to be on this team? I know his stats dont back it, but I think he could be the biggest FA of the offseason. Call it a gut feeling(probably just gas), but I see huge numbers for him this year

Armando, good article on Martin...I'm not too concerned...This happens quite a lot in the NFL...Kids come out of college and need to get much bigger and stronger...Not the first time, not the last...Let's just hope he understands that and takes it seriously...
Another reason we shouldn't worry too much is this draft is very, very deep in o-linemen. Free agency also has a lot of good players, even after Clady and Albert got franchised...So lots of interesting options out there..As long as we don't bring back Long with a huge contract, I'm fine with where we're at....

DC, I do like Volmer, tough dude. But he is also injury prone. Honestly, my wish is that Jake and the Dolphins find an acceptable meeting point and the Dolphins use the first pick on another position. And I'm still pizzed about spending $14M on two run stuffing DTs.


That was a couple years ago. Last year he was pretty solid. But it was a BACK injury, so that kinda scares me (the reason I'm concerned about our own hunchback, Marshall).

Maybe Long sees the light, is willing to come back for 5-6mil.

Montreal, left tackles drafted in the second round do nto normally bench 225 15 times or whatever it was. The norm is in the mid 20s and higher. It's a problem and I said it was going to be a problem before the season started and it became a problem. I seriously question Ireland on picking this kid.

Then,I suppose you'll really be "pizzed" to learn that it's closer to $16 mm...

Well, I doubt you will get Volmer on the cheap. Any of these name guys in free agency is going to require a multi year $7M a year or thereabout contract or higher. That's why I would rather pay Jake that amount. better the devil you know ...

Martin was a great draft pick in the 2nd round last year. I believe he can get the job done at LT in the weight room and on the field. He is very intelligent and has the tools. The only thing left for him to prove is the desire to be the very best.

His play and potential are a very very good thing. The team needs a RT if Long is not signed which are easier to get than a LT. Sure he got beat badly on some plays last year but what rookies don't?

Steve, you're right ... $30.6M for the quad of Soliai, Dansby, Burnett, and Starks. A group that produces very few turnovers and not much pressure and crap coverage. Sure they play the run ok, and that's about it .. just ok. Not even dominant there. 25% of the cap between the four ... sheesh. Too early to drink?

Lol!!!!.... Jazzy Jeff!!!!!!... It looked EXACTLY like that!!

1.st of all what you people should be talking about is what 3 receivers J.Ireland should be drafting in case they don't get either Wallace or Jennings. Which in my opinion is a excellent possibility is going to happen. As for Martin he'll do just fine at LT, what I can't understand is how many of you dolphin fans was okay taking a fat a** LT with the #1 overall pick over a franchise QB !! You Dolphins fans never cease to amaze me !!

Martin Stunk up the field 2 of his 4 games at left tackle, and graded out poorly at rt. He has issues with strong defenders and get backed into the qb regularly. Im not calling him a bust but he can not continue to play at that level if he is to play the most important position on the line.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that JMartin will be successful at LT. Besides his obvious physical talent, with his Smarts he will outthink your average pass rusher.

Seeing a 312 lbs man being hurled like DJ Jazzy Jeff is the one lasting image I will have of this season and it should be the same thing that get Johnathan Martin up every morning at 5 to put in the work necessary!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 05, 2013 at 08:09 AM

That's the funniest thing I've heard on here in a while. LOL

That's why it's always safer to Draft from Stanford.

If the Dolphins are serious about bringing back the fans in their stadium, they should do 3 things...
First, sign Mike Wallace. Fans that go to games will tell you, the best thing that can happen is your team scoring a TD. Miami sucks at that. Bring in a TD machine and problem one is solved...Second thing they should do is trade for Darrell Revis...Yeah, call me crazy, call me stupid, call me whatever...I don't care...They have the money, they have the draft picks...Do it...Show your fans you want to win...The Dolphins have a good, but not great defense...They have a lot of guys that are good at what they do (Dansby, Burnett, Soliai, Starks) but don't come up with game changing plays. They haven't had a guy like that since Jason Taylor. Bring on the king of game changing plays and the king of interceptions, Darrell Revis. He will make everybody around him better, just like Mike Wallace. And the third thing they HAVE to do is have a productive draft, a bit like the Colts and Seahawks did last year. Ireland's drafts have been mediocre at best...Time to change that...Do those 3 things and fans will come back to Sunlife Stadium...Enough with the conservative approach crap...

So, you guys that like Eiffert, go for Ertz, go for Ertz.

A good Education is Prime, in any Field.

turds @ 8:56 ... exactly.

Montreal, are you not scared off by Revis asking for top 5 Qb money? I am, I'd rather use that same money and sign Cary Williams and Paul Kruger (sure you would have to kick in an extra few mill) and keep my draft picks.

We better get going and sign those Player that we feel are absolutely keepers before March 9. After that, is No Man's Land.

Oscar, Ertz is a crap athlete. He may be smart but Ryan Fitzpatrick of harvard scored a perfect 50 on the Wonderlich. Doesn't help him from being a turnover machine. You've got to have the muscle twitch.


We Spend About the same for 2 Garbage LB's!!

At Least Starks and Soliai Are Pro bowl Type Players. And Are Our Run Defense. Picture the Defense Without Soliai and Starks. How Horrendous will our run defense look?


Today Is The First Day of All The Players Back. But T-Hill and Some Wr's(Bess and Matthews) Have been in Davie For Over A Month Now Working Out.

So If Martin Is Just Coming Back. He Hasn't Done Anything. The Coaches Are Probably Evaluating If He Did Anything While He Was Away. Check On His Progress.

Working Out Is A Lifestyle.

Martin Should Be Working Out Year Round!! And Twice As Hard When He Is Away From The Team!!

Again, T-Hill & Co. Have Been In Davie Working Out Since Early Feb.

Even Jake Was Working Out. (Jake Said He Was Done With Rehab)

Pounce Has Been Training. And Dieting.

The Best Thing That Could Happen Is We Resign Jake.

I Know Some of You Don't Want Your Feelings Hurt. So Like everything Dolphin, You Guys Stay Pessimistic. If You Always Hope For The Worst, when Something good Happens, you are Pleasantly Surprised.

But Resigning Jake Should still be #1 Priority Until It Doesn't Happen.

Unfortunately, O'Brien and Fitzpatrick don't have the physical tool to accompany their brains, Toronto. Ertz does. So does JMartin.

Mark, nope...Revis has proven to be the best. He's the best corner in the NFL since Deion Sanders...And another reason I like him is he's been great against Tom Brady. I remember some games where Brady didn't even throw in his direction. That's RESPECT. Last time I checked, we still play #12 twice a year...Revis is the man...

I need to say something... I never get any feedback on my opinions but i havent decided to stop weighing in.... yet............

I personally have had a few "run-ins" with Jonathan Martin... and Richie Incognito.... Richie is a bad ass!!!! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that every time I've run into them, IT WAS AT A BAR!!! These guys were not just "chillin"... These guys were throwin jager bombs back like Mr. Ross was paying them to...

On one hand, it was really impressive to experience these guys drink me under the table (I am 215lbs. avid drinksman that can hold his own)... On the other hand, the regular season wasn't over and it was a weeknight....

Think what you want, but I sure as hell don't want my vets being a poor example for the rooks....

PS... throw the bank at Wllace, then Jennings. Don't sign Hartdoosh(he was at the bar too... major DOOOOOOSH)Instead of Hartline, draft Keenan Allen, he's proven unlike that guy from Tennessee that only has one year of film and didn't show up on the big games.


Dashi, you are right, working out is a lifestyle

And you are right that Starks and Soliai are good players. I never said otherwise.

I just contend whether it's smart to spend 25% of the total cap figure between these four guys. They don't bring enough to the table as a group to merit that kind of $ distribution.

I would have taken my chances with Odrick and Soliai and spend some money on the perimeter of this defense. We need to become more dynamic - I think everyone agrees and since Dansby and Burnett have so much dead money attached to their deals, no chance of getting rid of them. I thought swapping out Starks for a guy like Kruger or Cary Williams would've been better.


You Must Have Never Played Sports.

Supreme Athletic Ability!! Is Essential In Any Sport.

Intelligence is An Intangible. It Helps, but it is Not Essential.

If You Are Faster And Stronger!! And Have Good Size!! You Have A Better Chance To Be A Pro Athlete!! Than A Regular Joe.

In Coaching!! Intelligence In Your Field Is Essential.

For Athletes!! Being An Athlete Is Essential!!

Being Smarter Doesn't Make You Lift More or Run Faster!!

Not Saying This To Denigrate Your Opinion. But Have You Ever Played Sports for recreation? The Most Athletically Gifted Player Is Usually The Best!!

Ertz is probably the fourth best TE athletically in this group. JMartin has not shown the desire and committment necessary and that is a huge problem.

Montreal, you do not pay non quarterbacks, quarterback money. Not smart.

Griese was a Smart one also with very poor physical abilities for a QB except for 2, the ability to scramble(great peripheral vision) and was deadly accurate when he threw. So, another Universalization, Not Everybody is the same.

got a plug in 4 b/k huh.?

I agree with an opinion I heard on the NFL Network yesterday that NE is positioning to go after Mike Wallace. Why else would Brady play so cheap? He's been nothing less than outstanding with only 1 very good slot receiver, 1 great & 1 very good TE.

Mark, you know what is not smart? Facing Tom Brady twice a year with corners like Sean Smith, Nolan Carroll, Richard Marshall and Jimmy Wilson. That's not smart. And that's why we get smoked...

The time between now and the draft Martin had better hit the weights. But Miami also has tackles McDonald, Brown, and Yeatman on the roster to compete for LT and RT. My guess will be if Martin doesn't you'll see Miami draft a tackle in the first 3 rounds.


Great article this morning. I think you've hit the nail well on Martin.

Mark, I don't really want to get into it today but I'm not sure what you would do differently with 'the quad' that you've talked about. Hopefully you're not suggesting we cut one of them, although I know you're not happy about the money beng designated for Starks. But i just think it's another hole we don't need to open up. $8.5 mil on a one year deal isn't outrageous for Starks. It's not a big commitment. So I get what you're saying about these four not getting turnovers, but it's FOUR guys out of 11. And the money commitment isn't the issue, as our QB doesn't make big money, our RBs don't make big money and we're going to add five guys in the first three rounds. You're going to start to see some of the 'quad' changed up in the next 2-3 years. Soliai might be the only guy that sticks around. When you're dealing with FAs, this is what happens. Dansby and Burnett we paid for in FA and the other two we paid for to keep them here. It's a good core. Now we need to get the playmakers to go with Wake and Jones. Another ball-hawking safety and a guy like Rhodes would look good on this team. I know we'll disagree on this one but I'm thankful that Smith won't be back, at the tune of $8-10 mil a year, a guy who makes zero turnovers

JJ, "Most of the mistakes I made n Drafting were due to the low Intelligence of the Athletes I selected"(not verbatim).

Martin did 20 reps not 15 at his pro day.

Once again, A bunch of nothing from Mando.

Nothing is simple. Everything is complicated.


Agreed. To Much Money Tied Up In Those 4 Guys. Starks and Soliai Are Worth It. The Other 2 Not So Much.

Reason, Dashi Has Been Saying CUT DANSBY!! All Year.

Your MLB Should Be The Heart Of The Defense! And Should Be One Of Your Highest Paid Players, If He Is Worth it. (Look at P.Willis, R.Lewis)

Dansby and Burnett Made ZERO IMPACT, Last Year. And Should Be Cut!!

I don't want To Beat A Dead Horse. But Dashi has Made His Feelings Known About Dansby!!

Dansby Sucks A Big One!!

I've Laid Out Multiple Scenarios On How To Replace Dansby!!

My Latest One Is Signing Ellerbe From The Ravens!!

Yes, Dashi Wanted Te'o! til Mid December!! Then I Jumped On The Ogletree Train!!(SEC Title Game)

Now, After The Combine. Dashi Wants Neither!! They Both Underperformed.

Sign Ellerbe!! Cut Dansby!! Or Move Him Outside for His Last Year!!

But I've Never Seen A MLB With Such Bad Instincts!!

Dansby is actually worst than Crowded.

Anyway, work time. I'm out.

I agree 100% with the guy that posted $30.6 million is just way too much for the services of Dansby, Burnett, Soliai, and Starks. There are better linebackers out there for the price. Free agency this season will be the key to this team's success. Miss out, continue getting "acorns", and we'll be looking at yet another boring loosing season.


Why you left Teo's Train, Dashi, you afraid of queeers?


It's NOT the right year to be getting rid of guys. Dashi, you and I have talked about this MANY, MANY times. Get rid of him and replace him with who? Seriously!!

What's the hang up with you and Dansby? It's not your money, so why do you keep going on about it like it's coming out of your piggie bank. Dansby got paid what the market dictated, 3 years ago. It's how FA works. You don't want to pay guys like they are paying Dansby, then you do play in that sandpit. I'm sure you'll be on here in a year or two saying, 'Cut Wallace'. It's BS!! If you have a plan to replace Dansby then I'm all ears but I doubt that you do.



So what's YOUR plan? 'Way better linebackers out there for the price'? Like who? Got some names? Do you KNOW they will come here? And you do know there are cap ramifications to cutting these guys, right?

You have the floor...

ne =.brady, belli.p/os' every season.cold. ugly fans.
miami =.tannehenne.j.phil.{p/o's"lmao"},mild weather,zip state tax.hmmmm?

So Being Accurate Is Not an Athletic Trait?

Think about It... Before Dashi Responds.

And Don't try to compare old Athletes To New Athletes.

Great Athletes Were Rare Back Then. It Was Even More True, Back Then.

The Athletic Disparity Showed even More. Jim Brown aka A.Peterson Vs Any Other RB. Wilt Vs Any Other B-Ball Player.

Picture T-Hill In 72?

Or J.Taylor?

They Would've dominated back then.

Accuracy Is Not An Athletic Trait?

Again, Have You Ever Picked Up A Ball?

Any Type?

Let Me Guess You Like Soccer.

You can expect Brian Hartline to be signed by the 9th, not only because we don't want to lose him, but by the threat it would represent were NE to sign him.

wallace rook bh bess,? need speed.
also a qb.

Are you gay, Te'o?

tannehenne best get his boney axx in the weight room.

Dolphins need to spend and make a splash. Sign Revis and a big time receiver. If Boldin is available, go after him. Let Long go. He is not worth the money. The line played just as well without him last year. The defense has a good foundation. The addition of Revis would be huge.


oscar if he can play who cares other then the closet qweers in the shower?

Montreal, I agree that is not smart but you mentioned Revis' success against Brady, well Williams enjoyed just as much and slapped Welker around. He's much cheaper.

I told you guys last week that the pats are going after Wallace hard and the Vikings going hard after Jennings. That's why I see J.Ireland drafting 3 receivers on draft weekend. Don't get your hopes up about Ireland overpaying for Wallace and Jennings. My 3 guys are 1.st-K.Allen-2.nd-Q.Patton-2.nd-D.Rogers Tannehill with have 3 guys they all grow up in Philbins offense together !! As for the TE position, I would personally go get J.Cook but Ireland is going to give Egnew every opportunity to play. So look for Ireland to sign a cheap journeyman type of te like K.Boss on the cheap. A lot of you Dolphins fans are going to be sadly disappointed next weekend with no big f.agent signings. It's going to be very fun listening to Miami sport talk radio and hearing you guys vent your frustrations about Ireland not getting a overpaid overpriced 2.nd tier wr's. If they were true #1 wr's these teams wouldn't let them wapk !!

The showers, the showers...right, Dashi?

wtf are dis.?. hahahahaha.

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