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Complete Dolphins schedule right here

The 2013 season is important for the Dolphins.

It's the 40-year anniversary of their last Super Bowl win. It's the year we're supposed to see Ryan Tannehill become a franchise quarterback. It's the year Joe Philbin is supposed to have enough horses to win. It's a make or break year for general manager Jeff Ireland.

And this is how it is going to stack up according to NFL and media sources:

September 8              at Cleveland Browns                    1 pm

September 15            at Indianapolis Colts                     1 pm

September 22            Atlanta Falcons                             4:05 pm

September 30            at New Orleans Saints (Mon)           8:40 pm

October 6                  Baltimore Ravens                           1 pm

October 13                 BYE  

October 20                 Buffalo Bills                                   1 pm

October 27                at New England Patriots                  1 pm

October 31                Cincinnati Bengals (Thurs)                8:25 pm

November 11             at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Mon)        8:40p

November 17             San Diego Chargers                            1 pm

November 24             Carolina Panthers                              1 pm

December 1               at New York Jets                                1 pm

December 8              at Pittsburgh Steelers                          1 pm

December 15             New England Patriots                          1 pm

December 22             at Buffalo Bills                                    1 pm

December 29             New York Jets                                     1 pm


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1-4 going into the BYE week.


easy schedule this year nice!


-4 going into the BYE week.


Posted by: The Fins Suck | April 18, 2013 at 07:51 PM

Maybe 0-5..

Nice...I see 10 & 6 written all over it....



I dunno.....peccimism just doesn't sit well with me.....I rather not follow a team at all if that's the case..

From the Bleacher Report:

"A fuller scouting report on Lacy can be found here, but here's the skinny.

Lacy isn't as elite a prospect as former Alabama running backs Trent Richardson or Mark Ingram. "


This gives you know who plenty of time to twist and wiggle out of his previous words - like we've seen before.

16-0 baby !!! Down with the haters !!!

11-5 this year. First test at home vs Atlanta. New England on road in Oct and Home in Dec. Turn around year right here.

Bobby, You have any of that Ireland "KOOL-AID"?
How much have you Drunk?

Buster, good man, I see it like you. 10-6. But I like Bobby's prediction better. LET'S GO FINS!!!

Mitch ...agree 100%...doesn't make sense to follow a team just to hate them....

Not bad at all, timing wise. We expect no handouts here, and we'll take it.

The primetime games vs Saints excellent the other 2 really blows Cincinnati at home on Halloween okay Tampa Bay blows !! Where's the primetime game vs Indy pats or ravens ? Again not getting any respect by the networks at least they play an angry S.Peyton at N.Orleans !!

2 mnf games, wow nfl loves us. even manning only got one

we got screwed though opening twice on road, lose the sept heat factor

thats a tough schedule. really tough opening month. need to survive that

Division rivals at home late in the colder months....about time..

Would rather lose home field heat earlier, than play really cold games later

The guy calling himself "The Fins Suck" is socially retarded!


at pitt brutal dec game

0-5 1-4 to start the season 2-3 if they're lucky Ireland better draft playmakers and not fat a** offensive lineman if they wanna make the playoffs in 2013 PERIOD !!

at buff late dec, yikes

It is a tough schedule but we are a tough team. So for all you taintlickers that want to start your negative crap already I suggest you suck down a 6 pack of dolphin piss and troll somewhere else. We will be in the playoffs! GO PHINS 2013!!!

mnf in tampa n not miami? wtf

Really, this is all just speculation. Nobody knows now what kind of Team we will have this Season. But there are subtle indicators that somebody up there likes Us. Check LV to be more realistic, if you like.

First 2 games winable for sure. If you have to play the Steelers in December its good to catch them in somewhat of a rebuild mode.

albert will be a huge mistake. he wants a big pay day and he will go on permanent vacation. stay away at any price.

Somebody hates us.

at 1st glance i thought.. 2-3 @ the bye... and 9-7

the worst team in the league doesn't let any of their few good players walk. kc doesn't want him for a reason.

We're gonna be fine....wait and see...playoffs here we come..

GO FINS!!!!!

spree tampa fills stadium, mia never does. thats why

Has to be one of toughest road schedules in the NFL this year.

agree lets wait and see after draft on team. albert will be huge for us


People haven't been paying attention. Ravens were DECIMATED this offseason. They have Flacco and Von Miller. I'm not afraid. Ditto Steelers. They needed the refs to beat us when they WERE intimidating. They are from from full strength.

Oh, and don't underestimate revenge. You say Falcons, ohh, hi Brent Grimes. How many INTs do you want off of Matt Ryan. Ravens Flacco, say hi to Donnell Ellerbe. Jets, meet Dustin Keller. I think you're acquainted. And Pittsburgh, who's that flash? Faster than a speeding bullet, it's Mike Wallace.

We will OWN this schedule.

Holy Krist...I can't handle the negativity...I'm out.....to all the true fans......GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!

at Cleveland - W
at Indianapolis - ? L ?
Atlanta - L
at New Orleans - ? W ?
Baltimore - L
Buffalo - W
New England - L
Cincinnati - ? W ?
at Tampa Bay - W
San Diego Chargers - W
Carolina Panthers - W
at New York Jets - W
at Pittsburgh Steelers - L
New England Patriots -L
at Buffalo Bills - W
New York Jets - W

11 - 6 or 12-5 (that requires the Fins to sweep Bills and Jets)

Indy game should be really close. Don't think we win against Brady just yet. Atlanta and Pittsburgh? Hope so but not confident.

Season comes down to THILL!!! I have confidence he can lead this team (and the additions that will come shortly) to the playoffs!!!

browns much improved but glad we get them opening day

ravens done have von miller, but ravens have dumerville among others. if u think balt isnt good now u are in for a rude awakening

dusty, Tampa does not fill their stadium. They had more blackouts than us last year because their owner doesn't buy up the tix.

I live 70 miles from there and my wife is a huge Bucs fan.

jpao we only play 16 games

4-1, Going Into The Bye. Which Is Also Early For A Bye.

9-2, After The Bye.

13-3. Is Possible. I Won't Fully Vouch For This Until After The Draft.

Right Now, The Fins Are 11-5, 10-6. Ireland Needs To Do Well In The Draft. And Getting Albert For A 2nd Is A Start.

Upgrade The O-Line As A Whole. And 12-4 Seems Like A Real Possibility.

Do This And Get E. Lacy And The Fins Should Go 13-3.

I see Bobby12 must be having a party,You guys must have got a good deal on "Irelands Summertime Kool-Aid".
How much does a six-pack cost and how much alcohol does it have?

rick i have a time share in clearwater. see usually 3 buc games a year. the stadium is alive and loud regardless and gets crazy on mnf games. miami doesnt

I'm going steelers game this year can't wait go up to Pitt this year.

seems like almost every year pats open vs bills

Thursday night football game after an away game at New England...OUCH. Seeing 6-10 with this tough schedule, which in my opinion would be a step in the right direction. Year 3 of Tannehill is when they should be above .500 and competing for a playoff spot.

anyone that thinks ravens is a win must've missed the playoffs n sb... Toughest game of the season imo

Happy with 10-6 and making the playoffs! Dashi, 13-3.....I'll smoke to that! Means Tan is the Man!

You guys are brave. A little early to make predictions.

We have definately upgraded the roster already though and it appears players are buying in to the system and the coaches.

Gotta see how this group gels with the additions. Will we improve on turnovers, tds, sacks?? Time will tell.

at Cleveland - W
at Indianapolis - W
Atlanta - W
at New Orleans - L
Baltimore - W
Buffalo - W
at New England - L
Cincinnati - L
at Tampa Bay - W
San Diego - W
Carolina - W
at New York - W
at Pittsburgh - W
New England-W
at Buffalo - W
New York - W

i say we go 10-6 this year.

Von Miller, Dumerville, whatever dusty. Who's Flacco gonna throw to? Boldin WAS their offense. No Ray-Ray, no Ed Reed. You live in KC, right? Time to come east of the Mississippi and realize Baltimore is NOT a threat!


need to keep improving the pass offense/ pass defense!


A vendor where I work gives out club seats to Bucs games. Gotta gey my dibs in for the Dolphins game tomorrow!


who is going to run the ball?
who is going to block?
who can get open besides wallace?
grimes may not even start the season
clemons won't touch the football more than twice
we need a kicker

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