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Branden Albert and Dolphins talking again

The on-again, off-again talks between the Dolphins and the Branden Albert camp are on-again and they are quite hot right now, a club source is telling me this morning.

On Tuesday I sent out multiple texts to club sources and, as expected, got the silent treatment across the board. (I'v been told by sources that when I don't get responses, that usually means something is happening). But this morning I got one response and this team source tells me the Dolphins remain interested in Albert, are talking with Albert's camp, want to give him a physical, and will be talking to the Chiefs about him in the coming hours or days.

So this possible trade for the Kansas City Chiefs left tackle -- derailed recently by the Chiefs' wanting high draft compensation for him, the Dolphins declining to make a significant and tangible offer, and the Albert contract demands -- is back on track.

There are still hurdles apparently so it is too early to say this will definitely happen. But my sense is we're getting to that point where all the parties want answers and the answer is going to be get it done. The NFL draft begins tomorrow at 8 p.m.

I cannot say with certainty, but my speculation is the Dolphins would like to know by that time what Albert's health status is. That means they'd probably like to get him a physical by then. It's possible the Chiefs won't allow a physical before a trade is agreed to and make the trade contingent on that physical -- as is custom in most trades. So already you have different agendas at work.

It remains interesting to me that the draft-choice or player compensation to the Chiefs is more of a sticking point for the Dolphins than the contract with the player.

It boggles because the Albert camp wants significant money. Reports have been that Albert, who is currently signed to a $9.8 million franchise tender, wants to average $9 million per season and he wants it structured so that he's protected from being cut after just one year. The $9 million is elite left tackle money and one can argue that Albert is a good player but not an elite player.

The Dolphins, which have approximately $9 million in salary cap space now but get another $10 million after June 1 (from the release of Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett), have the necessary cap room to sign Albert and eventually sign their draft picks.



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John Elway dictated where he wanted to play. So have plenty of others of lesser stature who approved or nixed trades based on their preference or distaste for certain teams.

This is nothing unusual or new at all.

Posted by: pompanofin | April 24, 2013 at 02:49 PM

Pompus + Reality = Captain "Adama" Obvious.


why would we pick those two players at 3, if we did trade up Sean, when we could get them at 12?

Nope. The only other name I use here is "tjt."

How many do you have?

Albert would be a good pickup but i hope its a better contract than what we hear..I would guarantee him for 16 million at 4 years and 34 million...this contract is based on POTENTIAL and hopefully Albert is on the rise...if not cut after year 2 at 8 million reduces some risk

Chefs are not going to forsake a 3rd or even a 6th rounder to sweeten any deal. This Reid guy is a basically an egotist opportunist and he fully expects JI to blink first and take the dumb guy role in the end.

Besides even a 6th and a 3rd rounder will not make up for a broken back on a fat and slow guy with the worst diva attitude I have seen in years.



McKinnie for a year, keep all the picks and tell Reid to go eat another sausage.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 24, 2013 at 04:59 PM

In Reid's case it's more like 10 sausages with sauerkraut included

Let me see if I'm getting this right......?

Albert wants a Top Elite Left Tackle Deal that guarantees he won't be easy to cut in a year. He also wants a boat load of that Money Up Front.

He also won't play any position except Left Tackle. Already stated he won't play guard despite being given Franchise Tag Money!

He'll also cost us a Premium pick IMO.

He's played only 1 full season in the past 5 and that was two years ago.

Not only does this establish that he's injury prone, he possibly/probably has a CURRENT BACK INJURY.

So we have a "Me First" Diva type with an overvalued self worth issue. He's been inconsistent and often injured as a Pro.

Yeah, what's not to LOVE There....?

I love the way Ireland has turned things around and set himself up for a "Showdown" in a "Contract Year". I liked, if not LOVED the Free Agency moves and the way he acquired multiple picks for this years draft.

But if he caves on this deal, while there are other viable options out there, I'll be sick. The deal the way it's been reported to date(a 2nd rounder and a Brown-Like deal)borders on ridiculous.

After hearing the latest info on Albert, I would barely want to give up a 3rd rounder and definitely NOT the type of Money he's talking.

If Jeffy wants to keep our hard earned respect as of late, he should just pull the plug on the Diva/Wannabe altogether right now.

Sign McKinnie, draft Armstead or Williams and give Martin one more season to see if he can DEVELOP into a Solid NFL Left Tackle.

Just say NO to the Headcase, His Injuries and his over-inflated self worth.

McKinnie for a year, keep all the picks and tell Reid to go eat another sausage.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 24, 2013 at 04:59 PM

I guess I could've just posted this........

Instead of my 18 paragraphs above.

"DAMN YOU".....Mark In Toronto!!!!

8 Mill for a guy with a bad back?
Odin,pass the bottle.

Posted by: Bark Odin,Bark. | April 24, 2013 at 02:04 PM

OMG...You agree.

Andy Reid is a pig oink oink scre him and Brandon Albert maybe Andy ate Brandon albert

What is the freakin deal we have a draft coming

One hundred dollars Ireland drafts someone in the first round that sends us all scrambling to our computers saying who?



Posted by: We Have Playmakers | April 24, 2013 at 11:46 AM

Without perusing the next 6 pages, I'd say KC would never trade albert to a team (SD) in their own division. Albert's no Wes Welker, but wouldn't we have loved to get Revis...for LESS money than Fat Albert is asking for?

If Ireland makes this deal, screws up the draft, he's gone, and we're in salary cap HE!!.

Frank and to all the non smoke screen believers,

Take note of all these so calling NFL analysts and wall the BS you have been hearing and lets see what is true or not true on draft day.

I'll bet my bottom dollar that 25% of the BS we hear will come true.

Am I the only one who thinks these teams leak the wrong information purposely? You don't think teams have people listening to all the teams newspapers and blogs??

Do you not think the Armando does the same thing??

This country is controlled the media and horrendous journalism. Is it going to be any different in the NFL!!!


Why are folks STILL discussing Chad Henne??
Is The Ginn Family next?

BTW, what is it with players who allow their agents to tell them how valuable they are, bad back and all, and the player basks in the glow of unreality.

Please, lets draft a playmaking guy on defense, eschew signing Albert, and get a big, angry WHITE O-line guy with the IQ of a guava who HATES anyone wearing a different colored uni. J J Watt part II.

There must be something we are missing about Fat Albert trade? Not all information is in? PRofootball had Albert rated 25th last yr not 11th. This are the folks who watch ever play by a every player in every game in the NFL. Jake Long was 35th or something like that, but everyone knows his injury report by now. The Dolphins apparently believe Albert is better then any tackle in the draft or they wouldn't be dancing with Fat Albert. And WE sure as hell dont know the whole truth. Im not concerned with either #2 pk for Albert. The better draft pks(value) dont show up before the 20th pk according to draft experts which Im not. If the Dolphins want Albert and KC wants 2nd rd pk then I would guess the Dolphins have a potential trade down partner. Dallas or San Fran. I think the draft picks from 1 thru 32 are better #2 pks then 1st rounders. Dolphins trade down and probably get better value then picking at #12. This would give them three #2 pks if no trade for Albert or KC settles for a 3rd rd pk? I think Jeffery is playing KC like a fiddle

This just seems all too desperate to me? And the money is too HIGH for Albert , he and his camp of vultures know we have made a splash in free agency and still have fair bit of room so are looking for us to give him a payday, even I don't believe he's that good!!! Ok still better than Martin there but not what's being asked and certainly NOT a second rounder either!! Maybe the 3rd or a 4th?
I hope this is a smokescreen and we instead use that second or third to Move UP and take the best playmaker available to get us winning ASAP !

AR,Lol, Ireland playing anyone as a fool is to funny.
You do know your talking about a guy that has drafted bigger busts then Dolly Partons bust..

Why is everyone criticizing Ireland for drafting bigger busts than Dolly Pardon?

I happen to love Dolly's busts!

@ AR-15.....re: the Albert deal and Jeffy's patience....I agree with you 100%

Anyways, Dolly only drafted 2 big bust, then she was smart enough to quit!

albert solves the lt issue. now lets have a hugeeeeee draft fellas

Jake Long can now be officially announced as a Dolphin bust. Because after 5 seasons he's no longer here.

However, he isn't officially an nfl bust, because he's only found a new team(Rams).

YG, I wish Ireland would have quit after his two busts.

I wonder who scored more red zone touchdowns, Eifert or Lacy??

All our running backs are Injury prone. It is the weakest area of our team.

Tell me why we are drafting defensive linemen?


Why didn't you tell Albert has only played 1 16 game season in 5yrs? You also didn't tell he missed 5 games due to back injury last season alone.

Are you an undercove Jet/Bills/Pats fan?

Daniel Thomas anyone ?

Daniel Boone would have been 1st player taken had there been a 1776 nfl draft.

Jeff Ireland has done an outstanding job the last few years I think he's learning kudos to him now let's get this trade done ,,,,,,please

There are to many reports coming out from to many sources in both Miami and Kansas City to think this is a "smokescreen". It's ridiculous. Andy Reid had to come out and admit he was wrong and yes in fact Albert's Agent and the Fins are talking. Coaches don't come out and admit something like that. Like Armando has being saying for years, once the Fins go quiet on him, something is happening. He has said this over and over and and he has been proven correct.
BTW, Albert had "back spasms" not a back injury and 3 different Doctor's have medically cleared him. He played 16 games in 2011 and 13 in 2012.
Jake Long has knee issues, back issues and has torn muscles in both his lower and upper arms in which he has had surgeries.
In 2011 Jake played 13 games 2012 he played 12 games.

I.liked Davey Crockett that year

missed 3 games last year. played in the other 2. he is a very very good left tackle

I'm not getting off the Daniel Thomas train just yet.

Davey Crockett's name alone sounds like he would have been one helluva great nfl qb. Crockett and Tubbs, on the other hand, sounds like they would have made one great tv show.

Maybe after we draft staphon Taylor we can turn the page

Posted by: Marc from nj | April 24, 2013 at 05:48 PM

Mark, I'm ever the optimist, but until the NEW LB's prove to better than our PREVIOUS LB's, Keller becomes a JETS killer instead of a Fin killer, and Wallace provides an OPEN target, I'm not ready to anoint Ireland just yet.
I do agree he made an important statement to fans, and getting FANnies in the seats will help pay for the expensive new toys.

yes bobby its a great trade for us

marc from NJ,

Some of my sources are telling me his named his really spelled Strapon Taylor. Just saying.


I see youre just not going to answer about Albert's huge injury history, huh?


At least Long had 2 complete seasons in 5yrs, Albert only 1. The most games Long missed in a season was 4 games, Albert 5 games. Both managed this last season.

That Taylor can really run the ball just watch tape from Stanford but I believe our pick at 12 overall will be Damontre Moore from Texas a and m de 6 5 270 lbs and a true quarter back hunter their you have it !!!!!!,

With the 12 pick in the 2013 nfl draft, the Miami dolphins select Chance Warmack guard Alabama! Haaaaaaaaaaaa............!!!!!!!!!

he doesnt have a huge injury history. u said he missed 5 games. he missed 3. year before played all season. very good lt, wake up and get on board we got a very good lt

why would we want a tackle that refuses to be a team player and play whatever position the coach ask him to play? his demand on not playing RT makes him look like a guy that is looking for a big payday and doesnt really care about winning the big game... forget him .. move on .. it will turn out to be a bad trade in a year ... we dont need that


Im so glad the draft starts tomorrow. So sick of the mocks and all of the over inflated, under inflated speculation surrounding it.

damn straight yesterday, no chance at predicting this draft


I didn't say Albert missed 5 games last season. ESPN said today that Albert missed 5 games last season. They also added he's play only 1 complete season in 5yrs.

You live in KC, so how did this info slip right underneath your nose?

yesterday again he didnt miss 5 games, so your wrong. he missed 3. watch some tape on this guy, tell me what u think before blowing smoke. guy is damn good, pass blocking hes sick


are you saying espn making things up about albert ?????????????


This trade will happen

We will then trade back in first and choose a de either Damontre Moore or tank carredine pick up another 2 and we are off to the races


aloco look it up man, so yes im saying that or yesterday heard wrong. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/A/AlbeBr20.htm there u go

oh no doubt marc, albert and fins just need a contract


Why didn't you tell Albert has only played 1 16 game season in 5yrs? You also didn't tell he missed 5 games due to back injury last season alone.

Are you an undercove Jet/Bills/Pats fan?

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 24, 2013 at 05:45 PM

It's simpler than that. dusty is just very dumb. Have you ever seen dusty make a smart post?

Me neither.



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