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Coaches sometimes hurt the personnel process

During the Bill Parcells era the Dolphins did what most teams do this time of year. The personnel department tried to mesh with the coaching staff and come to a consensus agreement on the worth of draft eligible players.

This is an interesting shotgun wedding that occurs every spring because, let's face it, it's at some level dumb to do this. Coaches are paid to coach. They are paid to develop talent that is right in front of their faces. They are paid to maximize an individual.

They're not paid to project. They're not paid to evaluate.

Indeed, most coaches are not great talent evaluators.

Yet, year after year, NFL teams ask coaches to do the very thing they are not specifically paid to do: Evaluate talent.

And it has become quite clear to me in recent days that while the Dolphins personnel department of 2008-2010 had its share of misses, that was augmented by the fact the coaching staff was generally not great at evaluating college talent.

For example:

In 2010, the Dolphins were asked to serve as one of the coaching staffs at the Senior Bowl. Me, being a dummy, assumed this would give the staff firsthand knowledge of the players they were coaching and that would be a draft-day advantage.


During that week of practices, both head coach Tony Sparano and offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo fell in love with a guard/tackle from Mississippi. His name is John Jerry.

They liked Jerry's aggressiveness. They liked his punch. And because they liked his awareness and intelligence so much, they tried the player who played right guard and right tackle in college on the left side because he was smart enough, they reported, to handle the move.

Moreoever, Googs also reported Jerry had no issues learning quickly.

And so on draft day 2010, the Dolphins looked at their board in the third round -- the one that had tight end Jimmy Graham from Miami still sitting there -- and picked Jerry instead.

In training camp the team tried him at left guard. He was actually the starting left guard the first day of camp. And that lasted only one day because Jerry was a disaster there. He couldn't figure out the position at all.

And later in the year when Jerry's inability to get on the field came up in a conversation with a Miami personnel man, DeGulielmo, the same coach that months earlier had said Jerry was bright and had no issues picking up the system, reported that Jerry's problem was he wasn't picking up the system.

And thus Jerry couldn't do either of the things Sparano and Googs reported to the personnel department that he would be able to do. He couldn't make the transition to left guard. And he couldn't learn seamlessly.

Coaches hurting the personnel evaluation process.

Two years earlier, the Dolphins had been searching for a quarterback. And as I've recounted to you before in this blog and in my column, the Dolphins sent out Sparano, offensive coordinator Dan Henning as well as general manager Jeff Ireland to see, meet with and work out three quarterbacks.

Matt Ryan.

Joe Flacco.

Chad Henne.

And Henning, who fancied himself something of a quarterback guru, came back convinced, CONVINCED, that Henne was and would be every bit the equal of Ryan and Flacco. CONVINCED!

And he reported this to his close friend Bill Parcells. Sparano and Ireland had some misgivings but generally went along with that opinion as well.

Obviously, in hindsight, we now know that Henne isn't the equal to the other two because despite his fine arm and great work ethic and prototype body, something just doesn't click for Henne as an NFL QB. Something inate is missing. And so he is and will always remain a backup type while Flacco carried his team in the playoffs and won the Super Bowl and Ryan is among the top 10 QBs in the league.

Coaches acting as personnel men.

Why do teams do it?

It's interesting to me that personnel men don't don whistles and go try to coach players during training camp. Why do coaches get to play personnel men in February and March?

I will say this:

Recently, on my way back from the NFL annual meeting in Phoenix, I shared a flight with ESPN insider Chris Mortensen. We chatted about a number of issues and shared and compared notes on different things and one thing he told me perked my ears.

He reported that in talking to various NFL people the word he was getting was that current Dolphins coach Joe Philbin was gaining respect as a solid talent evaluator.

One source told Mort that Philbin is the best coaching evaluator he's ever worked with.

Now, that doesn't mean Philbin is ready to take over the Miami personnel department. Indeed, he still has to prove he's a good head coach because today his career record is 7-9.

But if the opinion relayed by Mort's sources turn out to be fact, perhaps the synergy the Miami coaching staff and personnel staff are forced to share this time of year won't be a hinderance.

Not like it was in previous years.


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It's been proven time and time again that the best way to beat the pats is with a pass rush. We need to take Werner at #12 if he's still there.

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Posted by: Dashi | April 03, 2013 at 07:49 PM

Let me help you dunce. You should have written:

"It looks like you are trying too hard."

You can't debate until you learn the language you are debating with.

Oh, and Jeff Ireland. He seems to be doing his best work now that the above hinderances are now gone.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 03, 2013 at 11:50 AM

But First there was this 2 yars ago...

Jeff Ireland is lost, He'll never draft enough quility plaers to even make the Dolphins a 500 team.
Lets hope Mr, Irelandjoins the unemployment soon.

Posted by: Yesterdays gone| September 21,2012 at 05:30 PM

this is indeed the dumbest article I have read this year. coaches ARE in fact paid to evaluate talent!! there is a reason why Egnew played in only 1 game this year.. he was evaluated every week by none other than the......wait for it...wait for it..coaching staff. and they recognized he was not game ready. the fact is not all good coaches are good evaluators of talent which is why every year 4 or 5 head coaches become ex-head coaches. I guess the same can not be said about bloggers.

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I hope Omar Kelly is wrong on his Fins mock prediction. He is predicting that the fins will take Xavier Rhodes. That is a big reach. In a past article Armando predicted that the fins would take Trufant, another corner. These guys are looking at the draft in terms of need rather than BPA. I would take the best player available. This league is about talent, I would take a sure pro bowler at a position of not so much need over an average player at a position of need any day. Ireland will not take a corner if he sticks to his value approach that he always talk about. The value approach at 12 will have him picking, Warmack, Cooper, Ansah, Vacarro, or Austin.

Not very much football talk going on here.

Orlando Dolphan, when does Omar Kelly get anything right??


Omar hasn't been right about much lately. I'm on the Cooper bandwagon at the moment but OT could force their out hand of the bpa thing. Although if one of the big 3 OT's slid to 12 I guess it would be bpa.

What do they have a Personnel Man for? In a well run Organization everybody should learn their place. I'm sure Ireland doesn't ask Philbin, You approve of this Player? No, it is, I got you this Player that fits your System, I'm sure you are going to like him. To Philbin's credit he has a defined Plan of what he wants to do, much easier for JI to look for that. In any case, Ross has said that Ireland is the one in charge of Personnel.

Orlando, can there be anything more useless to worry about than dumb Omar's mock draft? Flies have more influence then him.

Now, when Philbin has won 2-3 SBs and is offered a contract somewhere else as a GM and HC, then he can demonstrate his prowess as a talent evaluator.




Nice to see this board finally become a Jeff Ireland lovefest! What I really agree with is not to wait and see if any of his moves actually work.

TMH is, I assume, a well run Organization. So, again assuming, Armando knows his place in it, so does Adam H. Beasley know his place, et al. Except Greg Cote, nobody fools around with him; he knows too many things.



LAST 4 YEARS.......

Let's just call it what it is Henne is/was a cornball with no swag that teammates didn't look to as a leader. Simple as that



Me? I AM the Organization.hehehe

Well, not everybody can be so privileged as You or I, ALoco.


I gotta disagree, man. I like Rhodes a lot. An 'average player at a position of need'? I don't agree at all. This guy has it all at corner, as far as I'm concerned. Good height and speed and he's a devent tackler. I don't seem him as being average at all. In fact I like him a lot more than Trufant. I dont believe 12 is a reach for him. Yes we have a need there and I we need to address the position. So do you take him at 12 or wait until the 2nd or 3rd? Well I'm not sure there's a wrong answer. Personally I like the trade up for on of the OT's and the corner in the 2nd or 3rd but I wouldn't be upset if it's Rhodes at 12.

We's stuck with Ireland. I want to Win. I wish him the best of Luck.




Why would anyone create a paradigm in which Sporano and his staff were typical of competent coaches in the NFL and their capabilities to project talent?

I think it's partly in the Genes(the Organizational Stuff).

Why would anyone create a paradigm in which Sporano and his staff were typical of competent coaches in the NFL and their capabilities to project talent?

Posted by: Fins of Fury | April 03, 2013 at 08:52 PM

This is not a proper use of the word paradigm and really only makes you look like your are foolishly trying to overcompensate for something you don't have.

Great Post. I certainly enjoy reading your blogs. Keep it up.

I think I have a proper grasp on the use of the word. The fact that he puts Sporano in the position of a competent coach creates the paradigm.

And yet, another case of hoof in mouth disease.

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Here is an idea for the next draft:
1) the Dolphins could move down (ex Dallas at 18) and accumulate another 3rd round pick (a 3rd one).
2) with that 18th pick, they would chose Tyler Eifert
3) they could then try to obtain a late 1st rounder by giving 2nd and 3rd to draft Tank Carradine.
4) they coud try to obtain another late 1st rounder by giving 2nd and 3rd to draft Menelik Watson.
Is that "wishful thinking"????


We'll see about Rhodes. I think that this is such a weak draft at the top that a lot of players that would normally be picked in the bottom half of the draft or in the top of the second round are being picked at the top. Rhodes is not a sure thing and is not considered a shut down corner by the draft experts. He could end up having a solid career but probably won't be special.

The area of strength for that pick is on the line. Cooper, Warmack, and Ansah (perhaps another D-lineman). I also think Kenny Vaccaro may be special. Other than that IMO the rest of the players at that pick come with major questions and would have been picked much later in last year's draft.

Dashi, if you directed that comment toward me, you have a misconception. I am who I am. Don't confuse me with a personal adversary.

The fact that he puts Sporano in the position of a competent coach creates the paradigm.

Posted by: Fins of Fury | April 03, 2013 at 09:18 PM

This makes no sense. You won't learn from me, so I suggest you teach yourself. And stick to little words.

Let me help you dunce. You should have written:

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You can't debate until you learn the language you are debating with.

Posted by: Who can deny? | April 03, 2013 at 08:00 PM


You Can't Deny You Are Trying Too Hard!!

Look at The Grammatical Error You Made.

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At Least I know The Definition of The Words Dashi Uses.

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OK, Dashi will give you the floor.

I will put it in little words for you. The fact that he sees Sporano as a typical coach in the NFL is a paradigm. He thinks that other coaches in the NFL have the same ability to project college talent to the NFL as Sporano .
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More good news, @ArmandoSalguero: The #Dolphins will get another $10M in cap relief after June 1 for Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett release.

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My bad, Dashi.

You Should Know What Language You Are Speaking "In", Before You Know Who You Are F u c k i n g "With".

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dashWad, I have to admit even I thought you could do better. My statement was indeed grammatically correct, and concise - "You can't debate until you learn the language you are debating with." That is a perfectly fine sentence.

You on the other hand came up with more words to say less and furthermore expose your self-conscious disposition. "You Should Know What Language You Are Speaking "In", Before You Know Who You Are F u c k i n g "With". One needs to know the language in order to effectively debate their point, but knowing who they are debating with is irrelevant. You brought your little ego into the matter where it wasn't called for because you felt threatened. Cleary defensive, clearly a sign of weakness.

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Language is a tool. Learning the language you are debating with is to say learn how to use the tool in your hand before you go swinging it around. It may seem abstract to you, but I would guess most 5th graders would comprehend that no problem.

You Just need to have the last word Don't You!!

Posted by: Dashi | April 03, 2013 at 10:38 PM

This is a common tactic, evade a direct response by changing the subject. Of course you fail to realize you keep responding as well. Unlike you, I don't worry or even think about who has the last word. If it is that important to you, go ahead...wail away.

Do You Speak "With" English.


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Dashi admitted my slip up.

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But Keep Running Your Mouth, Typing The Night Away.

I am coming here to discuss Fins football. I like to try to evaluate draft talent. I obviously, do not have access to game tape, so I watch what is on the net.
I don't discount the value of picking players in the latter rounds. If you can get a starter on day three, then "HELL YEA".
Not flopping in the early rounds primary, but getting an 'acorn' in the latter rounds can correct other drafting flaws.
People who think that only good players are available in the first round are very much misled.

I see Fury had his own debate going. Notice how he responds with no drama, no foul language, no ego driven nonsense. Very matter of fact and even keel. Just like me. Try to see if you could learn something from that. It won't hurt to try.

I've made my points perfectly clear. No need to rehash them, I have nothing new to say on the matter. If you didn't get it the first time, either try reading my posts again or completely disregard them, as you wish.

Good night...and I sure wish that new logo was a little meaner. It needs a snarl or something.

Tannehill looks like Henne 2.0

Gregg looks like Henne's Butthole.

On a point pertaining to football, are any of you familiar with Rodney Smith? This quy is projected into day three. I say, no way. I think he is a great fit for us. If I were Ireland, I would have a solid third round evaluation on him.

If Irescum had one ounce of class he'd quit. He's way overmatched in the GM world. The fish are flopping.

FOF, every playoff team is loaded with mid rounders. The mocks make people think the only stars are in the top 20. People here were screaming to get Grimes, he wasn't even drafted!

I agree... to an extent. I believe it is the coaches job to get his coaching philosophy and vision across to the GM. If a GM cannot translate that into players, then the coach needs to get involved. Perhaps Ireland needs help. He has struggled getting (and keeping) the right team together over the years. He needs someone to hold his hand.

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