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Complete Dolphins schedule right here

The 2013 season is important for the Dolphins.

It's the 40-year anniversary of their last Super Bowl win. It's the year we're supposed to see Ryan Tannehill become a franchise quarterback. It's the year Joe Philbin is supposed to have enough horses to win. It's a make or break year for general manager Jeff Ireland.

And this is how it is going to stack up according to NFL and media sources:

September 8              at Cleveland Browns                    1 pm

September 15            at Indianapolis Colts                     1 pm

September 22            Atlanta Falcons                             4:05 pm

September 30            at New Orleans Saints (Mon)           8:40 pm

October 6                  Baltimore Ravens                           1 pm

October 13                 BYE  

October 20                 Buffalo Bills                                   1 pm

October 27                at New England Patriots                  1 pm

October 31                Cincinnati Bengals (Thurs)                8:25 pm

November 11             at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Mon)        8:40p

November 17             San Diego Chargers                            1 pm

November 24             Carolina Panthers                              1 pm

December 1               at New York Jets                                1 pm

December 8              at Pittsburgh Steelers                          1 pm

December 15             New England Patriots                          1 pm

December 22             at Buffalo Bills                                    1 pm

December 29             New York Jets                                     1 pm


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I believe the Fins need a BIG powerful RB forcing the opposing LB's to look in the backfield before running with a T.E. releasing at the line of scrimmage. The conversation regarding the T.E. is also a very valid point in 08 aside from the WILD CAT we employed alot of 2 T.E. formations with D.Martin and Fasano which worked well for us and our QB at that time who hit Martin especially with alot of intermediate seam routes while Fasano had his best Yr. as the 2nd option in the package catching alot of passes on 5 to 10 yard corner routes.

I just think that in 2013 we need to go with what we have on the roster now Offensively while focusing our 1st three picks of the upcoming draft on the DB's. I feel Lamar Miller will impress some this Season as an avid UM fan I can tell you he's a fast tough RB whose a one cut runner alot like C.Portis was once and if not for injury would have been a 1st RD selection in the draft. I believe Keller and his one Yr. deal will carry the load at T.E. and don't get why some say he's not a redzone target??? I guess I was the only one who saw him make alot of plays in the redzone for N.Y. on their 2 Yr. AFC Champ teams?!

If B.Albert will be had then I believe Xavier Rhodes should be our pick at 12 followed by J.Cyprien and BA CB left on the boards with our other 2nd pick. I would even consider taking a player like TJ McDonald (Safety USC) in the bottom of RD-4. He is a big kid at 6'3"/228 Pds and can play either FS or SS and Dad Tim was a baller who was every bit the S that Lott or Atwater were in the late 80's just played on some bad Cardinal teams before replacing Lott in S.F.'s mercenary 94 Champs. I Love the idea of adding Lacey but not in RD-1 were we have mlore pressing needs and feel Eiffert will be very good but would play with what I have and look to plug holes in D Backfield to counter passing in the pass happy NFL if we really look to make the jump back to contention.

Love DE D. Moore. I want that guy baaad. Probably just wishful thinking here...but I really hope he drops into the second round and he's available. Screw the workout numbers. I see great production at the highest levels of college FB and reps on the bench or his 40 time didn't stop the guy from posting some of the best production last year for a DE. Add him to my list of trade down picks for sure. Give me production over projection every time.

From Barry Jackson,
### The Dolphins have expressed interest in -- and spent a lot of time with --- several North Carolina players, including offensive tackle Brennan Williams, guards Jonathan Cooper and Travis Bond, running back Gionvani Bernard and defensive tackle Sylvester Williams, whom the Dolphins really like.  

### In its perpetual quest for the speed, the Dolphins were one of a limited number of teams that attended a private workout for Utah receiver/All-American kick returner Reggie Dunn, who had four 100-yard touchdown returns last season. They also called him in recent days. He reportedly ran a 4.35 in the 40.  

garywv, Egnew might be smart, but he looks dumb as rocks.

Woodshed, you mistook my point. I wasn't saying RB (or a bruiser RB) has NO place on a team. They do. A compliment to Miller would be nice. Being able to run will open up the pass game. I think a steady running game is positive.

What I'm saying is you can get a good RB later in the Draft (generally in ANY Draft). Redskins had the 2nd best RB in the league last year and they got him in the 6th round. Arian Foster, undrafted. Unless his name is Adrian Peterson, you don't draft a RB in the 1st round. And there's another RB who will probably have a better career than Lacey in the Draft, Montee Ball. So Miami can wait on RB (if they choose to draft one). Let them fill holes at CB, DE, OL, TE, WR which IMO would be much more beneficial to the team.

If Brennan Williams didn't get injured last year, he would be right up there with Joeckel and Fisher competing for the first selection.

It seems to me that if you've just bought a Ferarri ( Wallace) you'd want to get it out of the garage. For this reason I think that the O-Line will be the first round pick. Jon Cooper should be the pick, along with the trading of the 54 pick for Albert.

In the second we'll need to start addressing the secondary so at 42 we take any of Banks , Taylor ,Poyer or Hayden.
Third gives two picks which should be players that can possibly start generally next season. Another corner seems likely, My pick would be from Alford, Slay Ryan or Blidi Wreh. One of these guys should be available. And next year Misi's contract is up so a player who can compete with Kaddu as an OLB would be my pick...Sean Porter.

The fourth calls for a developmental pass rusher, I love the power and speed and length of Devin Taylor. Odrick will be fine on first downs on the outside and Vernon will be stronger this year so why waste a first or second on DE

We still need a third RB so I like the pass catching abilities of Kenjon Barner, and a new kicker to save money on the cap is quite necessary with our expensive signings. Don't wait too long to get Hopkins or San Fran will get him before us.

Now on to the seventh. Developmental and practice squad probabilities. QB is a possibility. Sean Renfree could easily take Devlins job. Rashard Hall at Safety seems like a Philbin guy, he can fight it out with Kelcie McCray for the fourth Safety spot. And with our last supplimental pick another LB would be nice with the end of Spitlers contract and Freeney being a ERFA next year. So Kenny Tate it is.

Hope you like my picks and reasoning and yes I know I didn't take a TE.

We all know that only 4 great quarterbacks have been drafted in the last 15 years. Peyton, Brady, Rogers and Brees. They were selected from the first round thru the sixth round. So, nobody knows how to draft them consistently.
None of the teams that have those quarterbacks have won a Superbowl lately. OK, Brees maybe.
Isn't that enough reasoning to build a power running game like the Giants, Ravens and 49's. The 49's are thought to be the best team in football. They have 3 #1 picks on the o-line and a great power back.
Average quarterbacks like Wilson, Capernick, Flacco and Eli can look awful good when you hit the defense with body blows and then go to the head. By the way, none of these quarterbacks has two great tight ends.
Philbin knows this. Expect blocking, a power back and defense in the draft, in that order.

I say no way Miami takes a rb before 4th rd. Keep hearing "powerback". What the hell good is a powerback if the inside blocking isn't consistent enough to get him past the line of scrimmage?

How many powerbacks have you guys met that power their way thru 320 lb d-linemen? The best way to improve your inside run game is to first improve your inside og play. This begins drafting either Warmack or Cooper, whichever one is available at #12.

If Cooper or Warmack is available at #12, I believe this is the direction Ireland will go. If neither are available, we probably go Warford about 3rd rd.

In this case, next choice at #12, I believe will be Star Lotulelei, if available. But of course, if Milliners falls to #12, he'll trumph all.

If Warmack, Cooper, Lotulelei, nor Milliner are available at #12. Then I expect cb, safety, or te to be the 1st pick. But in a trade down scenario. I expect it comes down to bpa at these 3 positions dependant upon how far back we trade.

If expect a rb within the first 3 rds, I suggest you keep wishing upon a star, twinkle-twinkles.

YG and DC,

I agree. I wouldn't take a RB 1st rd, I would solidify the O-line if that is the BPA. I would be ecstatic if we get Johnson, Cooper or Warmack at 12. I would be even happier if Milliner fell to us. Lets say we do make this trade for Albert with a 2nd rd pick and Milliner falls to the 12.

In that scenario, I think Ertz would be the play (if he is there) or Pugh/Kyle Long in the 2nd.

Many of you still underestimate John Jerry. He is a bigger beast than Warmack and more versatile. It could be he just lacked proper coaching. But why write off a young player immediately after their best season? Either way, I will trust the FO's assessment of him.

Some of you will never understand it takes time for most players to develop. You expect this picks to be pro-bowlers by year 2 or already you want to draft their replacement who won't fare any better after two seasons - in most cases.

Miller was injured in college, played sparingly last year durability unknown.

Thomas was concussed and injured repeatedly last year. Also may have a fumbling problem.

Gray was injured in college. Unknown everything.

Thigpen, not an inside the tackle runner.

Hmmmm....... Maybe we might be a little weak at running back.

E. Lacy Is A Complete Back.

He Averaged 6.8 Yds A Carry For His Career. If He Didn't Break Long Runs That Is Even More Impressive.

And E. Lacy Breaks Long Runs. Look At Any 4th Qtr Of An Alabama Game. Lacy Broke Peoples Will In The 4th Qtr. Ricky Style. People Are Scared To Tackle E. Lacy. He Can Break A 60-70yd Run. He Wears The Whole Team Down.

Also, Let's Get This Out There Once And For All. The #1 TE In This Offense Will Probably Catch 50 Balls. Which Will Probably Be D. Keller. Our #2 TE Will Catch About 25 Passes The Whole Season. Which Will Be Divided By Egnew, Clay and A Rookie.

A #2 RB Sharing Carries And Passes. Will Probably Touch The Ball 250+ Times.

How Is A TE More Important Than A RB.

Simple Math

QB's Throw About 600 Attempts In A Season
RB's Run The Ball About 500+ Times In A Season(lead Back 200+, Backup 150+, and The Rest 100+)
Our Best WR Might Catch 90+ Passes
Our Best TE Might Catch 50 Passes

Yes, This Is A Passing League But The RB Touches The Ball The Most Next To The QB.
Plus They Are Changing The Rule Because Of This Guy. RB's Can't Use Helmets. Watch Lacy Run And You Will See Why RB's Can't Use Helmets As Weapons.

Lacy is not even considered worth a first round pick, no way we pick him at 12.

From the Bleacher Report:

"A fuller scouting report on Lacy can be found here, but here's the skinny.

Lacy isn't as elite a prospect as former Alabama running backs Trent Richardson or Mark Ingram. "


Who knows, maybe Ireland and Philbin know of a better back in this draft than Lacey. If they do, get him when they can.

I am just saying that it is a priority that we are able to mercilessly pound on defenses until we are able to develop or find an elite quarterback.

Walter Football grades this year's early round RB talent a C. He gives 7 out of 8 of last years RB's higher ratings than 2013.

It seems none of the pundits see Lacy as a first round pick.

So, not only does Ross want charity for HIS business renovation, but he's also asking for an exemption for 3 million/yr in sales taxes on food and jerseys that does currently goes toward schools, police, and fire depts!! And this after 4 consecutive losing seasons! Is this guy greedy or what? Broward County had the smarts to say no to Ross and Dade County should also. The 4.4 BILLION DOLLAR man can make his own renovations. The Chicago Cubs are doing renovations without asking the taxpayers for one dime. Ross is all about the money WORSE then Loria.

Not sure who is reporting Albert is a done deal. His is from yesterday:

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Chiefs have had ongoing discussions with Branden Albert while also giving the Miami Dolphins permission to speak with representatives of the left tackle.

General manager John Dorsey said Friday that the Chiefs haven't talked to the Dolphins the last couple days, and he has not given the Dolphins permission to do any medical examinations on Albert that would indicate a trade is imminent.

Please Of All The People The Bleacher Report.

That Is The Most Bias Reporting On The Internet.

T. Richardson and M. Ingram Are The Reason E. Lacy Stock Is Down. Because They Both Flopped.

E. Lacy Is Built Like A Real RB. 5'10 230+. Not A Mini RB And He Doesn't Dance. He Spins But No Dancing. Lacy Is A Hard Runner And Averaged More Per Carry Than Both Of Them While They Were On The Team. Meaning 19 and 20 Year Old Lacy Were Better Than Ingram and T. Richardson.

E. Lacy Molds Himself After M. Lynch and I Would Have To Agree Similar Running Style. They Hit You Before You Hit Them.

E. Lacy Ran Thru S. Carolina and Clowney
Ran Thru Georgia With J. Jones And Ogletree. E. Lacy Is Responsible For J. Jones Stock To Drop.
Lacy Ran Thru LSU.
Lacy Ran Thru ND. Te'o Stock Dropped Historic Proportion After That Game. Te'o Was Scared To Hit Him All Game.

Well Walter Football is pretty well respected. He sees Lacy as a late first or second round pick.

Remember Lacy ran a very slow 4.63 at the combine, that is not first round pick speed.

There is a reason none of the mocks anywhere have him in the top half of the first round.

The reason we let Reggie go was that he got pounded by cornerbacks and safties. The running back needs to do the pounding in those instances. Cornerbacks do not get hurt tackling receivers, they get hurt tackling runningbacks.

Why do you think Alabama was able to throw the ball? They certainly do not have an elite quarterback.

I wonder why the guy at Bleacher Report isn't a GM on a winning football team?

Last year Ireland went with the the most obvious choice. I say he repeats this year with the most obvious choice, the most glaring need, LT.

Great point Bodine!

I wonder why the guy at Bleacher Report isn't a GM on a winning football team?

Posted by: Everybody Knows | April 21, 2013 at 12:40 PM

Well the same can be said for all of us chiming in here :)

The guy at the Bleacher Report probably has a more secure, stress free job than any GM and way more free time as well.

I wonder why the guy at Bleacher Report isn't a GM on a winning football team?
Posted by: Everybody Knows | April 21, 2013 at 12:40 PM

Well, no one is wondering why you arent a GM. . You are the perfect example of why they should give basic intelligence tests before selling computers to people.

Marc, I agree. If we do not trade for Albert, our first pick should and will be LT.

Even if we get Albert, I would not be surprised if we take another OL quickly. It makes sense.

Bottom line, we need more points.
Receiver should be set. Finally
I think tight end is set. Nobody in this draft better than what we have.
Quarterback is as good as it gets for now.

Draft OL.
Draft a healthy running back.
Draft BPA or BAP

Now, if the Jets trade Revis you can discount us getting Milliner. NYJ will get him with their #9 pick.

Average quarterbacks like Wilson, Capernick, Flacco and Eli

Posted by: Everybody Knows | April 21, 2013 at 10:59 AM

Those are all grest young QB's. 3 SB's won and more coming from that group. Learn to spell their names and someone may take you more seriously.

King James?

Well your comments certainly aren't of a literary quality to be considered Biblical.


So err.. King

How many passing records do those QB's hold?

Rex Burkhead steal of the draft

My Final 2013 Mock Draft

1. Damontre Moore DE Texas A&M (Trade-down, extra 2nd rd pick)

2a Larry Warford OG KY
2b Kwann Short DT Purdue
2c Brandon Albert (KC trade)

3a Darius Slay CB Miss St
3b Stedman Bailey WR WV

4. Marcus Lattimore/Tyrann Matthieu (Gamble rd)

5a AJ Klien ILB Iowa St
5b Brandon Jenkins OLB FSU

6. 0 Picks

7a BPA
7b BPA

Notice my 4th rd is "swing for the fences" gamble rd. If Lattimore or Matthieu are still here you have to go for it!

Also, my mock is based on no one falling to our #12 position. So we go DE Damontre Moore in a trade down scenario signed off on by Mike Sherman.

So err.. King

How many passing records do those QB's hold?

Posted by: Everybody Knows | April 21, 2013 at 01:10 PM

Dunno. I thought the goal was to win the big games not the statastics.

We still have a fair amount of needs to address, and from what is available, none separate themselves much from the rest. OT, CB, DE, TE, S.

It almost doesn't matter anymore to me who are our picks as long as they upgrade those areas. I trust they've done thorough research on each player and have the inside scoop on each one far better than any of us . They will make the right decisions based on what they know.

Suddenly I'm finding this draft anti-climactic, The only real surprise would be if they picked Austin.

The KC Chiefs have reported that Andy Reid is not really their head coach. Well not really or he will be the HC after the draft; The point is that who knows what the Chiefs are going to do! They are a lower tier franchise, deperate and looking to smoke anyone who will allow them. Just like the Dolphins were until this off season changed things with money to spend and 5 picks in the first three rounds.

4. Marcus Lattimore/Tyrann Matthieu (Gamble rd)

Notice my 4th rd is "swing for the fences" gamble rd. If Lattimore or Matthieu are still here you have to go for it!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 21, 2013 at 01:15 PM

I'd even pull that trigger at 3. We have picks, take advantage of it.

Well, King If they are great quarterbacks they carry their teams and have great stats.

None of those do. They are part of a great team which is my point exactly. Build the team.

The fact that we are negotiating a long trrm contract with alberts agent trlls me we are probably going to make that trade and get a really good LT for the next 5 years
So another premier guard for the OL would complete the OL
Warmack or cooper appear to be the best option at 12 if that is what we want
I also agree that we will probably wait for the CB in round 2 or 3
And a power RB in the third round
But i have 100% confidence that ireland will make the right choice and really cannot miss with our picks thru the 3rd round after that it is usually a gamble

Nah, great QB's have W's not meaningless stats.

J ET S trade Revis to the Bucs for multiple picks according to NY Sports Channel. To bad they didn't trade him to a team we didn't have to play. Oh well, going to be a nice road trip over to Tampa for that Monday Night Game either way.

Who cares about Revis.

Who cares about Revis?? Any receiver who has to face him.



Who cares about Revis.

Posted by: Bodine | April 21, 2013 at 02:09 PM

Pretty much the same people that care about Brady, Manning, Petersen and other football greats.


BILLY = oscar

almost thursday!

what bucs give up for revis?

Who, me? I'm just waiting for the Heats Game tonight.

jets now have 9 and 13 in draft. lets hope they pick badly

If Henne/Ginn can beat Revis deep like they did, then anyone can.

I don't expect Revis to be 100% this year. Tampa overpaid.

I don't think "Care" is the right word.

I do find it pretty ironic that Revis suffers a NASTY injury(At least Thomas has ONE good move), and the jets put him on the block.

Take away all the side stories, all the distractions, and look at that simple fact.

The jets obviously don't believe he's going to make a full recovery.

The bucs are betting(the house)that he will.

Karma, all the way around.

YG made the most pertinent, logical point of the day earlier.

I don't care who you bring in to carry the rock. You have to get the O-Line fixed.

It's that simple.

Well there is one thing we can agree on....

ALoco is an idiot.

If Revis is healthy, the bucs just made drew brees, Matt Ryan, and cam newtons lives a little harder.

If we are trading for Brandon Albert, let hope the dolphins trade down from 12 and recoup the pick. That's what I'm hoping for.


LET'S DECLARE PEACE ...................

I see dashi got dashit bunked out of him by a few regulars this weekend. He had it coming. As they say, you reep what you sow.

Aloco, tomorrow we will share the wonderful experience of riding ponies together.

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