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Branden Albert and Dolphins talking again

The on-again, off-again talks between the Dolphins and the Branden Albert camp are on-again and they are quite hot right now, a club source is telling me this morning.

On Tuesday I sent out multiple texts to club sources and, as expected, got the silent treatment across the board. (I'v been told by sources that when I don't get responses, that usually means something is happening). But this morning I got one response and this team source tells me the Dolphins remain interested in Albert, are talking with Albert's camp, want to give him a physical, and will be talking to the Chiefs about him in the coming hours or days.

So this possible trade for the Kansas City Chiefs left tackle -- derailed recently by the Chiefs' wanting high draft compensation for him, the Dolphins declining to make a significant and tangible offer, and the Albert contract demands -- is back on track.

There are still hurdles apparently so it is too early to say this will definitely happen. But my sense is we're getting to that point where all the parties want answers and the answer is going to be get it done. The NFL draft begins tomorrow at 8 p.m.

I cannot say with certainty, but my speculation is the Dolphins would like to know by that time what Albert's health status is. That means they'd probably like to get him a physical by then. It's possible the Chiefs won't allow a physical before a trade is agreed to and make the trade contingent on that physical -- as is custom in most trades. So already you have different agendas at work.

It remains interesting to me that the draft-choice or player compensation to the Chiefs is more of a sticking point for the Dolphins than the contract with the player.

It boggles because the Albert camp wants significant money. Reports have been that Albert, who is currently signed to a $9.8 million franchise tender, wants to average $9 million per season and he wants it structured so that he's protected from being cut after just one year. The $9 million is elite left tackle money and one can argue that Albert is a good player but not an elite player.

The Dolphins, which have approximately $9 million in salary cap space now but get another $10 million after June 1 (from the release of Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett), have the necessary cap room to sign Albert and eventually sign their draft picks.



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Craig M,

My point is they have multiple draft picks they have acquired and why sacrifice those picks when you have a chance of filling many needs vs let's trade up for just a LT. Like you said it takes 53 players to fill a roster and Miami is not 1 LT away from being a serious contender.


I see it that way too. Good points.


I like Moore a lot to. Depending on what the tradedown is I like this guy a lot.

I might be in the minority on here but I like Okafor a lot too. Could we get him in the second? Maybe. I'd be a happy guy with this guy on the team too.

does anyone know what happened with Clabo, cut by Atl?


We've come to find Mike Sherman had some pretty good players at A&M. We took Tannehill last year and It would not surprise me in the least if we took Damontre Moore in 1st rd in a trade down scenario.

There's also possibility Swope becomes a Dolphin too. No one knows the A&M players like Sherman does.

Re the mock


Fact that we have LT sorted out

Not crazy about:

Warford (think we could do better there - he is strong as fukk tho)

Hate Hate Hate:


All in all ... I certainly would take it.


I don't like Okafor, I absolutely love him, especially 2nd rd. however, over the past 2-3yrs Damontre Moore has been college football's most consistent pass rusher.

But, Okafor isn't chopped liver either.

Speaking of Okafor, his pass rush mate at Texas, Jeffcoat is also a mid rd steal. Jeffcoat has fine bloodlines. His father starred for the Dallas Cowboys.


arford's the 3rd best OG in this draft and with his great athleticism, is a great zone blocking fit too. Also, just like you said, he's strong as fukk!

Winston - COGS - Pouncey - Womack - Martin

Albert - COGS - Pouncey - (One of above) - Martin

What Ireland has asked himself is whether one makes a difference over the other...apparently so, otherwise we'd have signed Winston already...

Sadly WNP you are probably right. Albert is plan B. I bet Ireland was banking on Long staying put for reasonable dough all along.

Posted by: Darkoak | April 24, 2013 at 11:30 AM
One of Ireland's problems is, he doesn't understand human nature. Long was not going to go back to Miami even if he didn't get all he wanted from Rams contract. It's kinda like you or me quitting our job for another with more money/benefits. The new job turns out not being exactly what we thought. But damn it all, we're not going back with our hat in our hands. Call it pride I guess.

You'd think a personnel guy would know more about people living in real world situations.

Here is crazy thought. What if KC takes Fisher with the 1st pick and the Jags don't take Luke K with the 2nd??

Now you have the Raiders at 3 with the player that Sherman knows everything about!!!

This would be very tough for Jeff not to inquire!!


I gotta say man, I WISH you'd be like this more often. When your heads screwed on straight you bring a lot to this blog. When you think everyone has a personal vendetta against you, you suck!!

It just wish you could find the room for other people to have different opinions than you. You're a bright guy and you don't need to pull all that other shyte. Nobody had it in for you (OK, well maybe Mark does...LOL).

Thanks for sharing....

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 24, 2013 at 12:30 PM

Bailey as also very good, and as Dobson, know how to fight for the ball, that is for sure. For me Dobson's hands are a bit better. I will feel OK with any of them.


That would be ideal. That's why I'm saying Ireland needs to and will have a lot of this worked out with a team like the Raiders ahead of time.

I LOVE that move....

What would Betty and Veronica do?

Qb- R. TANNEHILL, M. Moore

O-Line - B. Albert, Incognito, Pouncey, Cooper(R), J. Martin

WR - Wallace, Hartline, Bess, Gibson, Matthews

TE - Keller, Egnew, Clay

RB- L. Miller, E. Lacy

FB- D. Thomas

My would Ireland want Albert anyway! The guy is 29 years old.

I want young pups that bite on this team, not guys looking for a pay day!

Cocoa Joe,

IMO, I don't think Long ever had any intentions of staying in Miami short of 9 million a year. 3 successive years in decline and season ending injury, I don't believe Ireland ever felt comfortable giving Jake this kind of elite money.

Long was offered a borderline elite contract and took it as a slap in the face. Even though he underperformed 3 straight year with an elite LT rookie contract. Which paid him 11 million a year.

The selfish jerk was on IR by games 12-14 for the last 3 consecutive years. Good riddance to the greedy self centered jerk!

Ahmed...is that Da BRONX Riverdale !!!!!! ??


I understand plenty. Warmack would fit fine in any scheme. A zone blocking scheme or a power scheme. What does a zone blocking scheme require? It requires offensive linemen to basically come off double teaming a Dlinemen before moving into their "zone" which is where they want to move forward to the second level.

Why is Warmack not a fit for this? di you watch the SEC Championship or National Championship? I did. And all game long what does he do he comes off the ball and moves to the second level kicking Alec Ogletree's butt, kicking Bacari Rambo's (a safety btw) butt and wiping Jarvis Jones out of plays.

National Championship it's well documented that Manti Teo was getting wiped out time and time again by Warmack and other Bama olinmen. Lance Louis the NT who is considered a top 10 pick for 2014 took up the blockers all year and allowed Teo to flow to the ball well not in this game. Warmack and Barret Jones would double Louis who was lining up in the 0 or 1 technique and then whoever had leverage who allow the other to finish Teo. Warmack killed Teo all game if you watched the game.

Warmack can fit in any system. You are just labeling him a power blocker cause you are going off simple thinking and not knowing what your really talking about.

I would stick to my budget and not make any trades because I was urgent,but would do the opposite and let the offers that I accept work from a position of urgency.
This is not an emergency is it,if it is and they dont get Albert we know offensive line is on the board for the Fins.


Actually Mark and I, relatioonship has seemed to improve a bit. I take none of this overly serious, at times we all nix it up a bit. however, at the end of the day we're all dolfans. That's where I draw th line.

Mass, how do you see him as a Soliai clone? because they are both Ploynesian? They are built and play nothing alike other than they are more man than one blocker can handle.

Andy @ 12:31, don't forget Derrick Morgan. Took him a while to get going but he's a player too. Fits a mighty big need on this team too.

D-Line - Wake, Odrick, Starks, Soliai, Vernon, Shelby, V. Martin, K. Randall

LB- Wheeler, Ellerbe, Misi(Til Further Notice)

CB- B. Grimes, R. Matthews, D. Patterson, N. Carroll

Safety - R. Jones, C. Clemons, J. Wilson

Here's what I would do to start up the draft

No to Albert at 9 million a year. Do it at 7.5 maybe 8. Consider McKinnie at maybe 3 million a year for 2 years as a stopgap while Martin and a rookie develop.

Players I like in the 2nd round or maybe even trading up to the late 1st to acquire in some cases

Armstead,Ertz, Werner (think hes a bit underrated if he gets here), Moore, Okafor, Carradine, Hunt, Ogletree (off the field might push him to the 2nd), Cyprien, Taylor, Wreh-Wilson, Alford.

There really are a lot of players I think can help the team in the 2nd round, it makes me think twice about trading for Albert.

Craig @ 12:34, because those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

I for one think it's very relevant.

And Warmack does have enougha thleticism to play any scheme. Granted he is more suited to power blocking but he can play zone. Warford though, not so sure.

Wow ! That secondary is looking a bit paltry...

One of Ireland's problems is, he doesn't understand human nature. Long was not going to go back to Miami even if he didn't get all he wanted from Rams contract. It's kinda like you or me quitting our job for another with more money/benefits. The new job turns out not being exactly what we thought. But damn it all, we're not going back with our hat in our hands. Call it pride I guess.

You'd think a personnel guy would know more about people living in real world situations.


Your criticism of Ireland for this is probably unjustified & unfair. Ireland needs to win & he needs to win now so with Martin as your only LT the easy decision would have been to keep Long. However, Ireland came out & publicly said that his negotiations with Jake Long were 'very complicated.' Very complicated....Now what does that mean??? We really don't know. However, I'm pretty damn sure if Long was coming off a great year & he was healthy---with all of the cap space we had--it wouldn't have been 'very complicated' to get a deal done.

Most football bloggers and posters in KC seem to be relieved by getting rid of this diva and his understated back problems. You can check it out by yourselves.

Ireland is going to lose my respect forever if he falls for this one.

@ NeMo....maybe they get Albert for a 3rd rounder if they wait until AFTER KC picks....but understandable why Fins would like a physical BEFORE tomorrow nite...

It also makes absolutely no sense to negotiate a contract before he passes a physical, especially for a guy who missed time last year with back issues.

But that's Fireland for you.

no lt = devlin running 4 his like not to end ^ like qb1 and qb2.

Like Armando said, we're far further than a LT away. Exactly why it's asinine to trade up for a Joeckel or Fisher. Its a roll of the dice to trade up for Lane Johnson in lieu of we can go so many other direction with the #12 pick.

Even at #12, its difficult to ascertain whether Johnson is or isn't a pro bowl caliber LT. So, if we can get an already tried and proven LT(Albert) then still have great versatility with our #12 pick(recover the 2nd spent for Albert). This is definitely a very interesting way to go.

Albert still represent having 3 2nd rd picks:

2c Albert

Think about this before crashing on a an Albert trade. It could possibly equate to 3 2nd rd picks and still end up with a very good player with our 1st rd pick.

Don't let the money Albert would be signed for alone blind your impartial judgement.

Please sign Albert so we can stop talking about taking Lineman in this Draft

YG, Warford does not have great athleticism. He ranked 19th among guards in the 40, 10th in the cone and 17th in the shuttle (points to average to poor agility), 15th in the vertical, and 11th in broad (indicating average to poor explosion). I don't like what those numbers indicate. I keep pointing to brian Schwenke in the 3rd as a more suitable guy ... but that's just my opinion.

I get the appeal of Warford but he jsut reminds me of John Jerry with average agility.

Geek Fest 2013 is in full bloom now.

Can someone please use some terms like "hip pivot," "initial burst," and "field awareness" in an attempt to sound more knowledgeable than they really are?

Also, I would like to see more instant analysis about the NFL career prospects of 21-year-olds who have yet to take a single snap at the professional level.


Oh crap! Espn was just talking about Albert and said he's only played 16 games 1 out of 5 season. Then missed 5starts in 2012 due to back injury.

Damn you dustybottoms, you didn't mention any of this!

Does Ireland know any of this? I hope so, because this is sounding like Jake Long all over again. I was ver optimistic about Albert until hearing his full injury history. Damn!


You Are Mistaking E. Lacy Running For Warmack Blocking.

N. Saban Owes Us A RB.

E. Lacy Was The One You Saw Bounce Outside And Run Over J. Jones And Rambo In The SEC Title Game. Lacy Broke UGA's Will In The 4th Qtr. He Broke 2 Long Runs To Seal The Game. UGA Would've Preferred Alabama Pass By The End Of The Game, Than Let Lacy Run.

If You See A E. Lacy Highlight You Will See Why The NFL Doesn't Want RB's Putting Their Head Down. It Is Not Because R. Bush Or Even T. Richardson. E. Lacy Is A Bigger, Slightly Slower But Still As Quick Version Of Ricky Williams.

E. Lacy Doesn't Get Concussions, He Gives Them!!

That Is My One Statement To Summarize What I Think Of E. Lacy As A RB.


Yeah that trade back was a killer. Miami could of had a number of bonafide star type players and traded back for 2 average starters who we basically are looking to upgrade in this draft. Odrick at this point is no longer a fit and is being asked to shed weight but at best what's the odds he give you a legit pass rush across from Wake? I wouldn't take that bet. Misi he's a hustle player, a try hard but what is he actually good at? I still don't know.

I'm not in favor of making any movement in this draft. Ireland did a good job of accumulating picks from cast off talent and now it's time to fill some holes and add depth too. The draft wasn't designed to mortgage the future on 1 position unless its a QB. The teams that do mortgage the future and draft picks more then not come out on the short end.


Did you actually watch the games? I seriously doubt you did. Warmack is the best linemen and has been Bama's best linemen for 3 years that produced over rated guys like Lacy, Trent Richardson and Ingram. all over rated because they can fit a bus through them holes.

Lacy is over rated bro. All Bama RBs are.

For those suggesting Miami offer a third, that makes no sense. If the Chiefs let him walk after this year they will get a 3rd round compensatory next year for him.

Really can't add to much to the conversation my opinion has been stated by multiple post on here, but I would like to say that I can't wait for this draft to be over and if they do get Albert that they don't give up to much as far as picks and money goes cause I don't want to see the phins in salary cap chaos in a couple years where they have to purge the team just to stay afloat. Having said that , I'm very interested to see if J. Martin has improved his technique and gotten stronger, I still think this kid has a lot of upside and am eager to see his development. I also think that given more playing time that O. Vernon will be an outstanding pass rush that we all want to compliment Wake. As far as Miller goes he had a similar career as F. Gore at the U, where he flashed greatness but got injured a lot. May be his pro career will mirror Gores also.


With that said I'm not so sure Warmack or Cooper will be there at 12...There's only nine first round prospects that I feel comfortable with;

1) Fisher
2) Joeckel
3) Warmack
4) Cooper
5) Lotulelei
6) Damontre Moore
7) Eifert
8) Ertz
9) DeAndre Hopkins

I left Milliner off b/c I don't know the full story regarding his health BUT it may be legitimate.


Looks like there are bigger fish to fry at LT. Espn just gave a very bad injury history report on Albert. He has only played 18 games once in 5yrs and missed 5 games last season with the back injury. No wonder theyre drafting Joeckel.

Like Jake Long, Albert appears to be very damaged goods.

Anyway, I only said Warford because he clearly seems to be the 3rd best og in this draft. Cooper is the perfect fit, but, if going another direction with the 1st pick Warford's the no brainer in the 2nd rd.

Hearing Albert's injury history has really placed me in a funk on him.

Yo Steve maybe they don't want to wait til next year!! ? !! They have no 2nd Round pick as is....that's why they are asking one for Albert...so if Ireland plays hardball....I think they blimk...just my opinion...if they don't, they eat his 9.5 million fof this season...

16 games



You Are A Man Of Reason.

B. Albert Is Better Or Isn't Better Than Any 2nd Rd LT For The Next 3-4 Years?

Ireland Can Still Draft A LT Next Year In The 2nd Round. Because He Doesn't Trade Future Picks For Current Picks. And Develop That Player.

And If Ireland Trades Back In This Draft For A Future #1 Next Year. Say With The Vikings They Have 2 Picks.

We Trade Back With The Vikings For One Of Their First This Year. And Their First Next Year. That Seems Like A Fair Trade.

And Instead Of Having 2-2nd Rounders This Year. We Have 2 First Rounders Next Year.
We Can Get A LT With A First Next Year. Let Him Play Behind Albert Or In At Guard As A Rookie Then Cut Ties With Albert In Year 3 For Nothing.

Mark in Toronto,
I'd be surprised if the Phins select Damontre Moore at all, he has serious character issues and would need constant babysitting. Ireland tends not to take players like that.


I understand your want for more weapons as opposed to Warmack and I actually would be all in on Eifert as well but Warmack isn't your average guard prospect. He's to the guard position what Suh was to the DT position coming out. He's just so much more football strong and dominant then the next guy. With that said Eifert is the prospect who I want the most but if I had to break it down Warmack wouldn't be fr behind just because I feel he's that dominant a player for an area of need.

I actually have several guys Im good with Miami taking.

Tyler Eifert - gives the Miami offense the element it still is missing which is a redzone threat. Keller's a good player but I don't see him as a big time threat in the redzone which is where this O always fails.

Chance Warmack - I stated post after post. He's just a monster inside. And yes he would be fine in zone blocking scheme! lol

Jarvis Jones - He's a pass rush specialist and would probably have been a top 5 pick if not for his medical red flags which are obvious red flags but Im not a Dr. As a player he probably would be the first guy I'd take but the medical red flags knocks him to probably behind Warmack and Eifert

Kenny Vaccaro - he's a major upgrade talent wise to Chris Clemons. Vaccaro has the talent to be one of the top safeties in the league if he figures it all out. Clemons is what he is a solid starter.

Jonathan Cooper - I can't vouch for his ability like Warmacks but by all accounts he's a notch below but still very good and a rare G prospect in his own right. I even saw a few analyst who prefer him over Warmack.

Does Ireland know any of this? I hope so, because this is sounding like Jake Long all over again. I was ver optimistic about Albert until hearing his full injury history. Damn!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 24, 2013 at 01:14 PM

YG, I suspect Ireland knows this, I believe Mando included this in a recent post.

I was wondering about Damontre Moore though. Do you really think we would NEED to use the 12th on him. In other words, I'm asking, if we passed in the 1st, do you think somebody else would take him before the 2nd round?

Just curious because I saw some mocks having him lasting until the 2nd. What do YOU think?

Again Who Was The MVP Of Both The SEC and BCS Title Games?

E. Lacy Will Run For Over 1K Yards. How Many Yards Will Warmack Run.

You Can Say Both Ingram And T. Richardson Are Over Rated. And I Agree, But At The Same Time E. Lacy Is Underrated. Because Of Those 2.

E . Lacy Had A Better Per Carry Average Than Ingram and Richardson Those 2 Years.

E. Lacy Averages 6.8 Yds A Carry For His Career. 2 Yards Better Than M. Lattimore.

E. Lacy Doesn't Fall Back.


My posts to you in regards to Warmack keep disappearing. The guy is a fantastic player & we'd be VERY lucky to get him @ 12.

No more than a 3rd round pick (because of age and money) and definitely not the same money as Long got, otherwise someone should get fired.

Mark in Toronto,
I'd be surprised if the Phins select Damontre Moore at all, he has serious character issues and would need constant babysitting. Ireland tends not to take players like that.

Posted by: MassDolphan | April 24, 2013 at 01:26 PM

I thought Moore was considered most likely a 2nd rounder....?


If Sherman liked him enough to endorse him with Ireland, I would be all in. But in the 2nd round, NOT the First.


You Damontre Moore I have in a trade down, recouping the 2nd rd pick for Albert scenario. We have to trade back to at least 18-19 to get a 2nd rd'er according to the value chart.

Moore comes with character issues, or he would be a much higher pick. But I love him if we got at him at 18 or higher, plus recoup the 2nd rd'er in a Albert trade. Plus, we have Sherman to vouch for whether he is or isn't a huge headache.

We Need Playmakers,

Yeah I've had those problems before with disappearing post too man. Yeah I love Warmack. He's such a clean and at the same time dominant prospect from I have seen.

I guess there's no love for Guards and other interior until they become Larry Allen, Dwight Stephenson

YG, that's why I posted a few times that ehy just should've paid jake Long instead of getting Albert. I see a nominal difference between the two but jake's contract is smaller and you would've kept the pick.

But most don't agree, whatever ... it's not my job on the line.

MassD, those problems really impacted Moore at A&M when he played every single game for A&M in the SEC, collected 85 tackles and 14 sacks. Come on man, you going to beleive everything your read?

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