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Brady's doing it, but Tannehill and his WRs working also

The NFL was aflutter for about a day this week when the University of Southern California athletics department tweeted a photo of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady working out with new slot receiver Danny Amendola at the USC facilities.

Somewhere, Peyton Manning probably got to thinking about flying to see Wes Welker and matching Brady throw for throw.

Everywhere around the NFL fans were both impressed and depressed -- the first with the idea that Brady is already working on his craft four months before the start of the preseason and secondly, that their hometown QBs might not be keeping pace.

I know some Dolphins fans got worried.

I got emails from a couple.

I had some ask me on twitter if Ryan Tannehill is also working with Miami's receivers or whether he's vacationing and playing tennis as he did last week.

Well, relax.

Someone asked Tannehill about Brady putting in work and Tannehill responded:

"Been having throwing session (sic) w my wideouts for weeks now," Tannehill tweeted.

Within seconds of that tweet, one of the receivers apparently joining those sessions jumped into the fray.

"Ya! Check yo self!" Brian Hartline added in some unremarkable English.

(Just kidding, Brian).

And although I cannot tell you how many Miami receivers are involved in these sessions, or how frequent they are or whether new additions Mike Wallace, Dustin Keller and Brandon Gibson are involved, at least you can know that folks aren't just standing around watching Brady gain chemistry with his newest receiver.

By the way, Brady on Thursday did a session with Terrell Owens.

I would be surprised if the Patriots are going to sign Owens, 39 and two years out of regular-season action, to a contract. And I know the Dolphins aren't going to do it, either.

I say this because I expect those are the next questions someone is bound to ask.


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Long was not worth the $$$$ he is already on the down side of his career... Need to find a younger LT in the draft. This draft has a lot of OT and passrushers. I would go after either a OT or a passrusher with the #12 pick because after Dee all the CBs r close to the same.in fact Trufant has higher rank on some boards the Xavier Rhodes. Rhodes is a late 1st rd pick not a#12

Another option is trading back and then using two 2nd rd picks to move into the 1st rd.

That would give us two late 1st rd picks, one 2nd rd pick and our two 3rd picks.

Bottom line is we have enough picks and have picked up enough skill players in FA to do great things in this draft by being unpredictable.

we need all those picks i wouldnt trade up to take an unproven player. id deal one of the 2's for albert and draft out of our slots rest of draft. we need players, a lot of them

If they didn't pay up for Long, they won't pay up for Albert.


'we need all those picks'? We do? We have 11 picks, man. How many of those picks do you see making the team? Half? If Ireland was smart he'd use some to take the guys HE wants and possibly even trade one or two for picks next year.

If you have 11 guys making this team, I'd like you to tell me the 11 guys who won't be on the team, cause I don't see it. We're going to need guys for next year to replace guys like Bess,Starks and Keller and maybe even Cogs and Jerry. Doesn't make sense to draft 11 guys this year and throw half of them back. I think Ireland will be smarter than that.

I'm not so sure Long is on the downside of his career. Fins said the same thing about Drew Bress and how'd that work out?

Woodshed @11:59am,

Very good post. I agree with you...they're not showing their hand because it's draft season. Good point. I'm just shocked they have been more decisive about Martin. I'm reading that they're not sold on him at LT but then again, they may also be giving him a chance to show what he can do with the offseason work. Nothing to be gained by showing their cards right now.

Bobby, 'we've spent almost every year drafting a lineman with our first pick and where are we now'. I've got Long and Pouncey but who else are you talking about? I'm missing your point. And where is it written that we should have Long as our LT for a decade. We could have easily brought him back but injuries happen and I think the team might the right call here. Too unrealstic to think you're going to have any player for ten years in this day of FA.

Heck, if Irescum gets one starter out of 11 picks it'll raise his average. LOL

Tony Nathan,

Stop trying to always be the pot stirrer man....it's not working. I see your crap on here ALL THE TIME. It's idiotic! You're not getting a rise out of anyone, just making a full of yourself. Why are you here? You're obviously not a fan of this team. I'd bet my last dime you've got multiple login names. You're not even funny bud...

craig im not talking 5 or later rds. but keep the extra picks we have through rd 3

OK dusty. Got ya. I still think they'll be some value in some of those later picks. Ireland's done well adding guys like Hartline, Jones, Wilson later in the draft.

yeah hart was a 4, think jones might of been a 6

question for u guys, if jarvis jones is there at 12 do we take him. i would

Not saying Martín is the solution at LT, but I believe with a full off-season he'll build his upper strength and could do a decent job at LT. That was his knock and something he struggled with at the pro level.
Remember last year he missed time because of finals at Sanford, plus a shortened of-season. also, the switch mid season is no excuse but it is a factor.
Let's not forget he did extremely well in college and held his own against a Dion Jordan, Datone Jones and Nick Perry.
We had an all-pro in Long and stank, the Brown have Thomas and did worse, Chiefs had the great Albert and did pretty bad. It seems the good teams don't need the first those first rounders at LT all the time to win.

well no arturo u can say that about any pos though. but protecting thill is a very high need

One other thing Bobby. I'll trust the team of Ireland and Philbin to make the right decisions, and not the fans.

Posted by: Craig M | April 07, 2013 at 11:21 AM

Craig M......

Way to CONVENIENTLY leave out current reining SUPER BOWL CHAMPS and perennial playoff team Baltimore Ravens out of your post.......

The funny thing about ur post is that you use the typical "I trust such and such coach/GM over the fan" argument.....and then you turn around and second guess 2X SUPER BOWL CHAMPION GM Ozzie Newsome in the handling and PAYING of Joe Flacco......lol...

So do you REALlY mean you trust "such and such coach and GM".....if they agree with CraigM the fans point of view....

Just asking....

Read Today's Article.

Mando, Good Article But I Believe You Still Don't Get It.

Ireland Rates BPA By Position, Not Overall.

Meaning Some Positions Might have More Players Rated Higher Than The Best Overall Of a Specific Position. Take for instance LT and FS. 3 LT's are Rated Higher Than The Best safety. But If Safety is A Bigger Priority Than LT, We will Go Safety.

Funny How Many Jake Long Fans Showed Up After He Leaves.

Where Were You Guys When Dashi and Incognito Were Asking For Your Support?


It's YOU who keeps saying Ozzie got it right on Flacco. Not me. I don't think Flacco's worth anything close to $20 million a year. I think in time that will be shown.

As far as Ozzie and the whole Flacco thing, I think his hands were tied. I don't believe at the end of the day he really had a choice. The alternative is to let him walk and have to start all over. But I don't believe Ozzie is happy having to pay him the money. It's what the market dictates. Same way we had to pay Long what we paid him as the first overall pick back in 2008. Sometimes you don't really have a choice in the matter.

But I don't believe Ozzie or any other GM for that matters believes that in order to win and be successful year after year in the NFL, the first thing you have to do it pay your QB $20 million. They're stuck....pretty much no choice!

Hope that answers your question.

Craig M,

I agree with you on your points. With that said, if you were the GM right now, what you do? Sign a FA stop gap? Hope a T falls to you at #12. Or, do you trade up to land a top T. IF you trade up, what are you willing to part with?

If I were GM right now, I would stay at 12 or listen to offers of trading down if one of the big three T doesnt fall to me. If one of the big three didnt fall to me and I didnt trade down, I would be attempting to bring in Clabo or Winston for RT and move Martin to LT. I would then draft BPA in every round and hope that in round 2-3 one of the tackles fits BPA and need at the same time and grab him for development. Guys like K Long, Armstead, etc.

Thats what I would do. What would you do?

Craig M.....

Good reply...but here is the thing.....if in 5 years.....nobody in the FO believes that Tanne is worth 20 mil(probably 25 mil by then).....

Then we got the WRONG QB.....and we will be starting over....

The Ravens Are Done.

I Bet They Won't even Go 8-8 for The Next 2 Seasons.

Ray Lewis Covered A lot of Holes. More than the Casual Raven Would Notice.

Flacco is Not a Leader. Flacco has Suspect Accuracy, And Zero Charisma.

Brady is a Nerd. But at Least He Is A Cool Nerd.

Who Here Believes Flacco is Married To Some One Eyebrow Olga Looking Beast. The Guy Is A Lame.

Flacco and Dilfer Are on The Same Boat. They Owe Everything They Got To Ray. But Some Ignorant Raven Fan Will Think Otherwise.


The last 2 teams in the SB had 1st rd LT's. Oher of the Ravens and Staley with the 49ers.

Still it's not impossible to get a top player in the latter rds.

They could go with a guy like Watson or Fluker and choose the best fit at LT during camp.

Its funny how Ross/Ireland have the homers temporarily fooled into thinking things are OK


Whats with Kiper mocking Fluker to the Fins at 12??

Isn't that pretty high for him?

I bet if we took Fluker there Kiper would be the first one talking about what a reach it was.


Was it ray Lewis and his defense that gave up about 30 points a game the reason Flacco had the best post season since Joe Montana....

C'mon....you look silly right now....

I have The Dolphins Picking Fluker but In The 2nd. Kiper must've watched Sport Science and Fell In Love With Fluker.

The Way I See It. First Pick should Be Between 3 People. Vacarro, C.Patterson, Or Cooper. The OT Position can be answered in the 2nd. If These Coaches Are good Enough They can Coach Up the Talent. Not Down Like Spo.

And Rick,

4 First Rd Picks. Mckinnie and Oher for the Ravens. Staley and Davis for The 49ers.

But for Some The O-Line Is Not Important.

Dolfan Rick...Not that crazy about Tank either in the second rd in Kipers mock. Hopefully if that is the plan for the first round...we'd try and move down for Fluker.

Kiper has some good points but he's wrong just as often as the rest of the guru's. If you notice they say just enough good and back about every pick after the first five picks so they're aren't wrong.


You can Give Up 50 Points A Game!! As Long as You Make A Play When It Counts!! That Is What Matters Most.

Who Closed The Games?

How Many Game Winning Drives Did Flacco Have?

Joe went 90+ Yards to win a Superbowl!!

Brady Drove Down The Field and Let Vinateri Win The SB!!

The Ravens Pulled Every Game Out, Because Of A Defensive Stop!! Even The SB. If K-nick would've Scored would Flacco Have Lead A GW Drive?

How Many Game Winning Drives Did Flacco Lead?

It Is Easy To Play Qb With A Lead All The Time. You Don't Have To Take Risk.

Let's See This Year. I agree With You that a Qb Is the Most Important. This Year You Will Notice That A Great MLB is A Close Second.

Flacco is the youngest franchise QB in football

Ray was An Average MLB, Last year.

Dashi has Never Questioned This.

BUT ... and A Big BUT..

Ray was The Unquestioned Leader!! He Motivated The Whole Team With His Presence!! What Some Call The Tebow Factor!! Was Created By Ray!! Ray Was The One That Made The Players Play Harder!! He Gave Them The We Will Not Lose Attitude!! Ray Wasn't Going Out A Loser!!

Ray Would've Played For The Fins Last Year, The Fins Would've Won At Least 3 More Games. Ray Doesn't Quit.

Wait Til This Year When A Team Is Leading in The 4th Qtr. And Flacco can't Motivate The Team Not To Give Up.

Football is an Emotional Sport. And Ray Is One Of The G.O.A.T. At Willing His Team To Victory.


I believe Ireland has to play the draft by ear. If both Joeckel and Fisher are gone by the time the Browns pick then I believe he needs to have a trade already figured out with Cleveland to move up. I don't believe he can just sit back and wait for a LT to fall to him. I believe they'll all be gone by the time the Chargers have picked and maybe earlier.

If he's unable to pick up then I think he needs to draft a guy like Rhodes or Eiffert or even Vacarro. At that point I'd also sign Winston or Clabo, cause I don't like any of the other LT's and I don't see Fluker as anything else but a RT. Maybe Fluker in the second might work too but I'm worried that MArtin won't get it done at LT and that he'd be better as a RT.

That's what I'd do.

Jack Long has not been the same sense his injuries and is still a good OT but is NOT worth 8 mill anymore. He gets beat by speed and is out angled more than once a game. He would of been a stop gap anyway because he is on the down side and only going down from now on. We have a lot of picks and can find a younger player that still has the hunger to reach the top. JL was going to the highest bidder and lucky for us it was not us. He will never c the pro bowl again.

As A Matter Of Fact.

Dashi Is Going To be Mum On The Raven Subject. But By Week 4, Dashi Is Going To Tell You I Told You So.

Ray Is The Ravens. He Has Been With them since They Were Created. So Raven Fans Don't Know What A Suspect Defense Looks Like.

The top OTs will b gone at #12 so a passrusher would b a best bet at #12. Get a CB and a OT maybe Long in the 2nd rd. TE, Cb and rb depth later in the draft.

Tony Nathan,

Stop trying to always be the pot stirrer man....it's not working. I see your crap on here ALL THE TIME. It's idiotic! You're not getting a rise out of anyone, just making a full of yourself. Why are you here? You're obviously not a fan of this team. I'd bet my last dime you've got multiple login names. You're not even funny bud...

Posted by: Craig M | April 07, 2013 at 12:24 PM

Well he certainly got a rise of of you now didn't he?

Vaccaro or Eifert

If my Dolphins spend any 2nd rounders to pay Albert bigger money than Long I would be seriously dissapointed. Especially if JI is naive enough to make a trade before the chefs pick their first overall bust on draft's eve.

Still riding Lane Johnson's bandwagon here. He will be great in his own right (and so much cheaper for YEARS to come...). He's totally worth a trade-up.

Many of you are blindly assuming Ireland rates the top 3 LT's as high as the mocks do. Maybe he does. Maybe he doesn't.

I c a passrusher at the 1 st pick if we stay at #12. Rhodes is NOT a #12 pick trade back and get him later in the 1st if he is ur guy ( IDK that he is )


You and I see the Ravens the same way but I will say Ozzie has done a nice job recovering from the many losses they've had. Are they the same team? Probably not. But they've done a good job patching the holes and they're not done yet. They need to find a replacement for Boldin and maybe that'll come via that draft. No question they've got one of the best in the business making the calls.

Trufant fits our needs more than Rhodes. bidi Wreh Wilson should be there in the 2nd.

So Johnson is worth a 1st and 2nd no way bud!

Big fan of Newsome one of best GMs in the NFL Ireland let's hope has been watching him.

The More Dashi Thinks About It. First Round Priority should not Be O-Line. I really Like Vacarro Over a CB, or A TE.

The Fins Have A Great O-Line Coach. And Philbin Seems To Understand The Line Also.

Why Would You Waste #12 On A Guy Your Coaches Can Take 30+ Spots Later and Still make Him Serviceable.

Clemons Only Signed a 1 Year Deal. And We Have ZERO Depth At Safety. We Actually have More OT's and CB's Than We Have Safeties. Plus, We Are About To Pay Big For R.Jones. we Need To Balance That Out With A Guy That Won't Demand A Huge Salary Next To Him For The Next 4-5 Years.



what are your credentials to judge who is a #12 pick or not?

saying you are a fan newsome is about as risky as saying you are a fan of pretty girls.

do you ever have an opinion of your own or are you just a parrot of the few media talking heads?


Where is it written that 'Rhodes is NOT a #12 draft pick'. Nobody thought Russell Wilson was a 1st round pick last year. How about now? This stuff isn't an exact science. Rhodes is a good player and is actually a better athlete than Trufant. So why would we pick a lesser player, just because he 'fits the system better'? I don't get that thinking.


So are you saying Turfant IS a fit at 12 and Rhodes isn't, because he 'fits the system better'? Really? Sorry man, don't see it.


Vaccaro can also play the nickel if need be


Agreed. We do see the Ravens in a similar fashion. Ozzie is One Of the Best. But I Wouldn't Call Him The Best.

Maybe it Could Be the Coaching? I know harb's just won a title, but from the stories coming out recently this guy might have a bigger attitude than his Brother. Talking bad about his players. Blaming Cameron. All The Little Stuff a SB Winning Coach Doesn't do.

The Funny Part Will Be If They Draft Te'o. You know I'm Off That Bandwagon. But you talk about Pressure.

Hi Dashi!

Ben Volin has us picking Ansah in his mock Draft.

A 3rd rounder should be enough to make it happen. If dear chefs don't trade Albert before the draft they will probably pick anything else (DT) and make Jonhson available after #7.

Trading for Albert before the the draft would be a mistake anyway.

I dont understand the whole 'Rhodes doesn't fit our system' talk. Even if he is indeed better at press coverage,there's certainly nothing to say he cant learn our zone based scheme defence.

Johnathan Martin never played RT but guess what,he had to learn it and adapt & overcome. If Ireland cant trade up for Milliner,we should stay where we are and draft Rhodes imo.


I would be extremely disappointed if we draft Rhodes. Reports that were recently written state that "Do not ask him to play zone". Miami will primarily play zone defense. Plus reports have also said that Rhodes is not very bright. Sometimes you need more than size and speed, you need intelligence and you have to be a football player. Early mocks actually had Rhodes going in the second or third round.

Rhodes would have been a second round pick last year. lack of talent and desperation by sometimes now have him the first round. IMO at best he will be a #2 corner in the NFL. I agree with those that say he isnot worthy of being drafted 12th overall.


I hope you're not saying this guy isn't a talented player, cause he is. Big need for help at the position, especially with Grimes not 100%. Nore sure why we wouldn't take the best guy available to us. I actually like him more than Milliner, so I'll disagree with your post.


I posted yesterday that there is a good chance that we improve our secondary by drafting a safety and not a corner. Vaccaro is a football player. He is great against the run and he is all over the field. He has great instincts and reminds me a little of Ronnie Lot. This was the mock draft I posted yesterday with Vaccaro as our first round pick:

1. Vaccaaro S, 2a. Melinik Watson OT, 2b. Zach Ertz TE, 3a. Darius Slay CB, 3b. Sam Montgomerie DE, and 4. Monte Ball RB.

My dream pick would be Ansah at 12 but if he is not available I would not mind seeing Warmack or Vaccaro in a Dolphins uniform.

Orlando, I agree with u. Why would we draft Rhodes when multiple people have said he struggles in playing zone?? That makes no sense to me. There are to many CBs out there that don't struggle in zone. Why take a guy who is weak in what we are doing??

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