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Brady's doing it, but Tannehill and his WRs working also

The NFL was aflutter for about a day this week when the University of Southern California athletics department tweeted a photo of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady working out with new slot receiver Danny Amendola at the USC facilities.

Somewhere, Peyton Manning probably got to thinking about flying to see Wes Welker and matching Brady throw for throw.

Everywhere around the NFL fans were both impressed and depressed -- the first with the idea that Brady is already working on his craft four months before the start of the preseason and secondly, that their hometown QBs might not be keeping pace.

I know some Dolphins fans got worried.

I got emails from a couple.

I had some ask me on twitter if Ryan Tannehill is also working with Miami's receivers or whether he's vacationing and playing tennis as he did last week.

Well, relax.

Someone asked Tannehill about Brady putting in work and Tannehill responded:

"Been having throwing session (sic) w my wideouts for weeks now," Tannehill tweeted.

Within seconds of that tweet, one of the receivers apparently joining those sessions jumped into the fray.

"Ya! Check yo self!" Brian Hartline added in some unremarkable English.

(Just kidding, Brian).

And although I cannot tell you how many Miami receivers are involved in these sessions, or how frequent they are or whether new additions Mike Wallace, Dustin Keller and Brandon Gibson are involved, at least you can know that folks aren't just standing around watching Brady gain chemistry with his newest receiver.

By the way, Brady on Thursday did a session with Terrell Owens.

I would be surprised if the Patriots are going to sign Owens, 39 and two years out of regular-season action, to a contract. And I know the Dolphins aren't going to do it, either.

I say this because I expect those are the next questions someone is bound to ask.


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Steve in Ottowa, Monte, Zonk, MJ, Fin 77, Ron Son, Nat Moore...are likely all the same person...either way they are all up to the same thing.

fin4life thinks Cameron was better then Shula also. LMFAO!!

Parcells was a double agent.

Everyone is the same person. There's just 2 bloggers here. LOL

The Woodshed Gang | April 07, 2013 at 09:01 PM

I have no problem with your scenario what so ever but remember that with the rook CAP those 1st RD picks are very valuable these days and feel Speilman won't cough them up unless it was for the 2nd coming of Marino or Elway.

Irescum is working for the Jests.

It amazes me how few of you pay attention. These same names come here all the time saying ridiculous stuff about the team, Tannehill or Ireland and sure enough one of you take the bait.

Tannehill is worse than Henne.
Irescum worst GM in history.
Analysts picking Miami to finish last.

on an on

fin4life, Bodine, Woodshed Gang, Advice, and mattybfromnc, are all the same person.

Advice, you are doing the same thing.

Blog of clueless simpletons. It is no surprise foreigners are taking over the country. The average American is severely under-educated, unaware, and stuck with a medium to low paying job any poor sap can do. Snails are more alert than many of you and have better reading and comprehension skills to boot.

Your children are going to have to learn Chinese or marry into an Indian family to have any success.

fin4life, Bodine, Woodshed Gang, Advice, and mattybfromnc, are all the same person.

Posted by: We Know | April 07, 2013 at 09:26 PM

I feel honored to have my first troll. I can't speak for the other names but I speak under one name only.

I have to repeat it just amazes me how many of you respond to the same sucker bait day in and day out. Maybe its the water? Maybe you have Alzheimers?

I have no problem with your scenario what so ever but remember that with the rook CAP those 1st RD picks are very valuable these days and feel Speilman won't cough them up unless it was for the 2nd coming of Marino or Elway.

Posted by: fin4life | April 07, 2013 at 09:18 PM

I hope he thinks that highly of Tavon Austin or perhaps thinks Geno Smith> Christian Ponder.

I guess it's the peanut gallery Hr. except for Woodshed so I'll come back when the talk shifts back to Football.

I hope he thinks that highly of Tavon Austin or perhaps thinks Geno Smith> Christian Ponder.

The Woodshed Gang | April 07, 2013 at 09:36 PM

I don't doubt that T.Austin is HIGH on their wishlist but they have major holes at DB and need a couple could see them taking Elam or Trufant with Hawks pick and going DB again RD-2.

Austin will probably have one fumble or one concussion for every TD he makes. He is not small, he is tiny. The risk of frequent serious injuries is too high. I don't see him surviving in the NFL.

Let's remember it's Spielman. After Millen retired, ol' Rick was promoted to worse GM in football. I'm sure after sending Harvin packing he'll be very interested in Austin and we could get a boatloads of picks in return for #12.

I like Woodshed's scenario, although I wouldn't take Cyprien in the first. Also, we should use one pick on TE; either late first or first pick in 2nd (Eifert or Ertz only)

I'm still curious about Wilson. How much upside does he have? What does the team think of him? Then there is Egnew. Aside from Armando saying a player called him a pssy, who knows? Maybe we have one or two less holes than we think?

Everyone speculates and is trying to guess the many directions the Dolphins brain trust may go. I think the Dolphins brain trust will fill the void left by Jake Long's departure. Long made a lot of money with his number one overall selection but I believe his ego motivated him to leave for the Rams. The Dolphins have to go LT if they do not fill the void at the LT position in FA, it's that simple. The multiple choices would have been if Jake Long accepted the Dolphins offer or if somehow the Dolphins fill the LT/RT positon before their number twelve (12) selection.

Thank god only 17 more days of these endless posts about needing an OT. It is mind boggling how many different ways you all find to say the very same thing - that if we don't get an OT in FA, we need to pick one in the draft.

As far as I'm concerned, we have bigger priorities than LT...Corner, Pass Rusher, even RG...John Jerry proved he can play LT...we drafted Jonathan Martin just last year...Let the 2 of them battle it out...I mean, I'm not saying don't draft one, but it doesn't have to be our first round pick...

From another point of view of need, what Player we draft would hurt NE the most? I think a big pass-rusher. And there are several good ones available this Year.

Montreal, while I agree LT isn't a sexy #1 pick, I'm content with the strategy to get BPA. Teams employing that strategy seem to do better with their draft picks long-term. So if BPA is Lane Johnson or some other lineman, then I'm fine with it (as long as they are more Pouncey than Martin).

Angry over losing Brandon Marshall and now Reggie Bush and Jake Long, many fans will stay away from Sun Life Stadium next season.

Just the dumb ones Shark. I'm guaranteeing a more exciting style of football than what's been displayed lately in Sun Life. How many TDs Marshall score again? Oh yeah, right. Next.

It appears the media lockdown has began all will remain quiet we are now in the top secret zone , see ya draft day !!!!!!!!!

There is not a chance any of the Big 3 LTs will fall to Us and I don't think Ireland will trade-up for anybody this Year.

Qb hunter , ya think oscar

12 is way to early for these corners, has to be a pass rusher or trade down


Lets see ....who is better?

Jeff Ireland- 4 consecutive losing seasons and about to be fired


Bill Parcells - HOF legend?


Trade down makes more sense, Marc. This Draft is not elite but it is deep.

DC, all thats left of the Dolphin fans are the dumb ones. Everyone with intelligence left this pathetic franchise years ago.

What Time do you trolls start the AM shift?

I mean, you think those guys sitting in the burning sun, paying big bucks to watch the team lose year after year after year are smart? lol

Found this mock in my inbox this morning, thought I'd share. Steep price offered in this scenario though. I wouldn't do it although I think Eric Fisher is BPA 1A in this draft ...

3. Miami Dolphins (projected trade with Oakland): Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
Most mock drafters hate to project trades. Why? We're all just guessing anyway. Besides, the 1st real trade come draft weekend is going to screw it all up anyway. Miami started the offseason boldly on the free-agent market and carries the ammo to start the draft the same way. With 2 picks in Round 2 and 2 more in Round 3, the Dolphins can target the guy they want in this round. Oakland sits without a 2nd-rounder, thanks to the Carson Palmer trade. Perfect match. Some draft evaluators rate Fisher the #1 overall prospect. He stands as a consensus top-5 guy and 1 of the 2 clear elite OT prospects. Can Miami get this deal done for a 2nd-rounder and both 3rds (and maybe a late pick or 2)? The Raiders need a lot and probably don't lose as much by dropping down to 12 this year as other years. If Oakland tries to play hardball, the Dolphins can say, "That's cool. We'll trade with someone else and get Lane Johnson." This move makes so much sense that it'll never actually happen.

And Fisher can play R or L with equal dexterity, but this Draft is too deep in good Players to do that, Mark in T.

Scotty, just a divorced, pathetic, miserable old man who believes ruining others people enjoyment of a sport makes him funny or relevant. You are just miserable person hiding behind a computer screen all day and all night. You obviously have no life, no wife or girlfriend or anything else that normal people posess. You need to see a therapist and take medications to help you because obviously you are unbalanced. Either that or your just a lonely miserable old ass who people avoid in the real World.

Oscar, I agree 100%. There are just so many other ways to address the LT position with quality than to do this. What I would do is this ..

Wait at 12. If Johnson is there, pick him .. he would be the BPA. So you get the best talent on the board and address a major need. If he's gone ... pick the next BPA which I'm assuming would be one of Cooper, Eifert, Star, Richardson, or D. Moore or Barkevious Mingo. I would then either sign Winston if you feel good enough about Martin or who knows even Will Yeatman or John Jerry to play OT. I would even go as far as to trade for Albert if you are really concerned - it's not ideal but you would've traded the #2 pick to move up to pick a LT anyway and you would've paid Jake Long that Albert money to play LT anyway so at the end of the day even worst case scenario you are not selling out the farm for your LT.

Giuving up four picks as in this mock drafft is way too much ... way way too much. There are other ways to address that hole without giving it all up and still adding quality in the draft.

Percy harvin is a freak! Crazy elusive playmaking machine....well look at it this way: draft wr patterson because you won't get more value than him in this draft..with wallac'es huge contract, you invest having a defenses putting to much coverage on wallace, he opens up offense, he is a threat everytime he touches the ball, tannenhill's growth potential would be through the roof, long term he would insure miami has talent at position, he has high trade value, or he is insurance if wallace ever has major injury, or wallace don't work out down the road..wr's are valuable...can always draft a corner or tackle later in draft, but a first round pick should always add up to the value..this patterson is crazy elite good...won't be regretting drafting him!

Some of you fools think signing wallace and gibson and keller the offense is set! "Its not"...yes we have needs at tackle, corner, defensive end, running back..and even if we draft an elite wr in round one does not mean all these other needs can't be addressed, they can and will !!!! We still need a tall fast elusive playmaking machine= "wr patterson"!!!!!! We don't need another slot wr!!!! Gibson and bess got that covered....fans would loose their breathe everytime patterson touches the ball knowing he just might take it to the house and put points on the board, you don't pass on gaurenteed star players! This guys a lock...


I love Eric Fisher but I wouldn't do that trade. There might be a fit there to do something with the Raiders but a second and two third is to steep a price to pay, IMO. Intersting to read this morning that Florio had Fisher dropping to us at 12 in his mock on PFT and Lane Johnson going in the 20's. I think he's dreaming but it was still interesting to read.


I would however look at doing a trade of our first, our second second and Bess. I think this is Bess' last year in Miami and we could draft a younger faster version of him in the third. I'd have no problem doing this trade at all. If the Raiders were interested in Bess and an extra second I'd be all over this. Good chance they could get a guy like Richardson at 12 or even the possibility that Star drops. Would also allow them to take a QB in the second if they wanted.

I so much agree, strong chance miami trades back into draft, gets two second round picks for first round maybe or more..this draft is deep, and not many elite players worth staying in first round for...maybe wr patterson, tavon austin..but we don't need another slot wr at all ! Weak qb class ! That's why you see teams gettting veteran qb's until a better draft class of qb's..thin at qaulity elite rb's I think also..no needd to hurry in first round in this draft for needs...

Fools, the only fools here are the ones that think Cordarelle is worth a high first round pick.

Parcells was worthless for the dolphins... Everyone knows he was overpaid grossly

I would take all picks from 7th round back and package them to move up for one high valuable pick.plus trade 1st round #12 to move back and pick up extra picks....rounds #2 to round 6th is where the value is...

Yeah Craig, your scenario is acceptable too. I don't think you can compare the price of trading up this year to last re: Wash and RG3. That was for a franchise Qb the most elusive and important of all assets in this sport.

For a LT, shouldn't cost more than a 2nd. Oakland would get a player of similar talent at 12 as they would at 3 - just not the same position. If they want the 2nd (and I keep Bess) fine, if not, next option...


Agreed. Hopefully the Raiders are desperate for an extra pick and a player. They'd still get a player they really like at 12. If it's Geno Smith they like, then good chance he'll still be there. If it's one of the DTs or a WR there will be lots there. Hopefully this is a trade that Ireland can pull off. I'd be doing cartwheels.

Posted by: Phinmanski | April 07, 2013 at 08:46 PM

His coaching IQ is what got him into the HOF, not his handling of football business... His player aqusitions and coaches were mediocre..
Your point that you discredit those who can see the promise in Ireland of the past two years bc he isnt in the HOF is obsurd. Again BP great coach back in his day.. not discrediting him for that.
If youre that blind you cant see how badly his tenure here was then continue to post blindly.

..I feel 100 percent confident that Corderele Patterson will not be our pick at 12..No way. Nor should he. Do any of you watch games? Look I get that the scouts, the F.A.G.S(Football anaylist guys) are hedging their bets on his potential. He looks the part. Big, fast, Cool name, little baby dreads..The whole package. But to me, from what I have seen. This guy has bust written all over the back of his jersey.

Tell me how taking this guy at 12 makes any sense at this point? It doesn't. This is a player that needs to be developed. Who isn't a top 15 talent yet. He drops too many passes. He plays small. He pouts when he isn't part of the offense. He wasn't the go to guy on his college team. That was Justin Hunter. Go look and see who made big catches for the Vols..It wasn't Pattreson.

Look I'm not knocking this guys potential. I am saying that right now. You cannot convice me that we are going to spend the 12th pick on a receiver with some freekin huge issues to groom. Patterson may have the most "upside" whatever that means. But he certainly has the biggest bust potential..Pass pass pass.

No need staying at #12 in first round if we don't get the value!!!! Trade back and pick up an extra picks.......those real late picks are lame, trade up on those picks if they are in 7th round or later..rounds 2 through 6 is where you wanna draft this year!!!


I agree with your above post. Patterson may in fact turn out to be a great player but he's risky. I don't believe Ireland will pick him because WR isn't the need it was a couple of months ago. Hunter for me is a far better value (likely in the 2nd) and may turn out to be the better player.

Again, Patterson MAY turn out to be a star but I don't believe he's the right pick for us at 12.

I agree with Oscar as well. I don't see Ireland trading away picks to move up when he's been so excited about having 5 picks in the 1st 100.

A trade down would make sense with the talent pool this year but I think there is a low percentage of that happening as well.

I personally think we're looking at Warmack, Cooper or a pass rusher (Jones, Ansah, Mingo). Unless they pull a surpise like Corradelle Patterson.

17 days until nfl draft, can't wait to see new dolphins uniforms and see our phins in draft..got nfl network, espn's all ready to go baby...go buy three days of snacks and break my diet...gotta get my hands on game tickets for when patriots vs dolphins play at miami...I do worry about running back position, can lamar miller be the man to handle the load? Not to impressed with our running backs yet..rb thomas is slow..

..Craig M. I agree. Hunter is a better player. It isn't even an argument in my eyes. Seriously. Watch any Tennessee stuff. 1 guy stands out. it isn't Corderelle Patterson. Go look at the Stats(I know that players aren't drafted because of stats) But Patterson disappeared for the meat of the year. Averaging 2 catches a game over a 5 game stretch. To be fair Patteresons best game was against Florida. If he would have played all year like he did in that game..No doubt. I would be in his corner. Hunter on the other hand was rock solid all year. No ups and downs.

Its cool if Patterson is a bloggers preference. I just do not see it.

DD, not even sure what Patterson's upside is. He didn't burn up the testing at the combine, hasn't really produced, doesn't have a lot of experience, doesn't look like a high pick to me.

You're right, hunter is the man at WR this year. I also like Da'Rick Rogers' physical potential (mental questions with him), and markus Wheaton. These are the guys that should be looked at in the first two rounds in my opinion.


My only knocks on Hunter are his hands and his durability. I wonder how he'll hold up in the NFL. Having said that, if we're in need of WR, he's worth the risk in the second.

No true dolphins fan has any respect for quitters who walk out like bill parcells or nick saban...their garbage! Unloyal....cowards!

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