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Complete Dolphins schedule right here

The 2013 season is important for the Dolphins.

It's the 40-year anniversary of their last Super Bowl win. It's the year we're supposed to see Ryan Tannehill become a franchise quarterback. It's the year Joe Philbin is supposed to have enough horses to win. It's a make or break year for general manager Jeff Ireland.

And this is how it is going to stack up according to NFL and media sources:

September 8              at Cleveland Browns                    1 pm

September 15            at Indianapolis Colts                     1 pm

September 22            Atlanta Falcons                             4:05 pm

September 30            at New Orleans Saints (Mon)           8:40 pm

October 6                  Baltimore Ravens                           1 pm

October 13                 BYE  

October 20                 Buffalo Bills                                   1 pm

October 27                at New England Patriots                  1 pm

October 31                Cincinnati Bengals (Thurs)                8:25 pm

November 11             at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Mon)        8:40p

November 17             San Diego Chargers                            1 pm

November 24             Carolina Panthers                              1 pm

December 1               at New York Jets                                1 pm

December 8              at Pittsburgh Steelers                          1 pm

December 15             New England Patriots                          1 pm

December 22             at Buffalo Bills                                    1 pm

December 29             New York Jets                                     1 pm


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lacy just isnt very good. slow and played behind an nfl oline last year

I think the whole ND defense would testify different about Lacey including Teo. They looked like guys trying to get off the tracks with a train coming at them. He's really just the opposite of Bush...won't dance at the line and can get tough yards.

u could of run behind bamas oline. lacy will most likely go second rd. just another slow mark ingram

Here's what really needs answered...Have we done enough not to be the 27th in the league at scoring points this year? I don't believe so and if Miller falters RB that adds more pressure to Tannehill. Mr Ireland can maneuver the draft any way he sees fit to get another RB but that's asking a lot of a 2nd yr QB to carry a team with an ineffective ground game.

Don't worry be happy , you stupid idiots.......go dolphins

Hey hey what is going on here

Got my draft hats today they are as big as a basket ball just huge on top I guess in Asia people have big heads what a total rip off just horrible that what we get for hiring company's that use sweatshops to make their merchandis

Marc, does it have the new logo on it?

I'd rather draft a kicker in Rd 1 than a RB. ESPECIALLY a RB who doesn't have potential home run ability everytime he touches the ball. Those advocating Lacey or any other RB in this draft in Rd. 1 don't understand how football has changed in the last decade. Just like when Ireland says TE isn't important enough for a Rd 1 draft pick he doesn't understand the importance of the positionin recent years (which is incredible because he's lost what 5-out-of-the-last-6 to a team who highlights the TE position).

A bruiser RB won't help you put any more points on the board. What will help is a pass-catching TE to take advantage of matchups, another WR weapon so there are too many good WRs to cover and an oline to give the QB time to find his targets.

Philbin's system is EXACTLY predicated on the QB being effective. Don't waste time babying your young QB. If he doesn't have what it takes, better to know NOW rather than in a few years when mediocrity stagnation has crept in. Tannehill needs to get going THIS year. He needs to put the team on his shoulders like EVERY OTHER ELITE TEAM IN THE NFL. You (as the QB) either lead the offense, or your team crumbles, simple as that).

Yes it does it's cool but super big on top

I'm all for drafting Eifert as well. Really if you think about it what kind of impact is Star going to have this year we can't do without? Does Star change a game with the Patriots? Nope.

Now if you are talking DE... that can have impact this year and make this team better. I do see a glaring need to create pressure opposite Wake. I don't know if Odrick losing 20lbs or if O. Vernon fill that void.

If Fireland
a) looks at his current CBs
Grimes - recovering from achilles surgery
Patterson - cut by Cleveland
Marshall - recovering from back surgery
Carroll - 5th rnd pick not a legitimate starter
Stanford (7th rnd by CAR), Posey & Presley (both undrafted) - all three are green as grass

b) looks at the schedule that just came out
week 2 - Andrew Luck
week 3 - Matt Ryan
week 4 - Drew Brees
week 5 - Joe Flacco
week 8 - Tom Brady
week 11 - Phillip Rivers
week 12 - Cam Newton
week 14 - Roethlisberger
week 15 - Brady again

if he just does those two things how can he NOT draft Vaccaro or Trufant in the first round?
why hasn't he signed Charles Woodson (55 career INTs)?
Sheldon Brown (26 career INTs)?
Nate Clements (36 career INTs)?
Rashean Mathis (30 career INTs)?
Marcus Trufant (21 career INTs)?
Ronde Barber (47 career INTs)?

They're all still available. It's one thing to TALK about getting more takeaways. It's another thing to actually bring in somebody who can do it. I know a lot of these guys are older (in their 30s) but they've also been fairly successful and the Dolphins could and certainly have done worse in the past.

Ed Reed (61), DeAngelo Hall (39), Terrence Newman (34), Adrian Wilson (27) were also FAs this year.

How can he look at his roster, look at his schedule, and not add a ballhawk at S or CB? If he doesn't we might finally be able to get rid of him because the group of guys we have now is likely to get TORCHED.

By the way, here are the career INTs for current DBs.
Marshall 18 (1 last year)
Grimes 13 (0 last year)
Jones 6 (4 last year)
Patterson 5 (4 w/ PHI in 2010 and 0 since)
Clemons 3 (2 last year)
Carroll 2 (0 last year, 1 ea in '10 & '11)
Wilson 1 (in 2011)
Stanford 1 (w/ CAR in 2011)
McCray, Posey, Presley 0

we have many holes. start with getting albert for 2nd rd. take millner in first. take ertz in second.

dadsmith, I agree, Star would be my least favorite of all the potential picks.

those corners are in wheel chairs thats why

Mark my words. Egnew will be the tight end we need. He played in a system in Missouri where he was split out wide and didn't have experience blocking inline or getting off the line of scrimmage inline. Also, the Fins have a compicated offense for recievers. Egnew had the same combine results as Eifert and now has a year in the system. He is smart and very athletic and will be the guy we need.

Go Elite. They are only 2-3 picks away.

egnew dumb as a rock who couldnt even block u

You can't win in this league without being able to outscore opponents. There are many elite teams that can score almost at will hence the reason the are elite. The offense at this point is a gamble on if they are really good enough to make us a contender.

I'm really not at all concerned about the DB's. Not saying we don't grab one but why grab one early with a supposed deep class of them?

I think if the Dolphins trade up- It will be for Milliner and not Johnson. That said, the second round pick that remains after the Albert trade and one of the third rounders could be spent on CBs for all I care. After LT/RT, CB is the biggest need. Im routing for either Vaccaro or Eifert as the pick at #12 (if they stay put), even with the need at CB. I think Rhodes is the wrong fit for the D and Trufant is a reach at #12. Grab the CBs in rounds two and three.

I hate giving up picks in general, unless we are in a position to win the super bowl and we are not there yet. Im not a fan of a trade up and I dont like giving up a #2 for Albert- then having to sign him for big money.

If I were GM- here is what I would do- I would determine if Martin is my LT or RT according to what Joe Phiibin thinks, I would then sign Mckinnie for 1-2 years if Martin is a RT or if MArtin is a LT I would sign Winston or Clabo to play RT for 1-2 years. Mckinnie, Clabo, and Winston are quality players that would protect Tannehill no problem. I would be actively trying to trade down to add more second and third round picks and draft LT/RT to groom. If I could not find a trade down partner, I stand pat and grab either Eifert or Vaccaro.

Just saying .......

millnber is droipping to us, hes dropping cause of the injury. if not take warmack or j jones

egnew dumb as a rock who couldnt even block u

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 21, 2013 at 09:08 AM

Actually he is quite bright. You guys give up on players after one year which is why you would make such terrible GM's

actually hes not, hes honestly dumb as a retarded rock

Forgot to mention- Im not a fan of tavon Austin at #12. Matter of fact- I think he is great trade down bait if he is still on the board- I hope he is. The reason why Im not a fan of Tavon at #12- he is not a redzone threat and he is smallish. His teammate- Stedman Bailey, who can be had in the third round probably, has scored more TDs than Tavon in college and is a bigger target. All this being said- I would still take Austin over trying to squeeze a CB into #12 by reaching for one (trufant) or trying to make a man to man CB fit a zone system (Rhodes). So my order of drafting at pick #12 would be Eifert, Vaccaro, then Austin.

If the Albert trade happens...(I read the Phins are negotiating with Albert on a contract). I really see a trade down coming to make up for the lost pick. Not really thrilled about the whole situation especially if we pay him Jake Long money. Even though it answers a big question.

I'm with Frank on the tackle situation. But wouldn't take defense at 12.

I would be thrilled with either milliner or cooper at 12

I also believe either Albert or Winston would be our best bet at tackle I don't want to trade up no way

actually hes not, hes honestly dumb as a retarded rock

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 21, 2013 at 09:19 AM

You know this....how?

I think he just sucks in other words a bust


I would prefer offense at #12- specifically Eifert. I only mention Vaccaro bc he is the best safety on the board and its a good value fit at #12 as well. When you say offense at #12, does that mean OG as a possibility. Cooper intrigues me but is not a sexy pick and I think the Dolphins go sexy if they stay at #12.

had one class at mu with him. he was there about 15 percent of the time and was legally retarded when there. come by house sometimes. funny dude but wow was he dumb

Cooper is not sexy but he's a bulldozer he would be a great addition to our line

millner will drop to us

So what happens when we open up our offense we ran it last year with basics about 30 percent of our playbook

not much marc unless u get an oline

Man I can't wait till Thursday if we get milliner that would be great

A bruiser RB won't help you put any more points on the board. What will help is a pass-catching TE to take advantage of matchups, another WR weapon so there are too many good WRs to cover and an oline to give the QB time to find his targets.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 21, 2013 at 08:50 AM

I disagree. A bruising RB is exactly what will help in the redzone. I get the TE need you talk about. Keller is more of a seem threat than redzone threat and we need a guy that can fight away defenders when the ball is in the air.

I think a back like Lacey and a TE like Eiffert or Ertz would complement each other perfectly. In a perfect world, we could use Wallace, Keller, Hartline and Miller to attack the open field and sub Lacy,Eiffert/Ertz at TE. Also take Hartline out and line Keller outside.

Albert looks to be pretty solid looks a little like Richmond Webb what do you think dusty

Imagine getting Ertz and Lacy. We would be unstoppable in the redzone.

Lacy= Jerome Bettis in his prime with the Rams.

I like lacy too he's a bull he would bring toughness to our team

ive seen albert for his entire career, started off rough. but hes been a beast for last 3 or so years. smart guy, great pass blocker. def worth a second rd

My order at 12 is Austin, Eifert, Cooper, Warmack or Milliner. I'm not high on Vacarro at 12.

In a trade down...any of those guys above (mostly all should be gone). In order..Lacey, Patterson, Rhodes, Vacarro.

I don't think we will draft a corner high maybe 3rd round I think this regime wants offense offense and more offense

austin at 12 would be huge mistake. millner is the pick. if not then warmack or j jones

I agree dusty smart move for sure if we pull the trigger on brandon

If we acquire Alberts we can then draft Barrett jones in the second or third round and our line is set

albert deal already done per kc radio, its now on fins and albert to agree on new contract before deal goes down

If the above happens we then trade back in the first and require our lost pick and it's game on

Marc from NJ,

I like Cooper too. Dont berate me on this, but I also root for the Steelers being from PA, but the Dolphins are still my favorite team. I bring this up because the Steelers won two super bowls in a 4 year stretch and one of the key reasons was the play of Alan Faneca- future hall of fame OG. He sprung the key block against Sea in super bowl #40 to free PArker for the go ahead TD. Once he left the Steelers, they were not nearly as effective running the football and that continues to this day. A stud OG can open up massive holes in the run game.

That said, the Dolphins went sexy in free agency. This is Irelands last year under contract. I think he goes sexy to excite the fan base at #12. If he idnt care about himself and only wanted what was best for the team long term- He would consider Cooper or Warmack at #12.

Boy oh boy I'm like jumping out of my skin

Frank I agree that this game is won up-front between the tackles remember I'm a jersey guy I love smash mouth football it's a thing of beauty just line up and knock you guy on his butt

If we stay at 12, my order is Millliner, Cooper, Lotulelei, Eiffert.


I wouldn't give up any more than a 3rd for Albert. Who are we competing against for his services? I don't see any team that wants to step up to the plate and pay the guy the money he wants and is willing to give up a second. The way to handle this situation is wait until the Chiefs make their selection and gain leverage. No need to make this deal today unless it's for a 3rd.

Agreed dadsmithwest.

I think the steal of this draft could be Trevardo Williams out of UConn. He played DE and had 11.5 sacks last year but is only 6'1" 246lbs. He ran in the 4.4's and looks like a solid 4-3 OLB or situational pass rusher. Waltzer football has him going in the 4th rd. I'd take him in the 3rd. The guy is an impressive pass rusher!

I would not trade up, especially if giving up a #2 for Albert. We still want to build through the draft.

If Milliner falls (unlikely), you grab him. If one of the three top tackles fall (very unlikely), you grab one. I think OT takes priority over CB in those two scenarios.

So barring a trade down (which I would love to recoup the pick lost for Albert) Milliner and the OTs not falling to us, at 12- we take Eifert, Cooper, Vaccaro, or Lotulelei. All four worthy players. Tough call. Would be happy with any of those 4.

What if the whole deal with Albert is a smokescreen? I would not say it's a foregone concluded matter until it's announced and the guy signs on the contract. Sorry KC radio but at this time of year I don't believe anything I hear. It's very possible the guy can want too much money and we'll all know how Mr. Ireland reacts to that.


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