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Branden Albert and Dolphins talking again

The on-again, off-again talks between the Dolphins and the Branden Albert camp are on-again and they are quite hot right now, a club source is telling me this morning.

On Tuesday I sent out multiple texts to club sources and, as expected, got the silent treatment across the board. (I'v been told by sources that when I don't get responses, that usually means something is happening). But this morning I got one response and this team source tells me the Dolphins remain interested in Albert, are talking with Albert's camp, want to give him a physical, and will be talking to the Chiefs about him in the coming hours or days.

So this possible trade for the Kansas City Chiefs left tackle -- derailed recently by the Chiefs' wanting high draft compensation for him, the Dolphins declining to make a significant and tangible offer, and the Albert contract demands -- is back on track.

There are still hurdles apparently so it is too early to say this will definitely happen. But my sense is we're getting to that point where all the parties want answers and the answer is going to be get it done. The NFL draft begins tomorrow at 8 p.m.

I cannot say with certainty, but my speculation is the Dolphins would like to know by that time what Albert's health status is. That means they'd probably like to get him a physical by then. It's possible the Chiefs won't allow a physical before a trade is agreed to and make the trade contingent on that physical -- as is custom in most trades. So already you have different agendas at work.

It remains interesting to me that the draft-choice or player compensation to the Chiefs is more of a sticking point for the Dolphins than the contract with the player.

It boggles because the Albert camp wants significant money. Reports have been that Albert, who is currently signed to a $9.8 million franchise tender, wants to average $9 million per season and he wants it structured so that he's protected from being cut after just one year. The $9 million is elite left tackle money and one can argue that Albert is a good player but not an elite player.

The Dolphins, which have approximately $9 million in salary cap space now but get another $10 million after June 1 (from the release of Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett), have the necessary cap room to sign Albert and eventually sign their draft picks.



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Could you blame Reid...no coach wants a player who dictates where HE is and isn't going to play....give me a friggen break!!!

Posted by: Buster | April 24, 2013 at 02:46 PM

Is that what we want to bring to Miami for a 2nd rounder and lots of money???

pompanofin......I'm referring to him telling the Chiefs what POSITION he will and will not play.....for 9.5 Million!!!! most people would play any damn position they say.....


Hate to burst your bubbl whil you feel youre on a roll, but John Elway didn't dictate what position he was going to play. Only what team he was going to play for. Albert's dictating to the Chiefs what position he will play(no RT). HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy Cooper is a much more system compatible guard than Warmack. Warmack may get to the 2nd level in college but he won't in the NFL. Bad feet and slow. 5.45 40, Cooper 5.07 40 and better athletically. I know you think you know it all but you don't. Period.

Nope..Hydra shock...but that's what Ireland wants for a 3rd rounder and as little money as he can manage....and he's playing his cards right so far...

..as for me, I want Joecke or Fisher or even Johnson...but looks like that's not going to happen.

"That said, IF Ireland was canned I think Jerry Jones would bring him back to Dallas (in some capacity) in a nanosecond. He always held him in very great esteem."


Not sure that's a good thing. Just look at how well that team has done since Jimmy Johnson stopped drafting the players. Jerry Jones is a horrible GM & personnel evaluator & should just stick to being the owner of a media circus.

Sign McKinnie, go pass rusher, db, te, db,lb, wr

I think we should trade back and get more picks--- Everyone wants Tavon Austin so lets get a later first and another 2nd or 3rd and lets add talent and depth from this deep draft!

..as for me, I want Joecke or Fisher or even Johnson...but looks like that's not going to happen.

Posted by: Buster | April 24, 2013 at 02:58 PM

Totally agree Bro.

Like the saying goes: Buy cheap, pay dear.

No one wants to be a gm for Jerry Jones. Not unless he's just content with taking a free paycheck only. Jones would overrule almost every thing that gm wanted to do in lieu of what he thinks is best, right or wrong.

Jerry doesnt want a gm, he only wants a hand puppet.

Oh, agreed re: Dallas and Jones. Just saying (and this is ALL hypotheticals, obviously) that Ireland would probably land another NFL gig pretty quickly. Just how the league operates, right or wrong.

Yup...cheap is dear....no doubt about it....but I think Ireland is being realistic about it....he's being patient...this can be a positive outcome if he doesn't jump the gun, and is prepared to walk away from it if the deal is not 100 % what he expects..

"Burst my bubble?"

Jesus, I misread what the poster was saying and responded. OH MY GOD, THE HORROR!!

Calm the eff down, dude.

I would pass on Fisher even if we were in position to get him. Sure, everything looks great in a small snapshot, but that's exactly how busts are drafted in the nfl.

Lets not ignore the big picture. The big picture states Eric Fisher played against atrocious competition and may find things very difficult over a very long and grinding nfl 16 game haul.

IMO, Fisher holds the greatest potential to become this year's greatest draft bust. His level of competition alone is now screaming better safe than sorry. Its 50/50 he's great or just plain great bust!

5 reasons to take Tyler Eifert:
1. Best rated TE in 2013 Draft / He is only a junior.
2. He was a big part of Notre Dame being no. 2 in the nation.
3. Gronkowski 6'6" 265 + Hernandez 6'1" 245 = Eifert 6'6" 251 + Keller 6'2" 250
4. TE is a KEY position in the new NFL. (Weapon/Playmaker)
5. Miami will get lots of first downs and touchdowns in red zone (huge need).
He is very good, not awesome, but he will develop nicely. Let’s get the best. Go big or go home!
GO New Dolphins!!!

Didn't Joe Staley play at Central Michigan? Didn't hurt him too much...

Well..I wouldn't write Ireland off just yet. Every job has its learning curve. Obviously, in the NFL, for any new GM, it's a huge one. Many of us, myself included, have been tough critics. But maybe, just maybe, he has caught up to the curve, and finally gets it. That would be refreshing to us as fans, and to the franchise as a whole. Let's hope this is the case.


Have A Great Draft !!!!!

2 te's = no sb's.

I bet nobody here knows who Ireland is drafting tomorrow at #12.

Of course we don't know Oscar....do you?...are you feeling prophetic?


Joe Staley was far less a gamble. San Francisco selected him as the 28th pick of the 1st rd in 2007.

I would have zero problem with getting Fisher at 28. The problem is that Fisher is projected at #2-#3. If he fails there he's a HUGE bust.

If Staley failed at the 28th pick, then he's a mild bust.

Albert will be huge for us!

But Fisher is much more talented than Staley. if he could make the transition then there is no reason to believe Fisher can't.

Central Michigan is not that bad a program. Get to see more of that school up here. I think it was also Jason Babin that came from there ... just thinkin off the top of my head but thye've produced some guys.

I know, but I'm not telling. No sir.

The Dolphins will not win another championship until Ross sells to a LESBIAN OWNERSHIP GROUP.

Lesbians are one of the best educated, financially successful, and driven groups in our nation. They are the bedrock of the American "can do" spirit.

When the Miami Dolphins are delivered at long last into the capable hands of LESBIAN OWNERS we shall once again rise to the pinnacle of the sport and destroy all foes.

Fine Oscar...be a dork about it (LOL)...but I would make guess if you's care to hear it?


I just looked up both Staley and Fisher's combine results. They pretty much mirror eachother except that Staley had a much faster 40(Staley 4.79, Fisher 5.05).

They were the exact same weight, 306 lbs. Fisher is only 1 inch taller, 6'7 to Staley's 6'6.

Yes both are from Central Michigan yet Staley was drafted 28th(2006) and Fisher will go most likely 3rd overall. Fisher is by far the greatest gamble being drafted 26 spots ahead of where Joe Staley was drafted.

Staley's a steal where he was drafted, Fisher could be a chopping block around his gm's neck at #2 overall.


I guess what Im saying is Fisher's 50/50 bust or boom. If that turn out to be bust his gm head could fall.

Staley being drafted 28th, had far less dire consequence. Plus, the expectations on Staley coming in were much lower than what Fisher will face at #2 overall.

Fisher will be heavily under the microscope evry play and every game he plays for his prospective nfl team. Sometimes pressure can burst a pipe.

What is wrong in dropping back and picking up extra picks in a draft that is universally regarded as being strong between players 20-60? If we give up one our top three picks for Albert, why not try to recoup it?

Stay at 12 and draft BPA you say? Well what if BPA is Star Lotulelei? Are you all going to be happy then? What if BPA is Cooper the OG? or Vaccaro at Safety? Are you all going to be happy with staying at 12? Eifert, is considered a 1st round talent but not a top 15 pick in most circles. Same thing with Austin. He is 5'8 and 173 lbs. He is my height and weight and granted, I am not as fast as him (not even close actually) but if you saw me in person, you would be scared sh*tless to draft a player my size with pick #12.

Fisher isn't a gamble in this draft, in 2006 yes. The rookie contracts have came down significantly in terms of guaranteed money. Fisher is a top 5 pick in this particular draft.

Sure, Buster. Go ahead.

Oh- whoever it is that keeps saying that this Albert deal is a smokescreen- you are way off base. Be prepared to meet our new LT- Brandon Albert= very very soon.

I'd be down with a lesbian owner.


Remember when the Raiders took Robert Gallery 2nd overall? He seemed to be a cant miss at LT and turned into a dud.

Fisher 2nd overall is just putting me on high alert for this. The team selecting him can only hope he'll be Joe Staley and not Robert Gallery.

Okay..here goes....I'm feeling this now...bear with me..(lol)..Fins trade down from #12 with Frisco, for their 1st round pick (#31 OA) plus Frisco's early 2nd round pick (from KC, # 34 OA)...and then Fins trade the late 2nd Round pick (56th I think it is)to KC for Albert....thereby, moving down in the 1st to where everyone claims the "value in the draft" is...while picking again only three spots later, and then again at # 44....

...watcha think??????

You're entitled to your opinion. I think he's a safe pick though.

Drafts are always a crapshoot. If Eric Fisher turns out to be the next Anthony Muñoz, then #1 overall is right. Some people say that there is no value in TE at #12 so let's keep away from Eifert; but what if he's the next Tony Gonzalez? I'd take him at #1 if I was convinced he'll be that good.
No matter how much tape and combine results we analyze, some teams will end up drafting a bunch of duds while someone will pick a Brady in Rd 6.

Bravo Arturo....well said, man

Oh- whoever it is that keeps saying that this Albert deal is a smokescreen- you are way off base. Be prepared to meet our new LT- Brandon Albert= very very soon.
Posted by: Frank from PA | April 24, 2013 at 03:45 PM

That's great Frank..and you base this on what now?

Bobbyd12 and myself follow the Bill Polian strategy to drafting (linemen, including LTs are not good 1st-round choices).

With that said, I wouldn't mind any of the picks Andy suggested in response to me earlier IF (and that's a big IF) this A-C-T-U-A-L-L-Y fixes the line. Because none of the other moves we've done in the last 5 years seem to have done anything to settle the line for longer than a few games (or maybe 1 year). I don't want to go into the next 2-out-of-4 Drafts taking an olineman in the first round.

The reason I'm saying it's ok this year is because for once we actually have a QB that might be able to do something, and has weapons in which to do it with. And after ALL this time clamoring for offense, I'd be kicking myself if they were stymied because the o-line wasn't good enough.

I'm trying to take every freakin' excuse away from this team to put up points and win games OFFENSIVELY (not play not to lose defensively). They have the HC, the system, the QB (as of now), the skill position weapons, oline is the last of it, and they will have NOTHING to blame if they can't do something THIS year.

Sounds very plausible, Buster, very plausible. If there is a Draft to move down in, this is it.

Here's the deal guys, just occurred to me:

Ok, no one really wants to give a 2nd rd pick for Albert. But how about we give the Chiefs our lesser 2nd rd pick, then receive their 6th rd pick to even things out. Remember, we have 0 picks in the 2nd rd.

At least this gives us Albert and developmental player(6th rd) to work with. Who knows if we can strike gold on that 6th rd pick. A 6th rd pick later becoming a star isn't totally unheard of.

I won't diminish the importance of gool LT play, but I trust Philbin enough to come up with gameplans that could help out here: blocking TE, better run game, shorter drops and using T Hill's ability on rollouts.

Now, with all this discussion on LT it brought back to me memories of Richmond Webb. Today, I'll take an LT half as capable...

I have talked to fans from K C a d they can't wait to get rid of this guy! What the hell is Ireland thinking? I wouldn't take him even for a 3 rnd pick a d 6 mil per!
Get mc Kinnie or Winston and be done!

You have to ask yourself why the Cheifs want Albert to move to right side and draft a LT to begin with? Could it be that Albert is a good, but not great, player, with weight and injury issues?

So why then do we need to take him off the Cheifs hands for a high draft pick? Hold steady Jeffy boy. If you are a good negotiater, go get him on the Fins terms, or take a pass and save your draft picks. These type of deals define a GM's career. If Jeff blows this one and overpays and Albert flops, it will have major implications

Still don't get why are we so excited about a guy that is being replaced thru the draft, when he's supposed to be in his prime and such a solid player.

KC has so many holes that one figures they'll use the #1 on something else and not an LT which they already have.

What is up with Albert anyway if he was that bad why did they tag him I don't get it

Chief have been awarded two compensatory picks for the 2013 draft. A number 6 and a number 3.

So Ireland could negotiate either in a Albert trade. Preferably, swap draft slots, our lesser 2nd rd pick for their lesser 3rd d pick.

Or Give them our lesser 2nd rd pick for Albert and their lesser 6th rd pick outright. Considering what we would have to sign Albert for. I consider either of these two scenarios more than fair.

tvegas897..don't worry , cuz "IN IRELAND WE TRUST"!!!

GO FINS!!!!!! 10 - 6 !!!!


The truly smart fans are the ones who recognize they will be completely wrong about 90% of these players, regardless of what they 'think' they know.

Posted by: reality | April 24, 2013 at 02:16 PM

In turn, the truly dumb poster, posts something so obvious and with a totally unwarranted condescending attitude.

No football, no insight, nadda....

I wonder if he can admit what an ignorant schmuck he is when he litters the blog with his utterly useless jibber jabber?

My guess is they wanted something in return and not lose him in agency. Like I said before, let's get through the draft and make them lower significantly their demands.

Is Reid really willing to take a 10M disgruntled RT to camp? The closer to camp, the cheaper we could get him.

Mark in Toronto, if I were GM I'd pick Damontre Moore in 2nd round if he were still there. I just don't think Ireland/Philbin will take him.
My comparison of Soliai to Star is based solely on the fact I think both are run stuffing DTs. I just can't see Star being able to rush the passer in the NFL, or push the pocket against the more physical G/C in the league. If we do take him I hope I am wrong.
I'd be happy with Warmack, Fluker, Cooper at 12 as they fill a glaring need on the team. If Johnson happens to fall to us, even better.
This draft is going to be a blast. Not one us really knows who we'll be picking and if we are moving up, down, or staying at 12. I love this stuff!

Sign Albert! He is proven! Any draft pick could potentially be a bust in the NFL!

If we swapped our lesser 2nd rd pick pick for Chiefs lesser 3rd pick to et Albet. Then traded down in the first rd(another 2nd) I would look like this:

2c Albert
6 0 picks

We are trading up to the 3rd pick from the Raiders!

I always wondered where the info came from that says the Dolphins don't like Lane Johnson?

I was never particularly big on him as a prospect but the "experts" seem high on him. I wonder if that was a smokescreen but at this point it looks like it won't even matter cause if Joeckel and Fisher go 1 and 2 as some are expecting then Lane Johnson will probably be gone no later then 5 to Detroit.


Yo..most of us are just pissin into the wind with all our conjecture, but , hey, that's what makes it fun......beats the crap outta talkin to my ol' lady about some pizz-poor TV show....

Dudes!! We are going to have the 3rd pick from The Raiders!!! 2 Names for ya! Cordarrelle Patterson & Tayvon Austin!

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