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Brady's doing it, but Tannehill and his WRs working also

The NFL was aflutter for about a day this week when the University of Southern California athletics department tweeted a photo of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady working out with new slot receiver Danny Amendola at the USC facilities.

Somewhere, Peyton Manning probably got to thinking about flying to see Wes Welker and matching Brady throw for throw.

Everywhere around the NFL fans were both impressed and depressed -- the first with the idea that Brady is already working on his craft four months before the start of the preseason and secondly, that their hometown QBs might not be keeping pace.

I know some Dolphins fans got worried.

I got emails from a couple.

I had some ask me on twitter if Ryan Tannehill is also working with Miami's receivers or whether he's vacationing and playing tennis as he did last week.

Well, relax.

Someone asked Tannehill about Brady putting in work and Tannehill responded:

"Been having throwing session (sic) w my wideouts for weeks now," Tannehill tweeted.

Within seconds of that tweet, one of the receivers apparently joining those sessions jumped into the fray.

"Ya! Check yo self!" Brian Hartline added in some unremarkable English.

(Just kidding, Brian).

And although I cannot tell you how many Miami receivers are involved in these sessions, or how frequent they are or whether new additions Mike Wallace, Dustin Keller and Brandon Gibson are involved, at least you can know that folks aren't just standing around watching Brady gain chemistry with his newest receiver.

By the way, Brady on Thursday did a session with Terrell Owens.

I would be surprised if the Patriots are going to sign Owens, 39 and two years out of regular-season action, to a contract. And I know the Dolphins aren't going to do it, either.

I say this because I expect those are the next questions someone is bound to ask.


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Stephan Ross Will Actually Pay Very Little for the Stadium Renovations.

The NFL provides low interest 'G4 Loans' to Owners who wish to build or renovate their Team's Stadium.

This means that Mr Ross will take out the Loan for HIS SIDE OF THE RENOVATIONS...and He can pay it back USING THE MONEY HE RECEIVES FROM THE PUBLIC.

Thanks to the public, he will use hardly ANY of HIS MONEY to make his renovations

Florida is helping a guy with enough CASH to BUY a SMALL COUNTRY further increase his wealth.

The office folk are gone every day when I get home. This place is like a cemetery from 430 on. Very disappointing, need a Dolphins fix but when I'm at work I do this amazing thing, I actually work and don't have time to talk online all day. I have to change jobs!!! Hahaha

** NFL Network’s Mike Mayock called West Virginia QB Geno Smith a top-10 talent after his Pro Day last month. That evidently doesn’t mean Mayock would select him that high, though. He’s not even sure Smith is a top-20 guy. “First of all, ball security, ties into the pocket awareness. Whatever that number is, 30, 32 fumbles in his career, he has no awareness of the rush surrounding him,” Mayock said of Smith. “Deep ball accuracy: I put a reel together of 6 to 8 throws that should have been TDs, wide open vertical guys that he overthrew or underthrew. He stares down receivers and he throws the football late, so there’s a lack of anticipation and timing.” Scouting reports on Smith continue to be all over the map, but he remains the heavy favorite to be the 1st QB off the board later this month. And based on positional value, that probably means he’ll be a top-10 pick.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto


This is A Serious Red Flag For Dashi. Fumbilitis is my Biggest Problem With Matt Moore.

Thanks For Pointing That Out, Mark.

Forget Being Lazy, Or Not Caring about Winning. More Fumbles Than INT's Is A Problem.

Agreed Auturo,

I like Ertz as well. He looks to be one of the better blocking TE's in the draft and that would be very handy on the goal line.

Could you imagine if we were able to trade down and pick up and extra 2nd or 3rd and then traded back up into the the 3rd or 4th later, we would have 7 picks in the biggest pool of talent.

Gatsby another dummy

And an out of State Dummy at that

Perfect definition of a troll

Know's nothing, makes up things

Posted by: Gatsby | April 05, 2013 at 05:30 PM

Yeah!!! F^%k the rich people!!! We should be a socialist country and share the wealth!! I don't care how many jobs this will create for the area nor do I care how many local businesses profit from a project like this!!! I just don't want a rich guy making more money right Gatsby???!

I mean he makes more money when he takes a dump but this is where I draw the line on him making money. The Dolphins put Miami on the map when no one would come to that crappy racist city but screw them!!! Why should we help them?!! Just because they give millions to local charities, spend time with underprivileged children, and build foundations and hospitals that help the surrounding communities? Who cares right Gatsby?!!!

I mean when the middle class and poor want hand outs from the rich people it's okay, but when a business that has put so much time and effort into helping the people around them want a little help lets turn our backs on them!!!!

WTF are you thinking? Why can't you see the big picture here?

The office folk are gone every day when I get home. This place is like a cemetery from 430 on. Very disappointing, need a Dolphins fix but when I'm at work I do this amazing thing, I actually work and don't have time to talk online all day. I have to change jobs!!! Hahaha

Posted by: Phins78 | April 05, 2013 at 05:31 PM

I was thinking the same thing when I got on here yesterday afternoon. They had a good conversation going on early yesterday and I was kind of following it at work but I really didn't have much time to comment. One meeting after another. By the time I got home it was troll city.

Today I really didn't even get time to log on until I got home.

Who cares what town he's from. Either he gets it or he doesn't. This guy doesn't get it. He's one of those pitchfork owners who are jealous of people with more money. How can we tell? Because he doesn't even understand the deal. If he did he would understand that not one red cent will be coming out of his pocket to pay for this. It's not affecting (oscar?) him at all but he doesn't want it to go down. Weird.

Phins78 (@ 5:18 PM)

That's funny...you seemed pretty passionate when you were arguing for Big Business the other day.

If you're
"not from there"
then you'll be PAYING THE TAX when you visit South Florida hotels.

Fair enough.
People who "don't care" shouldn't complain when others take their money.

But that's Ok...nothing anyone say's on a Blog like this is going to make much of a difference anyway.

It's all just talk.

Rick, I got home at 4:30 and tried to get caught up with the conversation by reading some posts. By the time I got into commenting everyone left! lol

Tis the season, when things get going again some of those guys sign back in from home. It's just dead right now, oh well.

If I lived in Dade I would NEVER come in here because there would be tons of Dolphins fans I could talk to on a daily basis everywhere I went.

Posted by: Phins78 | April 05, 2013 at 05:18 PM

Not true, the majority of Americans here are from the Northeast and are fans of those teams. Also they are the vast minority here, the majority of people down here are foreigners with no interest in football at all. Monday morning at the water cooler here people are pretty much getting water...my office has 70 people, 55 are from abroad, nobody is ever talking football.

They will never consistently fill the stadium here. No other football team has fewer local fans than the Miami Dolphins

that would be a dumb ass question to ask that TO quesgtion

Ann, my post was complete and total sarcasm. I was trying to make a point. I will always be on the side for big business. I started a small business 8 years ago and have grown it each year. I am a member of the chamber of commerce in my town and I talk to the bigger business guys all of the time and pick their brains about growing my company.

I am very proud that I can now employ people and help them to feed their families and have a decent life. I hope to grow my business further, it's the american dream.

We also donate time to habitat for humanity. We are very active in our community as small businesses go. So I will always support big business when they are giving back to their community.

And that's my point here, I'm not trying to pat myself on the back. The point that I think people are missing in this IS, the Miami Dolphins have been members of that community for over 40 years. They have donated millions, started charities, employed thousands, etc. all in an effort to give back to the community that adopted them in the 60's.

People are acting as if they do nothing for anyone but themselves and that couldn't be further from the truth.

Why should you help them? Why should they have helped you for so long? It's what you do when both parties benefit. This is win/win, not win/lose.

Brent, thank you for the post. That's very interesting because when I was in the area during college there were tons of fans to talk to. This was a couple decades ago so I guess things have changed.

I'm taking off.

Please read my post if you are opposed to the stadium deal. All I ask is that you think about it. The main thing is that I hope everyone understands what the franchise has done to help the surrounding area for the past 40 something years. They're not locked in a tower counting their money, they actually seem to genuinely care about you guys. Ross isn't the only one involved and certainly isn't the only one that will benefit here.

Please just think about it, that's all I ask.

Post is at 6:03, peace.

Phins 78 congrats on your business, that is what America is all about. I live down here in Broward and work in Dade. I work with mostly Americans so I have the luck to be able to talk about the Fins with people.
Like with any other team, winning cures ills. From 1995-2005 the Dolphins had a solid base of 60,000 Season Ticket Holders. With South Florida, there is always a lot of competition for your money and time. Unlike other cities, there are tons of things to do on a Sunday if your team is awful. Plus transients bring down hometown loyalties, especially if a little older. If the Dolphins start winning, people will start buying tickets again, it's really that simple.





yeah, no one even goes to Dolphin games anymore. The stadium is near empty on game days.

And Vote No is another "low information voter" Hotel taxes are only allowed by STATE LAW to be used for tourist or sports. No matter how many times this moron spouts off the FACTS will not change that. Hotel taxes ARE NOT ALLOWED to be used for teachers, police or anything else. Take your lies and your ignorance and go talk to your fellow ignorant friends.
Thank you





Ross has done a lot more for Dolphin Fans then some scared little girl behind a keyboard spouting off lies and nonsense about police and teachers. Ross is a billionaire that owns my favorite football team while you are an irrelevant little pissant that will never amount to anything in life EXCEPT be a "clown" with "personal issues", at least that is what Armando thinks you are. Did I answer your question??

Vote yes gay boy ,,,,,,are you a communist

Man I can't wait this this draft holy shyt man ,,,,we, mew are really doing this New England and Brady better be scared

This will be the best dolphin team in decades mark my word


Pay no attention to these assshole Kids around here, Mark. Damontre is going to be a good Player. However, going only by my gut, I also feel Ireland is not going the DE way.

Many are talking Jonathan Cooper as our #12 pick. I wouldn't mind him at all.

Phins78 (@ 6:10 PM)

Congrats on your Business...and I appreciate that you understand the value of having the freedom to be self-reliant to support your family.

And yes...the Dolphins have an indisputable trickle-down effect on South Florida's businesses...

The WARNING I'll give....is that no-one has calculated ROI for South Florida's Business if EVERYONE pays this tax.
(Remember...The Team is asking for an additional 3 Million Dollars at the conclusion of each season they remain in Florida.)

When people get beyond a certain level they become MASTERS at
using OTHER PEOPLE's MONEY to grow their Businesses.

That's what the Dolphins are asking from Florida.

There is an expectation that each NFL city must cough up money or risk losing Football. It's almost like people must pay for the 'privilege' to buy something as well as the product itself.

Whether the Stadium is funded or not...is irrelevant

The Owner will conclude whether he can actually make money within a certain market or he'll leave. He'll adapt his Model to where he is or he'll move to a more favorable environment.

The MARKET determines how an individual chooses to conduct his affairs...NOT STADIUM FUNDING.

Simply put..
These guys don't open their Books.

Therefore, Let's consider Public 'Stadium Fees' to probably be a bit of price gauging.
If Superbowl revenue is significant enough for Stephan Ross then he'll find a different way to upgrade his Stadium.

Getting large groups of ordinary people to help is just another game to him.

What is a position of need going into the Draft, that we don't have a starter at the position? Then we have one right now, OT. Or is need that the starters you have you believe are not good enough to take you where you wanna go? Probably both.

Damontre will probably go late first early second I think.

I also like Akafor in the 2nd rd. A 3 yr starter at DE. 6'4 265 lbs.

marc just stop man. decades? come on





It would be cool to have Pouncey and Cooper on the line. Two perennial pro bowlers.

It may be a luxury we can't have though if we don't address OT before the draft.

coopers never played a down in nfl, u cant call him a pro bowler

Uff!, Rick. Besides, for coming out of College, Cooper is a great pass protector and he could give a hand to the LT, if needed.

Could be. That work? I realize he could be Tony Mandarich as well dusty.

Ireland might yet sign an OT after the Draft. I believe he might be going for one of the Big 3 LTs; if he doesn't get him, then he'll probably sign Winston.


DE, WR, S. We really have no need at either of those. Now, which of those core positions is the most appreciated by Teams without need? Posted by Oscar Canosa
The Dolphins still have a dire need for a speed receiver to develop. What happens if Wallace goes down for 3 games. '8 in the box' comes back. The teams that do very well on offense are deep at WR. Like the Patriots were last season. The NFL is a passing league now and teams need to be deep at the WR position.

T.O. is guaranteed to give a team --at least-- #2 WR stats. His #1 days are gone but he can still bring some #2 stats to the Patriots.

So far I've read we should trade up, trade down and blah blah blah.

What we need to do is just a straight up draft. No more fancy trading and blah blah blah.

That shish hasn't worked. We've got nada on the roster from all that fancy dancy trading BS.

If it were me I'd be looking for someone like Da'Rick Rogers 3rd rd-ish.

Oh, promichael, no doubt Ireland is going to draft at least 1 or 2 receivers just not at #12. Less say Markus Wheaton in the 2nd Rd, the Olympic triple-jumper from Texas farther down.

Yes, Ok I agree in not drafting a WR #12

I think if we're sitting right there at 12, it should be Cooper, Vaccaro, or Rhodes.

I don't think the 3 big OT's or Ansah or Milliner will be there.

Mingo is too small. #12 is too early for Damontre Moore, Fluker, or Trufant.

if he signs winston we are scrwed, guy is awful and martin would suck at lt also. go get albert

I'm sure Tannehill will get the practice in or at least I hope so. I'm more concerned with QB coaching/watching tape. Develope a good pump fake. Learn not to stare down/look off defenders. And for God's sake change up the (41 go) cadence, maybe even learn the hard count.

owens is done wish pats would sign him but they arent that dumb

Yeah, you're right, Rick. If the CB class wasn't so bad, Milliner might get to us, but I'm sure somebody in need of the position will pick him up before we can.

I don't know that a buy that we're not interested in Rhodes.

Anything said this time of year probably means the opposite or nothing at all.

Yeah, only way to get to those top 3 OTs is to trade up and I doubt any Team in need of that crucial position will want to do so.

Thinking about this, the Teams drafting top 10 should be full of needs and it might be hard trading up with them.

I think it would cost multiple picks or another 1st to get high enough to get Joeckle or Fisher.

If we were going to trade away a 2nd rder, I would rather have Albert than Johnson.

Of course I'm just a fan. What the hell do I know. I'm sure the Fins have a plan and they're just waiting to pull the trigger. Won't be long now until we find out.

Another definition of need might be the Player that his contract will expire this Year and that you really don't want to re-sign them next Season. There might be a few examples of that kind of need in our Team at this moment.

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