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Answer to the most-asked draft question: No

Without question the player Dolphins fans ask me about the most for the coming draft is West Virginia all-purpose ankle-breaker Tavon Austin.

I suppose the reason Miami fans love this player is because he is a surge of electricity. Here now. Gone now. Lots of speed. Great vision. A one-on-one mismatch in the open field when he has the ball. He promises many dropped jaws in the stands and dropped pants by defenders.

So Miami fans want to know if the Dolphins are likely to pick Austin.

No, I do not see the Dolphins picking Tavon Austin in the coming draft -- certainly not in the first round where everyone seems to think he'll be selected.

This, I write, because I know how the Dolphins judge players. This because I know how the Dolphins value size and weight and the so-called prototype in the draft.

And Tavon Austin is all of 5-8 and 175 pounds which is as far from the NFL prototype as you can get without being in the CFL.

Understand, the Dolphins do make size exceptions. They made one for Pat White who happened to hail from the same West Virginia program as Austin. Um, maybe that's not a good example.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland has told me he asks himself this question when he's evaluating a player that is for whatever reason not of prototypical size or weight or speed: "Does he walk on water?"

(The phrase originates from the fact Jesus Christ walked on water on the sea of Galilee. So did Peter for a couple of steps before he got tackled by a blitzing lack of faith).

The point is most people who are not the Son of God cannot walk on water. They simply aren't so incredibly great that the field tilts in their favor when they step on it. They simply aren't so amazing that one can forget that they are too short or light or slow or whatever other failing the player may have.

Most players do not walk on water.

Barry Sanders did.

Thurman Thomas did.

Darrell Green did.

But the list of non-prototypes in my mind isn't much longer. And while looking at Austin on tape suggests he floats very well on water, and perhaps even swims like a fish in the water, he's not walking on the surface. He's not Sanders-Thomas-Green great.

Austin caught 114 passes for 1,289 yards last season. He caught 12 touchdown passes. He was also used out of the backfield and has a career 9.5 yards per carry average. His game against Oklahoma in which he gained 572 total yards was perhaps the greatest individual performance of the season by a collegian.

But ...

His 11.3 yards per reception is not suggesting NFL deep threat. He sometimes double-catches passes, perhaps a result of his smaller hands. That's not a big deal in college because the game is slower. But in the NFL, receivers who juggle and must recatch the football often get drilled between the first catch and the attempted second catch.

I watched Austin cutups and I saw him be very, very friendly with the sideline. He searches out the sideline a lot to avoid contact, which is natural and smart for a player his size but could be an issue for some coaches. 

I also saw a little high stepping a few times. Yeah, Miami coach Joe Philbin would love that. 

Don't get me wrong. Fake GM Salguero would love Tavon Austin on his team. But not at the expense of the No. 12 overall draft pick. Late in the first round? Maybe. In the second round, yes. But in the upper third of the first round, the durability concerns caused by his size, the fact he'll never be an outside receiver because he simply lacks the wingspan to help the quarterback out there, and the good but not great hands give me pause.

By the way, some folks will look at the Austin highlight tape below and believe him to be a faster Wes Welker. Don't be fooled. Wes Welker towers over Austin and outweighs him by at least 15 pounds. Welker is built much more compact and strong. Austin is lean.

That's another thing. One scout I talk to a lot told me he has questions about Austin's affinity for the weight room. The scout loves the kid's spunk and swag and all that. But he did mention the weight room issue.

So, to answer the most asked question I get: I don't believe the Dolphins will be drafting Tavon Austin at No. 12. Not unless he finds a way to walk on water between now and draft day.  


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I think we should go ahead and lockup Winston, give him a 3 year deal if needs be just make only 2 guaranteed- he really is a solid to good right tackle. then with few can't miss prospects and a lot of good players in the draft lets look to trade back for more high picks. I would call the Vikings to see if they wanted a younger, cheaper, no-migraine Harvin 2.0 named Tavon at 12 for their 23rd, 52nd and throw in a 5th or 6th.

Then in the 1st we could go - Eiffert/Werner/Trufant

2a depending on our 1st pick - Ertz/Okafor/Amerson

2b get the best safety - Elam/Cyprien

2c Fortify o-line - Mel Watson/J Pugh/L Warford

3a Since DE opposite Wake is important at 1 & 2 we could select best TE or CB(Honey Badger/Poyer/Slay)

3b Wr Ryan Swope or Power Running Back L Bell/Ball

4 Best linebacker avail

5a Best DT available

5b Best avail the rest of the way.

What do you guys think?

i'm more embarrassed for him, actually, lol

Posted by: wahoo mcdaniel | April 02, 2013 at 07:01 PM

I didn't know that getting your Favorite Hottie Kissing Gourami Fish was embarrassing(I actually have the Tank. It's an awesome "Theme Tank" - Freaking Huge).

Anywhoo.......Her and I are taking our last Winter Walk of The Year(We're still getting hit with some Lake Effect Snow off of Superior). I'm taking Debo and She's taking her Tabby(Same Mom and Pops, different litter).

Gee......I hope taking The Dogs for a walk isn't as embarrassing as getting Kissing Gourami's.

What says YOU......Wahoo....?

Rick....it's just a 2nd rounder...the 1st round picks are swapped...

Mock draft

1st Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame
2nd Jonathan Cyprien S FIU
2nd David Amerson CB North Carolina State
3rd John Simon DE Ohio State University
3rd Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M
4th Xavier Nixon OT Florida
5th Bennie Logan DT LSU
5th Lonnie Pryor FB FSU
6th Eric Herman OG Ohio
7th Nathan Williams OLB Ohio State University
7th Knile Davis RB Arkansas

I love it when you EFF up...and let the blog know what a NO-LIFE....name changing.....DOUCHE you are....

Posted by: Kris | April 02, 2013 at 07:22 PM

If you have nothing better to say than to call someone a name, then you are the one that is the name you are calling others.

.....nothing worth having comes without a cost....

Kris do you still want Donovan McNab?

Dance "ALOCO" Character....dance.....



I love it when you EFF up...and let the blog know what a NO-LIFE....name changing.....DOUCHE you are....

Posted by: Kris | April 02, 2013 at 07:22 PM

Nice catch Kris. And "ALoco/Wahoo McDaniels" was talking about being embarrased for me?


Time for a Nice Winter Walk(Her idea-Unnnnnnngh-LOL).


Fis4life...that's a great scenario.....then, I'm asking what promichael just asked... who plays LT?

...sae question to B33RCA53.......who plays LEFT TACKLE??????

Notice how Krissy and Ody, charter members of the Gang of Loverboys, come running to defend each other like two robin's in a nest.


I know there swapped dude but you gotta give it to the commish to get the player you want.

So if it does cost you a 2nd rder to move up, you've given up a first and 2nd for the pick. No?

Actually if you trade up with the Titans the pick could actually be as low as a 4th rder though.

Ody, you are the only poster here that has had a hottie in 5 years. Please tell us how you do it.

p.s. Do your hotties call you a hottie?
p.s.s Would any guy under 70 call your girl a hottie?

Sisterhood......tryin not to notice....tryin to talk Dolphin football here....



Kris, you never ever directly answered the question...

Would you be happy if your teenage daughter brought home an odin?


Would you puke?

Good one Buster....ditto

I hear ya Rick.....it's a dilemna....but you can't get somethin for nothin......

....would luv to see a reasonable Albert deal...and then with the blatantly obvious holes filled....go BPA all the way...

or at least work horizontally across their board...what we need....what we want...what we wish for....round by round.....thru the entire draft

Me thinks some of you are too hung up on BPA. It is not an all or nothing choice. They can use one or two picks for position of need and the rest BPA. There is no law that says you can't do both.

This team has more holes now then lst year. YIKES!

Right Bodine..that's exactly what working the board horizontally means...good observation...

Well they have been saying all along they have a plan Buster.

All of us keep talking about Johnson, Trufant, Star, Ansah, Austin, Patterson and on and on but we can't have all of them.

The FO has done a great job with free agency. Hopefully they'll do as well with the draft and we'll have nothing to complain about.

Phinmanski...we have ONE glaring hole...Left Tackle.....
...the rest is gonna be solved with the bulk of the draft picks....

we're lookin for a winning record....

...without a solid LT, that's not gonna be easy...

Martin/Nixon I'd sign McKinnie too as a safety net

I agree Rick....very sensible approach..what you're saying essentially is trust and patience...

...I think Ireland and co. have earned that much so far....

....I'm encouraged....GO FINS!!!!!

So let me get this straight Buster.....

You KNOW Odin is a real character....even tho he uses other names from time to time.....you know him as a long time poster.....

Buster....you and I have had actual football conversations....when on many occasions we have agreed...altho...I do believe we have debated on occasion....I believe my biggest gripe with you has always been your writing style....

but...and stay with me buster.....

knowing ALL THAT....

you pick the sign-in name you have NEVER seen before....and attempt to take a sideways shot @ myself and Odin for pointing out an OBVIOUS troll...or trollish type behavior @ a minimum.....


you have told me everything I need to know about you from this point forward.....

by all means....

continue the football talk.....

A good example of filling a need while drafting BAP would be Jonathan Cooper and right now, Eric Fisher.

Kris aires another dirty laundry post instead of actually making a contribution to the football blog. Babies will be babies.

Why does Kris think his personal soap opera is any different than troll litter?

When they talk about BAP I assume they are talking about the best Player that fits their System and not others. No? Anybody?

I believe my biggest gripe with you has always been your writing style....

Posted by: Kris | April 02, 2013 at 08:08 PM

This coming from the same chump that slurps up dashes inane adolescant gibberish half sentence writing.

You ever wonder why there's no new posters on here?
Just look at Kris's 8:08 post,Anyone wanting to discuss anything is tagged as a troll if they dont agree with the 7 or 8 "REGULRS", Regulars being the ones on here 24/7.
You'l be refrred as the "Tightly Knit 8" from here on out

I would think so Oscar. And I think you are right. Cooper is perfect for the zone blocking scheme.

How do I join the "TK8"??
Is there a formal way to get in, or do you just have to act like a "D-BAG"??

Kris....should LOOK....at his OWN...stupid writing style.

Bam Bap!

That's why I said Eric Fisher, Rick. Assuming the above, I think that of the 3 Big Tackles he's the one that best fits our OLScheme. At the same time, I think Ireland is going to get an OT before the Draft, be he who it may.

What happened to all those good Posters that were here 2 years ago that could talk good Football and about other subjects as well in a mature way? Is this as Good as It gets?

Kris...I have no idea what you are referring to, but if I have offended you, I apologize unconditionally....

I think the dolphins are waiting on the chiefs to come down on there asking price for Albert if they don't JI will sign Winston

I haven't posted in about a year, but I frequently read most of the posts; I have seen 1 or 2 posts mentioning Kenny Vaccaro and I believe that he would be a great pick at a position of need because I don't see us going into this year with Clemons as the starter. Vaccaro would easily be an improvement over Clemons, and the drop off after him is significant unlike the CB and other positions. Also I don't think it would be too much of a reach at 12 because he is projected to be off the board late teens early 20's depending on which draft board you look at.

thats prob true dennis, if it gets done it will be before draft cause kc wants back into second rd and mia can give that to them. kc will blink and do the deal is my prediction

is it me or does odin try so hard to cover the fact that hes gay, honest question

Guys I think Kennen Allen will be a great pick any of you guys like him more than Austin or Patterson???

Some of you should do a little more research. Clemons and Jones were rated one of the better safety combos in the NFL, not the best, but pretty good. We are not so needy back there as we are with LT and CB.

def like him more than austin but we dont need a wr in first rd. we need a corner

id take a corner at 12 unless jarvis jones falls to us

I think we move up in the draft, and swap places with the Jacksonville, or the Raiders. To make sure we land one of the big 3 LT. I would rather give up our 1st and one of our 2nd rounders to ensure we land either Eric Fisher or Lane Johnson. Tavon Austin is a luxury, finding a starting LT is a necessity. I think JI continues to be aggressive and land our LT of the future. We can land one of the big 3 and pay him less than Brandon Albert. And he has the chance to grow and protect Tannehill during the length of his carrier.

What makes anyone think Ireland wants any of the FA tackles? He was aggressive with everyone he wanted, he isn't biting on them. Why in the world would he give up picks for Albert when he can draft one better and cheaper?

Winston is a bum. Two teams in two years tells you all you need to know.

ur insane to trade up and draft johnson at 3, insane. we can just use a second rd pick on a proven guy like albert and still have first rd pick

agree winston sucks. but to say that johnson is better than albert is hilarious. johnson wasnt even great in college

Who is talking Johnson? We have picks, trade up for Fisher.

This guy is a weapon. I'm a Mountaineer fan, seen all the games. With our other additions, who do you cover? Wallace will spread the field and the middle will be wide open. Tavon Austin will eat up yards. He is no Pat White. We can't let the Pats get this guy. Could you imagine Tom Brady throwing to him?! As a lifelong WVU, and Dolphins fan, that would hurt deep. We have enough picks to get a good tackle in the second round. Give our QB of the future a weapon for the future. The same goes for a corner, running back, d tackle or whatever we need. Lots of picks and a deep draft. But only on offensive game changer. And that is Tavon Austin.

why give up valuable picks to move up. we need players, albert would be just like taking our lt in 2nd rd and still have first rd for another need

I'll take Patterson over Austin any day. He is a far more versatile player, far more of a football player. We've had White and Ginn and Gates, lets not make that mistake again. Austin isn't small, he is teeny tiny, won't last.

Lance I see the need at CB and OT (right or left) but as I stated those positions are deep and we can get those in the second round; however, I am not a big fan of Clemons, he is ok, nothing special and definitely not a playmaker. Our whole backfield was inadequate (with the exception of Jones) and an upgrade at the safety position would help as well as picking up a CB in the 2nd. As I said after Vaccaro there is a big drop off in talent after he is gone.

Lance I do like your idea of trading up for Fisher; why waste a pick for a trade for Albert when a trade up for Fisher would fill the need and provide an immediate starter and upgrade the position too.

I can't comment on the second round tackles know nothing about them. I'm just telling you more than a couple of sites now have rated Clemons like 15 and Jones around 9, saything they are one of the better tandems in the league. Also we have Wilson who still has more upside as the other two do.

Safety is not as bad as you think.

Just like worms are good for soil, trolls are good for the blog.

Look how nicely they sent the whiny Kris and Odin back to their cribs.

Look how nicely the blog is flowing on topic without their soap opera distractions.

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