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Addressing rumors circling the Dolphins

This is the bunk and debunk edition of Dolphins in Depth:

In this post I will look at various so-called rumors that are starting to circle the Dolphins' possible moves during the coming draft cycle. I will tell you what I know and then let you decide whether the rumor is bunk.

Rumor No. 1: The Dolphins are going to trade up in the draft to get one of the three offensive left tackles expected to go before they pick, with Lane Johnson being the most likely pick because Eric Fisher and Luke Joekel will be going too high to attain.

Part of it is bunk: Obviously, because the Dolphins are among the teams with multiple picks in the second and third round, everyone is pointing to them as a team with ammunition to trade up. That does not mean they are going to do it. Let's establish that. Secondly, most teams in the top 10-12 of this coming draft will be looking to trade down because the value of this draft is from about the 17th pick to the 35th in the top of the third round. So if the Dolphins want to trade up, they'll probably have partners, but why would they want to do the exact opposite of what everyone else wants to do? You're telling me the Dolphins want to trade away from the value? Hmmm. Finally, if the Dolphins do try to trade up, I can almost guarantee it won't be for Johnson. Yes, he is a legitimate first-round selection. Yes, he plays a position of need. But the Fins like Joekel and Fisher much, much, much more than Johnson and have some concerns about Johnson as a left tackle. And that's the guy they're going to give up extra picks to get? I don't think so.

Rumor No. 2: The Dolphins love Xavier Rhodes so he's the pick at No. 12.

It's bunk: Well, Rhodes is a very good player for Florida State. The Dolphins have done a lot of grinding on him. You know what I hear? Press corner. A little stiff. Struggles to recover ground. Yes, he's physical. Yes, he's a huge corner at 6-1. But he doesn't seem to be a system fit for a team that doesn't usually play press coverage.

Rumor No. 3: The Dolphins brought in Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o to camp on Wednesday and so they're going to pick him at No. 12.

Debunk: No. He's not the guy at No. 12. He might not even be the guy if the club trades down, which is the exact opposite of what rumors say about trading up. Seems to me the Dolphins are guarding for the possibility he'll be around in the second round or very, very late in the first where they might trade back into the first round.

Rumor No. 4: The Dolphins are going to pick a tight end with the No. 12 overall selection and that pick is obviously Tyler Eifert of Notre Dame.

Debunk: I cannot do it. I have no confirmed information on this one way or the other. My gut, however, tells me if the Dolphins end up picking Eifert, it would be after a trade-down scenario. No. 12 is mighty high even for the best tight end prospect in the draft. And, I remind you, there are other good tight end prospects later. I also remind you that though I am using my gut here, I have a very large gut to use.

Rumor No. 5: The Dolphins would use the No. 12 pick to select right tackle D.J. Fluker of Alabama. This one has been circulated ad nauseum lately by Mel Kiper.

Debunk: Can't totally do it. But I do know that if the Dolphins are looking at Fluker at No. 12, they better be projecting him as a left tackle. If they pick this guy and project him as a right tackle, then they overdrafted him. You do not pick right tackles at No. 12. If you do, Salguero rips you until such time that the player makes the Hall of Fame. General manager Jeff Ireland is also on record as saying he wants to draft players at "core positions" at the top of the first round. Core positions are QB, WR, CB, DE or pass-rush OLB, and LT. Not, I repeat, not RT.



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So You Are Admitting It Is You who Has Been Hating On Ireland all These years.

You have trolls Here Trying To Take The Credit. But Dashi Knows Salguero Started The Fire Ireland Bandwagon.

I think they stay at 12 and either go Pass Rusher, which I would love to see or possibly Jonathan Cooper. I know, he's a guard but the guy is athletic and would fit well with our scheme. I have a feeling Martin is going to start at LT this season.

Nice article, good post Armando. I agree 12 to high for Fluker..Dolphins have too many needs to be giving up picks to move up..They need to keep all of those 5 picks in the 1st 3 rounds.

Good insight, Armando.

so basically u along with everyone else hasnt a cluw what miami will do, perfect means firleand doing his job

Sound thinking. Your LT thoughts make sense. Why trade up and get the THIRD best LT if you're going to pick an LT in the 1st again?

If the public votes AGAINST the stadium upgrade, will Ross finally get the message and sell?


I love posts like this. Keep 'em comin', Mando, keep 'em comin'.


Fact is only Mr. Ireland knows what is true and what is not. My thought is he doesn't need to do any of the rumored scenarios. He's got the ammo to play this draft any way he wants to...and he's surely not going to let it slip out. He's not going to tell anyone except Philbin and Ross and we're just going to all have to wait until draft day. As much as I hate to say it.

Hey Mando

I am going to printthis article & lay it on my desk & call u out on it after the draft. BTW good work on lora- loved it

I can't wait until draft weekend! Can you say BBQ & Beers!!!!

Manti Te'o visited the Dolphins only because Jeff Ireland wanted to know if his fake girl / man stalker was a prostitute.

Funny how the Chicago Cubs are doing a huge stadium renovation and not asking the taxpayers for one dime.

yes steve and blocking the rooftops with ad signs, dig deeper my friend

Jeff Ireland is as clueless as they come.

So basically we know nothing.

Yes, dusty its about time they blocked the rooftops and stopped freeloders.

Agreed. With everything Mando said. Great Post.

Gotta love mando's objectivity.

On the fluker thing. You could've said it a little bit nicer. If The Fins Pick a OT At #12, He Better Turn out Better Than J.Martin Or M.Pouncey!! Or Salguero will Bring Down The Wrath Of Hell with All Your Minions Down On Ireland.

We shall have a Public Lynching. Even Dashi Will Turn His Back On Ireland.

Dashi Likes Fluker and He Has Never Rated Him In The First Round. I Have Him Going In The 2nd To Miami.

Dashi's Mock Draft

2-His B'tch(Te'o)
3-Safety(The FIU Kid)

yeah steve screw traditon and history just tear down wrigley while your at it

dusty, its called progress. Guess you didnt like the internet either.

yeah great comparison steve, go to chitown and tell them u want wrigley torn down, hell go to boston and rip up fenway also

Never mind a left tackle. Draft a Safety or Corner. Thats what we really need. Our secondary was week last year. Grimes is a question mark also, coming back from an injury. I've said it over and over before, take Winston or Clabo from Atlanta. The price won't be that steep. Then you can have a nice draft. In rounds two we have two picks. Pick a Tackle and a Tight End.

john awful idea, winston is horrible and that would mean martin plays lt where he sucks also

So many options! Indeed Ireland is doing a great job!
But let's not forget, he did draft a center 2 years ago. ;)
It will be either Warmack or Cooper. I'll be extremely happy with either one of them.

So.....hypocrite dusty is aganst a Wrigley renovation....but for a Sun Life renovation?? LOL

The Upgrade Is Already Pre Approved.

The fins payed $5M for the election.

Ross Is Giving $200M.

The NFL Is Giving $150M.

The NFL Needs The Superbowl In Miami.

This Is More Than Just The Dolphins.

And The Asinine Thought About Moving The Dolphins Is Absurd.

Do We Forget That UM Plays There?

Talk about Lucky.

How Many Colleges Could Say They Play In A NFL Stadium?

Hopefully Ireland does "not" trade up!!! Yes we have a need, but the value is not in this years draft to trade up..that would anger many dolphins fans also....we have many wholes to fill and this drafts to deep to trade up and waste picks...other draft years maybe, but not this season..

Forget te'o!! Notre dame played in soft conference, when they finally played sec alabama they got destroyed, especially te'o...te'o got ran over big time!

Just don't see miami drafting him after we went and got ellerbe and wheeler..

Miami has to many other glaring needs to draft a slow soft linebacker...linebackers from georgia much tuffer..

steve compared sun life to wrigley,lol unreal

agree teo is awful but nd didnt play in a soft conf, they dont play in any conf

I would only trade up for one player in this nfl draft..alabama corner millner..

I think ireland only brought in linebacker te'o to throw off teams...miami is very unpredictable and other teams can't guess who miami is locking in on drafting...so that favors miami keeping teams in the dark.ireland throwing smoke, smoke causes confusing.

Great article and I agree with everything you said. I truly hope they trade down, get even more picks, and take Tavon Austin. Then with the extra picks they can trade up in the 2nd round and take care of the tackle, cornerback, TE, or DE position.

marko im sure they brought him in to see if they would have interest in the 5th rd when hes still on the board

Steve I guess they didnt have a choice in Chicago to ask for money as they havent won a World Series in over 100 years.. At least for the Fins its only been 30 years lol
The Miami area wins either way.. they get guarenteed money both sides of it..

This draft is easy, except for the first pick, we are stuck ina position where we do not get MUCH VALUE in the pick but i say this, if we had 11 picks and our first one is the 20th, it would be ok to pick up the TE FROM notre dame, but since we have the 12th that pick is not ok, i do not understand that, sure we would hope to trade down and add another 3 or 4th rounder but thats in a perfect world. I see us doing two things here helping out tannehill or getting to the quarterback as fast ass possible to help out our secondary, thats what we need to do. we have a slot we have a guy that can stretch the field we have a rb who i think can take it to the house each time he touches it. we have a te who defenses have to respect in the passing game. WHAT DONT WE HAVE a LEGIT redzone/endzone target which means we need an athletic WR with good SIZE OR a big TE. Now can we get a WR or TE with size who can start in the redzone/endzone area somewhere in rd 2 or 3? and i do mean A STARTER!! if so then pick no 12 is easy, DE or OL...best available. Because a defense end oppositve of cameron wake especially when you have tom brady in the division will help out our CB'S AND OUR SAFETYS so dont really need a cb or safety in the first round either. If there is an offensive lineman who is better thany any dlinement available you get him. This draft only has a few people who separate themselves from the field. and we do not have a pick to get any one of them TEHREFORE pick whoever is the BEST that adresses a need. WE NEED A RED ZONE THREAT, WE NEED PASS RUSH, AND WE NEED TO PROTECT TANEHILL in order to find otu who we pick at 12 we need to find out what holes we can fill and FEEL GOOD ABOUT in round 2 and round 3. WE HAVE TO WORK BACKWARDS PEOPLE!! thats how you figure out PICK NO.12 for the Miami Dolphins in 2013!!

Trading up and spending to much only hurts miami....we got to many needs to be unwise to trade up in such a deep draft...no elite superstars in. This draft anyways....best playmakers are corner millner, wr patterson, wr tavon austin....that's it...

If Branden Albert were in the picture it would make me feel better about this whole situation. They really haven't said a whole lot either way but their at least intention to try to resign Jake Long would lead you to believe their not thrilled with Martin at LT.

If thats the case and we need a left tackle the only options in the draft going by what Armando said are Fisher and Joeckle. Then either Mckinney or Albert.

I really hope we don't decide to give up multiple picks to get up high enough for Joeckle or Fisher.

What about trading back to pick up Eifert then trading back up to pick up a tackle/Guard/center Barrett Jones from Alabama

rick just deal a 2nd rd pick for albert and be done with it

Mando instead of you telling us all of the guys they wont pick and why, why dont you start telling us who they will pick. Thats the real challange. Then we will see how smart you are.

Ireland could trade back in first round, pick up an extra second, throw in runningback daniel thomas or wr bess into a deal or one of our tight ends to make a deal..pick up an extra pick or two in rounds 2 through 3....

yeah marko its just that easy

You can't really pay a whole lot of attention to the draft prospects they bring in for visits. Their going to do their "due dilligence". It really doesn't mean anything.

Heck, we can reason this out. KC and the Eagles, picking 1 and 4 reaspectively, are desperate for OT, so Joeckel and Fisher will be gone by the 5th Rd. We need no starting QB, besides there isn't any good one for the 12th position. We can do with our present WRs if need be and the value there this year is lower than 12th. DE/OLB, hmmm, many good pass rushers this year but we have young kids with upside at the positions,Vernon and Shelby and Kaddu so it's a longshot possibility. So, all that remains from the core positions Armando mentioned is CB. Best Available CB- Dee Milliner.

marko this isnt your fantasy league buddy. why do other people want dolphins trash

Exactly dusty. I really don't understand why Jeffy isn't getting with us on these things.lol

matty, its been 40 years since the Fins won a SB not 30 years.

Xavier Rhodes test results do scream stiff. The worst agility of any corner expected to be drafted. That's why you hear some rumours of him possibly converting to safety. Value for CB is in round 2 and 3.



Both Those Stadiums Need To Be Torn Down.

How Many Times Has Wrigley Been Paid For?

It Probably Originally Cost $100,000 To Build Wrigley and Fenway.

They Can Keep The Look. Look at Yankee Stadium.

That Is Just Being Cheap. Why Keep Them Raggedy Stadiums Up.

I Would Like To Personally Pimp Slap J.Gloria and The Dumb Communist Commissioners In Miami!!

They Have Zero F'ing Vision!!

The Baseball Stadium Was Suppose To Go Right Across The AAA!! So You Can Hit Homers Into The Ocean. Have it For Righties Instead Of Lefties. Would've Been A Thing Of Beauty Watching Stanton Hit Moon Shots!! The All Star Game. HR Derby. GW HR's, World Series. Etc. Etc.

Then They Could Have Torn Down The Orange Bowl!! And Rebuilt It With The Dolphins, NFL and Hotel Money!! As The O.Bowl 2.0!! Seaquarium and All. That Way We Wouldn't Have To Worry What Name Ross Is Going To Call It Each Season. We All Know The Orange Bowl. They Also Host That At Sun Life Stadium Every Year. Not Just The Superbowl. The Stadium Is More Than Just The Dolphins.

Line The Sidewalk With Old UM And Dolphin Player Statues. A Coach Schnellenberger and A Shula Statue At The Entrance. Welcoming People.

But These Money Hungry Idiot Commissioners And Lunatic Locals Only Think About Themselves. They Don't Think About The Community. What Is Best For Miami.

I want austin because he will make us so much more explosive and virtually unstoppable offensively. A Quick passing game with Wallace and Austin in the lineup would be fierce. plus i dont want ne to get him later.

Tannehill = Another Ireland bust

dashi why maybe true no chance they rip down wrigley and find capone in the wall

Corner jason allen just released....vikings just released a corner also..

Winston being signed takes pressure off miami to draft a tackle this season...sign him to a one year deal and draft a tackle next season...then we can draft a playmaker like wr patterson...get what we want...ireland can sign a free agent tackle for a one year fill gap..

I wanna see miami pick up another two draft picks for 2nd or 3rd rounds....then we are set ...

Barrett Jones comes from Germantown tn if your from Memphis you know Germantown as a very rich white bubble w/ crazy Christian conservatives... Barrett Jones is not the type of player I'd consider even in the 7th rd

Mando, I think your gut is wrong on Eifert, there is wuite the gulf between him and the next TE talent wise. Latest he goes is #13 to TB unless the Bucs trade the pick.

And by God, I hope you are right on Fluker. This guy's bust rate is mighty high. he MAY become a decent RT, I definitely don't see the athleticism to play LT.

And if they aren't as high on Johnson as I am, who will play LT for this team???

ill take ertz over eifert. winston blows. and no way in hell waste first rd pick on 5'7 austin

Most alabama guys reach their potential in college because they are so well coached. Look at the draft history since saban has been there. Most of the guys are just role players/busts in the nfl.

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