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Albert might be had for 54th overall selection

The old adage is you don't find starting left tackles in the second or third round of the NFL draft. The Dolphins might be able to do exactly that -- sort of -- today.

General manager Jeff Ireland of Miami and general manager John Dorsey of Kansas City are scheduled to speak today before the start of the draft's second round. The two talked during the middle of the first round on Thursday, according to Dorsey, and that's when they agreed to reconvene today.

"We'll see what happens," Dorsey said. "That's kind of where we're at."

The conversation between the two GMs will be about trading left tackle Branden Albert from Kansas City to Miami.

The clubs have been going back and forth on Albert for several days and throughout that time it has been speculated the Chiefs were trying to get the higher of the Dolphins' two second-round draft picks to make the deal. The Dolphins never offered that pick, apparently, and might not have made any significant offer involving a second round pick at all.

Interestingly, the Dolphins traded away the higher of their two second-round picks, No. 42, in order to move up in the first round and take DE/OLB Dion Jordan. They have the 54th overall selection remaining and Dorsey didn't seem upset at the idea that could be enough to acquire Albert.

"Would I make that trade if it was offered to me? I don't know," Dorsey said. "That's an unknown. Until something happens, I really don't know."

The offer may be forthcoming. Of course, if the Dolphins want to play hardball, they might offer a third-rounder, of which they have two. Perhaps they want to offer a 2014 pick.

This much seems possible: Miami can get Albert for the 54th overall pick if they offer it.

If they do that the Dolphins might just find a starting left tackle in the second round.


If you're interested in what I think about the Dolphins landing Jordan on Thursday, go here. To me the pick is obviously of primary importance. But what I truly love is the utter guts of identifying a player and throwing caution to the wind to go get him.

It's a bold move.

It's a cowboy up move.

I cannot guarantee Jordan will be a hit. But as I reported early Thursday afternoon the Dolphins were willing to bet on Jordan enough to trade up to get him because they see the potential for greatness there.

I like that.


Continue to come back throughout the day. Indeed, do not leave. There will be major updates throughout. I'm working on Miami's third-round selections.

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I have no problems that Ireland didn't take Lane Johnson but the reality is that we have to make the trade for Albert now. A trade up for Joeckel or Fisher would have been a perfect scenario IMO but there's I'm pretty sure that the Jaguars or the Chiefs would not have traded that pick for a 2nd round pick. I still can't believe the Raiders made the deal but they need as many picks as they can get.

I guess the IMPERSONATION rule no longer applies....

My only question is ...why are you riding my jock....I could care less who you are...

I think we need to go cornerback or safety at 54. Not a fan of giving up the second for Albert. A third, maybe. But not the second. If KC balks then fukk them. There are plenty of other options out there in FA.

Sure he has a higher ceiling and JT is not in the HOF yet but I believe he will be. DJ is more athletic than JT was. I am not saying it is a guarantee. He'll have to put in the work but IMO he's more athletic and has a lot better spin move. This is just my opinion and I am in no way insulting one of the great Miami Dolphin players.

There are no guarantees with any pick. DJ will have to put in the work.

Youtube Dion Jordan and watch the sport science video on him. That is not what I am basing that on but it is interesting.

If people think that Eric Winston is a good get. The guy is a head case, he was let go in Houston and Kansas City in straight seasons. He went off on fans, after just a few games. And nobody has picked him up yet, that has to tell you something. He gets called for penalties a lot also, just saying.


Im taking you up on that I want to see this sports science video


We see the world in different ways man. It's all good....I respect your opinions and like the different viewpoint.

From your comments about Austin to your comments about Jordan, I can tell there's no halfway with you. You're off the charts good or bad. It's all good....I jest.

Now that Jeff Ireland has Dion, are there any players named Belmont that are available later in the draft?

Somebody is so upset that Ireland didn't read his 5,000 post about taking a RB....that he now feels the need to post as ME...to help out his self-esteem...

Good luck...and POST AWAY...

i'll be her in BLUE....while you look like an @ss in black....

and when you switch to BLUE....i'll just stop posting for a while....

you see how this game is going to work...

what are they smoking down there?! i thought miami was really going to hit it big this draft, or at the very least answer some needs. instead they draft a whimpy, injured project with a PREMIUM pick who is not even close to the size and talent of oliver vernon. what a waste, no stud tackle, no powerback, or top defensiveback, no mauler defensive tackle who would have helped the money issue at that position of what will be next year..not even a smart trade down to aquire more picks like belicheat...most people never even heard of this guy...after a fantastic freeagency miami really could have put an exclamation point to this offseason by tipping the scale and landing LACEY or LANE JOHNSON, or EIFERT, or even a stud guard but no, they threw away a second rounder and totally waisted there #12 pick on what will herladed as the biggest draft say bust.

Jordan huh??
PAC 10 ain't famous for defense.
Nonetheless, I wish him good luck because if he has good luck then that's good for the Dolphins.

Craig, Jordan mentioned he played DE in high school so he has played with his hand on the ground.

I was really surprised by this pick. Clearly the Fins brass figured they needed a top five player from this draft and went and got him. I think our defense could have a very different look this season. I think we may see some position changes for players on our D from down to down. I'm most interested to see if we bring Jordan off the same edge as Wake as OLB and free up Vernon. Creative blitzes could be on the menu this season. It's been a while.


I'm making a list of all the naysayers on Jordan. Probably a lot of the same guys who wanted Ireland fired and are how all of a sudden his best friend. What a fickle fukking fan base we have!!

Would it be OK if we give Jordan 2-3 years to see if he's any good or not? The same fukking whiners complaining about this move are the same fukkers who complain about him 'never taking a chance', 'always make the safe pick'. He makes a move like this and everyone goes ballistic.

Medications fellas....look into it.

Man WQAM is blasting the Dio Jordan picks, when this guy is a stud I hope many of you remember how much you hated this pick


Creative blitzes is right on with what I want to see. I don't think Jordan is this Jason Taylor type that will play strictly DE. If he's so athletic and fast why limit him to just playing with his hand in the ground in a 4-3.

I'm already seeing the posts during the season. 'What a waste of a tradeup. This is what we get from the third pick in the draft? Guys a bust. Just like Egnew'.

The same no nothing, whine tell your hearts content, impatient, belly aching, good for nothings that we've all come to know and love.

I won't be listening to you fellas. It was great move by Ireland and if it fails, just like the Tannehill pick, then so be it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


It'a absolutely mind-boggling to me. Most of these guys just have 'I hate Jeff Ireland' in their blood.

Fukk em!

Let Johnathan Martin play LT, sign Eric Winston to play RT and draft a corner, like say Robert Alford with #54. Is Martin a top 10 LT? No. Is he a bottom 10 LT? No. He is a serviceable LT. Do we have possibly the shakiest corner situation in the league (at least until Grimes proves he can come back from FULL ACHILLES RECONSTRUCTION)? Yep.

With inexpensive RTs out there in FA and a huge need/talent alignment in the second round at corner, I say go in that direction.

Thank you everyone who reminded me of Von Miller being taken with 2nd pick of that draft as an OLB.
But Jordan will never be another Miller. Miller's college stats were outstanding. And Denver plays just as much 3-4 as they do 4-3.
To those who don't like my posts, too bad. Freedom of speech is my right. And I never post under anything but MassDolphan.
If Jordan become the player you think he will become, great, I'll be the first to admit I was wrong. I hope I am wrong. But will all you insult spewing posters admit it if/when Jordan does not work out? Will you then admit you are the idiots?

I have to admit I love what Ireland did here. Now we have all the leverage in the worldddd!! Could this have maybe even been a smoke screen from the beginning?!? Great move by us dumb move by KC they are literally forced at gunpoint to trade Brandon Albert. I wouldn't be surprised if we get him for a third rounder at this point. We don't absolutely need Brandon Albert we can still go to other free agents and we know that KC knows that. They're forced to make a move. If give up my third rounder and that's it.

We will see if I'm right or wrong.

But a great move by us from negotiation stand point.

Armando your thoughts on this??

Craig M....

I just posted about 3 paragraphs praising Ireland...and the FACT that he did take a chance...

it NEVER showed up....and my IMPOSTER has only posted negative stuff about the draft (he started last night)....

and my positive post doesn't get published....COINCIDENCE.....i doubt it....lol....

Thats why you can't take this place to serious.

Support your fu*kin team. Dont trash and complain about every single move, time after time, after time! Jeffrey can do no right by some of you. It's like you forget all the stupid a55 picks that this franchise has made throughout the years. Spielman actually had a pretty good draft yesterday. I congradulate him, he screwed the pooch many a time when he was here with Mustachioo. Saban picked Jason Allen # 16 I believe. Was he better for us than Pouncey will be at 15? Dont think so. If Ireland had picked Lane Johnson at 3 last night (which he very well could have) everyone would be ripping him a new a-h0le today about trading up for another lineman. Instead he takes the best pass rushing prospect on most everyone's draft board and I come on here...and they are still ripping him a new one. GTFOH! Ireland is the best GM the Fins have had since Jimmy Johnson! Get with the program Fins Fans, or get the F'out of the way! Do yo dance Jeffrey, do yo daaaaaaaance!

Craig I'm not an Ireland fan and don't see him as a genius either. A lot of his "working the cap" is probably driven by Aponte. That said, this team is going for broke this season. Seeing that is great from a fans perspective, it shows we're trying to win now. I like the moves Ireland has made to improve the team depth and I like the over-compensated players he cut (Dansby). Getting some pressure on the QB from somewhere other than Wake is a must so this is actually drafting for need.

I feel better about this season than last that's for sure. Last year I felt if we lost any starter we were basically done as we had no depth to step in and take the job. This year we seem a little better off at some positions. My biggest concern is we are banking on a lot of players coming back 100% from injuries to be successful.


You're the one spazzing over there. We're allowed to disagree with the pick. And honestly I don't need you saying I told you so if he works out because as a fan I hope he does. I just don't like the pick and don't see a top 3 draft prospect. If Miami got him at 12 which they weren't going to then you could say ok they took a chance on a hit or miss prospect but when you trade up to #3 even if you didn't give away the farm and made out good, at the end of the day you did trade up and Jordan has to be great to justify this pick! Pierre Paul was the the 15th pick in the draft (I think) that year, he didn't go #3. Miami traded up to #3 his development means he should be in the starting lineup vs Cleveland and if he's not that's a problem. He's not a QB sitting for a year. He's a pass rusher choses #3 overall and he has high expectations from day 1 not year 2 or 3.

Take your own advice and chill and relax on all the F bombs.

Dion Jordan is a great pick. But it's the type of pick that has to grow on you literally. Kid reminds me of Jason Pierre Paul physically athletically, about the same hieght and weight. Look at JPP now 6'5 278 and a monster!! Jordan is surrounded by ellerbe, wheeler, Starks, and along side Cam wake. They can only put so many RBs in the back field to chip away at the players we got coming to eat their QB for lunch

Craig, this guy is an athletic freak man, these guys must not understand the magnitude of a DE who can get to the QB, he ran a 4.5 as a DE whos 6'7, yea hes 248, he'll put on weight over the years in the NFL, Chip Kelly said he under used him in college and drop him in the passing situations. Tell this guy to do one thing, get to the QB!

Dion Jordan Will Play OLB Not DE

Lets hope Amerson is still there in the second, he led the NCAA in picks last season, not sure why hes falling

Dashi, so is Misi the backup now? Who will start for the 3 LB for us?? Wheller, Ellbere, Jordan??

Get a grip guys. Look at the big picture. Consider the chance that Jonathan Martin MIGHT be headed in the direction they had hoped he would. Maybe he's been the answer at LT all along. Maybe that allowed us to mask our intentions.

Just sit back and relax. Plenty of ammo at out disposal. Frankly it seems to me that they never had any intention of trading for Albert but they did want people to think they desired him or one of the three top tackles.

It is what it is. Jordan has one of the highest upsides of any player in the draft. It was a need and the price was right.

Let our youth develop and don't underestimate the projects we already have. I'm assuming our roster has plenty of room to progress naturally.

If you just can't find it in yourself to trust Ireland then at least rest assured that Philbin was behind this pick.

It must be really hard for some fans to see Ireland do very well the last couple of years. It seems that their hatred of JI is bigger than there love for the team.


Amerson is hit or miss in coverage and takes a lot of chances. I would definitely be all in for him as second along with several other players.

But check out the Tennesse game on youtube and Amerson was torched. He was torched in several other games as well. He takes chances, but when he does guess right he has great balls skills. His overall discipline is just not there as a cover guy. I hear him compared to Sean Smith which makes sense since Smith is always guessing. Only problem with Smith was for athletic as he was his balls skills never showed up. Drops!

My only concern is how will Jordan hold up in the run game, how did he grade out, at one point Wake sucked at run stopping but gradually got better every year, hopefully Wake will give Jordan some pointers.

...I didn't love the move last night. Didn't hate it. I had no idea what the Phins would do so really anything short of Eddy Lacy, or a quarterback wouldn't have shocked me. We forget that these teams do reak evaluations on hundreds of players. We are doing evaluations off You tube, and what a Mock site says. So why does the draft always playout different then page 1 of Walter Football? Because there is real world, and the world we live in.

Jordan may end up being great, he may stink. The idea Ireland is a genius for this move is as laughable as the idea he should be fired. We won't know.

Where I disagree with the I love this move if you can't see how great it is your an idiot crowd. Is Jordan was a top 3 pick..You don't take developmental players in the top 5..Sorry. It may work out that way. But these players are supposed to be day 1 starters. Anything short of that next year IMO would be wasted real estate.

Where I disagree with the this was a dumb move Ireland blowing the draft again crowd. So what we gave uo a second round pick..If the team evaluated this guy as the best pass rusher in the draft. And we could do a deal to get in the top 5 for the price we paid...You have to make that move if that's what your board says. A difference between a real board and again Walter Football.

I think we need to go cornerback or safety at 54. Not a fan of giving up the second for Albert. A third, maybe. But not the second. If KC balks then fukk them. There are plenty of other options out there in FA.


PLENTY of other options??? Like who??? Albert is BY FAR the best LT that can be had.

Still don't see us giving up our second for Albert.

Andy, Two things SS sucked at 1 Awarness and 2 Ball Skills you cant compare Amerson who had 12 picks to SS who cant catch the a pick if it hits him in the hands. But was he going against Hunter or Patterson in the Tenn game??

Wasn't expecting Ireland to trade for Jordan but looks like it will turn out to be a great up grade to our D line and the LB's. CB, TE, LT and Safety are still needs that has to be addressed. Now I would like to see if Ireland can balance the rest of the draft picks to get us the quality players we need.

Starting D opening day vs Cleveland. This is how I hope it looks and make no mistake about Dion Jordan was the #3 overall pick if he's not a starter that's a problem.

DE - Cam Wake
DT - Randy Starks
DT - Paul Soliai
DE - Jared Odrick

SLB - Phillip Wheeler
MLB - Danell Ellerbe
WLB - Dion Jordan

CB - Brent Grimes (I hope is healthy enough)
CB - Dimitri Patterson (Ireland is high on him for some reason)
S - Chris Clemons
S - Reshad Jones

Darryl this is a weak a** draft class, there are no sure fire players unless you wanted to take another OL, who are the sure fire picks trhat went in the top 5 besides OL that you think are sure fire guys?? I say none

Jordan can easily be played at DE or OLB. It's just a matter of moving Misi back to his college position of DE.

Lots of options and lots of scheme flexibility with the pick. With Jordan at LB we might have the faster group of LBs in the league.

Wake, Odrick, Vernon and Misi rotating at DE doesn't sound bad either with Odrick also getting into the mix at DT with Starks and Solai.

Obviously Jordan can also be mixed into the fray at DE.

That's a ton of flexibility that won't be easy to deal with.

In no particular order here is my pick 54 wish list.

Ertz TE
Hunter WR
Taylor CB
Alford CB
Amerson CB
Cyprien S
Watson OT
Patton WR
Ryan CB
Poyer CB
Armstead OT
Barrett Jones C/OG
Wheaton WR
Short DT


You're totally entitled to your opinion. YOu don't need to agree with every move the team makes to be a fan. I'm not saying that.

I have a tough time with morons who say sh8t like 'I KNOw this is a big mistake'. Guess what, pal....you don't. YOu can say whatever you want and no one will ever hold you accountable but I'm calling out some of those clowns now......'cause NONE of us know, including me.

It's your right to hate the pick, Andy. I just think you need to give the kid a chance. You can't write him off because he hurt his should last year and had 5 sacks. I think the right move is to applaud Ireland for going and getting the guys HE wanted which is what I've wanted him to do this draft. We have 11 picks. Not all 11 picks will make the team. Use the picks to get the guys you want. He did that last night. Mission accomplished.

Tim in Tampa,
Pac 12 ain't too shabby on D nowadays. Have you seen the Stanford D? As nasty as they get...Oregon's improved tremondously the last couple of years and USC will always have tremendous athletes. Sme names you may recognize: Richard Sherman, Troy Polamalu, ClayMathews, Brian Cushing, Patrick Chung,John Lynch, and many more
And if you add to that that the offenses played in the conferences are pretty good, you have kids that have played against some of the best

Which brings me back to Martin. The kid played against Jordan and held his own. Also Datone Jones and Nick Perry. I bet if Luck had him in Indy protecting his blind side he'd be happy

I Said It Yesterday Before The Draft. And Been Saying It Leading Up To The Draft.

Some People Would Want To Fire Ireland After The First Round. Same Ones Who Wanted Him Fired Last Year For Drafting T-Hill.

Dashi Will Wait Til After Tonight To Make My Decision. So Far Ireland Is Doing A Great Job.

And 95% Of You Are Hypocrites. Everyone Here Was Crying Pass Rusher. Craig Stuck To His Guns. And Hasn't Changed His Opinion. But It Is Hilarious How Many People Here Flipped.

And Again, D. Jordan Will Be Used As A OLB.


The comparison to SS is the fact that both are big CBs that guess a lot. Both struggle in space vs speedier WRS. Both take terrible angles and guess wrong often. Amerson is worth a 2nd rounder though but don't think he was ever considered anywhere near the first. At least I never saw him there.

Watching NFLN, didn't realize Nate Burleson was the first player to come out of the closet. Good for him and his pink head band.

D Jordan reminds of Jason Pier Paul. He is 6 7 and runs a 4.6 in the 40. The one thing he does well is go after the ball. Brady will hate having to face the Dolphins with Wake and now Jordan on the other side. With the two aded LB's and if Grimes plays like he did before the injury our D will be a great one, and will put the offense in great field position. Remember Starks is on the line too, and will will command extra blocking. I love the move

Craig M,

Please stfu.

Thank you in advace!

..Clue.How do you know this is a weak draft class?? This stuff drives me nuts. There weren't any quarterbacks. So the first round was full of lineman(offensive, and defensive) it is weak?? That is the same logic that makes people here who support this Jordan pick crazy..These guys haven't played a snap.

As far as top five picks..Of course there are no sure things. That's not what I am saying. What I am saying is that GMs drafting in the first 5 are doing so thinking these players are day one starters(outside of quarterbacks). Right away contributors. Anyone that says otherwise is building an excuse for Jordan if he does fail. (I get it don't want to look bad if Jordan is sub par this year)..To me. If Jordan isn't a contributor this year. It makes the pick this year questionable.

This was a great pick! In order to take the Division, Brady can't sit in the pocket and pick us apart like he does. Now they have to pick which end to chip or double team; Wake or Jordan.

With the Tackle position; I believe they move Martin to LT (He's good enough for LT, he protected Luck's blind side in College) and they sign Winston at RT for about $4 mil a year which will be half of what they would pay Albert. Get a RT in the later rounds and go from there.

Win, Lose, or Tie... Dolphins till' I die!!!

Creative blitzes is right on with what I want to see. I don't think Jordan is this Jason Taylor type that will play strictly DE. If he's so athletic and fast why limit him to just playing with his hand in the ground in a 4-3.


When you think about it the comparisons to Jason Taylor are actually hilarious. Jason Taylor is a future HOF. Taylor had 139.5 sacks & 47 FF. We're talking about a guy who was one of the most dominating pass rushers to play in the NFL in last 20 years. Yes, Jordan is 6'6", 240 pounds, & a great athlete BUT is he a GREAT football player??? I have no idea yet. Jordan has not played a single down in the NFL so before we start making comparisons to NFL greats let's see if he even belongs on the field on Sundays. If he starts making plays all over the field & becomes defensive Rookie of the Year then I'll change my stance.


I love all the so called experts on here. How can any of you predict if Jordan will be an NFL star until he puts the pads on and plays the game. Wake came from the Canadian League and he is a Pro Bowler.
Give the kid a chance and I like Ireland's thinking. Look at the QB's the Fins face this year. We needed someone opposite Wake to stop the constant double teaming of him. Dolphins accomplished that. We have a respectful defense.

Give this kid a chance to learn the system and let him play. Time will tell.

Oh and coming from someone who played college ball, you don't always have to make a sack to make an impact. Hurry throws cuase INTS.


I agree on that go get who you want. Ireland has done that all offseason and has done a good job of indentifying guys and landing them.

I just don't see this dynamic pass rusher with him. I see and hope for a jack of all trades as I've been mentioning.


If You Remember Yesterday Dashi Said Misi Wasn't The Answer At OLB. That Dansby and Burnett Made Him Look Better Than He Is.

Don't Get Me Wrong. D. Jordan Will See Some Time At DE On Passing Downs. But His Real Value Is In His Versatility.


V. Miller
L. Taylor
D. Thomas (R. I. P)
J. Seau (R. I. P)
And J. Taylor After Wanstedt

Even Though JT Was More 3-4 OLB.

I Know Dashi Is Going To Catch Hell For This. But You Do Know D. Jordan Is More Athletic Than K. Dansby. Coming Out.

Also, I Know Coyle Is The DC. But Sherman Coached 2 Players With A Similar Skill Set And They Both Played OLB In His Team.

V. Miller
D. Moore

offer the lower of the 3rd round pick for albert. We have all the leverage. The chiefs have to trade him to us at our price or keep him. No one else is in the picture.

To Turd @ 6:32AM:

Good point.....I was thinking the same thing.....And to anybody out there who values what Gruden thinks, your wasting your time.

...So if this class is so weak?? We had better make that move for Albert and our other second rounder. Right? If this class is so weak. What player could we possibly find in rounds 2-7 that would be a better option over Brendan Albert. If this is such a weak class?

Look, the guy COULD be a beast. But pay a high number 2 with the holes we still have and grab a part-time player at number #3? The Fins needed a pass rusher. I won't agrue with that. Isn't Freeney and Abrhams still looking for work? Wouldn't they come a lot cheaper?
Doesn't every draft produce guys like this? So why the sudden need to move up and get a guy that may or may not live up to his potential? I'm not getting this but I rarely get Ireland anyway.

Read this from SI:

Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon

Jordan, who keeps showing up as a top-five pick in every mock draft I see, finished third in tackles for loss in 2012. Third in the nation? No. There wasn't a No. 3 because South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney (the likely No. 1 pick in the 2014 draft) and Arizona State defensive tackle Will Sutton tied for second with 23.5. Third in the Pac-12? Nope. That was UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr. Jordan finished No. 3 in tackles for loss on his own team with 10.5 (five sacks). And he might go second or third overall?

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/-nfl-draft/news/20130423/2013-nfl-draft-overrated-underrated/#ixzz2Ra7lKXHH

No way Jordan is gonna start this year. He'll be a 3rd down specialist until he bulks up. Aldon smith played that way his first year too.

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