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Brady's doing it, but Tannehill and his WRs working also

The NFL was aflutter for about a day this week when the University of Southern California athletics department tweeted a photo of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady working out with new slot receiver Danny Amendola at the USC facilities.

Somewhere, Peyton Manning probably got to thinking about flying to see Wes Welker and matching Brady throw for throw.

Everywhere around the NFL fans were both impressed and depressed -- the first with the idea that Brady is already working on his craft four months before the start of the preseason and secondly, that their hometown QBs might not be keeping pace.

I know some Dolphins fans got worried.

I got emails from a couple.

I had some ask me on twitter if Ryan Tannehill is also working with Miami's receivers or whether he's vacationing and playing tennis as he did last week.

Well, relax.

Someone asked Tannehill about Brady putting in work and Tannehill responded:

"Been having throwing session (sic) w my wideouts for weeks now," Tannehill tweeted.

Within seconds of that tweet, one of the receivers apparently joining those sessions jumped into the fray.

"Ya! Check yo self!" Brian Hartline added in some unremarkable English.

(Just kidding, Brian).

And although I cannot tell you how many Miami receivers are involved in these sessions, or how frequent they are or whether new additions Mike Wallace, Dustin Keller and Brandon Gibson are involved, at least you can know that folks aren't just standing around watching Brady gain chemistry with his newest receiver.

By the way, Brady on Thursday did a session with Terrell Owens.

I would be surprised if the Patriots are going to sign Owens, 39 and two years out of regular-season action, to a contract. And I know the Dolphins aren't going to do it, either.

I say this because I expect those are the next questions someone is bound to ask.


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Was a big Long fan but called this scenario when the rookie wage scale was signed.
Many previously high paid players would get the squeeze.
Good luck to Jake but not worth what Rams paid based on the current situation.
Agree or disagree, it is what it is.

It will be interesting to see how the 1st 15 picks of this draft shake out.

The mocks are all over the place. It seems like the only good certainties are the 3 OT tackles, Jordan and Milliner in the top 10 or 11 and Johnson isn't a lock.

I don't think we have to go 1st round or all out for LT

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | April 06, 2013 at 07:57 PM

I get what you're saying and I agree we'll have a little extra time to figure it out.

But I have to respectfully disagree. There's always more than one way to skin a cat. But at this particular point and time, I just see it as too important of a situation to mess around.

Short of McKinnie or Albert, I see us FORCED to go Left Tackle with our First Pick.

Having said that though, I at least will acknowledge the alternatives you suggest. The bright side being that it unlocks the draft for us so we can go BPA!

Full Blown and Top Down!!!!

Well folks, hope you enjoyed the show.Where else ca;n you get this kind of free entertainment? I pulled ody's strings, ody dances. Works like a charm...

Like magic!

I might take this act on the road....

Odin, when Armando told me that I just laughed. I realize Armando must feel pity for this guy. That's the only reason he is here. That and if he gets banned he will cry to Armando constantly. He is no longer important to me. If Armando thinks that, then you really are unimportant.

My push would be for Albert or McKinnie for 2-3 year contract with easy outs and an OT in rds 2-3 to allow time and depth.
Always a hope for Jerry and/or Yeatman as a future and depth.


I have to say If I were doing the picking, I would have a hard time passing Ansah up if he fell to us.

He is a freak of nature. 6'7 270 and runs a 4.6. Good grief.

bobbyd12 how come your name changed to Bobbdyd12? Muliple identities perhaps?


I also think you make an excellent point about Martin sliding over to the left side late in the season.

I was hoping for a better performance considering he played the left for Luck at Stanford.

But you're right, with a seasons worth of NFL Game experience, his second camp and another years worth of weight training, he wouldn't be the first guy to take a big step forward from Freshman to Sophomore.

I don't know why, but maybe it's when you hear someone else say it, it finally makes sense. I was a little down on Martin and our situation until I gave your post some thought. You kind of helped me gain some badly needed perspective.

I'm still hoping for one of the Big Three Tackles, but at least I feel a little better about the Big Picture.

Thanks ;)

I'm definitely in favor of getting a offensive player. I don't see a lot of upgrades in the draft defensively over our current team other than possibly a CB. We need to solidify the offense with a OT, TE and RB much more than taking a CB early in the first round. This is a deep class for CB's and can wait on that position. I really don't see how Mr. Ireland could see it any different.

1. Kenny Vaccaro S, 2a. Menelik Watson OT, 2b. Zach Ertz TE, 3a. Darius Slay CB, 3b. Sam Montgomery DE, 4. Monte Ball.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | April 06, 2013 at 08:02 PM

So many options is right. I know you're in love with Ertz, but if he doesn't last until 2b, we could take Boise State CB Jamar Taylor there and get Michigan State TE Dion Simms in the 4th.

Simms is gigantic and many keep erroneously posting that he's known for blocking. The fact is, he's a good, solid Blocker. But he's known for being extremely fast for a big guy and splitting the seam in the pass game.

The Fins have been pretty tight lipped about the LT spot but I have seen at least a couple reports that say they have designs on moving Martin there.

Truthfully it would be the best case scenario if that were to happen. Then that would leave us open to take someone like Vaccaro, Cooper, Ansah, or even Keenan Allen.

Odin, are you wearing your bunny out fit?

Posted by: Monte | April 06, 2013 at 08:07 PM

Not tonight. I was actually thinking of letting my Favorite Smoking Hot Brunette try it on tonight. She's over to watch the Game with me tonight.

As I stated earlier, the scouts have said there are 68 prospects with 2nd rd grades in this draft. That means some of those will trickle to the 3rd and 4th. We need to maximize our picks in those rds.

Only 18 prospects with 1st rd grades.

I'll take that draft Orlando. I have not liked most of the published drafts but yours looks good. There are plenty of picks to fill most of the needs and wants of the team. I wouldn't mind at the end of that we draft a FB and maybe a Kicker.

Agree or disagree, it is what it is.

Posted by: Tampa Fin Fan | April 06, 2013 at 08:17 PM

I've noticed how the new CBA and Rookie Wage Scale have impacted the way NFL Teams do business.

It's going to have long lasting effects and is already drastically changing the aging veterans leverage. I think it will ultimately cement the quicker turnover rate that's been slowly increasing every year.

Teams aren't so willing to give players as much time to develop and their less likely to let aging vets hang them over the barrel. I'm not so sure it's a change for the better, but it's going to be interesting nonetheless. Goodell Strikes Again-LOL!

Not tonight. I was actually thinking of letting my Favorite Smoking Hot Brunette try it on tonight. She's over to watch the Game with me tonight.

Posted by: odinseye | April 06, 2013 at 08:44 PM


When I have a hottie over I do the very same thing, spend time on the blog and watch games.

My push would be for Albert or McKinnie for 2-3 year contract with easy outs and an OT in rds 2-3 to allow time and depth.
Always a hope for Jerry and/or Yeatman as a future and depth.

Posted by: Tampa Fin Fan | April 06, 2013 at 08:28 PM

I don't want to give up multiple picks for Albert, nor pay him a Long Like Contract. But other than that, this is my Dream Scenario for this year.

It gets us a legitimate Left tackle, Free's up our draft for the BPA and buys us one more year to TRULY solidify our O-Line of the next 5 to 10 seasons!

Nice Post Tampa!

odin nice posts telling everyone nice posts!!!! let's stroke them :)

I've noticed how the new CBA and Rookie Wage Scale have impacted the way NFL Teams do business.

Posted by: odinseye | April 06, 2013 at 08:53 PM

I have too! Nice post odin!!!!

I don't know that I have even seen anyone mention Clabo. I'd be surprised if they haven't called the guy to at inquire about him. What would it cost to sign that guy?

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 06, 2013 at 08:47 PM

I read this both times you posted it. I thought this is a Great Year to have this many picks!

I just don't see how we can help but be much improved. If we don't take the East from the Pats, we cement ourselves as the solid(no. 2)challenger!

- Do you feel comfortable with Jonathan Martin at LT? - Absolutely, he's the only one we have. Joe Philbin, in an interview. For odin.

dadsmithwest, I don't think we will see a lot more FA signings at this point. Clabo is a legitimate guy to look at but I think he was released at a bad time for any quick deals. With the draft 19 days away these guys like Winston and Clabo are probably going to have to wait now.

When I have a hottie over I do the very same thing, spend time on the blog and watch games.

Posted by: PeeWee | April 06, 2013 at 08:54 PM

Listen Up Monkey Boy: That's How I(the True Master)make you(The Dumb Troll)jump through **MY HOOPS**.

ROTFLMAO - Now SIT Boo-Boo.......SIT!

(Speaking Of Hoops, it's time. My Smoking Hot Brunette just finished up the Snack Trays, my Neighbors just arrived and I have a Drink To Mix!)



Odin, not only do we not believe your fantasy hotties exist, for what would they want with you? But we are certain you don't believe so either :)


And the Bunny Rabbits bounded happily around the Place. Unfortunately, I haven't seen a live Animal around here in close to 35 years.

We've all been talking about guys like Vaccaro, Cooper and Slay, Hopkins, Ansah, Okafor, Ertz etc.

I'm not gonna be real picky but I just hope I'm not sitting there on draft night saying "who"??

Dolfan Rick, Lol!! Always seems that way on Draft day. After this FA though, something tells me this is going to be a different Draft. One where we will be pleasantly surprised instead of yelling at the TV wondering who the f$&k we just drafted.

lets hope bobby

Hey Odinseye, you serve her Ritz or Saltine?

I agree, i think theyre high on him and from what ive read he is transitioning nice..

If Jerry isnt anywhere near in shape hes gone

Guys Jerry is a beast. He turned the corner last year. No way they are letting him go.

Like I said a few days ago, give me any of these 3 guys...Vaccaro, Warmack and Eifert. Any of these guys would be awesome. Let Jerry and Martin battle it out for the starting LT job...

keefa if he comes in fat as odinseye then they will be forced to cut him

Not true dusty. He comes in fat every year and never gets cut.

Jerry is better suited as a tackle...Not a freakin' guard...

warmack would be my choice or jarvis jones. lt will be a nightmare though, give up a 2bd for albert. keefa hes been told this year by new regime what to do

Jerry is a player. If they did cut him you'll see him get snatched up fast. No way they cut him though.

Warmack and Pouncey together would be friggin awesome...


I also like Dion Simms. You ar right he is a good blocker and would probably complemint Kellar very well. Jamar Taylor is also a good propect. I like them both.

No way we draft Warmack. Jerry is a superior Warmack.

keefa are u jerrys brother

Drafting a Jamar to play corner brings back a lot of bad memories...LOL!! Just kidding Orlando, I love Jamar Taylor...

Keller, Keller.

Warmack is considered by many to be the best prospect in the entire draft...The guy is excellent in pass protection and is a beast when it comes to run blocking..Some say he's this year's Mike Lupati...Maybe even better...

theres oscar, quit running from our bet and name your 4 players

I'm just saying, Warmack with the first pick makes no sense. Won't happen. Guard is low on our priority list. Warmack can not play tackle.

John Jerry will be our right tackle we are just playing possum


When will you learn the pundits are wrong more than they are right? Don't succumb to the hype. When they take the field in the NFL, few live up to it. Very few.

Martin, incognito, pouncy, cooper , Jerry this will be our starting line

You have to watch your Grammar and Spelling. After all, you're on Internet and being read by who knows who.

Keefa, I watched a lot of Alabama games...Nothing suggests the pundits are wrong...The guy dominated every single game I watched...We do have a MAJOR need at guard...RG has been a weakness for quite some time now...

wow thats ugly marc,ugly. didnt think so oscar, u see now its not easy

We are not done getting playmakers , on both offense and defense

oscar do you really care what who knows who thinks? How trite.

Pouncey, Pouncey.

I would even bring in competition for Incognito to be honest with you...

Why is it ugly Jon cooper is the top guard in the draft

Those are our four top lineman

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