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Branden Albert and Dolphins talking again

The on-again, off-again talks between the Dolphins and the Branden Albert camp are on-again and they are quite hot right now, a club source is telling me this morning.

On Tuesday I sent out multiple texts to club sources and, as expected, got the silent treatment across the board. (I'v been told by sources that when I don't get responses, that usually means something is happening). But this morning I got one response and this team source tells me the Dolphins remain interested in Albert, are talking with Albert's camp, want to give him a physical, and will be talking to the Chiefs about him in the coming hours or days.

So this possible trade for the Kansas City Chiefs left tackle -- derailed recently by the Chiefs' wanting high draft compensation for him, the Dolphins declining to make a significant and tangible offer, and the Albert contract demands -- is back on track.

There are still hurdles apparently so it is too early to say this will definitely happen. But my sense is we're getting to that point where all the parties want answers and the answer is going to be get it done. The NFL draft begins tomorrow at 8 p.m.

I cannot say with certainty, but my speculation is the Dolphins would like to know by that time what Albert's health status is. That means they'd probably like to get him a physical by then. It's possible the Chiefs won't allow a physical before a trade is agreed to and make the trade contingent on that physical -- as is custom in most trades. So already you have different agendas at work.

It remains interesting to me that the draft-choice or player compensation to the Chiefs is more of a sticking point for the Dolphins than the contract with the player.

It boggles because the Albert camp wants significant money. Reports have been that Albert, who is currently signed to a $9.8 million franchise tender, wants to average $9 million per season and he wants it structured so that he's protected from being cut after just one year. The $9 million is elite left tackle money and one can argue that Albert is a good player but not an elite player.

The Dolphins, which have approximately $9 million in salary cap space now but get another $10 million after June 1 (from the release of Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett), have the necessary cap room to sign Albert and eventually sign their draft picks.



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Mass, you wouldn't take Star who has the potential to be all world but you'd take a fat slob of a RT in DJ Fluker??? That's an interesting viewpoint ????

So Albewt wants the franchise tender over 5 years??? haha, why not?? Not likely though.

Why ?

Guy was rated high last year and was playing with a back issue. Long on the other hand was rated low and has numerous injuries. Don't see why the media is trying to make this out to be a bad trade !

When Tannehill is being rushed and sacked because Miami has not left tackle, media will complain loud then, this is what they want, drama, they don't want Miami to win.

If the draft starts @ 8 PM....then the FINS won't pick till about 9-9:30.....

not to long of a wait...unless the DREADED trade-back comes into play....

ba > 2nd 2rd pix.

ba > starks.

getting albert is HUGE.....SOLID LINE IF WE GET HIM

Just do the stupid trade. That way we don't have to waste a 1st or a 2nd on a LT.

We need more weapons.

Albert will look tight in the new Dolphins uni's, but not tighter than Chad Henne's Helmet.

Whatever the powers that be feel needs to happen to start winning, please do! GO PHINS 2013!!!

Please wait until KC has made their draft pick. Give them our 2nd - 2nd round pick or better the 3rd round pick only and sign him up. Otherwise, draft a tackle in the with the 1st-2nd round pick. No one else is even looking at Albert.

I still say this is a smoke screen. Not buying into it one bit!!!

Albert and Eifert. All in with white facemasks to boot.

Seriously where else are we going to plow the last 10 mill left in the coffer? Keep the guaranteed money as low as possible.

@ Mitch | April 24, 2013 at 10:41 AM
Albert was not rated better than Long last season. As a matter of fact it wasn't even close. Albert was rated #17 at LT last season and has only once played all 16 games.

God Almighty PLEASE!

Forget Albert. Sign McKinnie and draft Armstead or Williams in a later round.

Albert is often injured and wants Top Left Tackle Money? Then the 2nd round pick on top of that?

No Fvcking Thanks(Puke, choke, cough, cough!).

Eric Winston played better than Albert last season and would not have cost a draft pick. Now they want to pay twice what they would have given Winston and give up a second round draft pick!!! Ireland Strikes again!!!

Vontae's grandma, we will be using a 2nd on Albert if we make the trade. Albert was rated the 9th best tackle last season. That's an upper-middle rated. He missed three games. Is that a $9million dollar tackle? You can maybe trade up to 7, and get a truly athletic specimen in lane Johnson. He,s big, strong and runs like a TE, and will cost around $4 million.

An Albert trade makes no sense to me from any perspective considering the cost (Contract and draft pick) as well as his injury history. NFL Network showed highlights of him and they were not impressive as he looked top heavy and did not play well in space. I have to admit that such a deal wreaks of desperation from Ireland as he clings to his job. I hope he does not hamstring the Dolphins salary cap structure for next year with huge guaranteed money in a deal with Albert.

offer a 3rd no more. The chiefs will be desperate by Friday morning

I'm not sure what we're going to do. If (as Vontae says), we do the deal so we don't get a "stupid LT", then who would we get in the 1st rd (considering one of our 2nd rd picks will be gone). If EVERYONE (read: "experts") is saying there's not much "value" in the 1st rd this year, WHY would anyone want to trade up with us and give us a much more "valued" 2nd (or later) rd pick?

I don't see Ireland getting Eifert (just don't believe he values TE that much). I don't see him getting a WR either. A guard would be even WORSE of a 1st rd pick than a OT. A DT, unless he's Vince Wilfork or Suh-level good, is not adding anything to the team this year (maybe next if we let go of Soliai).

So that leaves DBs. Dee will be gone IMO. Leaves Vaccaro. Am I missing something here?

I'd rather keep the pick too Odin but the silver lining in all of this is that we had 2 nd picks. If it's the later pick then it's like trading Vontae Davis for Branden Albert which isn't that bad. Not my prefered route but if he keeps Tannehill clean then it's worth it.

There are other options out there. The price for Albert is too high for cap space and for draft pick. Winston would be a better option both cost wise and years-wise. Let's save our draft picks, we need all of them.

I think the Dolphins(who are the only team seeking a trade for Albert) would do best to offer a 4th rounder and wait. Albert may very have burned his bridges in KC and therefore, may be on the outs no matter what occurs. Albert may very well just

There are some havoc wreaker DTs available. I'm telling you ...

The Fins coaches must really like what they see from Albert to even be considering this deal. Is he so much better than every other FA option and will have the longevity to warrant a huge contract plus a pick? I'm on record for not liking this deal if it's a second rounder. KC has zero leverage we should just wait until we can pick a LT we like and then deal.


A Guard definitely isn't a sexy pick and in any other draft I would be against it but Chance Warmack is the real deal. He dominates. I don't know you would have to check but if you can watch the SEC championship and Nat'l Championship and you will come away realizing he was the most dominant player on the the field in both of them games. He's also a huge part in the college succes of Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson and Lacy all were monsters in college. Those guys didn't get touched until they were 7-10 yards down field, building up steam.

This is the one draft where I would be ecstatic with the pick being a guard if that player is Warmack.

DC, Ireland is not the only one making decisions for us. The packers carry 5 TEs. I think eifert is a real possibility at 12 if Albert is signed.

I don't believe BOTH Cooper and Warmack will be there at 12. One or both will be gone.

And enough with the 'we need playmakers' shyte....

Fellas, why are the experts saying 9 of the first 10 picks are expected to be lineman? If you ONLY win with playmakers then how come more aren't been picked?

Answer: because that's not how you win. And two, that's not the strength in this draft. We've added playmakers in the past. Ginn, Henne, Avery, Davis, Marshall, Beck, Yatil Green, Jason Allen. How did those work out? We added Keller, Wallace, and Gibson in FA and we have Miller who hardly ever played and Egnew waiting in the wings. Oh yeah....we drafted Tannehill 8th overall last year too. You do know that only 11 players can play on offence at a time, right? So who are you sitting? Bess? Hartline? Keller?

Come on....GIVE ME A BREAK....

Posted by: Craig M | April 24, 2013 at 11:24 AM

KC can not afford to keep Albert and draft a LT in the 1st rd.
If they keep Albert they will have to draft another position with their 1st. which is good for Miami.
If they draft a LT with their first, KC will have to rid themselves of Albert and his salary afterwards.
Either scenario works in Miami's favor.
It make no sense to give KC a second rd pick for a LT that KC can not afford to keep.
Keep the picks and draft a TE and corners.
There is plenty of time before training camp to find a suitable LT. if not, play with a TE on the left side of the line to help block until you find one.
Ireland... don't panic!

"ESPN's Ed Werder reported on SportsCenter Wednesday that the Dolphins have "resumed dialogue" with the Chiefs regarding Branden Albert.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported Monday the sides had had "little or no communication" in "almost two weeks," but urgency is setting in for desperate Dolphins contract-year GM Jeff Ireland. Werder confirms Kansas City wants one of Miami's two second-round picks (Nos. 42, 54). Werder reported Albert is targeting a deal worth $36 million over four seasons, which is more than what the Rams gave Jake Long and Texans paid Duane Brown. "He wants to be paid like an elite tackle," Werder stated. Ireland has enough job insecurity to cave."

This trade will happen. Take it to the bank.

I agree with all the above, Albert is a gamble but isn;t this time of the year and the Draft. Keep our picks and don;t waste $9m a year on Albert. Trade down and pick up a late first round and second round pick

Having said all that, if we stay at 12, I wouldn't be opposed to Eiffert at 12. I just don't think it's a slamdunk. The other guy I like at 12 is Cooper, if he's still there. Could be dominant for years.

Ed Werder reported this before you Armanda! ED WERDER! You got scooped by that shmuck and you're still trying to take credit for breaking the news that we all knew was going on anyways. Seriously, Herald, drop this chump ASAP! Worst. Beat. Reporter. Ever.

Sadly WNP you are probably right. Albert is plan B. I bet Ireland was banking on Long staying put for reasonable dough all along.

Craig M....

Because the more playmakers you have the better....and injuries happen....

and the problem with the "play makers" you listed....

how many of them EVER played together @ the same time....that is a reason they had difuculty succeding....

I gotta wonder why the team would make this move before the draft? Why? What's the rush? Who's our competition? The Cardinals? Don't think they have the cap room.

I'd continue to wait and see if a guy like Lane Johnson drops or see if a team like the Raiders gets desperate for a tradedown. I see no point in giving up our options before the draft. Albert will still be there Friday.


and Craug M....

NEVER mention Henne and play maker in the same sentence again.....

Jason, I will mark you down as "indifferent" regarding Armando Salguero ...

Craug = Craig....

my apologies.....

Pass on Albert. Trade one of the 2's or next years 1 and the 1st and move up and get a prospective all pro tackle. We need a good tackle who will be there for years not someone who is always hurt. Does not make sense to use picks on someone like that!!!


The argument was made earlier that we've taken linemen early and where did that get us? My question is who are we talking about? Long, Pouncey and Martin? Who else?

Geez, I guess our failures couldn't have had anything to do with not having a QB since Marino retired in '99. Nah! If people believe QB to be the most important position on the team doesn't it make a lot of sense that that's a big reason why we've struggled? How about all the dumb picks we've thrown away for Feely, Gordon, Culpepper and possibly even Marshall and Williams? What about the dumb draft choices like Beck and White?

I'm just saying, it's a bogus argument that we haven't won because we've taken a couple of linemen early. Holds no water.

Dolphins remain interested in Albert, are talking with Albert's camp, want to give him a physical, and will be talking to the Chiefs about him in the coming hours or days.

With the Draft just about 32 hours away I doubt they need to be talking to the chiefs days from now unless it is for future draft picks not this years.

2 THINGS!!!!!!!!!

1.) We dont know the compensation or who restarted the talks. I bet it was KC. THEY HAVE NO LEVERAGE TODAY, Tommorow after we pick, they do!!! If we miss on top 3 LT's, the ball is in their court which will suck for us. We need an LT, not a rookie unless (its for grooming a future LT)

They will settle for a 3rd pick, I would give up our first 3rd, but the can probably get it done for our second and a 5th or 6th

2.) How do we know he wants 8-9 million a year, we all know it comes down to guaranteed money. Do you think Mike Wallace will get all 60 million, hell no!! Branden will at least cost 7 million a year, but I cant see much more than 20 million guaranteed!

Why are people against keeping RT off the ground?

Perhaps he comes down to your feelings of the upcoming season

If you think we are not a playoff team, then grooming a LT or RT is a way to go

If you are ready to win this year, you should be prejaculating at the thought of filling a huge hole on our team (that last sentence came out unintentonally great)

Is he the best, NO. Is he good, YES

"And enough with the 'we need playmakers' shyte....

Fellas, why are the experts saying 9 of the first 10 picks are expected to be lineman? If you ONLY win with playmakers then how come more aren't been picked?"


Agreed. Hence the name change. Like I said earlier if we stay @ 12 I'd be VERY happy if we got either Warmack, Cooper, or Lotulelei. If those guys are gone then I guess Richardson may be the next best player. If we trade down I'd like to get either Eifert, Ertz, or Damontre Moore. Moore is my 'Clay Matthews pick' this year. The 'experts' have him as a boom or bust player but if you watch him play the tape says BOOM. Looks like the best pass rusher in this draft to me.

I'm sorry but Dion Jordan looks more like Calvin Johnson than Jason Taylor to me. Great athlete but is he strong & physical enough to be an OLB in 3-4 or a DE in 4-3 in the NFL??? I think he's the next Aaron Curry.

Craig M...

we have been going back and forth on this blog for quite some time....

you know you went get any argument from me when you talk about having the best possible player @ the QB postion....I think that is all I talked about for the 1st 6 months after I found this blog....

Regarding talking to Albert, nothing wrong with having this move lined up in case things don't roll your way in the draft. Albert is obviously a move or two down the preferred route or the trade would've been completed.

If you don't get your guy by end of day Thursday then maybe pull the trigger if you find the total cost acceptable.

No need to get caught with our dikks out.

Let's hope if we sign Albert, we've got some contingency written into the contract. Guaranteeing this guy $$$ and then watching him flop would be absurd.

I can see the desire to get him at least for this coming year, as the draft LT's may not work out, and it would be a f---ing waste to have gone all-out in free agency and then watch Jonathan Martin play revolving door.

For all you guys saying to take Winston remember he is a right tackle. I would think that if the coaches thought Martin was ready to be a left tackle then they would just get Winston. So I guess with them talking about taking Albert then they are saying that Martin is a better right tackle then left. All the offense in the world is not going to help if RT does not have time to throw the ball. A good offensive line makes everyone better period!

1) 3rd round pick + 7 mil per year for Albert
2) draft Warmack at 12
3) enjoy Lamar Miller running wild next season with Albert, Warmack & Pouncey in front of him
4) good running game means you keep defenses honnest and you can throw deep to Wallace

Make that happen Ireland.

Speaking of QBs (as if we ever talk about anything else)...

ESPN had a 30 FOR 30 special on the Elawy/Marin/Kelly QB class....

I only caught the last 30 min last night....but if you guys can find it and DVR it....you may find it interesting....

By FAR...Elway has changed the most (physically) out of the bunch....

Could it be; the Dolphins are talking to the Chiefs AND possibly Oakland about a trade for their third pick in the first round....

I gotta wonder why the team would make this move before the draft? Why? What's the rush? Who's our competition? The Cardinals? Don't think they have the cap room.

I'd continue to wait and see if a guy like Lane Johnson drops or see if a team like the Raiders gets desperate for a tradedown. I see no point in giving up our options before the draft. Albert will still be there Friday.


I believe the competition is going to be SD since they don't have a LT & could very well be shut out of all three.

I HIGHLY doubt this trade gets finalized until after the first round unless we have zero interest in Lane Johnson who is the only one who MIGHT fall. However I don't expect Johnson to be there at 12 which will render this a moot point anyway. When all is said & done I believe we're going to make the trade for Albert.


The other part of the argument that makes NO sense, all the top picks in the NFL spend heavily on linemen. Take a look at how the Packers, Ravens and Noiners have built their teams? They don't just throw some stiff from the 6th round in to play LT. How come? Cause it's one of the five most important positions on the team. You wouldn't go out of your way to stick a 6th round pick in at QB, so why do it at LT.

When I see all these teams trying to get better in the top ten by adding linemen, it tells me that this game is still won in the trenches. You need to protect your QB and get to the other teams QB. The rest of the fams want 'twinkle toe' guys to get the job done but there not the the guys that are there when it really matters.

Got to agree that Moore looks like the best pure pass rusher in this draft.

That should have said 'top teams'. Apologies...

I know this hurts but the facts are that Henne started the last 6 games of last season, called his own plays at the line and threw for 2100 yards and 11 TDs in those 6 games. That's an average > 300 yards 2TDs start. Calling his own plays for the worst team in the league.

I would really hate an Albert deal but if Ireland is that desperate, then wait after the draft to get this done. Make KC sweat, as we have the upper hand here. They'll go OT for sure with Joeckel/Fisher and will be desperate to get rid of Albert.

What will they do? Go into camp with Joeckel Fisher at LT and a disgruntled RT that makes 9 mill? If we wait long enough we can get him with a 3rd rounder or lower and a cap friendly contract

All this noise seems like smokescreen going into the draft.

I see rdubs and Mark and others saying the same thing, I believe and I agree. No need to make this trade now. Let's see how the draft shakes out and then make a move.

I don't believe Albert is our only option and that's what I have a problem accepting. If we miss on a lineman in the first we could still go with Martin at LT and add a guy like Winston. Or maybe we add a McKinnie or Gaither for a year and move Martin back to RT. Maybe we draft Kyle Long in the second.

LOTS of options and I don't see the need to panic. As Mark said, nice to have this move lined up if necessary.

"1) 3rd round pick + 7 mil per year for Albert
2) draft Warmack at 12
3) enjoy Lamar Miller running wild next season with Albert, Warmack & Pouncey in front of him
4) good running game means you keep defenses honnest and you can throw deep to Wallace

Make that happen Ireland."

Deep Post,

There's no way we're getting Albert for a 3rd round pick &/or $7 Million a year. The guy just got franchised for close to $10 Million which is guaranteed btw so would he give us such a discount??? B/c you think he deserves one??? Not happening

BTW--Welcome to planet Earth & I hope you enjoy your stay.


I'm not really here to Bash Henne...

to add to what you just said...Henne's last seaso here...I believe he was BY FAR our best player to start the season....

no doubt he knew the play book....and he was NOT the reason we started 0-7....


Henne is not a play maker by any strech....I believe he will fall closer to the Game Manger "stigma" than the play maker one....

and yes.....coudn't resist the temptation to take a shot @ Henne...fair of unfair....

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