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Albert might be had for 54th overall selection

The old adage is you don't find starting left tackles in the second or third round of the NFL draft. The Dolphins might be able to do exactly that -- sort of -- today.

General manager Jeff Ireland of Miami and general manager John Dorsey of Kansas City are scheduled to speak today before the start of the draft's second round. The two talked during the middle of the first round on Thursday, according to Dorsey, and that's when they agreed to reconvene today.

"We'll see what happens," Dorsey said. "That's kind of where we're at."

The conversation between the two GMs will be about trading left tackle Branden Albert from Kansas City to Miami.

The clubs have been going back and forth on Albert for several days and throughout that time it has been speculated the Chiefs were trying to get the higher of the Dolphins' two second-round draft picks to make the deal. The Dolphins never offered that pick, apparently, and might not have made any significant offer involving a second round pick at all.

Interestingly, the Dolphins traded away the higher of their two second-round picks, No. 42, in order to move up in the first round and take DE/OLB Dion Jordan. They have the 54th overall selection remaining and Dorsey didn't seem upset at the idea that could be enough to acquire Albert.

"Would I make that trade if it was offered to me? I don't know," Dorsey said. "That's an unknown. Until something happens, I really don't know."

The offer may be forthcoming. Of course, if the Dolphins want to play hardball, they might offer a third-rounder, of which they have two. Perhaps they want to offer a 2014 pick.

This much seems possible: Miami can get Albert for the 54th overall pick if they offer it.

If they do that the Dolphins might just find a starting left tackle in the second round.


If you're interested in what I think about the Dolphins landing Jordan on Thursday, go here. To me the pick is obviously of primary importance. But what I truly love is the utter guts of identifying a player and throwing caution to the wind to go get him.

It's a bold move.

It's a cowboy up move.

I cannot guarantee Jordan will be a hit. But as I reported early Thursday afternoon the Dolphins were willing to bet on Jordan enough to trade up to get him because they see the potential for greatness there.

I like that.


Continue to come back throughout the day. Indeed, do not leave. There will be major updates throughout. I'm working on Miami's third-round selections.

You can also follow @ArmandoSalguero on twitter for real-time updates. Do it!


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Could Chiefs take BESS and a late round pick instead of a 2nd or 3rd round pick(s) for Albert?


So because you don't like certain things about Jordan RIGHT NOW you think it's a 'wasted pick'. No chance he could get better, right? Like JPP was a finished product when he came into the NFL. Jason Taylor was a star right out of the gate? The guy's 22 years old. I'd love to know what you were like when you were 22.

Face it, you're just hear to mumble out some negative sh8t and really have no idea whether he's going to be any good or not. Right?

Chiefs don't want Bess. They have a young stud wr to go with Bowe already in the fold. Why would they want a slow slot wr who has nothing but hands as an asset?

Will posters be surprised if our passing game still ranks in the 20's with all the F/A moves this off season? I won't. Watching tape on Gibson and knowing what I have seen from Hartline. This wr core is still very average. No speed outside of Wallace...no wr with yac ability. This team needs to draft another explosive target period.

Also...Miller has been injury prone since his days at the U. Better get another explosive back in there to make plays. Miller won't last 6 games with his tender shoulders.

The draft is not over it's just beginning







You need this guy to get to Brady. Good pick


That writer from SI doesn't know sh#t either. Not sure if you saw the ESPN movie 'From Elway to Marino' but in the movie after the Dolphins took Dan Marino, Paul Zimmerman aka as Dr. Z who was on the broadcast team said he didn't understand the pick & he questioned where the coaching was going to come from for Marino.

The draft is truly an inexact science.

Posted by: We Have Playmakers | April 26, 2013 at 11:13 AM

We can agree on the draft not being an exact science. That's why I would rather hang on to as many high draft picks as possible. Most guys come with question marks. For example, Jarvis Jones was sitting there at #17 because of some health concerns. But he was there for the taking. His college numbers were much more impressive in a tougher conference (No. 1 in the nation with 24.5 tackles for loss). So why spend a high number two for a guy that comes with question marks about his size, ability to shift to a 4-3, and numbers that aren't very impressive because he has upside?

Comparing this to the Marino draft is like comparing apples to wheelbarrows. The Dolphins desperately needed a QB of the future. Marino was very highly touted until his senior year, and too much partying was rumored as one of the issues. Shula grabbed him at the end of the first round and gave up nothing to get him. Kind of like the Packers did with Aaron Rodgers.

That arguement holds no merit for this discussion. We paid a hefty price and need a lot more players. Let's hope it works out.

One thing nobody mentioned is, KC went after Fasano and Smith, then dicked 'Daphins!' around for Albert. They jumped up, got the guy they wanted, and at the same time, helped out KC's biggest rival with an extra pick. I think it was a nice little way to say, "F^@# YOU KC!" Lmao


proof ESPN is biased

You watch Jordan's Games carefully, you'll see he only rushes to the outside and is easily neutralized many times. I have not seen him put any OT on his asss on pure straight ahead bull rush and no inside move whatsoever.

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 26, 2013 at 08:05 AM

This is simply not true Oscar. Maybe you haven't watched enough tape on him yet. But they were showing some yesterday.

Jordan has a great spin move **TO THE INSIDE**.

They showed at least TWO good sacks yesterday where he spins back inside.

Fat Albert would be the better choice of Jason Peters or Monroe. Interesting..

they should offer a 4th or 5th. Chiefs are screwed now. ball is in our court.

Jeffey made me proud last night. Now if we can somehow get escobar, ball, Jonathan Cyprus, and yes one more pass rushed playoffs here we come

Posted by: bjthedolphindude | April 26, 2013 at 06:49 AM

Think I'm gonna cry fans and a GM that know what they are talking about......good day to be a dolfan

Posted by: Stra8balla | April 26, 2013 at 12:29 PM

I totally agree with this assessment. Miller isn't enough and RB is a weakness on this offense as it stands. Thomas HA!. WR in my opinion is not weak nor strong. wallace have to prove to me he is what MIAMI think he is hartline isn't a number# 2 WR in my mind gibson MIAMI like I get that but is he a player that should be starting...probably not. I like Matthews. But a another guy that can push hartline and give us YAC would be great and would help the others shine.

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