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Workouts will show Dolphins if Martin wants to be the LT

Monday was the start of the 2013 season for the Miami Dolphins.

It was the first day since last season's Super Bowl champion was crowned that Miami players returned to the club's Davie, FL. facility and started doing things to make themselves better in 2013.

There was weight lifting. There was running. I suppose there was some bonding in the locker room.

It was a start.

And it was very important for Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin.

Martin will be in his second season with the Dolphins in 2013. And he might also be in the spotlight. You see, if Jake Long does what many expect and goes to a new team the next couple of weeks, Martin immediately becomes Miami's new starting left tackle.

He will be charged with protecting quarterback Ryan Tannehill's blind side.

The job isn't new to Martin who played that very position the final month of 2012 while Long was finishing up on injured reserve for the second consecutive season. And Martin was something of a pleasant surprise in that he played as well or better on the left side than he did on the right side because the left seems to be his more natural position.

Indeed, Martin's play the final few weeks at left tackle might be the reason people in the Dolphins personnel department aren't actually giving birth to a cow over the idea of Long departing -- because, again, Martin held the position down without major incident.

(A major incident is defined as Tannehill's head being decapitated).

But if Long is indeed going to leave, the Dolphins need more out of Martin than him simply not stinking. They need him to win at that spot. He didn't do that nearly enough in his short tenure at LT. (He didn't really do it much at RT but that's not the point here).

In other words, the Dolphins need Jonathan Martin to go from a C-plus NFL left tackle to a solid B or B-plus player at that elite spot.

And to do that Martin needs to be a horse this offseason. His somewhat pear-shaped body needs some shredding and remolding. He's carrying 312 pounds on his 6-5 frame. So he's a big man. But he needs to get stronger in both the upper body and the lower body. His core is also weak or at least he sometimes plays like that.

So Martin needs to eat some nails for breakfast every morning and get in the weight room and morph. He'll have no better opportunity to do it than this offseason while he's still young, while he's still green, while he still has the giant leap of rookie to second-year player ahead of him -- the leap that often sees the greatest amount of improvement in NFL players.

If Martin can do that, some within the Dolphins organization believe Martin has the makings of a fine left tackle.

The question is will he do it?

Does Martin have the desire to do it? Is he willing to sacrifice the hours and effort it will take to remake his body? Will he work at it even though the stadium lights are not turned on? In short, is he willing to do something that he obviously has not yet done in his development as a football player?

That's the key question.

I don't know the answer. I don't know Martin very well, so I cannot tell you if he's willing to put in the work.

But I do know this kid is very smart. I do know he has a little bit of a nasty streak in him on the field. I do know he's been told he needs to get stronger to get better. And I do know he has said he understands.

But again, the distance between understanding what must be done and actually doing it is often the distance between being average and very good.

The Dolphins, by the way, have a grand advantage on this point. They see Martin every day. They will know if he's attending the workouts religiously. They will be able to measure his progress or lack thereof. They will know if Martin is walking the path to improvement or taking detours through the Burger King drivethru.

And that knowledge, I suppose, will be used to help determine their course in replacing Long if he goes. If Martin becomes a workhorse this offseason, then I'd expect the Dolphins will breathe a sigh of relief in knowing they have a viable replacement for Long already on the roster.

If, however, Martin stumbles, if he misses workouts or doesn't really LIFT when he's supposed to be lifting, then the team needs to consider other options. And Miami will need to do that in the coming weeks.

It's on the Dolphins. It's on Jonathan Martin.

The season has begun in earnest. 


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How come Williams isn't ranked higher when we see the rankings for FAs? I like the guy too but how come he's never talked about as the guy that the Ravens must resign? Is it possible we're over-rating this guy?

I meant let these 2 wr's walk !!

Better hope Martin pans out at LT b/c as RT he sucked. He's not the mauler you want at RT. We could pick Menelik Watson in the 2nd put him at RT, granted Martin does pay his dues at the gym this offseason. Worst case Watson is big and athletic enough (much more so than Martin) to make the transition to LT.


I'm afraid Of Guys That Play Like Queers.

And I Was Off The Te'o Train Before He Came out.


I Have Given Many Scenarios To Replace Cantbe.

Have Explained Many Times. HOW DANSBY HAD ZERO IMPACT!!

Yet, You BRING ZERO To Your Side Of The Argument.

Just Yesterday, I Was Explaining How Brady Has Turned The Fins Into His Whipping Boy After Zach Retired.

This Years Cap Hit!! Is Next Years Cap Space!!

And Yes!! If Wallace Sucks!! Cut Him In 2 Years!!

And Trust Me!! If Dansby Was Even Half As Good As He Thinks He Is!! Dashi Will Be A Fan!! Dashi Actually Likes Athletes Who Think They Are Better Than Anyone else.

no wr's threat = 3-13.
tannehenne will not raise the level around him like other qb's do.

OK Dashi, I'm not interesting in getting into it. You've got issues with Dansby....that's you right.

I don't agree.

Craig, what do mean it's not the issue?? Between those four guys, we spend 25% of the total possible cap we can. That doesn't bother you? We get a mediocre run defense and zero help in the pass game out of those guys.

Odrick makes peanuts, could've moved him inside along with someone like McDaniel that doesn't cost much and use that $8m towards a corner or DE that is more dynamic than Odrick. FLAT OUT I'M SAYING I"D LET HIM WALK. It's what I've said for months.

20 reps, 15 reps, still weak sauce. Proof was in his play. WEAK!

I agree Craig, in FA you typically overpay so the marker dictated the price on Dansby. If there was a time to deal him it was when we started 0-6 in 2011 when a full rebuilding show have started, not now. And yes people will say the same thing about Wallace I'm sure in a year or two.

BTW Wallace is not a #1 WR, please people stop with that nonsense. We need him to stretch the field and keep S honest against the run. He will not put Megatron's numbers but he will make our offense 100 times better and will open space for whoever we pick in the draft (I'm hoping Da'Rick Rogers and Ryan Swope), Hartline and Eiffert, and make life easier for our line and Miller.

eggnew,take the juice.

Mark in Toronto,

The coaches obviously didn't think Odrick would cut it inside. Respectfully, I trust the coaches more than I trust us. We see things FROM AFAR. Just because we feel that way, doesn't make it right.

Mark, when you pay for guys that are FAs, you overpay. We're about to do that again this year, with $48 mil in cap space. In an ideal world we'd build this team via the draft but this hasn't been the strong point the last 20 years with this team.

roid rage like the late 70's raiders.

37 m. craig. starks 'member?

$4.6M dead money for Dansby and $2.5M dead money for Burnett. Can't cut em...

Mark in TO,

Starks, Soliai & Wakes cap allotment is VERY reminiscent of 2008 & 2009 with Long, Grove, Carey & Smiley.

This is Ireland's problem! He KNOWS the problem is skill positions. Yet, most of his cap money is dedicated to the Dline.

He doesn't learn! Didn't have the cap space to bring any guys in then & won't bring in enough now. When you have 7 open starting positions in need of major talent, $38 mil is not nearly enough.

Everyone is raving about all the cap space. Big Whoppie! You currently have ZERO NFL caliber talent at WR 1 & 2, CB 1 & 2, FS #2, TE #1, RT or LT depending on where Martin lines up.

Who here really thinks having $38 mil left & all those holes is really a good position to be in?

The Likelyhood that Ireland, with the cap space & draft picks, will be able to bring in 7 capable starters to me is slim n none.


My Only Issue With Dansby Is He Sucks!!

You Don't Want S.Smith Because He Doesn't Create Turnovers. What About Dansby?

You Want More Sacks. What About Dansby?

Run Away From The Argument All You Want.

Please, Explain Why Signing Or Drafting A DE Is A Need!! In A Position Of Strength!!

Yet, Getting Some New LB's That Make A Bigger Impact! Is Not! When We Don't Even Have No Depth At The Position!

Out Of The 3 Lines. D-Line, LB's, and Secondary. LB's Have The Least Depth!! And The Least Play makers!!

Yet, Upgrade DE!!

Dansby Sucks!! We Need LB's!! We Only Have 1 Backup LB!! and He has less experience Than Egnew!!

It's the wrong year to do it, Mark. Agreed. I'm all for getting younger and more athletic back there but they are SOLID contributors (unlike what Dashi is saying). Too many holes to fill, too few picks and we'll burn through the money quickly. And the guys who say 'get rid of them', never have a contingency plan. Never.


For Craig, Dansby Is Uncuttable. (Craig, Everyone here has heard My Side. Please Explain Yours)

This Years Cap Hit. Is Next Years Cap Space.

Dansby and Burnett are Mediocre Players. (Sorry I Have A HIGHER STANDARD)

Burnett is acceptable at His Salary.

But Dansby Is Grotesquely Overpaid!!

Keep Burnett. Cut Dansby.


You want to 'waste' money by cutting Dansby. Mark has indicated what it counts on the cap to do it. So how are you replacing him? Don't tell me 'FA or the draft', tell with who and then tell me how much that's going to cost. It seems like we have a lot of money but we're going to go through it REALLY quickly. I'd like to see that money spent on Wallace and a team friendly deal with Long. Perhaps even some of that money on a guy like Cook or Fred Davis. I DO NOT want to see it spent on some guy in FA. I'd rather wait until NEXT year and add through the draft.

LOL, I have no problem with Wake's contract - he's actually cheap for what he does Very cheap.

But spending $30.6 on the interior four of our defense is like paying the same amount of money on our interior offensive line - it's stupid when these guys are so one dimensional.

And you're right, he appears to be repeating the same mistake.

Armando, the problem is there is to short of time to do that. FA opens up on the 12th and the Draft next month. The Dolphins have to make a decision way before then.


Keep in mind that even though Ireland doesnt want to admit, but we are in rebuild mode. Well, closer to cleanup mode.

Slowly Ireland has been erasing the mistakes from 2008 up intil now. Though I credit Ireland with a lackluster draft in 2011, except for Pouncey, still if you come out of a draft with easily one of the best top 3-4 centers in the game, it aint all bad.

2012 has easily been the best draft Ireland's been associated with in Miami.(Smile CraigM, lol)

So yes, glaring holes are still present in this roster. But 47 million dollars and 5 picks in the 1st 87 players is enough to adequately fill 75-80% of these.

The 2013 offseason, Ireland should be able to cap any existing spills and have this franchise on track to fully compete with the Pats and Bellichick for afc supremacy.

Like I said, all will not be fixed in this single offseason, but if Ireland puts together a draft similar to 2012. We should in the least compete for a wildcard playoff position(Smile at your boy Ireland, Craigm). LOL...

Mark in Toronto, after tagging Starks the Dolphins will be spending 45.5 million of cap space on defense and we still need a Safety and CBs. You are right, a lot of money on the D

^ Dansby and Burnett. Doesn't mean we can't be drafting their replacements this year Craig.

bobby, not just the D, but pluggers in the D - not dynamic players

Our three highest paid players ... Dansby, Soliai, Starks.

Mark In Toronto,

Yes Im playing nice, at least for this post.

What you havent considered is that maybe Oreland and Phimbin feel with the offseasin moves they have planned. This will be a playoff team this year. However, they know that no matter what, this will still be an incomplete team this year.

Have you considered franchjising Starks is a buying time move? Starks was the starter on a very good run defense last year. Odrick is untested as a fulltime dt starter. So if you p[lan to field a playoff roster, why put the untested Odruck in the middle?

Gotta remember, every single hole cant be filled this year. No matter the draft or fa. A legit dt can be drafted next year if they dont wanna resign Starks. Obviously the coaching just does not feel 100% comfortable with Odrick becoming a fulltime starter at dt.

If so, Starks would not have been franchised nor resigned this year. Why cant you get this thru your thickass skull? LOL...

But isn't it possible that figure of $30 mil will be less by opening day? I still Ireland will do a 2 or 3 year deal with Starks and it's possible that he will renegotiate with Dansby and Soliai. I think before we condemn him the day after players needed to be franchised we should wait and see how the final plan is.

WQAM reports Brian Hartline resigned for 6 million per year, same amount paid to Anquon Boldin

Adam Beasley saying Dolphins can still open up 10 million in cap space

I had not been convinced that Ireland could improve the team with the cap space everyone has been applauding. I said it would be a tough go from the beginning. Since franchising Starks, the Dolphins have about $28M left (rookie signings and cash reserve accounted) to sign/replace/omit their biggest needs: LT/RT (Long), CB (Smith), RB (Bush), WR (Hartline), TE (Fasano), S (Clemmons), DT b/u (McDaniel), OL b/u (Garner), QB b/u (Moore).

I can't imagine how anyone could still be talking about a big FA signing. As the roster currently stands, there simply wouldn't be enough money left to put together a competitive team. That is, unless they are going to try to do it through the draft, which might be a good plan for rebuilding teams but is questionable for improving them.

There is about $8M tied up with 2 CBs- Patterson and Marshall. If cut, that could be added to the cap but then replacements must be found.


I asked you to tell me WHO you are replacing them with....don't tell me 'through the draft'. WHO?

Yeah I was surprised by the Starks tagging. I was hoping they'd move Odrick inside and add a bit of pass rush from the middle to go with Soliai's run stuffing. Also that would leave us with the 8 million for other players. If Starks plays under the tag this was a horrible move, if he gets a cap friendly new deal then it's not so bad.

I'm wondering what kind of marching orders Odrick received for the offseason, lose some weight and speed training? Because if they're not moving him in then he needs to get faster on the outside.

YG, you're a moron. Buying time?? Like we have a complete roster elsewhere? We still need 1 WR, 2CB, FS, an OT, and a TE to fill out the starters and we just burnt $8M on a run stuffing DT when we already had one.

Odrick didn't need to be a full time DT, you could've brought back McDaniel for peanuts and play him on run downs if you want.

This was an inefficient, terrible move that reeked of insecurity that he wouldn't be able to bring in vet FAs to fill positions of need.

RB and DT were the two spots were we had enough depth to fill without buying ... well there went that opportunity.


Any Fa MLB will cost half The price and Give The Same Production.

Ogle tree

Move Burnett Inside
Sign a OLB
And Many More

Dashi Could Keep Going Craig. But This Should be More than Enough.

Can You Please Explain Why Keeping Dansby Makes Sense?

Since I've Given You 15+ Examples on How Dansby Is Easily Replaceable. With Someone cheaper.

Bowe's deal os $56 mil over 5 years, with $26 mil guaranteed. My guess if Wallace will get closer to $60. Do it!!....f8ck it if we're wrong....i'm not getting any younger.

Looking at PFF, Martin gave up more QB disruptions per game at LT than he did at RT. And he was horrid at RT.

Even though Hartline is not dynamic, I agree he should be resigned. I always felt in the 4-6 mil range.

Not that there isn't anyone better than him available for the same price but, he's the only one who has any real chemistry with Tannehill.

I think that's the most important thing. Continuity. hartline was the only guy who showed anything real consitent withhim so just for the alone, I feel he should be back.

If $6 is the reported number, that's pretty much on the high end of what I though he'd come back at.

Dashi the idea as a GM is to avoid dead money because that puts you in cap hell if you make it a habit. I agree with you that Dansby should go but I doubt it happens while his cap hit is so high if we do. Personally if we can get something for him I say pull the trigger and deal with the cap fallout next season.

Mark, Columbo was horrid at RT. Was Martin worse than Columbo?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 05, 2013 at 10:48 AM

Dolfans everywhere should than God, youre neither hc r gm of the Dolphins. Truth hurts doesnt it. LOL...


Sorry bud...that's not a plan. You've just thrown up a whole bunch of names. There's ZERO thought that's gone into what you've said. Maulaga's not as good and Peterson's not close. Ellerbe will cost a lot and Bart Scott's not nearly as good.

So if I understand you correctly you want the team drafting Ogeltree at 12? Great plan!! Let's ignore all the other holes and draft a middle linebacker. Brilliant!!.....and i really like Ogeltree. But there will somebody just like him next year, just as there was a Kuechly last year.

Ireland will trade Solai to Seattle for a 2nd and 6th. He will also swap 1st rd picks with them (12th for 25th plus a pick for us elsewhere).

Seattle needs 2 DTs to complete their roster and compete against the 49ers to make it to the SB this year. At 12th is the perfect position to get Richardson, Floyd or Werner. With Solai they get the run stuffer they lack.

It makes way too much sense for both sides. Besides the Phins will free even more space and will move Odrick inside AND Solai's contract expires next year, hope Ireland has learned something out of the Long debacle.

Craig M, Wallace will be close to 60 million. Like guy just said on QAM, not many teams have cap space to bid on this guy and some won't want to. Maybe to our advantage

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 05, 2013 at 10:48 AM

I agree. A DT, with Soliai already in the mix, is a luxury. I said the same thing yesterday about McDaniels! They could have paid him 1/2 of what Starks will get and be a decent cog in the middle.

All that money to Starks, at a positioon of strength, will only create the 2008-2009 effect. I know everyone would like to keep their strength but, sometimes you have to spread the talent around.

And let's face it, with Soliai, the interior D would STILL be a strength! With Starks back, 1 less position will likely be filled. It might be by a guy like Clemmons or Nolan Carroll who we already know aren't good enough.

Too many eggs in 1 basket (Dline) & the rest of the roster continues to struggle. Thats the 2008-2009 effect.

Honestly, I find it hard to believe Ireland would value another DT ahead using that money to invest in NEED areas like a #1 or #2 WR, a #1 or #2 CB, your #1 TE, or an OT or a #2 FS.

But, this is the guy some believe is a decent GM. If 5 years of mismanaging a roster makes you a good GM, I should put my application out there.

Solali's not going anywhere


I've said all along there will be a very small market for Wallace. Most would never spend that much on a WR. I keep hearig NE. Not a chance! They need to resign Vollmer and Talib. They have other holes to fill. They'll do things on the cheap. Maybe it'll me Armendola, maybe Jennings, maybe Austin Collie. They'll find a way. Lots of holes and only five draft picks.

Free Agents: Wallace at WR, Goldson at S and Freeney at DE.

Re-sign: Hartline, Fasano, McDaniel, Garner, Smith.

Draft: Eiffert (TE), Watson (T), Slay and McGee (CB), Rogers and Swope (WR), Quessenberry (T/G/C), Jenkins (DE), Lattimore (RB), TJ Barnes (DT).

I think it was Woodshed for said yesterday that 'Hartline should be next'. Good call, bud!

Dark oak,

We Had Over $17 Mil In Dead Money Last Year.

Ireland Has Finally Fixed The Cap Situation To Where We Have Zero Dead Money. For Now And The Future.

A $4.5 Mil Cap Hit For 1 Year Is Not A lot. Ireland Can Basically Use The Money He Saved Last Year To Make Up For It.

Releasing An Insubordinate Like Dansby. Who Disappears In The 4th Qtr!! Will Actually Help Us In The Long Run!!

Who Knows The Fin Defense Might Actually Make A Play In The 4th Qtr! With A New Leader Who Has A Heart!!

And You Sign A MLB For $4.5! And Add Dansbys Cap Hit!! And The Fins Would Still Save More Money Than Keeping Dansby. If You Draft A MLB High! You Would Save Even More.

Maybe, Ireland Is Waiting Til He Has Dansby's replacement On The Team Before He Releases Him.

Hold the presses on Hartline. Adam Beasley reports both sides in deep negotiations and nothing is imminent.

Reports Hartline has been resigned are premature.

Poor drafting the LB position has tied our hands and forced us to overpay for free agents. I'm hoping we draft at least the possible replacements for Dansby and Burnett this draft. Too much cap space for average production from those two.

Tiger Sam, why in God's name would you want to re sign Fasano??? And a couple of the others are restricted FA's. Other teams won't touch them right now

Dashi, I agree with you that Dansby is expendable.

First thing I'd do is ask him to restructure. Why Ireland refuses to restructure contracts is beyond me! The only 1 can recall him doing was Carey's when he moved to G.

That would allow him to help free up even more cap space to fill another need but also, ensures he doesn't become a cap casualty. Guys in their early 30's with high cap numbers are ALWAYS the first to get the ax. Just ask Bart Scott.

It also providex another year to be able to bring in or groom a replacement.

Second course would be to cut him outright, depending on how big the cap hit is & how it will impact how much & how far Ireland wil go in FA.

He's obviously not lived up to his contract. But, we all know FA contracts usually don't get lived up to. That's why most GM's restructure players in the latter years of a deal.

With the money invested in Starks & Soliai, a MLB in a 4-3 should be mopping up so I don't think the next MLB would have to be a big name.

When Did I Say Draft Any MLB With A First Round Pick Today?

Fool Keep Talking.


Craig, This Is American Football.

Plus, All The Names I Posted Had Similar Seasons To Dansby. And None Of Those Guys Quit In The 4th Qtr!!

Why? Because he's a great blocker (something we damn sure will need with Long gone) and will serve as a mentor to Eiffert, who is a good blocker already but a much better athlete.

Eiffert is the only TE worth consideration IMO. Ertz sucks, he's a system byproduct. Look at Fleener in Indy, D. Allen proved to be the better one and Fleener was way better than Ertz at Stanford.


We Can take A Poll On The Dansby Debate!!

And I Bet The Results Will Be 1000 to 1!! Dansby Sucks And Should be replaced!!

Yet, Keep The Blinders On For That Prick!!

Heck, I Will Even Give Kaddu A Chance Over Dansby!!

If you restructure Dansby's contract you will not be able to cut him in 2014 without a major cap hit

Dashi, then it would be 1000-2 cause I wouldn't cut Dansby this year either.


I Believe Ireland Doesn't Restructure Because He Doesn't Want Future Cap Hits When He Has To Cut A Player. Like Bobby Said.

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