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Albert might be had for 54th overall selection

The old adage is you don't find starting left tackles in the second or third round of the NFL draft. The Dolphins might be able to do exactly that -- sort of -- today.

General manager Jeff Ireland of Miami and general manager John Dorsey of Kansas City are scheduled to speak today before the start of the draft's second round. The two talked during the middle of the first round on Thursday, according to Dorsey, and that's when they agreed to reconvene today.

"We'll see what happens," Dorsey said. "That's kind of where we're at."

The conversation between the two GMs will be about trading left tackle Branden Albert from Kansas City to Miami.

The clubs have been going back and forth on Albert for several days and throughout that time it has been speculated the Chiefs were trying to get the higher of the Dolphins' two second-round draft picks to make the deal. The Dolphins never offered that pick, apparently, and might not have made any significant offer involving a second round pick at all.

Interestingly, the Dolphins traded away the higher of their two second-round picks, No. 42, in order to move up in the first round and take DE/OLB Dion Jordan. They have the 54th overall selection remaining and Dorsey didn't seem upset at the idea that could be enough to acquire Albert.

"Would I make that trade if it was offered to me? I don't know," Dorsey said. "That's an unknown. Until something happens, I really don't know."

The offer may be forthcoming. Of course, if the Dolphins want to play hardball, they might offer a third-rounder, of which they have two. Perhaps they want to offer a 2014 pick.

This much seems possible: Miami can get Albert for the 54th overall pick if they offer it.

If they do that the Dolphins might just find a starting left tackle in the second round.


If you're interested in what I think about the Dolphins landing Jordan on Thursday, go here. To me the pick is obviously of primary importance. But what I truly love is the utter guts of identifying a player and throwing caution to the wind to go get him.

It's a bold move.

It's a cowboy up move.

I cannot guarantee Jordan will be a hit. But as I reported early Thursday afternoon the Dolphins were willing to bet on Jordan enough to trade up to get him because they see the potential for greatness there.

I like that.


Continue to come back throughout the day. Indeed, do not leave. There will be major updates throughout. I'm working on Miami's third-round selections.

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if you don't want martin at lt than trade martin for albert and give a 5th round. we can find a better rt than martin

All I can say is the Phins are ALL IN this year...I like it

Good morning Dolphinsfans to only give up a 2.nd rd to move up 9 spots very gutsy by Ireland !! Honestly I didn't think Jeffrey boy had it in him good job Ireland !!

I love the idea of getting a pass rusher. ESPN knocked the pick. If the Jets made that move they would have loved it claiming Rex Ryan is a genious & Tom Brady would be nervous. I thought he would be worth a tradeup if he fell to #5. Stated so 2 blogs ago. We'll see what he will become. Jordan definitely has a special skill set & it's up to him on how good or great he wants to be. Gruden pointed out all an offense has to is chip him with a RB. Well all great rushers get chipped John. And if they're chipping Dion, Cameron is free.

Maybe dion can play a little tight end for us in the red zone also

Terrible pick. You don't take a project at #3 overall, sorry. This guy won't make a difference for at least 2 seasons. Needs to gain weight and has an injured shoulder which may force him to miss part of the season.

Love the fact that the Dolphins have finally grown some balls and not played it safe. I love the idea of 2 freakish edge rushers in Wake and Jordan. Only giving up a 2nd rd pick to move from 12 to 3 is incredible, kudos to Ireland. And my guess is Jeff continues to play hardball and Brandon Albert will be a Dolphin for one of our 3rd round picks, and not the 2nd. Love this offseason! GO FINS!

Jeffey made me proud last night. Now if we can somehow get escobar, ball, Jonathan Cyprus, and yes one more pass rushed playoffs here we come

Man oh man what an unbelievable move I love this pick this was my guy way back in nov. didn't think we had a shot at him but he's ours whatch out nfl the no names are back ,,,,,,hello mr. Brady are you there!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT PICK

I offer a third this year and a third next year for Albert lets get it on

I say forget Albert, pick up the phone and call Caldwell in Jacksonville to see if Monroe is available. The Dolphins can probably get a better player for the same asking price as Albert.

And, what's more important, he's still on his rookie contract so that they can work out an extension this year instead of giving up the pick and immediately paying the big contract.

If you just take the trade aspect and not the player it was a steal!!

Every player is a project and this guy has plenty of upside.

Jeffry went and got his guy!!!


There is no way they trade the 2nd pick for Fat Albert!

How can you not love this pick dummies

Jordan has all the tools to be a star and make a good defense a great defense. Who saw what the Bills had to give up to move up? Someone should call the police because that was a blatant theft. No one is giving Ireland the kind of credit he deserves that may have been his best move as a GM.

Dad you are so right. Did you see what the Rams have up???

Ireland gets no credit. We will see when this team has 10 - 11 wins this year.

I'm trying to justify(rationalize) this pick in my mind but I'm still unsettled. I re-watched some of Dion's Games(not highlights)specially against Stanford and I'm not sure I saw something there worth this pick. I guess we have to wait, as it seems always happens where the Dolphins are concerned. tomorrow and tomorrow... One thing I know, in the first Game of this Season, this guy better be lined up on that D, anywhere, I don't care and make impact Plays, several. Otherwise, he will be considered a bust.

Forget the trade. Get a CB with the second & OT/TE with the 3rd picks. There will be cap casualties or waiver cuts for a RT

If any fans are wondering why Ireland moved up to get Jordan,just look at the QB's we have to face this season. Brees,Big Ben,Brady(twice),just to mention a few. So we had to greatly improve our pass rush,and we did. Just sayin

Will Bess be traded before the 2nd round starts?

Will the Fins get a 2nd round pick for him or what?

After sleeping on it.....I'm good with the pick of Jordan.

1) He played OLB not DE at Oregon so his game tape will not show him doing what we need him to do. He won't be dropping back into coverage (much at all). He will be hands on the ground banging every play at the line. So to say the tape doesn't show anything special is not the right way to approach it. We should be looking at pass rush only because run stopping will come from a different angle.

2) I think Coyle uses him as a 3rd down specialist this year for pass rush purposes. Like the way JT was used during his last run with the Fins. Odrick can handle first down and most 2nd downs. Sliding Odrick to DT on 3rd and bringing in Jordan adds another solid pass rusher to the DLine.

3) JPP was a 'project' and drafted #1 by the Giants and added to a 'very good' DLine. That is what you want to add 'projects' to...a complement of veteran players who can help him along.

4) He is not coming in day one to be the dominant pass rusher. That is Wake's role. Most backs will be set on Wake's side to chip him not Jordan. Wake will take on the LT's and Jordan will take on the RT's. I like that approach but I don't QB's will.

I love the trade up for Jordan. Way back I was pushing really hard of pass rush. This was the guy I wanted. It became clearer as the draft approached that he wuldn't be there at 12 and we'd have to trade up to get him. Pass rush is what we need to beat Tom Brady. Sure we have to score more points but we've added some good weapons and I don't think we're done yet.

Couple of points:

It's clear they weren't sold on Johnso. With the tradeup that's what I thought they were doing.

It's a genius move and only cost our second to do it. YG, do you remember telling me it would take our 1,2,3 and next year's 1st to move up to 3. Not even close. As I said to you the chart is only a guide, not etched in stone. I felt all week that the Raiders were THE team we could trade up with. I got the sense they were eager. Great job by Ireland!!

I have no clue if this guy will be a hit or not but I LOVE the move. You can't beating drafting for athleticism. Mark, I'm surprised you're not more excited about this move. This guy has all the measurbales you look for in a player. YOu should be pumped about this move.

Lastly I told you a long time ago YG that the team would go after pass rush. You laughed at me and mocked me and said 'no way would Ireland give up on Vernon after one year'. Looked what happened. As I told you then and as I'll tell you know, this move doesn't mean they've given up in Vernon. I still expect him to be a good contibutor this year. I'm not even sure Jordan will contribute a lot this year coming off the injury. But man...I LOVE this move!!

My question is how do we get back up to the early part of the second rd? I'd still pass on Albert the Chiefs can keep their 2 LT's and we'll keep our draft pick and the 10 mil.

I loved the Jordan pick and move up to get him. I was thinking that cost us a 1st next year. I am so glad it didn't.

With us having to give up that 1st second round pick I would just pass on Albert unless we can give a 5th round pick for him. I am serious, if they don't take it, no biggie. We just try and get Armstead, Quessenberry or Bakhtiari.

And if you didn't like the Jordan pick, just be glad we don't have Jerry Jones for a owner. Dallas fans are going nuts this morning over their pick.

Do you guys ever wonder why the ESPN NFL NETWORKS of fhe world love bashing this franchise all the time ? 1.st of all this franchise is very smug and arrogant, #2 they live too much in the past, 3-they're always throwing the undefeated season in everyone faces, 4-the 72 dolphins champagne celebration every time the team in double digests wins goes down, 5-that corny old fight song enough already even R.Gooddell told Ross to get rid of it, and last but not least for a so called fanbase that is supposed to so passionate and so supporting stange how you watfh direct tv and see all those empty orange seats every home game !! Throw in the ignorance acting arrogance by the so called fanbase and those are your answers !!

Day Two should prove interesting....just so many possibilities.

Entering yesterday I was a fan of adding Albert for the second 2nd round pick. Ireland can still do that but I think he has more leverage now. But he also gave us the first 2nd round pick so I'd be less comfortable trading the second one away. I'd like to see Ireland play hard ball with the Chiefs and try to get Albert for a 3rd rounder.

If Ireland does pull the trigger on Albert with the 2nd round pick. I am OK I'd just like to see if he can sweat the Chiefs and 'steal' Albert for the 3rd round pick. That would be a good value for him.

Of course giving away that second round pick makes this decision more difficult as they have other needs and there will be players available to Ireland in round two to fill those needs (Cyprien, Ertz, Kelce, and other may be there to fill other Need positions).

If the Albert thing doesn't work out that will save cap space so not a huge loss. If this happens I'd like to see McKinnie, Winston, Clabo or another veteran bought in with the available cap money. I'd rather a veteran stop gap than a Tackle taken in rounds 2-7. I think we have a young OT project in Martin so I don't want to take another one on and threaten THILL's life.

I don;t want to hear any CRAP about this guy being a bust because he didn't get 10-12 sacks this year. That's horse shyte talk!! So go fukk yourself if that's what you've got lined up this year.

This is a kid who's coming off shoulder surgery and has never played with his hand on the ground before. It's going to take him some time. But this is a premium talent, the same was that JPP was a premium talent. An awful lot of guys on here wanted JPP the year he was drafted but he didn't make his mark right away. It'll take some time and I actually ecxpect more from Vernon this year.

If some of you guys are going to come with that horse shyte 'bust' talk you can expect to be having some clashes with me. Just saying.

Can't believe anyone thinks Jordan is the best, or even close to the best, pass rusher in this draft. He has 5 lousy sacks last year.
He is a tweener and will get smashed at RDE. Versatility = not being excellent at anything.
Just wait and see who would coulda had with that 42nd pick we coughed up.
This was a huge mistake. You'll see, when Jordan does nothing for us this coming season, and in the future, except have 'potential'.

Assuming Fins give up their second for Albert, who in addition to Bess (maybe Misi and Devlin) will be traded to get back into the second round?

I can already see Wake, Vernon, Jordan, Starks, Soliai, Odrick and Ellerbee going after Brady and wreaking havoc against all teams. With a front 7 like that I may even play CB for this team...Now my wish list is Ertz at 54, CB in 3rd and maybe, just maybe, give the second 3rd to KC for Albert

What a disappointment, with the trade up I thought we would get our lineman or CB and we get a skinny injured DE. The 3rd Ireland has picked really high in the draft. The trade was very good in which we only gave up #42 but the pick ......

Two names I hope Jeffy has his eyes on.

Johnathan Cyprien
Tyrann Mathieu

Bang Bang!!

IF we give up pick 54 we might as well just say we gave up our entire draft for Jordan. Albert is an avg tackle. Hold on to pick 54 and find a playmaker at cb or te if there are still any left by that time.

Escobar is slow and so is Ertz. Cinncy has a freak te who is young and doubled down and still took Eifert. That's what u call drafting the BPA. Fins just don't believe in it and that's why we have sucked for so long.

Watch the no named players from small schools the the Fins draft to finish the process. More laughs by the media on the way.

The Dolphins went after what this blog focused on often; Do the Dolphin go after a CB, OT or a DE in the first round. The Dolphins got what they wanted and I believe it's a good choice to take away the QB's time and help the secondary. If the Dolphins were that worried about the LT spot they would not have made this move. They may still get Albert as written in this blog but more at their cost. DE is an impact position that a rookie can contribute right away.


Looks like you and I finally agreed on someting. I wanted one of the LT's and you wanted Austin. Neither got what they wanted but we both got a good player and a guy with a ton of potential.

I'm excited to see what the coaches do with this guy. He has the potential to become a big star in this leafgue but I'd like to see him get a bit bigger and stronger.

If Ireland doesn't give up the 2nd pick for Albert I'd like to see him stay aggressive and go for playmakers in rounds 2 and 3....positions who score TD's, create INT's or sack the QB.

We got the pass rusher...so I'd like to see a TE or CB or S taken in round 2.

I don't want to see a ROOKIE T, G or DT taken in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

So, my hope for tonight:

Rnd 2: CB or TE

Rnd 3: Albert or CB, TE

Rnd 3: CB, TE or S

Then I'd like to see Ireland use the remaining picks Saturday on depth....OLine, Dline, RB's, Dbacks.

You watch Jordan's Games carefully, you'll see he only rushes to the outside and is easily neutralized many times. I have not seen him put any OT on his asss on pure straight ahead bull rush and no inside move whatsoever. Easy picking in the Pros as a pass rusher. Now, he is a great athlete and very versatile, as YG said, can be placed as OLB(SAM) and bang on and follow those TEs, drop in middle zones and sometimes, rush the passer. That he can do and very well. Is he worth a 3rd? Hmm...

Dion Jordan,

I hate the pick. I was on here yesterday saying hours before the draft I didn't like Jordan. I can't back pedal now. I can hope I am wrong though. To me teams are in love with his size/athleticism but where is the production?

44 Tackles
10.5 Tackles for loss
5 sacks
1 QB Hit
3 Forced Fumbles

Again I hope am wrong. I hope Jordan is what everyone else see's because I don't.

Craig M and JPAO,

High fives about your Dion posts. great posts

Well, I'm over Jordan now. When do we pick next?


I don't know how you can KNOW that this is a huge mistake. You can't. What are you basing that on? Everyone had this guy as a top ten pick. So are you telling me you know more than all these people? There's every chance in the world that his own coach from last year would have taken him at 4. Think he knows more about this guy than you? Anytime you can add top tier talent it's a good move.

You're probably the same dufus who complains when Ireland trades back and drafts guys like Odrick and Misi. He added a premium talent and you don't like it. WOW!! And you're probably the guy who complains he never moves up to get top talent. All you're worried about is the guy who could get at 42. Who the fukk cares!! We've been doing it that way for years. How have the second round picks worked out for this team? It's a lame argument man.


He's 22 years old. He's not fully matured. Think maybe he can grow a bit as an NFL player? Did you love the Jason Taylor pick when he was first drafted? There's a reason why he was a third round pick.

Forget the stats Andy. This game is about so much more than the stats. You gotta take a look at this kid and see what he MAY become. It's a Hell of a bold move and I fukking love it!!


Jordan has always been on my wish list if you go back but yes, I wanted Austin. I just thought Jordan was unreachable for us at 12. I thought Mingo might be a possibility but not Jordan.

I would still bet that Austin was on Ireland's board despite his size. The kid is going to be an amazing NFL player along with Dion Jordan.

IMO DJ is the most versatile player in the draft on D. If our D coordinator is as creative as I think he is, we'll see some good stuff out of Jordan for many years to come.

If you like Sports science, search youtube for DJ and watch the sports science video.

Also...watch the Pats pick up too explosive big wrs to help Brady. Hunter ...Allen...Rogers could take the Pats passing game to the next level regardless of whether Gronk is playing or not. I would hate to see big vertical targets at Brady's disposal regardless of who is rushing on defense. Fins better gets some real pieces and not dummy out with the reaches.


love or hate Ireland you gotta respect his approach to acquiring players. He is patient and will not despair or overpay to get them. Giving only a second to move up 9 spots to #3 is a thing of beauty. Just look at what the Rams gave for moving up or even the Falcons couple years back to get Julio Jones.

Now, with all this going down it seems that maybe Martin is not so low on Philbin/Ireland's mind. No L Johnson and still standing firm on KC's demand for Albert. Let's offer our sexond 3rd and that's it

Time for everybody to give Jeff Ireland some credit. He had to listen to Bill Parecells His first Year and none of the press want to call Bill a failure which he was at the Dolphins . The press will never admit when they are wrong. Grate job go Miami Dolphins


I think we can forget about TE. They're going to go with Keller, Clay and hope they get something from Egnew. I think they'll give him one more year to show what he's got. What a bonus it would be if this guy comes around.

I'd like to see Ireland hold out for only a third for Albert, if at all. The problem here is the kind of guaranteed money Labert is going to want. It's fine for us to say structure it in a way that we can get rid of him easily. There's nothing to say Albert will agree to that. If it's going to hurt us donw the road then fukk him and move in another direction. I didn't love the Bears picking Long at 20. I thought it was a big reach but having said that I wouldn't have minded addinhg the kid in the second. Ideally if the Albert thing doesn't make sense then add a vet to play LT or RT.

Can help but think If we had Dion last year during the Colts game where everyone was chasing Luck in the back field he would of made the difference.

The FO and Mr. Ross were giddy about landing Jordan. They never thought they'd get the guy but Ireland had the guts to make the phone call yesterday. Love the boldness of the move. The NFL network was much less negative on the selection. Espn was terrible on their coverage. Memo to self...next year I'll watch the NFL network.

I feel the same way as you. Loved the ballsy move to get the best DE in this draft. And for only a 2nd! Like I said last night we pretty much gave up Vontae to get Jordan, which will always be an A-move in my book.

I also think Ireland is proving to be a pretty decent GM. We're putting a really solid roster together while still keeping our picks and being in an great cap position. He makes the tough calls but correct ones like not resignong Jake or not caving in to KCs demands when we have the leverage. We demanded he'd be aggresive and did get Wallace and now Jordan while still owning 9 more picks to give us quality and depth.


LOL....you just won't let go of the Austin thing will ya....LOL. Too funny!

Very good point. I'm excited to see what Coyle's going to do with Jordan too. I think people need to temper their expectations on this kid. I don't see him being a huge impace guy right out of the gate. As jpao said I think we'll see a lot of 3rd down pass rusher type setups to get him acclimated to the game. We have the luxury of a guy like like Vernon already having a year on him.


I like the pick....I also like the idea of going and getting the guy you want...Round 2-3 need to get a cb...I also would like Winston over Albert..He is less costly...


It was funny NFL were surprised but very supportive, then I read the forum and people were talking about how ESPN were killing us, kinda fun...huh


Yes, most people on here do not care for Austin due to his size but I say if you play FF you may want to think about picking him up. There going to have to make a new channel for his highlights. haha

Ok, I am done...LOL

Andy, I know you were not thrilled with either Mingo or Jordan yesterday but you will be. People keep comparing him to JT but IMO he has a higher ceiling.

Go Fins!!!

Gruden has a grudge with the Fins because we never called him when Sparano got kicked to the curb.

Thank you Ross/Ireland for passing on Chuckie and landing Philbin.

I've been saying for a long time the way to beat Brady is to get after him and in his face. It's not necessarily about sacking him but rather throwing his timing off and making him uncomfortable. Making him throw the ball when he doesn't want to. We've seen that REPEATEDLY on how teams beat him.

We finally got a guy with the POTENTIAL to do some of those things. I'm not expecting this to happen right away but how long were going to continue to just rely on Wake? What happens if an injury happens to Wake?

I don't know for usre that this move will be a home run but boy I commend Ireland for having the b8alls to make the move.

Rdubs...ESPN was awful and stupid in their analysis. It's almost like they threw a little tantrum after telling us how the Phins were going to take Johnson.

After seeing how the 1st round went yesterday...not even going to bother to predict how tonight will go or predict any players.

After watching Ireland on the post draft interview. I don't get the sense a trade will work out for Albert but we'll see. I did see however the Chiefs want to continue to talk though and obviously their price has come down. But has it come down far enough?


How can you say Jordan's got a higher ceiling that Taylor? Taylor's in the Hall of Fame, has set sack records and has won a defensive player of the year award. I love this kid too but I'm not prepared to say he has a higher ceiling than Taylor. I'm not sure why you're saying that.

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