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Brady's doing it, but Tannehill and his WRs working also

The NFL was aflutter for about a day this week when the University of Southern California athletics department tweeted a photo of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady working out with new slot receiver Danny Amendola at the USC facilities.

Somewhere, Peyton Manning probably got to thinking about flying to see Wes Welker and matching Brady throw for throw.

Everywhere around the NFL fans were both impressed and depressed -- the first with the idea that Brady is already working on his craft four months before the start of the preseason and secondly, that their hometown QBs might not be keeping pace.

I know some Dolphins fans got worried.

I got emails from a couple.

I had some ask me on twitter if Ryan Tannehill is also working with Miami's receivers or whether he's vacationing and playing tennis as he did last week.

Well, relax.

Someone asked Tannehill about Brady putting in work and Tannehill responded:

"Been having throwing session (sic) w my wideouts for weeks now," Tannehill tweeted.

Within seconds of that tweet, one of the receivers apparently joining those sessions jumped into the fray.

"Ya! Check yo self!" Brian Hartline added in some unremarkable English.

(Just kidding, Brian).

And although I cannot tell you how many Miami receivers are involved in these sessions, or how frequent they are or whether new additions Mike Wallace, Dustin Keller and Brandon Gibson are involved, at least you can know that folks aren't just standing around watching Brady gain chemistry with his newest receiver.

By the way, Brady on Thursday did a session with Terrell Owens.

I would be surprised if the Patriots are going to sign Owens, 39 and two years out of regular-season action, to a contract. And I know the Dolphins aren't going to do it, either.

I say this because I expect those are the next questions someone is bound to ask.


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@Dolphins_world: Miami Dolphins will host Kenny Vaccaro - NFL Spin Zone http://t.co/jANEciN5Px
Guy is special

The garbage teams like the Dullfins breed trolls.

Garbage parents breed lonely little kids

Who have no life like Adam Lanza

Who hide behind their computers and become

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If these three players fall out of top 5, I would consider trading up to get:

1. Eric Fisher LT
2. Ezekiel Ansah DE
3. Star Lotulelei DT

Here's my #12 worthy list:

1. Xavier Rhodes
2. Lane Johnson

In any event we did not get a OT 1st rd, my 1st 2nd rd pick would be:

1. Kyle Long OT Right Tackle

Moore will beat out Tannehill in preseason. He now knows the playbook and is the far better QB.

Hey, the Marlins beat the stinkin Mets!! Go Marlins!!

Then again Shula picked Eric Kumerow in the 1st years ago and he's a hof'er.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 05, 2013 at 09:37 PM


Kumerow was an idiot-LOL. The year after he was released he came over the fence and got right up in my face at Bears Camp. He **THOUGHT** I was taunting him about for getting cut by Miami.

I say "He THOUGHT", because I quickly and VERY politely explained that I wasn't(Gulp).......

Kumerow's Grandpa was Chicago Mafia Legend Tony "The Tuna" Accardo.

Dang the blog sure goes dead when I am not around. Armando needs to thank me personally for the success he his having.


Really?? I never knew that. I used to read about all that mafia stuff years ago. Accardo was a boss when Chicago's mob was pretty much king of the mountain.

Damn you would have though Kumerow would have asassinated some qbs.lol

If Anasah is available at 12, the fins need to run to the podium. He has a chance to become the next Pierre Paul. Ansah is a beast!

Other than that the other Best Players Available to consider are Cooper and Warmack. Warmack dominated in that game against ND as he would often get to the second level. He actually had several pancakes and put Te'o on his butt a couple of times. Kenney Vaccaro would also be someone to consider. Tavon Austin is dynamic and IMO the top offensive player in the draft but I don't think that the fins will take him that high.

I don't like Rhodes at 12. Too high for him. Reports are that he cannot play zone which is what the fins primarily play and he is not very bright. He would have been a second round pick in last year's strong draft. Taking him at 12 would be a huge reach.

Thank God, I can rest better tonight knowing Tannehille and WR's are tossing a football. Let Old man, Brady throw is arm out or risk some injury, which old men are apt to do. Slow week in Dolph-land.

This is what i didnt like about the Moore resigning.. The people that have more than a man crush on Moore will be calling him to have beaten Tannehill out all season, at least until he is traded..

Orlando Dolfan, I read the same thing about Rhodes the other day. The article said about Rhodes, "just don't ask him to play zone, he is tight in his movements and has problems passing players off to another zone". If that is the case, he is not going to be are 12th no matter what. I am still all in for Vacarro, Eifert, Anash or Allen at 12....look forward to the draft

Even the Sun Life Company is withdrawing support for the hapless Dolphins.


Nice post. Except for the Ansah comment, I could have written this post.

I'm not sold on Ansah. I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm just saying I have reservations on him. Mainly a lack of overall, consistent production.

I think Mark said it best(Paraphrasing), He could be a beast, he could be a bust. Any team taking him at 12 is taking a big chance.

No Rhodes at 12. There's better prospects head to head in the 2nd and maybe even 3rd rounds. Namely Jamar Taylor, my dream pick.

Vaccaro would be alright by me, but that's the same with Warmack. Either would be great picks in my opinion were we not in such dire need of a legit Left Tackle.

I also totally agree on Austin. Whether anyone uses that high of a pick or not(I certainly wouldn't)it's probably a moot point. I don't believe he's the type of guy Philbin nor Ireland would draft that high.

Austin gets my vote for taking a big tumble on draft day. There's always surprise guys that go way earlier than predicted and then the opposites as well. I predict that GM's come to their senses and Austin slides to the bottom of the 1st, if not all the way into the early 2nd(let the attacks begin-lol).

Nice post though, Orlando!!!!

More of the Ansah posts.. What about him is special? I just don't see it...because the gurus say he's the second coming of JPP? What did he do last year?

The difference in Ansah and JPP that makes me nervous is that JPP played high school, juco, and 1 year at USF.

Ansah has only played really one year of organized football.

He could end up being a beast who knows. I would agree with you guys that Cooper, Vaccaro, and Warmack would be higher percentage bets.

I think Cooper would fit our system better than Warmack though.

Dear Mr. Ireland,

I just read this old article from a newspaper that shall remain nameless. I'm sure you're very busy this time of year and may even be feeling the weight of the world upon your shoulders.

I would be the last person on Earth to heap any undue pressure on you Mr. Ireland. But I would like you to read this article.......500 times! PLEASE Mr. Ireland.......over and OVER.......and OVER AGAIN!

Question of the day: If this is the beginning of the end for Ginn Jr., where will he rank among Dolphins first-round draft busts?

Let's go through the candidates (with overall pick in parentheses):

* 1966. Rick Norton (2). The Kentucky quarterback was the franchise's second ever pick in 1966. The verdict on him was in so quickly that Bob Griese was drafted with the fourth overall pick in 1967.

* Jackie Shipp (14) in 1984. The Dolphins gave their first-round pick (26th overall) and third-round pick to move up for Shipp. He didn't start a game as a rookie, started most of three non-impact years on some leaky defenses after that.

* Eric Kumerow (16) in 1988. Three years, no starts, five sacks.

* Billy Milner (25). Nine starts as a rookie in 1995 before being traded for tight end Troy Drayton.

* Jamar Fletcher (26) in 2001. Started six games in three years for the Dolphins before being shipped with a sixth-round pick to San Diego for ... David Boston.

* Jason Allen (16th) in 2006. Has started 11 games in four seasons, finding a home as a special-teams player.

* Ginn (9). In his third year, he has 108 catches (including a 56-catch season last year) for a 13.2-yard average and eight touchdowns (five receiving, two running, one as a return man).

I hope you find this "Helpful" Mr. Ireland, I **SUUUUUUUUUUURE** Hope you find this Helpful.

Posted by: dadsmithwest | April 06, 2013 at 05:30 PM

Easy there Dad's. It was just one post from Orlando. Mark, Rick and Myself are holding out some serious reservations. From what I can tell, we all seem to have the same concern. The lack of any sustained, consistent production.

I've heard a lot of supposedly Pro's, Like Jimmy Johnson, Parcell's and even Shula voice this type of concern.

Ansah will be a gamble at any spot. The fun part, none of us really know until they actually do it on the field!

I wouldn't be opposed to Damontre Moore or Alex Okafor in rd 2.

Moore make may not make it past the first though.

wheres oscar with his 4 guys

Heeereee ody ody...jump through the hoop ody ody...spring like a jack in the box ody ody.

Posted by: conTroll | April 06, 2013 at 06:10 PM

ConTrolls are a lot like Contrails. PURE Pollution!

Watch out for those Harrpy Rays!!!!

Dusty how does this "4 guys" thing work?

I am probably almost ready to give it a shot. What's the deal?

Almost forgot...........



betting oscar on if he can predict who fins draft. i said he can pick any 4 players he wants and he wont get it right, first rd pick

Posted by: conTroll | April 06, 2013 at 06:10 PM

ConTrolls are a lot like Contrails. PURE Pollution!

Watch out for those Harrpy Rays!!!!
Posted by: odinseye | April 06, 2013 at 06:22 PM

It is truly a marvel how this troll can manipulate these guys like a jack in the box with the snap of his finger! He commands and they obey! Like magic!

Ansah has tremendous size and speed. His performance at the senior bowl was impressive. 7 Tackles 1 1/2 sacks, and 1 forced fumble. And if you watched him in that game he looked awesome. I would rather take a chance on the next big time pass rusher than to settle for a safe pick. Or even worse take Rhodes in the first round. Like I said earlier Rhodes is a second round talent that may benefit from someone's desperation and a weak draft for corners at the top. I would wait until the second round to take Robert Alford, Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Darius Slay, or Jordan Poyer.

take jarvis jones then orlando, bet he falls to us

Miami really needs to draft another wr still....tennesee vols wr patterson would really help open up this offense!!! His upside is the highest, if he is still there at #12, which I doubt he will be...tight end/full back clay, and also dustin keller will catch plenty of balls at tight end position...running back remains a big question mark, is lamar miller the answer? Then we need a tackle, corner, safety, pass rusher still...

I'm a big phins fan, I am positive we will improve this season in passing game..worried about running game now...secondary on defense..another pass rusher...I know with all the free agents we got, and draft picks..we will still have a few holes until next season..it does take time! Be realistic with expectations please....

Not GM ireland or Coach Joe but see the following happenig now
1- sign Clabo and move Martin to LT
2- trade a 3rd for Albert (KC) and leave Martin at RT
3- sign Winston and move Martin to LT
In any case above, draft an OT between 2 and 4 along with G.
11 picks will not all be starters or make the roster.
With 6 picks between rds 1-4 we can fill other needs, DE, CB, S and another WR.


Somehow I don't think we'll have the decision to make on Ansah at 12. He should be gone by then.

I wish we had the luxury to double up on some of those corners you mentioned. Looks like OT and G are high priorities as well.

Hopefully qb tannenhills demanding his wr's be there for off season workouts, every one of the rb's....wr's....tight ends....full backs....heck...maybe even offensive line....this seasons gonna have big expectations for offense to be elite...wallace better be best wr in whole nfl with that $$$$....in best shape ever..in his interview he did not look in tip top shape.

Cleveland pitcher has walked the 1st 4 Ray batters he's faced.

This season pats go down !

Trade back in the first for an extra 2, trade up a 3 and a 4 for an extra 2, than trade one two back for a 3 and a 5 but throw in a 6 to get you another 4. Then take LT in with the second two and TE with the first 3 and BPA with the first and third pick.

Hope so marko!

I think miami takes a tackle or wr in first round at #12....then onto corner....then pass rusher..

I bet they take LT or CB with the first pick. If not, S or WR, maybe even TE or DE.

Trade back in the first for an extra 2, trade up a 3 and a 4 for an extra 2, than trade one two back for a 3 and a 5 but throw in a 6 to get you another 4. Then take LT in with the second two and TE with the first 3 and BPA with the first and third pick.

Posted by: This is how dumb you all sound | April 06, 2013 at 07:31 PM

Sounds like the perfect plan. I forwarded it to Jeff.

Free agency will go on well after the draft, teams will cut pretty good players to sign some nfl draft rookies...so there is still time even after draft to fill some voids/wholes...

If Ireland doesn't trade up or trade back, I think we'll pick at 12. Either LT CB S TE WR RB FB or DE.

Sometimes I just SMH when guys wonder if we should take a "chance" on certain players. If you never take a chance then you may never get that playmaker. A lot of people said that about Gronkowski and his back. Ohhh we shouldn't take a chance. So we passed him up twice. Pierre Paul was a "chance" every guy is a "chance" with big chances sometimes come big players. Anash has the height, weight and build. I wouldn't be upset if Fins took that "chance"

Bobbdy12 Troll....before it was bobbyd12, now it is Bobbyd2.

You are a name changing azzwipe troll.

Per Armando last week, "Bobby, just ignore the guy, he is a "clown" with "issues". LMAO!! Even Armando believes you are irrelevant and have issues. The blog writer has no respect for you, I certainly don't, have a nice night little girl.

Rick, Agreed.

Ireland simply can't gamble on the Left Tackle spot. He either has to sign someone or trade(McKinnie, Albert)or he has to get one in the first round.

We can't go into the season trying to depend on the development of a 2nd or 3rd round prospect. It's too important a position. The guy stumbles and our entire passing game accounts for nil.

He/they could be planning on moving Martin there, but it doesn't compute. Not in my opinion anyways. FIRST: Re-Watch Martin's play at Left Tackle from last season. It wasn't real inspiring. He didn't completely stink it up, but neither was he impressive in any way.

SECOND: The way they went after Long and held things up a bit in trying to sign him. If they thought they had the answer in Martin, they wouldn't have pursued Long in the manner they did.

I wish Martin could be counted on to play Left Tackle. It would unlock the draft for us in ANY way we wished to go.

I just don't believe they feel Martin can handle it and they simply cannot gamble on such an important position. At the moment, I think Ireland's hands are tied. The way it stands, he HAS to get one of those top three Left Tackles-Period! It sucks, but that's the way I see it.

That's why I wouldn't even mind signing McKinnie to a ONE YEAR(a 3 year if we HAD TOO)contract. It opens up the draft for whatever situation presents itself.


Posted by: MIADOLFAN207 | April 05, 2013 at 09:14 AM

please quit YELLING.

It is truly a marvel how this troll can manipulate these guys like a jack in the box with the snap of his finger! He commands and they obey! Like magic!

Posted by: Marvel | April 06, 2013 at 06:47 PM

This is just silly Marvel, but if it helps you with your denial......I guess.

The REALITY is more like this: We see your stupid post, we answer by pointing out the obvious and handing you YOUR OWN ASS-LOL.

How is THAT jumping or obeying anything? Pfsssssspt-ROTFLMAO!

Either way you look at it, You get your dumb ass handed to you-LOL.

Sorry if the Truth Hurts......And ah......Nuff Said ;)

Odin, I respect what you are saying but Martin came in mid year for Jake so it is hard to grade him out at LT. I believe you can go with a draftee like Pugh or Long or Brennan in the 2nd or 3rd rd and have competition. We have 5 preseason games to figure that spot out. I don't think we have to go 1st round or all out for LT

Ive got a feeling Yeatman may start at RT.. maybe not this year but I think hes being developed nicely from TE to Tackle

Even with the height, weight and build Ansah came up with a whopping 4.5 sacks last year. Doesn't scream first round to me at all. I wouldn't take that guy any sooner than the 3rd round. Odrick had 5 sacks last year and Vernon had 3.5 in part time duty. So how is this an upgrade?


Hard to tell what Ireland is going to do with the first pick. That is what makes this so interestng. Ireland could play it safe and take BPA and safe pick by taking either Cooper or Warmack. Maybe Lane Johnson slips. Does he take Ansah or Vaccaro? Maybe he trades up for one of the top tackles or down for Eifert. So many optios.

BTW- I heard that Vaccaro is in town to meet with the fins. I have a feeling that the fins may go with him. A tandem of Reshad Jones and Kenny Vaccaro would be awesome and would probaly allow us to wait until the 3rd round to take a corner.

A draft like this would be pretty good:

1. Kenny Vaccaro S, 2a. Menelik Watson OT, 2b. Zach Ertz TE, 3a. Darius Slay CB, 3b. Sam Montgomery DE, 4. Monte Ball.

mattybfromnc, Yeatman is sorta a Wildcard here. If he comes in in good shape with some weight, he maybe a really good player. Of course we have to hope Jerry isn't 400 pds either. Glad we have that 5th game this preseason.

Left out McKinnie.
My bad.
Agree 100%.

dadsmithwest, that's nice but Anash is not going in the 3rd, he may not make it to us anyway. His potential makes him a high first rounder.


I agree completely about Long. If money were no object he would be back hands down. Which says they're not real excited about moving Martin.

I wonder if they are trying to squeeze KC into lowering their demands for 2 picks for Albert as the draft gets closer.

It appears thats what the Bucs are trying to do with the Jets and Revis.

Odin, are you wearing your bunny out fit?


This is **EASILY** the post of all posts. NICE Bobby!

Per Armando last week, "Bobby, just ignore the guy, he is a "clown" with "issues". LMAO!! Even Armando believes you are irrelevant and have issues. The blog writer has no respect for you, I certainly don't, have a nice night little girl.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | April 06, 2013 at 07:48 PM

Armando hardly ever comments or interferes with the goings on here.


Clown, Issues, Irrelevant........YEP! Sounds about right to me-ROTFLMAO!

When Armando calls you out, you KNOW you're a "Special Brand of Idiot" ;)

This calls for a NICE:

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Dolfan Rick,

You are probably right. Ansah is a heck of a talent. But you never know. The lack of experience may scare teams from taking him in the top 10. I think that it is possible that he could fall in our laps. And if he does I say we take a chance. I am tired of playing it safe and taking a solid 1st round pick.

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